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Nov 18, 2004, 1:19:52 AM11/18/04
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God hates bushite with everything we are - Death to the evil bushites, and liberty to US TRUE American Patriots

Nov 19, 2004, 6:01:39 PM11/19/04
Wizard War - Live recording broadcast
- The Mission Statement of Earth -


Wizard War - Live recording broadcast
- The Mission Statement of Earth -

2nd mirror



> Word of Advice
> A, one of a kind broadcast, for all our great Johnny Wizard fans.
> http://la.indymedia.org/news/2004/11/119355.php



/ / the way that the invading American troops [godless
as satanic bushite nazi thieves] were using Iraqi women
and children as human shields. \ \



/ / I saw people dead on the side of the road
in civilian clothes.'' He recalls how his trigger-happy
compatriots mowed down 30 civilians at a checkpoint on a
single day. \ \



/ / The doctors statement noted that US snipers killed
more than 17 Iraqidoctors who had rushed to respond to an
earlier appeal \ \


Word of Advice

A, one of a kind broadcast, for all our great Johnny Wizard fans.



The King Commands

/ / Rumsfeld replied to a direct question yesterday as
to whether he knew Zarqawi was in Fallujah with the
answer: ``I have no idea if he is there.'' \ \

So, America! there is your reason for dying America's
sons and daughters, Johnny's brothers and sisters. "No
idea" rumsfeld states while his private partners cash in
the blood checks for everything but the funeral
services. I ask sacrificing soldiers to help grant me
space to debate bush and rumsfeld on international
radio. We gotta take away Art Bell's turn off button to
thank him for all the enlightenment he has been a part
of in America, but that these life death top priority
issues of ours, he hasn't the right to censor
communication on. This is your World that I wish to
play servant of. As my subject; I promise a fight to
return Justice through freedom for all. How? By
believing in you to do as you should, demanding the
immediate arrest or execution of bush, rumsfeld, and
condi for the crimes of 9/11. Demanding the return of
all stolen Iraqi assets, made by those who personally
profited off the criminal transactions. Demand the
arrest or execution of Allawi for the bombing campaign
of Samara, along with bushite military commanders who
organized the satanic attack. Why would America do
this? To free the dying lives of their bushite nazi
whored, dying grunt savage slave population. .or
perhaps not...

/ / Joseph Bowman, a 20-year-old marine from Texas:
``We're ready to go. I'm just ready to get this done.
I want to go and kill people, so we can go home. Kill
them, and go home, that's all we can do now.'' \ \

Where is home for the Joseph Bowmans? A devolving
backward wasteland?, where brother kills brother for a
stolen nickel? Who would want to share the same home?,
street?, or community with such contempt for life and
liberty? God and Johnny? Who's home does bushite
Bowman SEE the joys of his humanity flourishing?, or
being destroyed as the true enemy? Is that the place
where the pursuit of freedom is done by sanctioning
first degree murder for no reason in particular? And is
that the bushite america we've all come to getting to
know of these last few days through corporate news
contempt for the loss of our life's love?, and God's
voice? It is all up to us, You included. In battle
against the evils of this world, we should start on
getting back to those that did US wrong on 9/11: bush,
rumsfeld, and condi., just for starters, while keeping a
careful watch on those that jump to their cause for
furthering tyranny.

A terrorist to target: Major Todd Desgrosseilliers

/ / US forces unleashed more than 20 air strikes and
some 60 artillery rounds on Monday, said Major Todd
Desgrosseilliers. [...] An AFP reporter in the Jolan
district said one building in every 10 had been
flattened. As US-led troops closed in on the
neighborhood overnight, at least four 900-kilogram bombs
were dropped in the city's northwest. \ \

What is it that the major is warring Falluja's defenders
for? Is it to thieve the assets of the war torn city
through the sacrifice of American boys and girls?, or is
it to set up a representative government that would
firstly stand demanding immediate reparations? The
return of all stolen assets? (referring to the satanic
bushite documents: the lawless 13303 and the, "THIEVING
bushite dying soldiers stole it, so" now, G.W. can sell
it privately to his no-national robber baron "Economy
Plan"sters.) Would not a free and liberated Iraq demand
a return of the "missing" or "lost" billions through the
humanitarian Iraqi Development Funds? The practice of
human rights law? Criminal investigations? World wide
Public arrests or executions of the rapists and
torturers, along with the war crime commanders?, who
mostly command from sunny Florida as pension thieves,
and the lucrative Halliburton billionaire war pressure
lobbyists?., For all together as represented, we instead
(they claim) advocate the mistreatment of US innocents
in Your name. Sacrificed? Why do you let them get away
with that? How about instead my friends, for Christ's
sake, we decide together to go after the criminals?
Allawi must pay with his remaining life for the needless
bombing of Samara that got many an American soldier
KILLED for nothing. Nothing. Died for nothing, but to
sacrifice more of America to the war crimer bushite, the
lawless demon anti-Christ's followers of evil
personified., the most popular Presidente' ever
all-act-dud. .!!.

Yeah yeah, bush and rumsfeld did 9/11, but did you know
the Pentagon has not so mysteriously misplaced near 3
trillion dollars?, that a couple few claim was forever
lost? Shucks? And did you know, it is the Treasury
Department that loaned the Federal Reserve American
currency to begin with, not the other way around, when
they in turn, lent it back to ourselves.., at private
interest. Whoms? Hmm... a quest for answers to the
name on the bill We Trust?

At the same time while we're all parting, we got like,
American soldiers indiscriminately murdering people.
That isn't an accusation I make against the nazi
bushite, they freely confess it. and for what purpose?
They say, "we'll kill more than them that they'll kill
of US"

Yeah but, why bomb ANYBODY? Why do you have to
sacrifice American soldier's lives for no greater good?
What benefit does it bring to the DYING bushite grunts
who are ordered to stick around and try to placate
hostilities with "good" intentions? as within the sites
of Humanity - as enemies to US all? Will the commanders
argue from sunny Florida, that yeah but, we killed more
of them, than them of US. And.. they are who?
ordering the commitment to indiscriminate murder? as
the bad guys?. The bushites bombed, the willing to
placate Samarra, to only get killed, more American
Marines. And for what but the few bucks wasted on the
ammo?.. to get killed more "uncounted" Marines
naturally., for the bushites are waging to make a real
killing on this American sacrifice. Look, we can sit
down with each arrested bushite individually, talk to
them about wether they are personally committed to
thieving further from America, all to die benefitting
the likes of an Enron, and those that thought they'd get
away from the crime scene of 9/11; before deciding
ultimately, wether the born again have any real hope
left. The bushites are enemies to God, Amnerica,
Johnny, and themselves truly dying US for. We can see
how easy the manipulation of the American soldier's mind
is, they have no ability to rationalize while speaking,
and as a consequence, have no understanding of their
bad-faith based satanic system. George W. Bush Jr.
threatens the grunt soldier to always fear what they
don't understand, like, the wisdom contained within the
American Constitution, or the dreaded, free to speak any
mind Internet. Terrified of growing up like real men do
to make their own decisions in this big world, the
bushite nurse instead on the teat of sadomasochism, as
bushwhore nazi dumfuk slaves. Dying brain dead limp as
noodles mushing. And why? All because Americans don't
want to trouble American Talk radio with our freedoms. I
again challenge Art Bell, Limbaugh and O'Really to a
three hour debate entitled, "Wizard's War of Words: A
Super Duper Special" all about their un-worthiness to
censor our screams for Justice.

