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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part B - Daryl Kabatoff

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Dec 9, 2023, 1:03:27 AM12/9/23
Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part B - Daryl Kabatoff
December 7th 2023 11:18 pm 238,325 words (278 pages)

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“If you’re not willing to embrace Islam, you’re not a part of our society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard

Ground-effect land-skimming vehicles could periodically be flying perhaps two feet above electrical wires, from which they wirelessly charge and propel themselves. Being quite flat, Saskatchewan makes the ideal testing location for these electrically propelled ground-effect land-skimming, extremely highly efficient aircraft. We could perhaps actively strive to link Saskatoon with both Calgary and Edmonton with corridors for these elevated automobiles. The Canadian prairies are ideally suited for the ground-effect land-skimming vehicles. Some people building these electrically powered land skimming vehicles may opt to include a pair of PBS TJ40 engines so they may leave the confines of the electrical grid.

We should be building a prototype of a composite single seat mono-wing airplane (such as a Yak), as the cost per composite aircraft could, depending upon materials used, be lower than constructing TIG welded airframes. Reduce the cost of the airplanes to make them an achievable goal to work towards. We could reduce the cost of the aircraft by covering concrete, wood, plastic or styrofoam forms with aviation grade spruce plywood. The left side of a composite (plywood) aircraft fuselage can be pulled out of a secure storage locker and be worked upon, using such a system will allow for greater participation and a larger number of aircraft being started. Once completing one side of the airplane fuselage, the builder will be provided with a second storage locker for the other half of his or her airplane, eventually the builder will have the two halves to unite and will be provided with a larger storage locker to secure that fuselage while work on other components is conducted. I imagine Cindy would see some handsome and muscular feller, perhaps Steve, building the right side of his chosen airplane, then Cindy would of course start building the left side of said aircraft, and then actively, or incessantly, seek to unite their projects. Cindy would flick her hair back, lightly stroke her eyebrow and giggle a little when she asked Steve if he wanted to join their sides together, I’m sure. See “Mosquito: A Pictorial History of the DH98” by Philip Birtles.

Check out the video on YouTube called Building an Airplane Out of Wood - You Can Do It! (27 minutes long). It isn’t easy as every piece of wood must be carefully chosen, it is likely far easier to build the airplane out of metal. The time required to obtain wood of superior grain is a non-issue with the construction of metal aircraft. Furthermore wooden airplanes require far superior shelter once constructed as the weather degrades the wood. The video says that many airplanes have metal fuselages and wooden wings.

Some people building wooden airplanes are going to make mistakes and purchase wood that has grain and knots that renders it unusable. People building campers and such are in need of such pieces of wood, and so a service should be offered where people can place their scrap boards on display and up for sale.

People should consider buying and using their own cutting blades on the communally used equipment, or at least have spares available for the tools they are using. I imagine a slew of older donated metal working and wood working machines that are kept operational by people investing into their own cutting blades and drill bits and such. Some people will have tools such as radial arm saws and would not allow the use of the tool for other people in the cooperative, this is fine as people have invested time and money in the tool and in insuring that their saws cut straight. Those who do not wish their tools to be shared by others should lock their tools up in their personal storage lockers and bring them out when required. Rather than complain that a tool is not available to you, consider making do without the tool or obtain your own. Used radial arm saws and bench saws are available for about $100 Canadian, it is not a huge amount of money.

Check out the video on YouTube called The Insane Engineering of The Spitfire (22 minutes long), the elliptical wings contain a great amount of space that can be utilized for fuel and landing gear, although originally provided space for guns and ammo. The wings are built using aluminum tubes that are stacked inside of other aluminum tubes. We can build similar elliptical wings in Saskatoon and attach them to a wide variety of different airplanes, or others may choose to construct airplanes that resemble Spitfires. People opting to build wings that are not elliptical can still make use of this building strategy, but you would be losing out on the extra storage provided by the elliptical wings.

We could be concurrently working upon a prototype of a TIG welded single-seat STOL (short take off and landing) airplane, in part to avoid paying a license fee to use some other person’s plans, in part so that the Aviation Department would receive a license fee if other builders chose to adopt our plans, and mostly so that we learn how to design and build airplanes. We could develop several different one-seater STOL airplanes and evaluate the ease of building, cost of building and performance of each aircraft. We could encourage those builders who wish to innovate and who desire to build their own design of aircraft, to build a one-seater STOL and compete with others in a competition of one-seater STOL’s, and we will see. And another window for innovation is to have a second competition where people are invited to build airplanes that resemble World War One fighter airplanes, they can be monoplanes, biplanes or tri-planes, they should have open cockpits and otherwise closely resemble World War One fighter planes, and people would be invited to paint the planes to match the paint schemes of the planes that flew in WW I so that the film industry can participate in this and make realistic WW I movies. Many of these innovative airplanes the participants invent could be fitted with paint ball machine guns and the builders could then engage in aerial paint ball dogfights. The Aviation Department could generate a sizable income from the general public who would pay to watch the spectacle, the funds could be used for developing engines and such. I encourage people who are building their own planes to build one-seater or better yet two-seater STOLs, not necessarily to carry a second person but to carry additional fuel and supplies.

If there is huge interest then we (with help from the Aviation Department) can develop a prototype of a powered glider that has an enormous wingspan. Many builders will instead choose to build a plans-built plane of a pre-existing design, such as the BD-4, rather than wait for the development of the prototypes. And smaller TIG welded airframes can be put together cheaply, and quite likely with fewer hours of work than required for the composite aircraft. Note that even the airplanes that are constructed primarily of wood still require metal parts to be fabricated and securely stored until the builder is ready for installing them, and many metal-bodied airplanes have wooden wings. Many of these metal parts are cheaply constructed, people with limited resources can start by assembling these lower cost items. People are free to decide which aircraft they wish to construct, but recognize that if you stick to a co-operative plan where several or many copies of the same plane are made, many of your construction problems will be solved as others are involved working along side of you to help complete the steps. We should be providing options for people rather than taking options away and make it easier for people to start building without delay.

By simply following the principles of aviation and without using complex mathematics nor wind tunnels, people may construct airplanes that fly very well (see “Flight Without Formulae” by A.C. Kermode). Consider that those people who use the complex mathematical formulas and even wind tunnels end up with airplanes that still undergo revision after revision after revision. Even little girls can fly their own planes and save other children from being abducted by gypsies (see The Girl Aviators’ Motor Butterfly by Margaret Burnham, published by M.A Donohue & Company). If the builder chooses to make such an individual and unique aircraft, then of course the parts they manufacture cannot be traded for parts of a design approved and actively supported by the Aviation Department.

There are lots of projects that can be tackled in Build Option 22, many of them require TIG welding. People could practice their TIG welding on freely available tin cans, they may use the cans and a variety of other freely obtained metals to build stove pipes and other projects. Many of the projects would have components that would be cut out with lasers or water jets or cutting torches from large sheets of metal, the individuals building the project would of course pay for that service (unless they own and use a cutting torch), and then assemble their projects in the large TIG welding facilities located in downtown Saskatoon, stretching from Third Avenue to Ave C or so, and south from 20th or 22nd Street or so to the river. Rowbotham proclaims we can print debt-free money out of thin air to pay for this and other critical infrastructure projects (See “The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery, and Destructive Economics” by Michael Rowbotham). This TIG welding facility is a critical project as people would be learning skills and building futures for themselves, and ample opportunities would exist in the facilities to teach them to fly.

Saskatoon requires two or three new airports on the outskirts specifically made for the homebuilt aircraft. We should not allow the homebuilt creations to fly over the city with the exception that the smaller and quieter planes should be allowed to travel immediately above the South Saskatchewan River and so through the very center of our city - planes could even be launched from a slipway on the roof of the TIG welding facility (a very large building located on the south side of downtown stretching from Second Avenue and 20th Street to Avenue C South and the river) and then navigate along the river. We could have races and paintball dogfights over the river, an event as such would bring visitors to the city and generate revenue. We could have a water aerodrome on the South Saskatchewan River, and perhaps limit the aerodrome to small airplanes that meet extremely tough noise limits or perhaps allow noisier aircraft to use the facilities during the day. Consider allowing the children to fly their own aviation creations at night without any licenses, and re-educating the air traffic controllers.

