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Oct 31, 1999, 2:00:00 AM10/31/99
The keeper of the two shitties is annpoyed at the keeper fo the two dogs. In
Islam, keeeping shit-houses is sunnah but keeping dogs is haram.

To us non-islamists, it is simply fun to watch the kind of things the Islamists
fight about.

I had posted on this newsgroup that dogs are despicable in Islam. At least one
ignorant Paki asked me to quote chapter and verse of the Koran which supported
my contention.

Now, you ignorant pakis, read the news: straight from the keeper of the two
holy shitties (oops: cities): Mecca and Medina.

It is obvious to me: Dictator Mushraff will soon have to put his two beloved
dogs to sleep if he wants to get any respect from the Islamists. Also, he had
better stop patronizing his own wife in public: Islam finds this to be also

There is little that Islam does NOT consider to be despicable.

As for his dogs, here is my offer: I will take his dogs over to save them from
being needlessly killed. We Hindus are very kind to all living beings.

As for his wife, here is my offer: if she is good looking, I will help her find
gainful employment in a gentlemen's club. We, the secular Hindus, often hang
around in nightclubs and gentlemen's clubs and are quite partial to pretty

Have the Dictator contact me at the above email address.

---------Start of news report------------------------

Title: Musharraf’s Gulf mission fails
Date: 31/October/1999
Publication: Deccan Chronicle
URL: http://www.deccanchronicleonline.com/coverpro4.html

New Delhi: Two Pekinese dogs have come in the way of efforts by Pakistan’s
military ruler Gen Pervez Musharraf to improve relations with Saudi Arabia. Gen
Musharraf posed happily in Islamabad for photographs with his two pets and his
wife leading to consternation in the Saudi royal family which looks upon such
displays as un-Islamic.

A senior member of the Saudi royal family told the Indian Ambassador that this
was not expected behaviour, and definitely not the way a head of State of an
Islamic country should be exhibiting himself. He also passed disparaging
remarks about Gen Musharraf’s personality and bearing.

Pakistan’s military ruler is the first head of State to pose for photographs
with his wife. Even Nawaz Sharif was careful not to be photographed with his
wife, being very conscious of the conservative constituency.

Gen Musharraf had no such inhibitions and happily picked up his two dogs, one
in each hand, to be photographed for the international media. The pictures were
picked up by the Saudi press eliciting considerable adverse comment from the
fundamentalists. Dogs in Islam are considered “impure.”

A Saudi newspaper commenting on Gen Musharraf wrote: “He does not have the
charisma of Ayub Khan, the deep personal commitment of Zia ul Haq and the
personal attractiveness of Jehangir Karamat.”

Gen Musharraf whose first foreign tour was to the Gulf was unable to win the
governments over, with the ruling clique still remaining supportive of Nawaz
Sharif. Instead, the Gulf countries have made it clear to him they expect
Sharif to be well looked after.

The Islamic bloc which has had no differences with earlier military rulers in
Pakistan has not taken kindly to Gen Musharraf. In fact the pan-Arab newspapers
have expressed deep scepticism about the reasons advanced by the Pakistan Army
for the take over with the Al Sharq Al Awsat saying, “Those who come to power
with the gun do not leave except through a hostile gun.”

There have been many critical references to the General’s reported links with
the Taliban with a section of the media actually stating that Pakistan should
come out of the cycle of periodic military interventions in its political life
and “find a solution to the contradiction that exists between its democratic
order and its basic ideology.”

The sources here attributed the critical references to the Taliban in the Saudi
press to a major change in thinking over the last two years. The Gulf
countries, according to the sources, are very concerned and alarmed about
extremist Islamic groups. Gen Musharraf, despite his rather liberal stance, is
being connected to these groups by the semi-government media in the Gulf.

Magus Incognito

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