Joy to the world, or more misery and suffering under the
demon anti-Christ, Our lawlessly evil Mr. bush Jr.? It
is up to you really. Where do you want to go? Up, or
down? You decide, but don't wait until forever never
coming; these times demand for the victim, some real
accountability. It is the power of our nature to being,
that demands a call to arms against the war crime
instigating, nine eleven perpetrators. Military
commanders who don't support the arrest or execution of
said individuals: bush, rumsfeld, and condi, are
traitors guilty of mutiny.

/ / because having photographers or reporters present
could have interfered with the count \ \

What we do now is accuse ES&S, along with Diebold of
falsifying the election, then when they're pressed to
prove "their" findings, they'll tell US, they can't, no
ballot trail. Their convictions on our accuracy is
misplaced. Pen and paper with ballots secured in locked
boxes that never leave public scrutiny is the answer.
Those who deny US that privilege, are enemies of freedom
and democracy, wether they know it or not.

What for you say?, up for a challenge?

Your, coming to town, lovable loyal American King,

Johnny Wizard



/ / But not until Friday did they begin to spill into
the more conventional news media. That's when the
Cincinnati Enquirer reported that officials in Warren
County, Ohio, had "elocked down" its administration
building to prevent anybody from observing the vote
count there.

Suspicious enough on the face of it, the decision got
more dubious still when County Commissioners confirmed
that they were acting on the advice of their Emergency
Services Director, Frank Young. Mr. Young had
explained that he had been advised by the federal
government to implement the measures for the sake of
Homeland Security. \ \

MSNBC Covers Voting Problems

/ / He said that there were 90,000 more votes cast in
Ohio than registered voters

He said that all the irregularities in Florida and Ohio
have happened in counties using non-paper-trail e-voting
from the companies run by Bush's friends. \ \


/ / Meanwhile, the U.S. continued its targeting of
medical facilities in the city. A makeshift clinic that
is serving as the main first-aid facility was bombed
this morning after U.S. and Iraqi forces took over
Fallujah General Hospital early Monday. \ \


Praise Jesus! I killed ten lawless bushite disciples of
the demon anti-Christ today, and I'm just getting
started.. Praise Jesus!

/ / Here is a city, surrounded and cut off, whose male
population between the ages of 15 and 50 faces being
``put to the sword'' by the US military, and no one in
the media can stir himself to raise an objection. \ \

We all can only hope and pray all US Godly innocent
people will wake up, and starta' hunting bushite to the
ends of this Earth. There is no pleasure greater, than
destroying fascist nazi bushite grunts, to save the
lives of the innocent they target for pillage and
murder. Enemies of America are the cowardly and
soulless disciples of the demon tyrant anti-Christ, Our
evil Mr. bush Jr.. Disciples of evil who war God as
our enemies in attempt to escape bush, condi, and
rumsfeld for the crimes of nine eleven. No dice, for
Johnny's now, truly coming around like some kinda godly
American Man of Virtues most can not even begin to
understand. Don't be afraid my brothers and sisters,
unless of course you're a bushite, for as a Christ
Crusader I'll kill you myself, before allowing you to
murder another innocent soul in My name. "Death to the
bushite instead of our good friends and family", is our
King's reply. Bushite commanders responsible for
ordering the irrational bombing campaigns in Iraq, (to
steal profit for rumsfeld's partners, while sacrificing
weak and stupid American teens in the process,) such as
in Samarra and Falluja, I am now offering a ten million
dollar bounty on, per. If your organization bags three
or more, before December 25th, there will be an extra
something under the Christmas tree this year.

Do you Love me now as the Son of Man you'll
ever know?

King Johnny Wizard


(to steal profit for rumsfeld's partners, while
sacrificing weak and stupid American teens in the

See? Evil bushite kill "other" bushite to steal our
freedoms and money, and US true freedom fighters would
kill'em too to defend our innocent families. Like I
said, un-principled nazi facist savages is the
un-American enemy bushite without contention but for
lifeless corporate censorship on our core values.
Demand our voices be heard, or die not trying to do any
greater. I'm serious this time.

God bless America - Now, let's arrest or kill US some
enemy bushite, what do you say People?


/ / Yet the American establishment has not seen fit to
allow anyone who opposes the Iraq war to make his or her
case in front of the media. There is no equal time
here--in fact, no time at all. This alone belies the
claim that the conflict in Iraq has something to do with
``democracy.'' \ \


/ / "I have no other choice but to resort to extreme
measures to protect the Iraqi people from these killers
and to liberate residents of Fallujah so they can return
to their homes." \ \

American Patriot Warriors, kill Allawi as our number
one, Iraqi People killer. Thanks in advance my friend.

> The Satanic Christians of the USA
> http://english.pravda.ru/mailbox/22/101/399/14550_Christians.html
> Between a cult of Satanic devil-worshippers and a group of Christians,
> which of the two would condone an act of mass murder, torture, rape,
> destruction of homes, wanton vandalism and acts of terrorism?

The biggest most best Johnny Wizard international broadcast ever!
Don't wait! Get your own copy today! While supplies last...



In Fallujah, U.S. Declares War on Hospitals, Ambulances


Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes Than Voters



Did Kerry Concede Too Soon?


/ / Why did a voting machine in Republican Gahanna, Ohio report 4,258
votes for George W. Bush when only 638 people cast votes at the New
Life Church polling site? \ \



/ / In Ohio alone, Republicans have hired 3,600 party
operatives, to be paid $100 each. [...]

The bottom of the form contains the following warning in
bold type: "Whoever commits election falsification is
guilty of a felony of the fifth degree." \ \

"felony of the fifth degree"

What is that?, somewhere below a misdemeanor? I suggest
a minimum of 5 - 25, depending on the seriousness of the
infraction, and only in the cases where it is PROVED
that the accused is actually guilty, (like in a public
court of law and stuff), NOW, WHO'S GOING TO DISAGREE
WITH THAT? Who but an un-American nazi fascist enemy of
freedom RIGHT?


Or, is it another of those, why bother-who cares?-fifth
degree felony things?


/ / Despite this, the Bush administration denies any
responsibility for the missing explosives. \ \

Nor for sabotaging the ORHA for franks and rumsfeld to
rob the pro-Iraqi central bank. It's just more American
deaths as dumfuk sacrifices for the evil anti-Christ,
like bush and rumsfeld committed as stolen from America
on 9/11. Who cares about America Limbaugh would quietly
trumpet, he's making a killing like Art Bell and
O'Reilly do, keeping US masses PORTRAYED uninformed and
ignorant beyond belief. Did you hear? Mr. bush is the
most popular President ever ellected!