We could be building multiple forms, and then allowing builders to utilize our forms, and they would drape their plywood and/or fiber glass and/or carbon fiber and such over our forms, such as was done in constructing the Mosquito. While the forms are being developed the builders could rebuild engines and build propellers for their engines, build landing gear and other smaller parts. We could have forms for members to borrow that result in sleek and fuel efficient racers, like the Yak. We can also allow members to build a scaled-down version of the P-38 Lightning. We could build powered gliders that resemble a U-2 Spy Plane, we could make multiple forms for the fuselage out of concrete or some other stiff material. Small jet engines are an equivalent cost of a cheap used car, buy a pair of these small jets and make them retractable. We could even develop jet engines and make the design or parts available to the members. We can accomplish much when we work together.

We could build a fleet of amphibious aircraft, seaplanes, flying boats or perhaps even floatplanes, having a fleet of these one or more of these four aquatic aircraft would enable us to provide an air taxi service to the northern lakes. By facilitating the building of low cost aircraft in Saskatoon, and perhaps by building components for these airplanes in other communities, we could link northern and southern communities. Presently it costs more money to fly from Saskatoon to many communities in northern Saskatchewan, than it costs to fly from Saskatoon to Europe. Check out the retractable wing-tip pontoons on the PBY-5A, by retracting the pontoons on airplanes we will reduce drag and save on fuel.

If I were mayor of Saskatoon, I’d encourage both city residents and our neighbors living outside of our city to participate in using the proposed facilities to construct and modify boats, aircraft and ATV’s. We’d provide storage lockers for the parts you are assembling for your project, and a machine shop where you may manufacture your parts, eventually you will have enough parts stored that you would be provided with a larger secure space to assemble your project. People should have options in life, governments should be trying to help provide people with options and not take options away.

I propose a very large building along the south side of downtown Saskatoon spanning into Riversdale where visitors could travel on moving and stationary sidewalks and escalators while enclosed inside clear tubes. Separated by plate glass, visitors could safely view the airplanes or other projects being completed around them while seated and having coffee at one of the many coffee shops. I imagine undecided Cindy and her female friends would be roaming the premises, coffees in hand, looking at the many projects, while the muscular guys would be goink shirtless, dripping in sweat, as they labour upon their metal and wood working projects, sawing, sanding, welding and grinding away. The women can see the projects under construction before they choose what project to start upon. Friendships would be developed. When the women flick their hair back and giggle a little, it is an indication to men nearby that the women are interested in their projects.

The City of Saskatoon should purchase 40, 80, 160 or 320 acres of rural land so these projects can quickly begin while building this proposed facility in the city. Even a small group of people, independent from the City of Saskatoon and who are interested in one or more of these thirty build options, can unite and pool their money and purchase the required land and erect some cheaper buildings close to the City of Saskatoon.

Build Options Eight, Nine and Ten are a system of similar tracking vehicles. The boats being built should be engineered to carry one or more of the similarly tracked vehicles from Build Options Eight, Nine and Ten, and also engineered to be easily transported by large ships. The rafts carrying supplies also need to conform to size restrictions to aid in transport by the larger ships. The boats should be loaded upon ships and then unloaded at a distant port, perhaps at the mouth of the gold-bearing Lena or some other gold-laden river. I suggest that white Canadians should flee Canada, take a well-supplied trip up the mouth of the Lena and establish a community near where a smaller river meets the Lena, where the gold or other mineral prospects look favorable, perhaps 1000 miles upstream on the Lena. Doing such would establish a community in pretty much the geographical center of Yakutia, work together to survive the first winter and then establish other communities in the region, depending upon the location of mineral and other resources.

Bring along excavators to help dig in for the winter. Each participant should bring along thousands of pounds of food, thousands of pounds of other supplies (tents, tarps, clothes, 24 volt or 48 volt off-grid electrical systems, lithium powered hand tools, stoves, screws, books, fuel….), much of the food and supplies brought along on small boats and rafts capable of navigating the Lena River. Many people will opt to equip their 12 volt vehicles with 12 volt auxiliary electrical systems, as you wish. The Yakutians are fond of metal workers, make sure to bring along your machine shops, portable lumber mills and road building equipment when you emigrate. Prepare to pay taxes to Putin in the form of gold, so that he may keep his Russian Republic strong.

Or stay and pay taxes to Trudeau and have him raise your children… Trudeau uses the media and schools to teach your children to ram their penises up each other’s arseholes. Trudeau works at preventing white people from meeting, uniting and forming families, and desires control over all the children, I suggest we take all the machining tools, also the children, and flee in well-equipped convoys to Yakutia, there we can build wealth, build guns and regroup. At the very least, each participant would be required to have a raft carrying 6,000 pounds of food and other supplies so they would stand a chance to survive the first winter, and the owner of the raft would require a boat owner to tow said raft upriver. If you are bringing a vehicle on a boat or raft as well, still bring that 6000 pounds (or much more) of food and other supplies. Build the boats and rafts so they can be easily loaded onto and unloaded from the ships. Then build a community along the Lena River or nearby the Lena River, build it out of rocks and concrete on a south facing slope, build guns, mine gold, coal and other resources, regroup. Another group can land at Magadan perhaps without rafts and boats and seek out a suitable sites for communities along the Hiway of Bones or nearby that hiway either in Magadan or Yakutia. Canadians can sponsor other Canadians to go on the expeditions, perhaps expecting to follow behind the following year and bringing additional resources when emigrating.

Should you find yourself landing at the Lena River Delta, travel up the Lena with a boat pulling your raft. I would suggest you also carry (or tow or use as outriggers) three or four smaller and light weight flat bottom boats so you may navigate into other rivers that you find along the way. You may need several small flat bottomed boats in order to transport your many thousands of pounds of tools, gasoline and other supplies upstream an alternative river. People landing at Magadan and then travelling up the Kolyma Hiway should consider towing or carrying boats with them. Go to the expense of making aluminum containers to haul your food and other goods, perhaps so they are waterproof and can float, and so the goods are secure in transit. The aluminum containers, when empty, can always be used at your chosen destination for alternative purposes.

Imagine perhaps as many as one million Canadians emigrating, leaving Canada to greener pastures, each bringing with them a small fortune in dehydrated foods, and bringing with them machining equipment, and construction equipment, portable lumber mills, metals, fuels, cement and glass, and establishing new communities in places such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Yakutia, Magadan or Kamchatka. Whichever land we emigrate to would be blessed with an economic windfall. Canadians might be wise to build boats, rafts and aircraft, in preparation of a future migration. I also imagine society will collapse so very quickly that Canadians will not have a chance to flee the messes that Biden and Trudeau are creating. In actuality America is being ruled by Obama, a homosexual Indonesian Islamist who whispers instructions into Biden’s ear, and his Queen Michelle wears size 12 men’s shoes and played football in college. It is very important to this homosexual Indonesian Islamist that Americans line up and take the jab. And Obama probably follows orders from Charles, who is an Islamist as well, while Trudeau certainly doths. Anyway, some people in Saskatoon may build Yaks and fly to Yakutia. It would be helpful to those who embark upon an expedition to Yakutia (or elsewhere) have support from airplane owners, and the airplane owners find support from those carrying supplies up roads and rivers. I image that we can establish several communities in the Russian far-east and have these communities continuously linked by air and working together developing and manufacturing airplanes, food processing and mining equipment and such. Newly formed communities in isolated areas could be supplied by air. Using radios, communities can alert other nearby communities of their needs.

Those people emigrating away from Canada (those fleeing for their very lives) would of course benefit by having sponsors to assist them with funds to make the boats, rafts, vehicles and to obtain the supplies. Sponsors would of course benefit when they travel to the new communities, or move to the new communities… the sponsors would have different levels of VIP status depending upon their input. I suggest the Aviation Department, which is in charge of the security of the boat building and most other build options (in charge of the secure lockers and buildings), utilize the funds in however way the board members see fit. We will need metal lathes and presses as well but I expect people would donate some of their older and unwanted equipment, perhaps equipment in need of repair. And so likely we would be better off using any donated funds to purchase aluminum in large quantities rather than invest in tools. Putin will charter us a freighter and carry us, our boats and rafts, our guns and other supplies, from whichever Canadian port to the Lena River Delta or further upstream, or to Magadan. Each person who constructed a raft or boat would have a heated cabin built into their rafts and boats, and they could occupy their cabins during transport aboard the Russian ship.

