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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part P - Daryl Kabatoff

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Nov 15, 2023, 6:42:06 PM11/15/23
Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part P - Daryl Kabatoff
November 15th 2023 1:19 pm 236,041 words (275 pages)

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“If you’re not willing to embrace Islam, you’re not a part of our society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard posts continued:

Waiting For The Witches:

They do not want you to have the gasoline propelled automobiles because then can be used to conceal a rifle and then used to transport that rifle great distances. They do not like the lead acid batteries used in the cars because the lead may be melted down to make bullets. And they do not like the oil filters, as people are using them to make silencers. They are forced to take away your cars over the issue of taking away your guns.

And your highly esteemed rulers do not want you to have a home, people are living in tents and cardboard boxes and under bridges because that is where the witches want them to live. The witches delite in eating people without society being aware (Habakkuk 3:14), and so the witches prey upon the homeless as nobody knows when a homeless person has gone missing. Witches will not be breaking into your homes to devour you, they will instead pass legislation that impoverishes you and forces you to become homeless, then they will wait for you to leave your tent or cardboard box (or automobile) in the middle of the night when you go out to take a piss. The only people who will break into your homes in the middle of the night are the Islamists who are there to cut your heads off.

A reminder that those who complain to the politicians of the corrupt electronic voting machines are actually lobbying witches. Those people who sit on their arses waiting for Christmas so that they may turn their homes into blinkin’ temples of fertility are abiding by the wishes of witches. Let your witches and your blinkin’ Catholic evergreen tree idols save you.

Islamists Rule Over You:

In the news (not the mainstream news) in November 2023, America handed out 4.3 trillion dollars “to mitigate the devastation wrought by the pandemic” and of this $280 billion was stolen and used to purchase Lamborghinis, luxury homes, diamond jewelry and even a private island in Florida. I am sure that a large portion of the stolen $280 billion was stolen by Islamists, Sikhs and Hindus, and I am also sure that the government aid (which is controlled by Obama who is an Islamist) was designed and handed out in such a way in order to allow the Islamists to plunder the cash. Similarly in Canada (which is controlled by Trudeau who is an Islamist) huge amounts of bullshit Covid relief funds were stolen by Islamists. Also in Canada Trudeau collects a carbon tax and then rebates this tax back to Canadian families, the money is rebated back mainly to the largest families (to the Islamic families with four wives and four houses). In Canada jobs are even handed out to Islamists without first advertising the position to Canadians. In Canada Trudeau pays the air fare and flys African Islamists to Canada directly from Africa, and trains Chinese Communist soldiers to train in military jets over Canada. In Canada and other western nations university seats are reserved for Islamists, Sikhs and Hindus, who are trained to become brutal psychiatrists, and in Canada these pagans are allowed to “work” (torture Canadians to death) without them becoming Canadian citizens. Because psychiatry is not an issue to Canadians, and because the CIA funded the development of the horrid drugs and psychiatry is not an issue ot Americans either, I cry out to God against you people and pray for your deaths and for the deaths of your children. I criticized your churches in 1988 and received year after year after year of brutal horrid torture and all you people can do for me is laugh at me while assaulting me further while allowing Islamic governments to hand out billions of dollars of cash. In Canada people are divided, some want the NDP to continue running the psychiatric torture facilities, some want the Saskatchewan Party to continue running the psychiatric torture facilities, some want the Liberal Party to continue running the psychiatric torture facilities. In America the Democrats run the psychiatric torture facilities. In America when Trump was president he ran the psychiatric torture facilities. Most Americans want Trump to return to power, so that he can continue running the psychiatric torture facilities while remaining silent about the issue. We can flee to Magadan or Yakutia but people there also get the brutal psychiatric needles stuck into their bums. Absolutely nobody on earth is deserving of the horrid drugs.

The People of the Jingle Bells:

You folks never had the slightest amount of compassion for the victims of psychiatric horror, each and every one of them begged for assistance to flee the repeated arrests and subsequent rounds of psychiatric horror. Your hearts were void of compassion, then you willingly took alternative injections that destroyed your hearts, your fertility and your lives. I was repeatedly arrested and repeatedly tortured for years, I had criticized the pagan fertility rites taught by the churches. In 1988 I said that it was no surprise that your priests and ministers were ramming their penises up your children's arseholes for they already advertise themselves with Egyptian penises on the roofs of their filthy churches, that they were censoring Scripture condemning turning trees into decorated idols, that they were censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism. So here you are outraged over the bullshit Covid death jabs that were ordered into existence by the Vatican, while continuing to ignore those who are being tortured to death under your very noses at your local university. As you necrotize from the bullshit Covid death jabs that were ordered into existence by the Vatican, your greatest desire is to return to church and see the trees that blink. The fertility tree idols are blinkin' on and off, on and off, on and off, it is really quite a show. All you can do for me is laugh at me and assault me further, I in turn have only laughter for you (Proverbs 1:24-26). Go get another booster. You are the Nuremberg Code heroes, upset about the bullshit Covid death jabs that you were coerced to take, while being utterly compassionless to the victims of psychiatric horror that have the brutal injections forced upon them.

I laugh at your calamity (Proverbs 1:24-26), and I beg God to terminate your lives and the lives of your children. Year after year after year of brutal horrid torture, I lost year after year after year of my life to brutal horrid torture, then I lost subsequent years living in utter fear of another impending arrest and round of torture, and there isn't a single God-damned one of you Nuremberg Code heroes that has so much compassion for my arse that you would even think of offering me a simple single holiday to anywhere in a feeble attempt to make up for the loss of years of my life. So you go to church and see the trees that blink and hear assurances of your salvation, and receive assurances that your smitten children are up in heaven watching over you, and you give them money. You are the People of The Jingle Bells, jingle all the way.

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Olga always wanted to become a famouse swimmer but will instead be remembered for her singing. Poofy’s desire was to become a famouse dancer but her life was cut short, and then Grandma Squeaky was blamed for Poofy’s passing. Then not just Poofy, but Grandma Squeaky disappeared as well. Just as in real life, few cared. Nobody suspected Lil Squeaky.

November 15th 2023 1:19 pm 236,041 words (275 pages)

Dr. Amandha Vollmer - There is no Covid

There is no Covid, there never was Covid, nobody is infected with Covid, there is no such thing.
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