/ / Not one "chicken hawk" or a clique of shirkers, but an
entire platoon of seventeen soldiers decided to face arrest
rather than die needlessly because THE MAN doesn't support
our troops. \ \

/ / stupid people prefer President George W Bush over
Senator John Kerry by a 4-to-1 margin \ \


Getting Started


/ / ..a call for immediate inquiry into
evidence that suggests high-level government officials
may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks
to occur. \ \

I would suggest all living American medias to join the
911 Truth Statement, then, if we did that, America might
settle her own affairs, and I could then just center on
my upcoming "Wizard's World Wide Wonder Tour" plans
currently in the finishing stages. This great World is
yours, treat yourself well. A National radio program is
just waiting for your call on what you know now about

/ / So, at the time of the invasion, the Iraqi
government had already disclosed and disarmed, and was
thereby in compliance with the major provisions of UN
Security Council resolution 1441, to which Bush refers
in this quote. Diplomacy had, in fact, worked. \ \

Demon bush spew "Saddam Hussein would still be in power,
he would control all those weapons and explosives, and
could share them with our terrorist enemies."

Yet, it was rummy and tommy franks who TREASONOUSLY
threw out the State Department's semi-thought through
ORHA plan of, securing the weapon sites and preventing
anarchy, and, it was the IAEA that had tabs on the
weapons before the bush demon kicked them out
irrationally. Done so to instigate looting and the
deaths of American soldiers, all so to allow traitor
franks and company to rob the public bank of uncounted
billions, along with the museum. See? bushite would
truly get the dumfuk cowardly bushite killed for a
stolen dollar, and US real men would kill bushite too,
as so would this eternal Universe, done so to protect
our loving innocent families. Being a bushite disciple
of the evil anti-Christ, is something all wish hardship
and death for instead of the innocent they,
un-apologetically, as enemies of God, openly target for
rape, pillage, and murder. Johnny Wizard pays ten cents
for every bushite tagged and bagged, ten cents. And, an
even share of at least 3 billion to those who kill the
bushite commanders responsible for the criminal bombing
of Samara. Hint: You kill the individuals who ordered
the bombing MURDER campaigns of Samara, then stand up
proud to our media as a real American soldier should or
would, and say yeah, I killed the nazi bushite traitors
as a true Patriot Warrior to protect my fellow brothers
and sisters. (Optional close: "All hail Johnny!) Do
that, and I promise you'll get what coming to you: all
the riches this world of God's can afford., But don't,
as bushite nazi soldier grunt, and likely die sacrificed
as a coward and a traitor to the Human cause of liberty
and Justice for US all. WARRING military corporate
commanders that don't support the arrest of those
responsible for 9/11, or the return of all stolen assets
taken through the neo-con's war crime actions, we should
all just frag for America.., what do you say Patriot(s)?

/ / Marine Colonel Michael Schupp dismissed the
sputtering dialogue as a sham. "The negotiations are a
ruse. They are just stalling for time," he told
reporters near Falluja. \ \

What negotiations? Allawi has repeatedly informed
American soldiers he has no evidence whatsoever,
establishing his therefor, FALSE allegations. Mr.
bremer's Zarqawi moves freely throughout Iraq, including
the green zone. Question: When all those children were
targeted for murder, by what was reported at the scene
with remote controls in one truck and under the street,
why would Zarqari take credit for it even if he was
truly responsible? And so on..? I think Michael Schupp
is a fuk up dumfuk, who thieves from America for bush,
and who clearly doesn't have the intellect to command
anyone but himself to his own rightly death. Why would
Zarqawi target children, when bushite nazi grunts are
all so close by coming and going?, for days at least
constructing stuff?, that rumsfeld broke?, then over
billed to fix for even further takings? Remember
several un-arrested bushite NAZI commanders openly
confesses to AMERICA in having no public objections
about murdering the innocent, without even having a
military objective established in some cases, but only
for to sacrifice another soulless bushite grunt/slave,
all so to enrich the comfy neo-con war mongers left back
home in our luxuries., Luxuries from where America's
very own grand parents are left un-treated as the still

What do You think People? Needlessly murder thousands
upon thousands irrationally making no sense, or, return
stolen Iraqi assets while arresting American enemy Iraqi
People killer Allawi, along with maybe Michael Schupp
while we're at it? For, who cares about what is right,
just, or true is this dying world of Yours?, er.. I
mean bush's. You remember, Saddam wouldn't let the
inspectors in, and that was why bush took a serious look
at this real world situation and decided unilaterally,
what the hell, he'd start a war against our Humanity
left "undefended" as an enemy to everyone. (Satan's
wager, that if i Remember correctly, Christ/God
refuses(d).) Evil is Our Mr. Bush Jr.. Thank Johnny we
had the time to intervene finally, now eh? Spooky is
not the word, but baby, we sure could be on the winning
side of this evolution by revelations thing. We are it
together, bound for freedom through the practice of
Justice, or bound to tyranny through acts of ignorance,
ignorance propped by fascist censorship regarding our
news content., Censorship of our human cause for

It is up to You brothers and sisters to demand evidence
a requirement to convince ourselves on who shall be
deemed the free person, or be sentenced to jail without
trial somewhere. Tyranny through criminal dictatorship,
or democracy expressing the true will of us people? It
is all up to you.

"the Trial and Conviction of Our Mr. bush Jr."


/ / Wednesday on the campaign trail, responding for the
first time to the Al-Qaqaa story, President Bush said
that John Kerry, in using the story as he has, was
``denigrating the actions of our troops and commanders
in the field.'' \ \

It was the actions of rummy and franks, not the
mindlessly obeying war crime instigators as iliterately
truly stupidly dying bushite dumfuk nazi grunt teen


/ / How many more thousands will have to die before God
will tell Mr. Bush to get out of Iraq? \ \


/ / Eighty percent of Bush supporters believe Bush wants
to participate in the treaty banning landmines. \ \


No Retreat, No Surrender
by Bruce Springsteen

/ / That's why "united we stand" -- that's why "one
nation indivisible" -- aren't just slogans, but they
need to remain guiding principles of our public policy. \ \


/ / "It is also important to note that this was the main
high explosives storage facility in Iraq, and it was
well-known through IAEA reports to the Security
Council," Fleming said. \ \


/ / AMY GOODMAN: So again, this top news, as many as
58,000 absentee ballots have gone missing in Broward
County, \ \

/ / Broward county commissioners had purchased the
touch-screen machines from ES&S over the objection of
Elections Supervisor Miriam Oliphant; notably, one
commissioner's campaign treasurer was an ES&S lobbyist.
Governor Bush responded to the Broward fiasco by firing
Oliphant, an African-American, for "misfeasance." \ \

/ / Garner's 90-days-to-democracy pledge ran into a hard
object: The Economy Plan's 'Annex D.' \ \


Oh my God!!! - Johnny Wizard talks to America nationally broacasted!


Oh my God!!!

Get your own copy! Wow!


/ / Pentagon officials said a facility housing 380 tons
of (now missing) explosives "was not high on U.S.
commanders' list of sites to guard." What was high on
that list? Spokesman Scott McClellan said we had to
"make sure that the oil fields were secure." \ \

/ / 'Those ammo dumps have been looted and raided, and
kids and our young American forces are being shot at
from weapons stolen from the ammo dumps that this
president didn't think were important enough to guard,' \ \

Who cares?

/ / Roughly half of the $5 billion in reconstruction
funds distributed by the U.S.-managed Development Fund
for Iraq cannot be accounted for, according to an audit
commissioned by the United Nations. \ \


/ / A highly detailed program, begun years before the
tanks rolled, for imposing a new regime of low taxes on
big business, and quick sales of Iraq's banks and
bridges-in fact, "ALL state enterprises"-to foreign
operators. \ \

Big deal. To the war mongering mass murdering thieves
go the stolen spoils., as the bushite's devolving
american new century would say.