The Aviation Department may find itself with excess funds and be in a position to assist in the creating of boats, rafts or planes. Builders who draw upon such donated resources would have to agree to use the finished boats, rafts, planes and vehicles to assist the emigration by helping to move resources for the entire group, and would later have to pay cash for any materials provided if they decide to keep the finished project for their own private use. The donations would be used for emigration, the builders drawing upon the donated materials would be beholden to the Aviation Department and would be obligated to use the constructed vehicles, boats, rafts and aircraft to assist in moving supplies to Magadan or Yakutia (Sakha Republic) or Kamchatka or Chukotka, likely depending upon which of these locations would welcome us, and depending upon what Putin would prefer. Perhaps different Russian far eastern states and regions will compete and lobby for us to establish our presence and metal working facilities at their states and regions, I suggest that you establish a settlement near some coal reserves. The Aviation Department should assist people to move to either the Russian Far East or to a Scandinavian country, or perhaps to Greenland, and so people who built rafts and are beholden to the Aviation Department would have the option to emigrate in an Aviation Department Convoy to these different locations if approved by the host country. The Aviation Department hopes to establish communities in these foreign nations to assist Canadians to flee from Canada and continue to help train them in useful trades while assisting them to build themselves aircraft, boats and homes.

If you are constructing a raft and hoping to use materials owned and provided to you by the Aviation Department, this raft could be half occupied by materials and by wood-working and metal-working equipment the Aviation Department is transporting to the Russian far east. People making use of the Aviation Department facilities to make rafts and other vehicles will of course be trained in some form of metal working, and so will bring their skills with them to Yakutia (Sakha Republic) should we emigrate there (more gold and diamonds and coal and there than in Scandinavia, perhaps more freedom too). Some people will construct their boats and planes with no intention of leaving the country, and so will keep their skills in Saskatchewan or another Canadian province, and would be fully responsible in funding the construction of their own projects. Anybody wanting to flee to Sweden should be placed under supervision and probation, as they are clearly insane, and would be unlikely to receive any funding from Saskatoon’s Aviation Department, and their storage lockers would likely face inspection.

If people are in the process of fleeing Canada (or the USA) and leaving independently and without the assistance of Saskatoon’s Aviation Department, I suggest you meet at Magadan and make arrangements in Magadan to travel inland and bolster an existing community, such as Atka (200 km north of Magadan), or Orotukan (300 km north of Magadan). Establish communities or bolster existing communities along the hiway running from Magadan to Yakutsk, perhaps space the communities roughly 100 to 200 kilometers apart. If we had communities spaced roughly every 100 to 200 kilometers along the hiway we could assist all who travel the hiway by offering fuel, food, clothes, supplies, lodging, likely jobs and entertainment as well. If we had communities spread out along the hiway, each community could be constructing specific parts required for our communally-built airplanes, which I suggest be Short Take Off And Landing (STOL) aircraft. The parts can be delivered to Yakutsk and/or to Magadan and the aircraft can be assembled there. We can space out communities along the hiway, perhaps in or near the communities of Atka, Orotukan, Susuman, and beyond all the way to Yakutsk in the Sakha Republic, and manufacture components for our aircraft from different factories along the hiway. Aircraft can also be assembled in smaller towns located between Yakutsk and Magadan, parts that we manufacture would transported both directions down the Hiway of Bones.

If you were to flee for your very lives to Magadan or Yakutia, or perhaps even to Siberia, you will find existing communities that are a shell of their former selves where the remaining residents do not have any power. You would be seen as an absolute hero if you had a 24 or 48 volt electrical system, with an inverter, and cables, that could provide electrical power to the nearby houses. A 12-volt system and inverter will not be adequate to send power to your neighbors.

It makes sense to purchase land in The City of Magadan and use it to help Americans and Canadians, and perhaps white South Africans who are in the process of emigrating to the Russian Far East. It also makes sense to purchase some land in the town of Atka to similarly assist those Americans and Canadians who are in the process of emigration, as the town is situated along the hiway and can provide lodging, meals, fuel and information to the travelers who are passing through, and is attractive due to being located close to Magadan. Also Atka boasts some nearby lakes (about five miles to the south east), making it ideal for canoeing, fishing and camping while waiting for additional members of your party to arrive from Canada or USA.

Establish communities that can serve as depots, where individual may drop off thousands of pounds of supplies and then travel the region until making a decision upon where to settle and move those supplies to. Then the Aviation Department, acting as an emigrant organization, would secure our supplies in depots in our communities along the hiway, and use our trucks to move the supplies from Magadan to any location along the hiway to Yakutsk or beyond. We could purchase land in both Yakutsk and Nizhny Bestyakh (or very nearby each community) and build boats, small aircraft and homes there. Instead of building aircraft in Saskatchewan, we can flee to Magadan and Yakutia and build them there.

Bring along portable lumber mills. And I suggest that when you flee Canada for your very lives that you bring lots of deck screws, perhaps bring along about 300 pounds of #8x2½ inch deck screws, 300 pounds of #8x3 inch deck screws, 100 pounds of #10x5 deck screws and 100 pounds of #10x6 deck screws. Bring along those 20 volt drills and 20 volt saws and 20 volt planers and a great number of screw driver bits and saw and planer blades. If you are intending to spend the remaining years of your life in somewhere in the mountains of far eastern Russia, you are advised to bring along an abundance of screws as they help to make it easier to construct both temporary shelters and permanent homes. Or if you are intending to remain in Canada after society collapses (if you failed to flee for your life), then it would still be nice to have a supply of screws on hand so that you may construct shelters here while trying to survive under a Liberal/NDP (Islamic/Sikh) communist coalition. Charles is an Islamist, he heads the UN Islamic army, he is coming to help.

Putin would be sure to issue us a general pass allowing everybody coming on the excursion from Canada (everybody fleeing Canada for their very lives) to bring their guns along with them. I suggest that if Putin dothn’t allow us to bring our guns (both handguns and rifles) to the Russian far east, that we instead go (flee for our lives) with our guns (and our screws) to Finland instead. Sweden is out of the question, they allow the Islamic immigrants to have guns and bombs and will prevent the immigration of white people, whether they have guns or not. Norway could open their doors to the Canadians who flee with their lives and who try to immigrate with their guns as they could use more soldiers for their army, navy and airforce, but since Canadians never fought in defense of Canada, they would be unlikely to fight in defense of Norway either. If Putin dothn’t want Canadians immigrating to the Russian far east with our guns and our metal working tools (and our screws), then we could go to Finland and make guns and airplanes there instead. The people of Finland would enter into a debate about why they would ever want a big bunch of Canadians emigrating to their nation again due to the question of those Canadians being unable to fight in defense of Canada, so why would they suddenly want to fight in defense of Finland???!!! And they would question why we did not bring along any 4 inch screws. In the end Finland would welcome the Canadians and also allow them to carry their guns with them, but only because they would be bringing huge amounts of metal working machinery along with them and would help to create employment for the Finnish people. So the Canadians who land in Finland will adopt Finnish culture and will have to learn to speak through their noses, and that is a good reason to go to Magadan instead. In the end the Canadians would only flee to a country that allowed them to smoke marijuana and hashish, and would happily speak through their noses in Finland if that was what was required to smoke their weed.

I imagine if we attempted to emigrate (flee for our lives) to Finland, the Finnish border guards, speaking through their noses, would ask why we eschewed the 4 inch deck screws. Although they are the ones speaking through their noses, it would be us that would look pretty silly if nobody in our group knew what an “eschew” was. Saskatoon’s Aviation Department could ameliorate this uncomfortable situation by providing classes in dealing with Finish border guards and preparing the students for such awkward questions. Cindy may ignore my good advice and bring along nothing but the 4 inch deck screws and save the day. Nobody will question why we did not bring any deck screws that are shorter than 2½ inches long until after we land at our destinations. Fights would break out, people would be divided on the issue. Some advocates of 4 inch deck screws would start whirling and twirling in a clockwise direction while another group would question the need for so many 2 ½ inch deck screws, and then this latter group would eventually start to whirl and twirl in a counter-clockwise direction. It would be all such good fun until somebody gets screwed to a cross or loses an eye. The bolt people would mind their time, they would silently sit back and watch the proceedings, they saw what previously happened to those who advocated for the use of duct tape.

Consider meeting in Sapporo Japan and make arrangement there to secure additional supplies before chartering ships and travelling onwards to Magadan. Winter weather conditions annually close the port of Magadan, while waiting for the harbor to open you can use the opportunity to shop for and buy used Japanese mini-trucks, snowmobiles and such, secure all sorts of other supplies, and charter a suitable ship to take you and the other emigrants to Magadan. Get some of those tracks installed on your 4 wheel drive Japanese truck before departing Japan. I imagine a tourist office or the main police station in Sapporo can assist you to get in contact with other westerners in Sapporo who are hoping to sail to Magadan in the spring or summer when the port is accessible. It is possible that Putin would send a ship to Sapporo to pick you emigrants up. I encourage the Canadians of European descent to flee for their lives and go to Magadan, perhaps to first stop in Sapporo and pick up supplies. With the present state of politics in Canada, it may be wise to sell everything you have and fly to Japan where you will purchase supplies, and then in the spring board a boat in Sapporo and sail to Magadan, and then from there perhaps travel onwards to Yakutia.