/ / The American public is told that this butchery is
part of keeping up pressure in the war on terror. All
these terrorist brides and grooms and terrorist kids
rushing round in party clothes ; all the terrorist
musicians and the terrorist wedding guests, by God, they
have to pay for 9/11 because (as millions of Americans
still believe), the Iraqis were responsible for 9/11. \ \

50 percent of Americans polled support bush, and the
vast majority of those believe Saddam Hussein was behind
the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and that freedom by
justice through understanding is too complicated and
wordy, ...yeah. and so corproate news control is lying
to US all, cheating everyone, including You, who cares?

Americans murdered on 9/11, and those responsible are
let to go on their way. Yeah, and so what?, for
Americans are absent any real Patriot warriors willing
to protect their now officially perverted Amerkan flag.
Look at the nazi grunt soldier's uniform, and you'll
see. All bushite nazi grunts, who fight cowardly with
rapists, torturers, and South African apartheid death
squad goons, wear a flag reversed from the original
design. The bushite attack the weak, innocent, and
practically defenseless as betrayers to God, freedom
and the human cause. Yeah, and so what?

/ / The administration not only doesn't admit mistakes,
but also doesn't believe in accountability. \ \

But for the sacrifice of dumfuk bushite nazi grunts.
Leaderless degenerates that any real human would destroy
to protect their innocent families. Innocent families
the bushite bombers commanding from Florida murder for
no good reason but get more soulless bushite teens
rightly killed, all done so to put more stolen money in
the pockets of their ungodly satanic cult. Solution:
hunt to kill those left un-arrested who willfully,
criminally, ordered the needless bombing of Samara to
get killed the bushite grunts for the further thievings
of the bush backer traitors who bask in your stolen

Support calls for open dialog.


REGULAR_ARMY <r...@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> More of the same garbage! Your comments don't even make coherent sense!
Read up on the "ORHA", from the leading newspapers of our time,
then make up your own mind, on who is paying instead for franks'
"unsolved" crime(s).


100 Facts and 1 Opinion
The Non-Arguable Case Against the Bush Administration

/ / 67. The Bush Administration blocked a proposal
to ban the use of arsenic-treated lumber in playground
equipment, even though it conceded it posed a danger to
children. \ \


An open letter to the news media of America by the webmaster of


/ / And that is why I don't believe the headline that
voters are split evenly between Bush and Kerry.
It is just too fantastic. \ \


The End of Evil?

Hey! Art Bell! I recorded our conversation
yesterday!!! Now, many people may not know, but Art
Bell purposefully with malicious intent, lies to America
when he states, he doesn't censor America's voices for
Freedom. The first of THREE calls I made to Art Bell
yesterday within his first break, was on the topic of
polls. He asked myself between the first break, - off
air -, what was it that I wished to talk about? I told
him, I recently discovered that the opinion polls done
in America by CNN are tabulated by firstly insuring half
polled are known bush supporters, and half are known
Kerry supporters. But by doing so in such fashion, 99.9
percent of America could be unapproving of Kerry's
politics, but Americans who trust the media's
intelligence would never know of it. He abruptly hung
up on me. I called back. Recorded. (My fricken modem
program didn't start immediately so I had to stall.) I
said something like "Yeah, it's me again Art, I don't
know weather you hanged up on me, but I just spoke to
five seconds ago about that poll idea, what do you


Art Bell "You'll have to find another phone line"

[He didn't explain why the West of the Rockies line was
not in service [of which he ended using twice publicly
in the following call-in segment]]

Johnny "Okay.. what did you think of the poll idea
though?, did you think it'll work?"

Art Bell " YEAH, YEAH, COOL".


So, first he thinks the idea is cool, and one minute
later, it isn't as forbidden knowledge. He cycled
through his other lines twice, before the hour was over.
[Excluding the international line that I waited on hold
for until the hour was up, where he then came on my line
briefly while speaking to some girl I guess, then
disconnected the call entirely] I have had this same
repeating experience with most American talk radio
hosts, along with Art Bell, when it comes to the open
free discussions of Halliburton, Iraq, Afghanistan, bush
in general, or the science of depleted uranium. (In
fact Hannity's censor actually told me to "fuck off"
when I tried to get on to discuss the risks of American
lives due to the oxidized micro-scopic radio-active
particles floating as light as the wind in Iraq
presently. And multi-millionaire Limbaugh's bitch..,
ah.. forget it.) Anyway, seriously, I've been troubled
more so than ever as of late. I can't for the life of
me, understand why You don't help generate more support
for my liberating Cause. Why the average literate
American can't find my cause worth while to help gain me
OUR media exposure I'll never know. All I ask for is an
open free exchange of ideas, principled in the rights to
be truly free, but alas, I get little feed back seeking
for U.S. Patriots out here. It only takes You.
Honestly my friend, only You., You alone can help turn
this tide in our favor, but, I can't make you will
something you don't want to do. (Standing on your own
as a honorable man prepared to fight for liberty or die
trying is a rare trait indeed.) I attribute my lack of
support to mainly the bigoted chauvinistic culture that
corporate media bills for America, but I fear I may
perchance be mostly kidding myself, and that it is
perhaps even more dire for God's blind love in America
than I first realized. I hope that by You hearing what
Art Bell does behind Your scenes will help you better
recognize what the evil bushite enemies of our America
are truly doing to your dying world. [need not worry oh
Great, Rich and Powerful CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS and CBC
Execs, I've saved those discussions we've had privately
in a safe secure location.] The bushites want to censor
your mind for the bounty's of evil bushite tyranny,
while I wish to be completely free to speak our minds
without fear, and to be gods if you wish with all sorts
of make believe powers. For real. (God is so amazingly
under-rated!!!) Example: If I had Art Bell on our air,
and he couldn't hang up on the discussion, I would ask,
"How is it that you bushites think bin Laden played any
part in 9/11?".. and so on. While the bushite
corporate media CENSORS say bin Laden did everything,
because as faithful George W. bush disciples, slaves,
they don't get to form their own substantiated
conclusions, nor rely on a true Justice to secure
freedom for US as the individual. We are all affected
by suggestion, so believing Laden did everything isn't
necessarily a sin, it's just really kinda stupid when
you spend time to talk about it openly. And, truthfully,
like all people, I except I'm a total idiot
occasionally. Read "Johnny's Last Stand" for
more details on my strengths and weaknesses.

a dream come true, depending on your views,

Pleased for thanks and listening,
over and out willco,

Johnny Wizard


Treason this is.

/ / The 46-page report argued that Pentagon assertions
of a link between al Qaeda and Iraq's President Saddam
Hussein were not supported by intelligence reports on
which they were purportedly based. \ \

Treason this is.


/ / As for who in Iraq warrants comparison with the
political leadership of Nazi Germany and its policies of
reprisal and collective punishment in occupied Europe,
it is the American ruling elite, not the resistance
fighters of Fallujah. \ \

/ / In the ultimate Orwellian twist, they were turned
into "unpersons"; even their names were withheld from
the media. Any president who endorses such atrocities,
as Bush has repeatedly done in speeches, is against
everything that America purports to stands for. \ \

/ / If this is the way the majority feels, then
suppressing the realities of Iraq serves only to deprive
the American public of the real facts enabling our
government to ignore the will of the people. This is
not conducive to a truly safe, secure and free society. \ \

> 109 Italian Soldiers Dead So Far From DU In Iraq
> <<http://rense.com/general58/frff.htm>>
> / / denying the significance of such data is purely
> acting out of ill faith, and the truth is that our
> soldiers are dying out there due to a lack of adequate
> protection against depleted uranium". \ \

The Last Straw - Carl Worden Makes His Vote Official

/ / What I do know is that any party that would find
the words, "Protect Our Civil Liberties" offensive or
even threatening, is a party I won't belong to anymore. \ \


For What Other Hope?

/ / The military insisted it hit targets linked to
Al-Qaeda operative Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, Iraq's most
wanted man, who has claimed responsibility for a series
of car-bombings and hostage-takings in the country. \ \

All true American soldiers must stand against this "the
military" person, and kill it. Allawi, has already put
forward that he doesn't have, nor has he seen one shred
of information linking Zarqawi to his false, untrue,
wrong accusations regarding an entire city he leaves us
unconvinced for blame by bombing. It seems I will now
be taking command of the entire American Military for
this one time defensive operation. Insist evidence be
made forthright, and kill these anonymous un-arrested
"the military" person(s) along with anti-Iraqi Allawi.
Then, we hunt down and arrest or kill those responsible
for ordering the needless bombing of the Samara
citizenry. See?, the ungodly and tyrannical bombing of
the good people of Samara, brought about now approaching
more than one worth acknowledging DESERVED deaths of the
ungodly bushite teens, the bushite teens who didn't need
to die thoughtlessly for the bushmob. Think: Any real
man would kill an enemy bushite to save the lives of the
innocent they admittingly target for plunder to please
the neo-con God haters. The bushite soldiers that are
now commanded to die sacrificed in Samara, will die
directly from the instigated criminal bombing assault
against our good friends, the Iraqis, bombed
irrationally by the ungodly, unwise, and seriously
un-American evil anti-Christ disiples, John Batiste, and
the self confessed Iraqi People killer, Allawi. Allawi
blames a city, Johnny blames Allawi. Kill un-arrested
Allawi, and we'll save some GI's lives in the process of
winning this battle against the dark evil forces of
blind and stupid tyranny.

I, a man of many masks, beg again asking you to help me
gain our talk radio access. America truly needs you,
and so do I. Art Bell forbids America to hear our calls
for Justice. The bushite fraudsters fear of me is that
I actually understand regressive tax policy, and the
judicial principles enshrined indivisibly within the
holy American Constitution. Knowledge need not be
feared, for we are all fools when it comes right down to
understanding what we're talking about here. Don't let
these fears of true freedom only granted through Just
means, sway you into not believing I can bring about a
better day for all concerned. Sure, I'm one of those,
he thinks he knows so much guys, but that's only because
I do as a for real living miracle. Modestly I'll tell
you, I am of creation's briliant Realization as live in
for the time being creator, a god no less, a god, out on
his own for the greater good of all. However, easily,
I'll also tell you, this evidence requirement to
convince ourselves of something, has been around
forever, and it's the simplest of matters in confronting
the irrational bushite if only we have the rights to be
freely heard. Any public debate with a corporate
neo-con bushite nazi whore is all I seek for. I
publicly challenge Art Bell, along with Limbaugh and
O'Reilly to a 3 hour - commercial free - international
radio broadcast entitled, "Wizard's War of Words: A
Super Duper Special". An open public forum for
discussing the bushite's un-worthiness to censor our
calls for demanding some accountability. Torturing or
raping people is outlawed. Those who disobey, we
arrest, or hunt down and kill. And the perpetrators of
9/11 need to be all tracked down, arrested, tried, and
founded as the guilty until we're done with it
completely. No bushite is going to fuck with God's
America like they did on 9/11 and chance get away with
it, for that would be greatly unwise on their part to
believe we are all helplessly foolish forever without
any leadership skills present and still counting.

Believe in yourself, for what other hope do I have?

Johnny Wizard



/ / a meagre $2 million has gone to healthcare,
$19 million to water projects and sanitation and $300
million to rebuilding of the electrical system. \ \


Do We See A Pattern Here?



/ / It is unconstitutional and illegal because the
president violated the Separation of Powers provisions
of the Constitution by deliberately lying to the
Congress by falsely assuring them that Bush had evidence
of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq, and that
Iraq was involved in plotting and carrying out the 9/11
terrorist attacks on the World Trade center \ \


These following bushite terrorists kidnapping Americans,
look the most so far like the likely secret Zarqawi
gang, no? Maybe, someone should ask bremer if he has
ever had words with the bushite group, "Custer Battles"?

/ / When Isakson objected to the scams, two unnamed "top
company officials" burst into his office with machine
guns, held him and his 13-year-old son at gunpoint for
hours, then stripped Isakson of his ID, money and gun
and told them to find their own way out of Iraq, the LA
Times reports. Father and son finally made their way
through the hellhole of Fallujah to safety in Jordan. \ \


/ / "This nation's voting system is a total sham, " says
Landes. "In the upcoming election, a couple of
corporations (ES&S and Diebold) with strong ties to the
Republican Party will count 80% of the vote in virtual
secrecy. Democratic candidates should be in federal
court now protesting this insanity. It might be too
late after the election. \ \


Who is Hamad Hamoud?

/ / It turns out that the ``major victory'' over the
Iraqi resistance consisted of American forces blasting
away indiscriminately in Samarra's city center, killing
innocent men, women and children, damaging property and
buildings-including a mosque and a kindergarten-and
further enraging the local population.

The Samarra incident in its various aspects-the battle
itself, the military's claims, the media's role-is a
microcosm of the US occupation of Iraq. \ \

Exactly. Prior to this most recent war crime against
Samarra, there had been dialog to allow bushite thieving
troops in without dropping bombs indiscriminately to
murder our friends, (and then to get killed the evil
bushite in rightly retaliation). Those who ordered the
NEEDLESS bombing campaign (who I advocate the open
public execution of) didn't like that prospect of saving
GI lives to lose money for the bush junta though, and,
Zarqawi, my god, going on about how he wasn't interested
in freeing the Iraqi people from tyranny didn't help the
bushite anti-Christ cause much neither, especially with
Bigley still hanging on alive. (Oh yeah, killing Bigley
sure suited the women haters bush and blair just there
eh?) Killing un-arrested bushite, (who fight for rapists
and torturers who thieve from America, while attempting
to censor our voices calling for real Justice,) is the
best anyone can do fighting for true freedom. Kill an
irrational censoring fascist bushite, and you've saved
the potential lives of millions of innocent American
people. Innocent people the bushite nazi soldier freely
confesses to targeting to profit the corporate bushmob
back home who continues to rob from the nation because
of it.

Witness this pro-bushite Knight Ridder article, of
which, if I were "officially" recognized, would demand
swift and immediate public accountability.