Others may chose to emigrate from Canada (flee Canada for their very lives) and sail the Laptev Sea to the Lena River Delta, and then up the Lena River towards Yakutsk, and establish new communities along or near the river where mineral deposits are close at hand. One would have to transport a great deal of gasoline in order to propel oneself such a great distance against the current of the Lena River. Sailing the Laptev Sea and up the Lena River would be beyond the capabilities of most any individual, but a Saskatoon Aviation Department convoy can be assembled with a group of devoted people. A benefit of attaching oneself to the “Saskatoon Aviation Department’s Lena River Convoy” is that some members would have STOL airplanes parked on their rafts, ready to assist in the movement of members, for example one may leap frog ahead of the river convoy for whatever purpose. I imagine though, that most “Saskatoon Aviation Department’s Lena River Convoy” members, who are on the expedition fleeing Canada for their very lives, would opt to stay with their rafts, which are laden with all their food, fuels, tools and assorted equipment, and likely pets as well. Putin’s military would oversea the movement of the convoy, but people could still freeze or starve to death or drown. “Saskatoon Aviation Department’s Lena River Convoy” members would be prepared for such events, and will have options available to them to dispose of your body (nobody wants to take your dead body with them all the way to Yakutsk). There should be several “Saskatoon Aviation Department’s Lena River Convoys” as some convoys will get lost in the Lena River Delta, never to be seen again, probababbly resulting in a shortage of deck screws. It may be advantageous to land in Magadan instead.

Anybody joining a Saskatoon Aviation Expeditionary Convoy (designed to assist Saskatoonians to flee Saskatoon for their very lives) and are headed off to Magadan or Yakutia, or to Siberia or to Finland (where they would learn to speak through their noses), is advised to make aluminum containers to transport all variety of goods, and making them in a modular fashion to fit your trailer or raft or truck (see Build Option Six). Pack a dozen pairs of pants into one of your modular aluminum containers, pack your coats into another, your tent and fishing supplies into another, securely pack your ratchets and sockets and wrenches and your 20 volt hand tools, your power cords and your water hoses, your rice, flour, pancake mix, dried eggs and dried apples, toilet paper, pillows, peanut butter and such. Glass containers containing food or whatever can be securely placed into these dry and lockable aluminum modular storage containers. Have a few meetings and see if you can determine a stackable design that would be suitable for both the small Japanese mini trucks and for the conventional sized half-ton and one-ton trucks. I imagine that the members who then build one of the popular designs of aluminum containers would obtain pre-cut pieces, greatly speeding up the building process. Some people would innovate and make their own modular creations. Some people will make aluminum containers of the same shape as the plastic milk crates and then easily stack a mix of both the milk crates and the waterproof aluminum containers. The aluminum modular containers would all be constructed using TIG welders, it is a good project for members to start with. Perhaps members can also construct small lockers for their boots and coats.

People wanting to build aircraft, whether in the west or in the Russian far east, should consider making an assembly-line and rolling off copies of a commonly desired model, perhaps a flying boat that seats just four people. Another group of people will be incessant that they will each have a Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) aircraft, and so that group would be best served by building assembly-line copies of the same plane… One-seater STOL? Two-seater STOL? Four-seater STOL? There may be enough interest to warrant making single, two and four seater STOL’s and rolling these three models off assembly lines. If the majority wants a four-seater STOL, the people who desire a one or two seater STOL may still manufacture what they desire, we should have the room available to accommodate people’s projects. If the city has the ability to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on assorted projects of very questionable worth, and more on projects that they have no business funding, then similarly the city should be able to spend a bit of money to construct space that is suitable for you to build a project.

Find 100 people each wanting to build the same aircraft, perhaps a one-seater STOL, this aircraft has a complex wing design. The 100 projects can be approached haphazardly with individuals constructing assorted parts of their aircraft independently from one another. Or allow everybody could unite and build the 200 wings and the 100 fuselages and perhaps the 100 tails, join these items together and then draw for these uncompleted planes, then leave it to the members to install their own choice of engines, landing gear and avionics. Or 20 people could unite and build the 100 sets of wings for the 100 aircraft while the other 80 people build different components for these 100 airplanes. This latter scenario would likely speed up the process of building the STOL aircraft, and 80% of the builders will not have to worry about building wings for their aircraft. Hopefully there would be enough interest to get a second set of 100 (or more) people together to build a different aircraft, and perhaps get a third group of 100 people united so they too may build 100 copies of some third style of aircraft for themselves. If you wanted an airplane and had very limited wealth, you would likely choose to join the group that seeks to make extremely cheap airplanes (likely mostly wooden and cloth) that are light weight and so can function with the cheaper lower horsepower engines. There might be some smaller groups of builders, for example there may be 25 people who desire to build some specific plans-built airplane who do not wish to join with the other groups of people building any other aircraft designs. There might be only three people wanting to build a certain plans-built plane, provide them with storage lockers and hope they work together and help one another.

If you keep your aircraft simple, smaller and on the lighter side, then you can use a pair of small (and light weight and cheap) jet engines that are originally meant for use on the scaled-down radio controlled airplanes. Find a group of people who each desire to build the same glider and then modify that glider with the small jet engines that pop up out of the fuselage or tail. My best guess is that there are many thousands of people in and around Saskatoon that would like to own a pair of small jet engines for their extremely light weight aircraft, so many so that it would warrant building our own jet engines rather than buy them. The World Economic Forum members fly around in jets, so should we.

The city provides a room for the builders, first large rooms where all the prospective builders may meet and discuss building different designs, then smaller meeting rooms for the builders who decided upon the same design. At first the groups could make use of smaller building facilities, perhaps sharing machine shops with others groups as they manufacture parts for their own designs, then later the groups would graduate to their own larger facilities that would allow them to build wings and assemble their fuselages.

Some people building larger projects will not require the large storage rooms and can make do with storing the parts they are manufacturing in smaller storage lockers or locking cupboards or locking drawers. Perhaps manufacture the smaller items before starting on your lengthy fuselage. To be avoided is people getting a room for their fuselage and then turning it into a wren’s nest of used iron bed frames and other used materials where they entertain their friends, stash their drugs and allow bed bugs and cockroaches to breed.

And so, we could provide space for people to build their own tiny homes, and we can do this in a way to prevent the homeless from invading the construction site and making uncompleted buildings their homes. The first step would be is to provide a flat and level concrete floor where people may make the walls and the floors while the walls and the floors are laying flat on the flat and level floor. These walls and floors can be stood on end and stored in such a position until the builder is ready to assemble his or her structure. Allow people to attach their roof trusses to their walls and to their floors while the projects are sitting level on the flat concrete floor, and quickly haul the building away in order to provide room for others who wish to start construction of their homes on that flat concrete surface. Once the building is framed it can be moved off the concrete and placed on blocks over in the grassy area adjacent to the concrete floor, where the owner can continue to work on the home in his or her leisure, but to a limit, as it is preferred not to have people living in the construction site. Do the basic framing of the tiny home on the preferred flat concrete surface, this is where there are tools and help and like-minded people present. The work area doesn’t have to be enclosed, although it would be nice to have a roof to keep the rain off the raw lumber, which should not be allowed to get wet. Consider building small homes that are narrow and fit on the trailer which you have previously bought or built. Sure the small homes can be constructed without having to build the walls and floor while laying flat on a concrete floor, but we are dealing with people who never previously constructed objects out of lumber, providing them with a flat surface will aid them greatly.

A large expensive factory is not required for the project (the project of homeless people making small wooden homes for themselves), although having access to a level concrete floor would be greatly beneficial. Some of the homeless people who come to the building site will have adequate funds to purchase the materials, others will not and so they will likely take longer in constructing their small homes. Sure the small homes can be constructed quickly by teams of individuals who are focused in the task, but these people who desire to construct small homes in that manner should start their own small homes business and operate that business elsewhere, and if they seek government handouts for the venture then they would be involved in some sort of communist venture that forces other people to fund the project via taxation, and thereby aids in enslaving others. The thought was that the Aviation Department would not be run as a communist venture that seeks to provide free homes for the homeless, and would neither seek nor accept any funds from any government, but would instead offer a cheap “rural” location where people can come and learn new skills and create a small home for themselves.

Again, this is not a communist venture. Homeless people coming to the rural small home building site and who are starting to build a small home there should not be seeking handouts from the Aviation Department or the Aviation Department members. If you can’t afford to buy the materials to complete your small home project, then leave your building unfinished (and perhaps tarp it over) and return to the project after you managed to purchase some additional materials to work with. Similarly people building airplanes and boats for themselves at the downtown facilities can leave their projects sit until they can afford to purchase additional material to work with.