/ / Some noted that while tribal leaders in Samarra
sought government assistance to rid the city of
insurgents, leaders in places such as Fallujah have been
more supportive of the guerrillas. \ \

Some noted? Who? The head of Sammara's political
affiliations, comprised of more the 100 separate
poltical groups, in Samarra, asked that no killing of
innocent women and children was needed, for, the
"pro-Iraqi forces" would be allowed to come in if they
obeyed themselves. (Like as if any Samarrian would ask
for help by attacking residential communities blindly as
the evil bushite almost always without exception do.)
But no, they go in recklessly bombing, raping and
pillaging, shooting innocent women, men and children,
then tell 1200 or so soldiers to sit in the middle, and
stay put, indefinitely, and Knight Ridder tells US all
how john batiste, a Frenchman, made such a successful go
at it. Is john batiste going to sit with the loyal
troops in the carnage he ordered, and bite the bullets
for the team? Hell no, he's probably commanding from
Florida, basking in the sun with his personal cut of
that two billion with buford blount's two timing nazi
whore of a wife.

Hmmm funny..

snpd [forgivness only comes if one truly understands
enough to ask.]

/ / The U.S. troops made only limited use of aerial
bombardment and artillery, Batiste said. That limited
civilian casualties and damage to city buildings. \ \

An admission that the thieving bushite dumfuks target
for murder us innocent people, and have so far figured,
that by not committing as many "precision strikes" with
guess work or anonymous tips, they wont anger so many?..
I think they may be a little late for that considering
when they arrived, (like they did every time), they
needlessly still murdered unarmed, innocent, defenseless
whomevers for whatever. Remember: there was no need to
bomb or shoot any innocent people, for the terms
negotiated with Allawi were to enter AS THIEVES without
any bombing needed. Will john batiste tell us the
lawless rapists, torturers, and apartide death squad
goons he fights our Humanity with, bombed less Iraqis in
hopes to anger less Iraqis?, and if so, why not give up
on the bombing innocent pro-Iraqi part all together?,
then also the raping, torturing, and pillaging part by
tracking down the actual criminals while we're at it?
John? No, can't do that, for those who ordered the
needless bombing runs over Samarra would be tried
publicly, then shot dead by surviving Patriot American
Warriors, and that demon traitor, Our Mr. bush Jr.
with rummy, would meet the same fate for the crimes of
9/11 back in New York City. And of course, the Iraqis
would get back everything that was stolen from them with
massive interest paid for by those personally

The bushite bombing commanders figure, lie to the entire
first division about the true threat levels, their weak
minded dumfuks anyway, they can't stand up proudly for
their commitment to real freedom and democracy, instead
they'll fall rightly dead and nobody'll hear to care
anyway. Mr. bremer's double crosser "Zarqari" will
get'em if need be, again. Could be. I watched "Who
wants to be a Millionaire", a TV program in America, and
the contestant was a Mr. Sheriff (who had just given up
religion and joined the Israeli faith to continually
thief), he was in the first Gulf War, and now, his own
flesh and blood brother was serving for the bushite
neo-cons to rob even more from America through Iraq in
this second blast. The entire audience questioned
uncomfortably his answer that he had no idea who cheney
is. I kid you not. You can be sure that episode won't
be running in syndication. As a dumfuk bushite nazi
grunt, dying of radio-active contamination, does he have
any real care for his likely now dying too or already
dead as forsaken brother? I doubt it. Godless nazi
bushite are as stupid as they are evil disciples of the
demon anti-Christ: the most hated and reprehensible
illiterate savages as so well documented in the lights
of Man. Ten cents for every bushite bagged and tagged,
ten cents. Twenty billion if you can magically teach
them real quickly, to understand honor, virtue, heroism,
and the meanings of the American Constitution.

/ / If their political goal is to have all the major
cities full of people that really, really hate the
Americans, then is this really a victory?" Cole said. \ \

Well of course! As parasites led by the wims of a,
behind the scene bombing campainer, the bushites die
cowardly for the billioniare bushmob to profit robbing
from the folks back home left un-defended.

/ / Some Samarra residents and a major organization of
Sunni clerics have condemned the attack, and even the
province's governor, who appeared with Batiste at a news
conference Wednesday, said he was shocked and surprised
by the operation. \ \

See how the writer(s) of this news wire claim that those
who didn't support such lawlessness are only some?
You'd figure, since the news piece repeatedly refers to
the wanting of such barbaric attacks, it would at least
site one legitimate quote.. instead it pulled this...

/ / "We didn't have any intention to take war actions.
We were always hoping for peace," said Hamad Hamoud,
governor of Salahuddin province. The insurgents, he
said, ultimately left the Iraqi government no
alternative. \ \

Governor of Salahuddin province, who hasn't been quoted
for anything in the world, except for this that he
wasn't. And besides, from what I understand, Salahuddin
are provinces, not a province. Or perhaps Knight Ridder
is referring to the governor of Salahuddin, a teensy
tiny ghost town in Kurdistan? Regardless, this Hamad
Hamoud must be a huge nobody then, and the best the
bushites could get to float their patently false story
line that leads to the untimely death for Americans.
Sacrificed for the anti-Christ. But, I digress.

Listen: Is a man who would kill an un-arrested bushite
rapist, or kill an apartheid death squad racist who
murders only black people because their darker skinned,
or who joyously kills a bushite sniper, (a sniper that
freely confesses to shooting innocent women, men, and
children,) classified as an "insurgent" by the uniformed
enemy anti-Iraqi forces I ask? Art Bell, the nazi
censor, and his propagandizing bushmob ilk, is America's
true enemy. Free speech must be spoken for, for the
bushites of Talk Radio america, don't want dying America
to think as a free America to speak on the top
priorities of Your true survival. Use it, or lose it.

Johnny Wizard


/ / He described meeting an old man who was forced to
watch his sons being tortured until he signed a
confession admitting links to Osama bin Laden. "Tears
were streaming down his face. I have no doubt they had
as much connection with bin Laden as I do." \ \


/ / Yet when Sen. John Edwards led CNN's debate poll
Tuesday night, the Time Warner network abruptly yanked
it from their front, only to replace it 13 hours later
with a blank poll. Edwards had been leading in the first
poll 78-18.

Some 200,000 previous responses to the poll were deleted
when the new poll was posted. \ \

The corporate news polls are a crock. Look at the
literate world of Internet content. 99.9% hate the
evil bushite lies that sacrifice American lives to profit
the criminal bushmob fraudsters. As I've told many, CNN
and CBC execs know bush and rummy committed 9/11. Why?
Becasue I've told them so, if they would seek to ask
for only the facts to decide for ourselves.

General Ahmad funded Atta.