Bring a patio umbrella or two along to keep the sun and rain off you while you work at the rural facilities. People wanting to build a small home and people wanting to find a place for their small homes should get together with one another and talk, find a rural property where you may build, and find (purchase) other rural properties where these small homes may be moved to. A group of people who join together and purchase a rural property where they may move their small homes to is not a communist venture, they are individuals who used their own money and labour to build homes and communities for themselves and for their family members. Communists in assorted governments will oppose the use of rural properties to establish new communities, you may have to shoot some of these arseholes.

People wanting to escape the city and people who want to escape paying rent or perhaps escape paying taxes are working among you on the flat concrete floor, meet with them there, build your shacks, tribes and alliances and flee to the countryside, perhaps somewhere near where there is good fishing. Anybody paying rent should consider themselves homeless and are encouraged to come to the construction site with some lumber, go to the Aviation Department head office and sign up for build option #28, Small House (see Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers, Part A). Even the short pieces of 2x4’s that are less than a foot long are useful. Most homeless people are limited in funds, they should consider building a very small house, in part so they can easily move the building. Consider building your wooden home out of lumber salvaged from pallets, maybe cut down some trees. Perhaps somebody will manage to build a small lumber mill and assist other members by cutting their logs for them.

I believe many people will want to use welders to fix and customize their automobiles and trucks, we are in need of facilities for these projects that are well separated from other projects. People can start by bringing a clean vehicle that has no papers or any other materials in the glove boxes or scattered about. Then they can drain the vehicle of fuel and remove the gas tank(s), and leave their gas tanks wrapped up and outside in the empty gas tank storage location. Then they can roll their vehicle upon a movable platform, then they can remove their wheels and tires and similarly have these wrapped up and stored in an alternative outdoor storage location. Once their vehicle is stripped of paper, fuel and tires (fire hazards), and once their vehicle propped up onto a movable platform, then they may move their vehicle into the building where there will be a secure storage location for it. When they are ready to work on their vehicle they may roll it out of the secure storage and work on the vehicle, then return it to the secure storage when they are done for the day. People welding near fabric seats can remove their seats and other flammable materials and leave these items outside as well. People doing bodywork are creating extremely toxic dust and they can do this in a separate building, people painting vehicles would again conduct this in a separate building, preferably outside of the city. Perhaps other facilities can be made available for people to work on their vehicles without having to remove their gas tanks and tires. Consider using the facilities to alter the oiling of your engine, relocate the oil filter to the top of the engine in order to easily accomplish future oil changes. Rather than use the facilities to work on your vehicles, use our other downtown facilities where you build your car from scratch, using anything from carbon fiber and other composites, or aluminum, titanium and steel. Help people to innovate and create by providing encouragement and secure facilities. Form a new government that allows you to fly and drive your creations without the burden of paperwork that requires lawyers to understand and profit from.

Not only do we have people stripping their vehicles of their gas tanks and tires, we could take other measures to help dissuade people from working on their cars and trucks. If room is required for people’s airplane and boat projects, they would take priority for the available room and resources. And if an individual insists upon working on his or her car or truck and wants to weld, we could insist that the welder used be a TIG welder, as the facilities are for teaching TIG welding and these welders smoke less. It would be greatly preferred for the participants to use their time building parts for aircraft (or boats) rather than working on their cars and trucks. I suppose those wanting to use a MIG welder on their vehicles should be allowed to take their vehicle to a building that allows MIG welding.

One vehicle project that should be encouraged is converting the miniature 4-wheel-drive Japanese trucks and vans to travel on tracks. People fleeing to the Russian far east for their very lives should consider traveling in a convoy consisting of these light weight vehicles, as these light vehicles can easily travel upon deep snow and rough terrain. Convoys of boats and rafts traveling down from the Lena River Delta are advised to carry these small vehicles.

If anybody is goink to be starting a fire and burning down facilities, it will probababbly be those yahoos that are working on their cars and trucks. It might not even start from welding, it may be because the lithium battery on their cell phone or laptop caught fire while inside one of their vehicles. There are enough examples of cell phones and laptops and lithium powered hand tools catching fire to warrant having special disposal containers for these items be installed throughout all the Aviation Department facilities, as when they catch fire they do not easily go out.

The currently permitted lithium powered electric vehicles are very heavy, much heavier than a conventional automobile with an internal combustion engine, their extra weight increases the distance required to stop the vehicle, posing danger to pedestrians and, their extra weight does more damage to roads. The batteries tend to catch fire and the fires are pretty much impossible to extinguish. The lithium ion battery technology is better used on scooters and to help propel bicycles and small boats rather than massive vehicles. People using Saskatoon’s Aviation Department facilities to build or work on battery powered vehicles can build or work on their battery powered vehicles without bringing the batteries into the facilities. Probababbly more people will die from electrocuting themselves while welding at Saskatoon’s Aviation Department facilities, than die there from Lithium battery fires.

Check out some of the videos on YouTube where people make radical changes to older cars, not only chopping the roofs to make the cars more streamlined (see the 1963 Cadillac by Fitzee’s Fabrications), but changing five window coupes into three window coupes (see the 1938 Pontiac Coupe by Halfass Kustoms), and changing four-door family cars into sleek and sporty two-door streamlined cars (see the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe Conversion From 4 Door by Make It Kustom). Jumping into such a project will force you to learn some metal working skills. I imagine that such transformations would be conducted outside of the city, in part to reduce the cost of providing the facilities. And I imagine all the people doing these radical changes to the older cars would have their own facilities, it would be facilities that they would not have to share with other people who are doing minor work on their vehicles, and thereby bringing like-minded people together that can be of assistance to others. Perhaps all the shops dedicated to working on cars and trucks can be located on the same 40 acres of land near the city. Most likely those who work out at this rural property would be using MIG welders rather than TIG welders, as it is the standard welder used when doing bodywork. Anyway, here is an opportunity for poor people to convert a cheaply acquired 4-door car from the 40’s or 50’s into a sleek 2-door coupe, slant back sedan, or roadster.

Saskatoon’s Aviation Department would have a supply of materials, or at least examples of materials that are available for the builders. For example there exists extremely light weight honeycomb carbon fiber panels that are suitable for the use as floors or for other structural components. Using a combination of spruce plywood and carbon fiber honeycomb panels, one may construct. The Aviation Department could purchase materials such as carbon fiber honeycomb panels in bulk, having such material on hand and at the best possible price would be a big benefit to the builders. Similarly we should purchase quantities of sheets of aluminum, and quantities of TIG anodes.

If you are quite limited in funds to buy materials and an engine, then build a light weight aircraft that can be powered by a cheaper light weight engine. You can build using combinations of plywood, canvas, aluminum, steel and carbon fiber, but either way keep the airplane light weight, choose a design that is of lighter weight, you’ll have fewer materials to purchase and you will power the craft with a much cheaper and lighter engine, perhaps even using a pair of those small jet engines meant for the radio controlled model aircraft. If you are very limited in funds then consider building a small blimp or a very light weight airplane and powering it with two or more of the very light weight, well engineered and dependable Honda GX 160 engines (33 pounds), and/or with some other Honda GX engines, such as the Honda GX120 which is only 29 pounds. Conventional small airplane engines require dual ignition systems and periodic rebuilds that costs thousands of dollars, while the Honda GX engines only require a carburetor overhaul kit costing twenty dollars or so. The Aviation Department should find engineers to look into the feasibility of adding a dual ignition system to these small Honda GX engines and modifying them in other ways such as increasing their oil capacity.

We could also use Aviation Engineers to design cockpits (or entire airplanes) that are suitable for tiny people. There are Aviation Engineers in Russia that were forced out of their jobs when the empire collapsed, we should invite them all to Saskatoon and have them design something. Then if we fled to Yakutia or to Magadan we could always take them along with us.

Check out the 15 minute video “The Slowest Airplane In The World??? The DR Chinook Aircraft!” The builder uses a Rotax 670 from a 1993 Skidoo, says that Rotax built this engine for two years and it can be easily upgraded to dual ignition. The engine is light (110 pounds), his aircraft is light, this would be a cheaper and easier build to consider for the people with fewer disposable funds. An aircraft like this with the STOL wing would be ideal for flying around the Russian far east in search of placer gold deposits along the assorted river beds. Remember that you can launch an underpowered or overloaded airplane with the use of small disposable rocket engines. Build a lighter weight aircraft and worry about obtaining an engine later. Having an Aviation Department would be helpful to get people started in building their projects, it would be assuring for the builders to be provided with immediate feedback that their chosen project is viable and worth pursuing.