/ / "I don't want to die. I don't deserve it. And
neither do the women deserve to be in prison in Iraq.
Release the female prisoners that are held in Iraqi
prisons. Please help them. \ \

/ / Iraq's justice minister announced Tuesday night that
Rihab Taha, the female scientist known as "Dr. Germ,"
would be released from prison. \ \

/ / But then the U.S. Embassy said Taha and Huda
Ammash, known as Mrs. Anthrax, would remain in U.S.
custody for the foreseeable future. \ \

/ / Straw added: "At no stage did they abandon their
demands relating to the release of women prisoners, even
though they were fully aware there are no women
prisoners in our custody in Iraq." \ \

/ / ..one air strike had killed eight people at the
home of Hamad Hdaib Mohammedi, who was known for
his opposition to the militants. \ \



/ / Early reports said a U.S. convoy was passing by the
celebration when the attack occurred. The U.S. military
said later that American soldiers were taking part in
the celebration but that no convoy was passing through
the area. \ \

Yeah?.. but what about the comments made by the bushite
child killer phil smith? Maybe he'll tell us again why
innocent children were targeted for murder to get
rightly killed loyal enemy bushite nazi brethren? Since
phil smith isn't cogent as the godless, what can he know
of his true meaning? What is phil smith's America where
innocent children are murdered for his contempt of the
America we remember? Is it honorable service where the
leadership of the US military feels it is right to lie
to fellow troops about what they are dying for as
"THIEVES for bush"? Is it the conduct of a honorable
creed to steal from US honest hard workers?, to
indiscriminately bomb civilians with guess work and
secret paid informants while calling themselves
dis-honorably in Your name pro-Iraqi? They are not men,
for they can not stand proud on their false convictions,
instead, they lie as cowardly traitors to the American
cause. Is it the conduct of a brave crew of patriot
freedom fighting warriors serving a just cause to bomb a
city to teach our God something? Or is it my friends,
the conduct of fascist enemy bushite nazi vermin led to
die for not so secret criminal transgressions? A war
mismanaged purposefully to benefit off the sacrifices of
American soldier's lives, dying or being maimed to give
in to lying criminal fraudsters that OPENLY rob from all
American families like tommy franks did?, robbing the
principles of Justice once thought respected, and only
expected in the true land of the brave and free? If you
were face to face with a mass murdering bushite cluster
dud land mine dropper who attacked residential school
districts, would You not, kill it for the begged mercy
of God and children everywhere? What we ideally need to
do is, find who has been responsible for ordering the
indiscriminate bombing campaigns, and kill them openly,
rightly, publicly, for all our World to see. Killing
the NOT HIDDEN enemy bushite is the best any human can
do for the survival of our species. When you see the
bushite, spewing their hatred for humanity while
censoring the voices of reason and freedom, justice and
liberty, do US all a great big favor and kill the nazi
fuck for the love of yourself, God and country, please.

/ / It added: "Unimpeded access throughout the city for
Iraqi security forces and multi-national forces is
non-negotiable." \ \

IT ADDED? Er, sorry enemy of humanity bushite dumfuks.
US men out here, hunt to kill un-arrested bushite
rapists, torturers and thieves that hide behind the
stolen American uniform as ungodly enemy savages. Third
Infantry for example: No American present. For if
there were, Saudi Wahabbi child killer buford blount
would be dead at the hands of US pro-Iraqis for TREASON.
The slave bushite die as godless fascist cowards who
target US as the innocent to die themselves for
benefitting the further thieving of America, The People,
back home they leave left unguarded. General Ahmad
funded the mastermind 9/11 ring leader Atta. I HATE
bushite. Killing un-arrested bushite is what all real
men of America should get started on, like with firstly,
George W. Bush Jr., condi and rumsfeld for 9/11. Then
we need to make some demands of the corporatist censors
who deny our Humanity free access to the substantiated
impartial facts that stand irrespective of ideology or
spin doctoring. Plutonium in depleting uranium is
scientifically bad for your health without question, for
we do understand the measured effects of radio-active
contamination. How can "our" corporate news media
continue to ignore Our growing concerns on the subjects
of Your dying freedom and liberty my friend? "They"
can't. America's multi-millionaire corporate news
producers need to be made accountable, when it comes to
the refusal to allow public reporting that INNOCENT
women and children are being held hostage in our names,
and in some cases photographed raped or murdered by the
still, un-arrested ungodly enemy bushite nazi evil
forces. ENEMY!

/ / London - The International Committee of the Red
Cross insisted on Friday that Britain does not hold any
women prisoners in Iraq, and said it was ready to act as
a mediator to help free British hostage Kenneth Bigley. \ \

The Red Cross said what? No mention of the two innocent
"Sisters" held hostage? Who does the Red Cross serve on
the issue of our human rights? Can they not be aware of
statements reported widely on the specific issue of
Bigley's commentary? Surely they do us a disservice
when portraying ourselves otherwise by claiming Britain
isn't involved in the criminal plunder of Iraq at all
our vital expenses? Have they not seen, nor heard the
big news about innocent Iraqi women held hostage by the
terrorists? Should they not be demanding blair speak up
for the human rights of innocent People being victimized
by Humanity's mutual enemy, war criminal George W. Bush
Jr.. and his mindless minions of dying godless barbaric

/ / He repeated the kidnappers' demands that the US
release all women from Iraqi jails. "Have some
compassion for the [INNOCENT] female prisoners," \ \

/ / Blair pledges 'If kidnappers get in touch, we'll
respond' \ \

As for the innocent women held against their will by the
bushite terrorists, no negotiations for US by this
"politician" of a "Democracy". He'll just pretend that
he hadn't heard of the request, for the corporate media
hasn't reported, therefor, he'll plead, implausible
deniability. (Again, who's conning who here?)

The two innocent women were planned for release prior to
the Zarqawi hostage taking according to Justice
officials in the Iraqi government. Things that make you
go hmmmm...

/ / Britain's foreign secretary, Jack Straw, said today
that Britain will not meet any political demands to
secure Bigley's release. \ \

Now they figure releasing the innocent women would be
giving into still the just demands of the sovereign
Iraq? Or, will they argue, persecuting the innocent is
what the enemy bushite do to steal our human values of
virtue and the American ideal? Stealing our Freedoms
and Democracy? Again, bushite is the enemy of America,
kill it.

/ / Iraq's [bushite] National Security Minister Kasim
Daoud told a news conference in Baghdad that the
offensive was launched in response to a call for help
from Samarra's residents to tackle the insurgents in
their midst. \ \

/ / "We were in talks with Prime Minister Iyad Allawi
about the situation in Samarra, including reaching an
agreement to allow Iraqi forces to enter the city. We
were surprised by this military offensive," said Khaled
Naji al-Samarrai. \ \

Khaled is leader of Samarra's political association.

/ / ...said [bushite] Daoud. "Even if they didn't ask
us, we would have still gone into the city." \ \

Surprised? Hardly. The closer we get to saving
American GI lives, and saving the lives of our children,
the more likely the bushite's false deity G.W. will be
arrested for mass murder on nine-eleven, and bush bitch
Saudi wahabbi buford for all the needless subsequent
murder rampages against our forsaken civilization. Do
me and humanity a favor, kill the bushite traitors who
steal our lives from Justice for enslavement of our
human species through blatantly evil corporatist fascist
tyranny. What kind of ungodly reality is bush taking US
for where evidence is no longer a requirement to
convince US who is evil? A criminal? The evil bushite
bombers use "guess work" and paid informants to decide
what neighborhood to indiscriminately bomb as targeted
killings, while the rich corporate TV news celebs state
how they're all so proud of what American soldiers are
blindly dying for as. I say nah, bad idea, instead, we
hunt to kill the self confessed rapists and torturers
for the beginners.. Now, who's with me as a true Christ
like Patriot God Warrior?..

Join me, I seek bushite then I destroy it for the love
of God has no challenger.

Why Samara?