Some young feller posted a video on YouTube of him converting a lawnmower’s vertical crank shaft engine into an engine with a horizontal crank shaft, thereby making the engine useful in a myriad of ways. The Aviation Department would accept the broken down lawn mowers in order to obtain the engines, but also the scrap metals, as there are builders wanting to fabricate all sorts of projects and they will be sure to find some useful pieces of metals on these broken down lawn mowers. Similarly we could be collecting old power cords and some members will come along and fix them or use them in some other way. People fleeing Canada (for their very lives) and headed to Magadan, Yakutia or Siberia, are advised to take along some gasoline driven water pumps and gasoline driven electrical generators, and an assortment of hoses and electrical cords.

People should be constructing their aviation creations without regard to government restrictions and laws, Saskatoon’s Aviation Department would encourage people to obtain sets of small internal combustion engines and utilize them to power light-weight planes powered by two or more engines. It is simply safer and can be quieter to operate a four-engine aircraft as opposed to a single engine aircraft (the engines do not have to rev so hard and loud when there are several of them), the governments that make restrictive laws on your movement are communists who are ultimately working for the Chinese Communist Party.

Towns and cities can assist in the construction of airplanes and light weight vehicles that are not federally nor provincially approved by providing building space for these creations, and by providing encouragement for the members of the community to violate repressive federal transportation laws and come and build themselves a light weight car or airplane or blimp without care of government red tape (that requires teams of lawyers to overcome). Cities can oppose the restrictions on our freedoms imposed by provincial and federal governments. The restrictions imposed upon us restricts self sufficiency and innovation, and now that our governments are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, it is the Chinese Communist Party that seeks to prevent us from innovating and creating new light-weight cars and airplanes.

Anyway, these smaller and lighter aircraft will each require sets of propellers, these propellers are smaller and lighter propellers, and we would need lots of them. Some people making propeller for themselves will make variations and experiment with them, and reject some due to whatever reason, then make their surplus propellers available to the builders of aircraft. It would make sense to have a Department of Propellers where people, who are constructing airplanes, may go to seek information on propellers and perhaps purchase or borrow a propeller that is flight proven. The Department of Aviation is not a Communist organization that seeks to provide people with free propellers, individuals who have surplus propellers are free to sell them without Saskatoon’s Aviation Department’s involvement. Some people will be focusing on building propellers, some may make it their life’s work, and you will find them at the Department of Propellers, located somewhere up around the 10th floor of the Aviation Building, with some windows overlooking the South Saskatchewan River (nice view).

There is an issue of people using chop saws that result in huge amounts of smoke and noise. There are more suitable tools available that do not result in smoke and noise, such as metal cutting band saws, cold saws, and shears. When people cut metal with a chop saw they end up covering their clothes, skin and hair with toxic dust, they stink as a result, they would pollute not just their work environment but the coffee shops and other public facilities they enter. There has to be some limits imposed upon the people using the Aviation Department facilities, to insure a safer work environment for all to use and to enjoy, and so chop saws should be not used in communal settings. Regardless, the builders are in need of shower and clothes washing facilities, which should be built into the workshops.

I imagine people would want to be utilizing the Aviation Department’s equipment, work and storage facilities to make parts or completed projects and then sell them at a profit on the internet or wherever. This would interfere with the objective of catering to those people who desire to build aircraft. This problem could be eliminated by getting people who desire to make and sell parts, to make and sell parts for the approved aircraft designs, for the few aircraft that we would be making quantities of copies of. The facilities are intended for people to learn some metal and wood working skills while they build a boat or a plane or trailer or house, or even pants that fit, for themselves to own and treasure, and not for them to run a private business out of, was my intent. I’d like to see a commercial area in Saskatoon that provides tiny stores (less than 100 square feet) that people could rent on a daily basis, but located elsewhere and managed by others.

When people get together in groups they can talk and share ideas and share resources and manufacture all sorts of things, people would learn metalworking, woodworking and other skills, and the entire nation would benefit as a direct result of allowing and helping people to get together, innovate, and in the process, learn new skills. Innovation is far more apt to occur without having to deal with government and their mountains of paperwork, making the project so much more doable.

Saskatoon’s Aviation Department, by allowing people to build stuff other than airplanes, is allowing people to innovate and create. The Aviation Department would be acting as a government, allowing people the freedom to build something other than an airplane. This government would provide facilities for learning, for meeting and talking and of course for building, for machining and welding, and for sewing and such. It is not a socialist government that provides for everybody’s needs, first and foremost the Aviation Department would strive to provide secure space for the projects. The members may bring their own tools and share them if they want, the Aviation Department will not contribute to the cost of the tools, nor will it contribute funds to purchase materials for your project. Charity is not the role of the government, it leads directly to corruption and unequal treatment to the members.

People should be free, but not free enough to be allowed to screw over somebody else’s project, measures must be taken to secure people’s projects, and so the general public (people not connected to the building of your airplane or whatever else it is that you are building) would be able to watch your project from behind glass as they sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee. The facilities should be designed so that non-members may roam large areas and see the many projects.

The Aviation Department should function to help make it easier for people to make their projects. To aid in this process we could have a “Department of Hoses” that would assist people by making materials more easily available, and by helping people choose appropriate materials for their hoses. People fleeing to Siberia or Yakutia or Magadan for their very lives are advised to bring high quality hoses along with them, of different gauges and lengths, all with high quality machined brass couplings. Some people may come to the Aviation Department facilities without having a project for themselves and will want something to do, they can help make brass couplings for one, two or three inch hoses. Perhaps Cindy and her female friends would run the Department of Hoses, where other people with nothing to do would come, and here they would be put to work building brass hose couplings and assembling hoses. Cindy and her female friends would decorate the Department of Hoses main meeting room with flowers and matching furniture, and tasteful pictures hanging on the walls of kittens, and female stuff like that, where they would wait patiently for people to drop in, make them feel comfortable and get them to work on the hoses. Offer free coffee for those visitors who come and do the work (after they complete some work), maybe provide the workers with a nice view from their work stations. Perhaps those working on hoses can drink their coffee and look down upon Steve and his friends sweating away on their airplane projects. Eventually Steve is goink to need a hose or two for his airplane and will be forced to go see Cindy. And because Steve is building one of the few approved airplane designs that is being supported by The Aviation Department, when Steve goes to the Department of Hoses, there may be a hose waiting for him there. Cindy and her friends would be viewed as absolute heroes.

I imagine Cindy and her friends would stage events to promote their Department of Hoses, they would hold draws where somebody would win a hose. Perhaps the draw could be held during an evening dance, at The Department of Aviation’s Dance Hall (in a very large building in downtown Saskatoon that stretches up to Avenue C or D or so). Perhaps Cindy would cheat and draw Steve’s name, and he would have to come up on stage with Cindy in order to receive the prize, and a hug. Cindy would press her bulbous breasts into Steve’s face as he climbed up the stairs towards her, I’m sure. Most everyone would be drunk and would cheer. Anyway, we would have a “Department of Hoses” to assist people to complete their projects, and by using a woman’s guile and touch, we may be able to obtain free labour building hoses from those who wander too close. Some people will get hosed at The Department of Hoses.

No doubt Cindy and her friends would instruct people who are fleeing Canada (for their very lives) on how to make use of their hoses without kinking them and shorting their life spans. Ordinary used garden hoses can be upgraded with the machined brass couplings. Hoses can be reinforced and fixed, perhaps altered in some way to prevent kinking. Those Aviation Department members who flee to some distant isolated outpost in Yakutia or Magadan or Chukotka, or Siberia, would be wise to bring along good quality hoses, and also have the skills to keep their hoses functional. It is not a good idea to emigrate with a group of people to some isolated valley in the Russian far east with cheap conventional ends on their garden hoses, as Dave is surely goink to step on the end of the hose and flatten it, rendering it inoperative.

The ladies would offer Anti-Kink events to raise money for whatever. Perhaps they would hold early morning Anti-Kink pancake breakfasts as an incentive to get people to the facilities so they can have a meal and resume work on their hoses or on their other projects (perhaps a STOL). There would be buttermilk pancakes and buckwheat pancakes, melted butter, maple syrup, honey, whipped cream and assorted jams to cover the pancakes with. There would of course be Saskatoon Berry jam among the jams being offered. And they would serve both bacon and coffee with the pancakes. All the Department of Hose women running the pancake breakfasts would dress in themes, for example on Tuesdays they might be dressed like Tinkerbell, it would be the Tinkerbell Tuesdays and people would get sprinkles on their pancakes.

I imagine that Cindy and her friends would organize a Halloween Dance party at the Department of Aviation dance hall, where several of Cindy’s friends will get pregnant, highlighting the need for daycare facilities to be located on site. Cindy and her friends would implement programs that would encourage non-members to become Aviation Department members (such as that Halloween party) and this will help bring success to the organization as a whole. There are sure to be accidents and people will lose fingers or other appendages, these can be humorously pickled and placed on display as we should always make the best of our situation. Anyway Stalin was wise to give the students the option to build the composite Yaks, for those Yaks saved Russia from utter ruin. I bet the Russian kids sang songs in praise of Stalin back then, just as the Canadian kids sing praises for Justin Trudeau and his rainbow Freemason flag today.

And then again there is that issue of Cindy who isn’t quite sure which airplane to build and changes her mind, but still is able to trade the unwanted parts she built for an aircraft that she no longer desires for the parts she now requires, squeak squeak. Probababbly Cindy would originally want to build a Yak and flee to Yakutia but then changed her mind and built a STOL and fled to Finland instead (where she learned how to speak through her nose), in either case Saskatoon’s Aviation Department would strive to assist Cindy to meet her desired goals, no matter how many times she changes her mind. Saskatoon’s Aviation Department would strive to assist Saskatoonian’s to emigrate to different locations, perhaps to Scandinavia or to the Russian far east, we could help send groups of people to different locations, perhaps dropping people off at the sprawling and vibrant cities of Magadan and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy… we have a moral responsibility to help Saskatoonians and other Canadians to flee for their very lives. And again at the very last minute Cindy and women just like Cindy could again change their minds and could decide to travel along with Steve to some bleak outpost in northern Siberia. Lucky Steve, it would be due to the flexibility of the Aviation Department to accommodate women like Cindy who decide at the last minute to include themselves and their equipment together with an alternative Aviation Department convoy. In the end it would be trendsetters like Cindy who would pave the way for a better future for Saskatoonians, and for people like Steve.

Other Civic Issues:

Recently administrators at the main downtown library discarded massive number of books citing that people bound to wheelchairs were unable to reach the books on the highest and lowest shelves, they decided to remove access to books that other people could reach. Over the last few decades the head librarians have been filling our shelves with material promoting witchcraft and homosexuality, this is in addition to the librarians pushing books advocating Catholic fertility rites. It costs taxpayers about a million dollars every time a single individual gets infected with HIV, but you won’t read about that in books at our libraries. The libraries are being patronized by drug addicts who have little interest in reading, and who’s presence negatively affect the learning of those who are so inclined. I do not support spending any money on a new larger downtown library, nor on spending money to annually turn the existing libraries into Catholic temples of fertility, nor on spending any additional money on new crappy books advocating Catholicism, Islam, witchcraft nor homosexuality. Nor should we be spending money on computers (and computer support technicians) for patrons to play games on, and we can save money by reducing or ceasing the purchase of adult fiction books. The library is for housing books and making these books accessible, not to cruise the internet and play computer games. We should stop spending money on paying wages for the administrators who turned our libraries into jokes. We should radically cut the budget on the libraries and find new administrators who will allow books that are critical of the Catholicism, Islam, witchcraft and homosexuality. Rather than censor Michael Rowbotham’s “The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery, and Destructive Economics” and even purge the record of the book ever having been at the library, we should instead buy several copies of the book. Rather than having hundreds or even thousands of different children’s books advocating witchcraft and homosexuality, we should be providing children with books that encourage independent thinking. Currently far less than 1% of the people in Canada are ramming their penises up each other’s arseholes, we should not be using taxpayer’s money to encourage the other 99% to do so. Until the homosexual / witchcraft books are removed from the children’s section of the libraries, consider carding people and preventing anybody under the age of 18-years-old from entering the public libraries, lest the city face a law suit for contributing to the delinquency of children. Children are created by a union of a man and a woman who ideally unite as a family and work together to raise these children, the public libraries (and Hollywood and the media and the churches and the schools) are being used to contribute to the delinquency of children by advocating the removal of the fathers from the lives of his children and tearing families apart. City council should recognize that the libraries have been co-opted by individuals that have very dark agendas and do everything possible to prevent additional money transfers that allow these damaging agendas to continue. Michael Rowbotham has a plan where interest-free money can be created to pay for new infrastructure (bridges, overpasses, sewers, roads, schools, libraries, aircraft factories, homebuilt aviation insurance…), it would be helpful to give the citizens of Saskatoon access to such material. This interest free money can be “created” by the City of Saskatoon to pay for any liability caused by our homebuilt aviators. At present, so-called “money” is printed by private banks out of thin air, and then loaned to the governments at compound interest, thereby enslaving us. Recently people have had access to an excessive amount of fiction and are confusing fiction for non-fiction. And then on July 17th 2020 the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix announced that the Saskatoon Public Library has appointed a Syrian sodomite who is living in Vancouver to be the new “Writer In Residence”, and so Danny Ramadan is now being paid to encourage Saskatoon’s youth to start ramming their penises up each other’s arseholes.

Over the last few decades many millions of dollars were spent just in Saskatoon to encourage people to adopt a homosexual lifestyle, now in 2020 and 2021 people are demonized if they desire to encourage children to adopt a straight lifestyle. Hollywood, the media, the churches, the schools and the libraries are all teaching your children to ram their penises up each other’s arseholes… the result is the end of white families. The Moslems have four wives and a house for each wife (paid for by your tax dollars through Saskatchewan Social Services), but the message from Hollywood, the media, the churches, the schools and the libraries is not for the Moslems to ram their penises up each other’s arseholes, the message for the Moslems is that male Moslems can now also have white wives. And there is another message being sent out, that white women can be raped and traumatized with little fear of serious consequences to the rapist.

As suggested by Michael Rowbotham in his book The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery, and Destructive Economics, we can create special money specifically for building infrastructure, such as the construction of a multi-lane lane high speed hiway linking Saskatoon to Calgary. Currently fines for speeding result in losses of hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands of dollars, and the penalties balloon higher with increased insurance rates and even loss of vehicles, and much of the fine money is lost to bureaucracy and to corporations that own the red light and radar cameras. Instead we could utilize the money collected from speeding towards the Saskatoon to Calgary hiway project and use it together with the special infrastructure debt-free money we create out of thin air specifically for this project. Or, simply stop fining people for speeding on the divided hiways and in passing lanes as these roads can accommodate the faster vehicles. There is no global warming, we should increase our use of fuels and build ourselves a more comfortable future.

Additional debt-free special money (see Rowbotham’s The Grip of Death) can be created in order to upgrade other hiways in Saskatchewan and Alberta. The City of Saskatoon could create some of this special money specifically for upgrading the north side of Circle Drive into a two-tiered hiway so that vehicles could maintain a 90 km/hour speed as they drive around the city. We can also turn Idylwyld Drive into a two tiered road, cars on the upper level would speed along at 90 km/hour. By upgrading Idylwyld Drive into a two tiered roadway, cars and small trucks heading from Regina to Edmonton could easily and quickly divert into downtown Saskatoon to one of our modern parking garages, if the vehicles are not electric, as electric vehicles are a fire hazard and they weigh too much. Other special-created-out-of-thin-air money can be issued for the construction of other large projects, such as overpasses and subways. Currently many drivers on Saskatchewan hiways travel 20 to 30 km/hour over the 100 km/hour speed limit, people want better hiways and faster speed limits without the worry of fines. Governments should be providing people with options in life rather than taking options away. People want to travel fast, we should build better hiways that allow people to travel fast. Michael Rowbotham’s book was censored from the libraries in Saskatoon and people are instead funding the construction of a new library that pushes homosexual, Catholic and Islamic agendas. We should be able to make debt-free money out of thin air as Michael Rowbotham suggests and transform our economic system, and I believe we can do this without persecuting Jews or any other group of people while doing so.

We should also be able to establish a new educational system that operates along side of the established educational system that forces children to sit confined to their desks for most of their day. I think that each child, as they enter into the first grade, be provided with aluminum extrusions of assorted shapes so they may learn how they can fit together and build stuff. Kids should be allowed to have their own secure lockers for their projects as kids can be real assholes and destroy other people and destroy their projects. Some kids need to be separated from the other kids, provide some alternative educational opportunities for the children that are interfering with other children. If I were the mayor of Saskatoon, I’d prevent any tax money from going to the conventional school system.

If I were mayor of Saskatoon, I would pay my employees in real money, which is gold and silver coins. The City of Saskatoon could strike its own gold coins to pay their employees. As mayor of The City of Saskatoon I’d give the average worker a 0.06 troy ounce (0.06 AGW), gold coin for eight hours work. This will reduce taxes to homeowners and to business owners considerably. Workers wanting more than a 0.06 Troy Ounce gold coin for a eight hour work day can seek out work elsewhere, they may go mine gold for themselves or work at alternative businesses, or create their own businesses. Free people are allowed to have guns, land, and are paid in gold and silver coins, back in the day when people were free Mexico made a 2.5 Peso (.0603 oz) gold coin from 1918-1948, and the coin was alloyed at 90% gold to 10% copper, it was alloyed in order to make the coin harder and more durable to survive circulation. We should have a small gold coin that is similar to that Mexican coin, but containing 0.06 ounces of gold instead, or less, it would be a savings of at least .0003 ounces of gold per coin, again saving money for the home and business owners by reducing taxes, perhaps. We’ll be rich. And the supposed poor among us would have small concrete homes in the country - they get their own concrete homes (and pay the city mortgage on the tiny house) and a garden, they can work towards gaining wealth with their gardens and taxpayers wouldn’t have to give money to landlords. People would not pay taxes for landlords to house the poor, and would obtain access to locally grown produce.

We may alloy the gold with either copper, nickel or silver or combinations thereof, to make the coins harder and more durable to the wear that results from the circulation of the coins. We should determine, using “science”, which particular alloy of gold we should be using in our coins. We can use “science” to determine which alloy works best. We can try using “science” from time to time, at city hall, if I were mayor.

The City of Saskatoon may strike coins containing the “alloys” of precious metals, we should make gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, and using “science” we will harden these coins by adding small amounts of either base or precious metals in a mixture or “alloy”. Whenever the city strikes and sells coins containing a majority of silver, platinum or palladium, the city should strive to always profit from the manufacturing and sale of these white coins and save money for the taxpayers. But when we manufacture gold coins it is because we require the coins to pay our workers in gold, so “they” may profit. For example we could use combinations of platinum, palladium and silver, and perhaps hardened with small amounts of copper or nickel or gold, and manufacture commemorative coins, which The City of Saskatoon would sell at a profit, to reduce taxes. I’m sure that a lot of guys and even gals would be more likely to invest in these silver, platinum and palladium alloyed commemorative coins if they depicted a woman showing off her breasts. It is certainly something to think about.

The City of Saskatoon could seek to manufacture alloys of precious metals (in order to obtain hardness and durability) without the addition of small percentages of copper or nickel added to the mix, but instead make the alloy using small amounts of alternative precious metals. Perhaps more city employees would opt to be paid with gold coins that were alloyed with small amounts of platinum, palladium or some other precious metal, as opposed to being paid in gold coins that were alloyed with copper or nickel instead.

The copper, nickel and chromium coins are all known or suspected carcinogens while the gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins are not. If the city is selling commemorative coinage, we would be on better ground by offering coins that are not toxic. Similarly if the city is paying workers their wages, we would be on better ground by paying our workers in gold coins, which is real money. Some workers will opt to be paid in commemorative silver, platinum and palladium coinage instead of the gold coin, the city will do the math and benefit on the short term with the exchange, allowing it to lower taxes, while the worker who chooses to be paid with the silver, platinum and palladium coins in place of a gold coin, may profit over time due to the rising market value of the silver, platinum and palladium. We can start by lowering taxes (stop paying compound interest on our bogus national debt) by paying a small gold coin (maybe 0.0404 Troy Ounces AGW, or perhaps 0.0357 Troy Ounces AGW) to most city employees for a day’s work, I propose that we call this gold coin a “Namur”, and we can even put the image of my cat Namur on one side. People will wonder why they are not being paid with gold coins containing 0.0603 or perhaps 0.0600 Troy ounces of gold instead, it would remain a mystery. When I am deceased or defeated, the following mayors may be free to decorate their coins with Mary, whichever pope, Charles, the Easter Bunny, an Egyptian obelisk, or perhaps even Santa Clause and a blinkin’ tree. People like blinkin’ trees, a coin depicting a blinkin’ evergreen tree may prove so very popular among the peasants, the city may rake in a fortune in coin sales and then cease collecting taxes from homeowners. Using metallurgy, “science” and tasteful art, we would strike coins and thereby reduce or even eliminate property taxes for the home and business owners, maybe even provide rebates. Everybody will be very happy and will break into dance and song. Using “science” we have determined that chromium, nickel and copper are all known or suspected carcinogens, so why circulate coins containing such toxins? Some people may rejoice when they are paid in a gold coin that is alloyed with silver instead of copper or nickel, others may rejoice that the gold coin has an image of my Siamese cat on it, others may rejoice in being paid with a gold coin that depicts a woman tastefully showing off her breasts. Our governments teach us that diversity is good, so I would think it would be equally good to have a variety of images on the coins the City of Saskatoon strikes.

Anticipate a new provincial government that will not pay rent for welfare recipients but will instead help the former renters become homeowners. Home ownership, even if the home is tiny, will go a long way to improve the lives of people. The tiny homes should have concrete floors, concrete walls and a flat concrete roof to lessen the build time and provide shelters of substance that cannot easily be destroyed. Provide tiny homes (approximately 200 square feet per adult, 100 square feet per child), eventually the new home owner may get their act together to upgrade the cheap windows and stove provided, add insulation and drywall or some other wall covering, expand the first floor or add a second story to the structure, make an outhouse, add solar panels or a windmill for electric lighting, or even dig a water well. Provide each new residence with a heavy steel door that cannot be easily kicked in. Rather than giving away tax money monthly to pay rent to a landlord, instead provide some building materials and kick-start home ownership. Place leans upon each property so that the houses may not be sold without the taxpayers recouping their investments. The City of Saskatoon should not wait for provincial nor federal government assistance with our homeless crisis, we should purchase a block of four or six sections of land several miles away from the city for the new small homes. The land can be fenced and shared with bison, the houses need to be concrete as the bison would rub against them on occasion. Some new homeowners would opt to live in bison-free areas - people should have options in life - governments should be providing options for people rather than taking options away. Governments removed building options from people and forced them to use construction techniques that result in rotting homes of limited life spans… it is likely better to live in a concrete home surrounded with bison than live in the basement of a rotting home surrounded by discarded needles while having your privacy and the sanctity of your home repeatedly violated by your landlord who refuses to give tenants the legally required 24-hour notice before barging into the premises. The concrete houses should be spaced adequately to allow for bison, moose, deer and coyotes to walk between, people who want to fence their gardens off from the deer, moose and bison should be allowed to do so but not in such a large amount to prevent the passage of animals, Perhaps allow people to fence off a maximum of 800 square feet for their personal garden space, and only if they use the space for vegetable or flower garden, otherwise leave the area unimpeded for animal traffic. The automobiles can be left at one of the parking lots at the outer edge of the sanctuary and people can walk to their concrete houses, some people will want their concrete house to be located close to one of the parking lots. Bringing automobiles into the housing/bison reserve would be sure to disrupt the bison and moose so the vehicles are best left in parking lots at one of the entrances. Smart automatic fences can be made that will confine the bison and horses while allowing the passage of moose, deer and antelope. The presence of bison or horses in an area would close the fences in that area to prevent their escape.

Restoring The American Republic:

“There are many people with the attitude of surrender, thinking their deaths will put them at the marriage supper of the Lamb. They seem to forget the people they’re allowing to be brutally murdered and raped by their inaction and submission to evil… in my opinion the followers of Jesus should be fighting evil, not succumbing to it. The oligarchy that runs our corporate government today has left us with no choice but to fight or die; they have imported drug cartels, Central American gangs, and Moslems by the hundreds of thousands into our communities, subsidized them with our tax dollars, and allow them uncontrolled access through our borders… From the lessons of the past it is clear that Islam must be opposed with ferocious brutality or they will conquer you with force and guile.” - Thomas Mick, Restoring the American Republic, April 29 2015

“Now I understand why the Militia of Northern Texas and other units are NOT opposing an invasion of the republic, they’re obeying the orders of the people facilitating the invasion! Americans have become so brainwashed and conditioned to be “law abiding” they don’t even think about the laws they’re being told to obey and the principles behind them. Like drones that have no ethics or morality, they blindly do as they’re told and obey orders… The organized Militias that are exercising inaction today are not cowards and traitors as I originally thought, but loyal officers of the oligarchy who are in position, like Islam, to put down our efforts to destroy the oligarchy and restore the American Republic.” - Thomas Mick, Restoring the American Republic, June 30 2015
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