* Battle Of Samara - 7 Helicopters Downed, 147 Troops Killed
* <<http://iraqwar.mirror-world.ru/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=25148>>

"Zarqawi" killed Berg in a building identical to Abu
Graib, now he's been reported to have made a slight
correction about mistakenly asking for the falsely
imprisoned to be set free. No no... he didn't mean
those women who are held against their wills without
evidence regarding any alleged criminal impropriety, who
are being held by child rapists and torturers. Zarqawi
actually meant, those women who nobody knows of, except
perhaps rummy who stated the Red Cross shouldn't be
co-operated with when we're talking Our human rights and
the falsely imprisoned. [LIKELY REASON WHY Samara was
NEEDLESSLY attacked. Who commanded the NOT NEEDED
attack in attempt to take US off the true criminal's
path? For, that would likely be the "surprise" American
GI terrorist killer in the flesh holding America's
children hostage.] Then, Zarqawi went on about leverage
with "Jews" and the "Crusaders", but, Arabs ain't so
dumb, nor is Arab TV actually. There was a large Arab
Jewish and Christian community who despised areil sharon
as an enemy of G-D in secularist Iraq from the start
before the fundamentalist bushite war crimes began
there, and the Islamic faith holds the eternal Son of
Man, Johnny Wizard in Holy god respect. Remember I
represent the freedom and wisdom granted by Allah to
Humanity through Jesus as Savior Hillel taught US all
about oh so many moons ago: namely, to worship and love
all things that God made. But alas, the illiterate nazi
bushite are dumfuk slaves as enemies to freedom, and as
consequence, don't think for themselves, or much about
my true significance in this World of US gods suffering
under their evil as criminal misconduct inflicting
suffering misfortunes against our God's good graces.
Being the goodie two shoe Creator has it's
misconceptions let me all tell you. I have to deal with
contending with the primed to die satanic bushite who
tinks I as a Christ wanna be stick figure or something
similar, am going to hang lifeless on a cross somewhere
and just take their abuse forever crying for a God who
never wrote the book on Sacrifice. Shhh... [The commi
bushites are as fukin stoopid, as they are truly evil as
enemies of life and this Universe.. So evil are the
bushite, that they give even the Devil a bad name.]

/ / Witnesses said the American troops were offering
candy to the children and were preparing to leave when
the bombers attacked. \ \

So, the soldiers were there for the festivities, handing
out cheap candies, taking credit for the plant rummy
likely bombed then left these "soldiers" to have
credited to re-built back up by themselves. [Don't want
to be over paying Iraqis with their own stolen money
right?] If true, it would be something to write home
about, but have you heard of all the work GIs have done
in attempting to repair all the damage they've
criminally instigated against our innocent families? No
you haven't because, for then we would be demanding a
return of all stolen assets, and the arrest or public
execution of the bushite torturers and rapists. Also,
who handled the military contract? Imagine this:
Halliburton is paid billions in overhead to hire the
American government to take back over. Sounds somewhat
familiar where military fuel shipments are bought then
escorted by the professional military fuel transport
units, but no ones asks, why should Halliburton off
shore tax exempt billionaires, all of a sudden, now, out
a nowhere, be allowed middle ground to almost take all
the cash expenses?, from America's America?, especially
since America is still doing all the paying for all the
work being done regardless like they use to before
Halliburton magically appeared in between? [The only
thing Halliburton execs want is to be left alone in a
mansion far away from conflict with the American tax
payer paper work to do that they confess publicly to not
having the resources to accomplish fairly!!! [TIGER
TEAM]] Do the soldiers transporting the fuel now even
wear COMMI Halliburton caps instead of helmets?
Likely.. because they're so fuking weak and stupid as
fascist nazi bushite grunts who die as enemies to God
and Creation by forsaking the America I know of as once
respected as universally truly admired. The bushite
trash the Bill of Rights by saying it's no longer needed
when fighting against US People. Then they demand that
no evidence be used in reaching their guilty verdicts by
Your american firing squads. Again, get your gun
soldier and instead, kill un-arrested traitor, George W.
Bush Jr. for America as a true Patriot only would. Or,
why don't You bag US a proud enemy bushite for the
Gipper?!? For what pleasure could be greater, than
doing our Humanity and God such a great favor? I mean
come on, they as our enemies, war the defenseless and
innocent fighting with rapists and torturers without
shame or apology, while demanding by threat of murder to
US innocent, we all must slave as loyal bushite soldiers
do, like they have no mind to believe in freedom.
Liberty or Death? More like hunt to kill mindless
bushite nazi vermin and save the precious lives of
countless innocent others that they murder by dropping
bombs from our sky. We know who the boastful and proud
bushite is, who is granted full talk radio media access
in corporate america to trumpet the sacrifice of
American teens to please their deity, George W. Bush
Jr. and his war mongering thieves, who profit off mass
murders and over billing like they did at 9/11 in New
York City. The bushite slave is the enemy of themselves
to life, love, and God.

Back to the story: Like if "anti-Iraqis" planted a
bomb, or we're driving cars, wouldn't they use it to
kill enemy bushite nazi dumfuks before innocent
children? It is the bushite nazi forces who target the
same locations repeatedly to kill only good honest hard
working innocent pro-Iraqis trying to save the lives of
their loved ones... or who have demanded a free press
and democratic elections. But look, the corporatist
press takes the credit in condemning the murder of
children, but they don't call for the head of buford,
mattis, russell or vacant minded phil smith? Nor, speak
for ourselves when American paid for anti-Semitic
invading Israeli nazi soldiers from tanks, shoot
innocent Christian children as all of our life's
enemies? A happy, waving goodbye child was shot dead
from behind in front of UN workers by bigoted racist
truly evil demonic Israeli nazi forces, and Annan never
spoke a reported word for our Humanity, or against the
condoned crimes of Jew killer areil sharon as
reminiscent of Hitler's reign of terror. Where is
corporate news america regarding their humanity then in
reporting the care for the lives of our innocent
children? All left there for US to witness the betrayal
to America's freedom, and on all we stand together,
justice for all, especially for You left corporately
forsaken, but not so easily dismissed. For what does it
profit our corporate News for your benefit my dying
brothers and sisters? Or for our Dads or Mothers "lost"
pensions if you make no effort to speak up for your
rights denied, your values stolen, or for our freedoms
and liberty you know not of as the portrayed enslaved by
fascist corporate news tyranny? A corporate news agenda
that denies US a place for human rights to life and
liberty, is not an agenda we can continue to freely live
with. And, I, as John, can not rule this complicated
media world of immense toil and troubles, God needs Your
help for your own salvation. I can only do so much as a
wonder mostly to myself. I wonder if "Americans"
can actually ever read this far into life's desperate
pleas I've now put out for years and years going barely
anywhere?.. Paradise on Earth where we get a little
credit could happen if we just keep dreaming along for a
better future, a future where we are respected by the
establishment for our goodly works of self
determination. A cure for our sufferings? No the
corporate professionals are not interested, nor taking
calls from any of US with grievances. It costs them too
much in stolen revenues to allow freedom reign.

Back to this Zarqawi thing.

If Zarqawi had planned the targeting of a convoy, why
would they decide instead to hit the desperately needed
treatment plant surrounded by mostly children, with no
bushite convoy in sight ever, but a location troops had
been REPORTED at for at least days to have built ALL BY
THEMSELVES as so alleged? AND done after with bull
horns edged children from the surrounding community to
come witness their good deeds by getting cheap free
candy? Does that sound like the prime time to plan
striking at the ungodly evil war criminal bushite when
it's widely known they're in a planning stage to bring
around as many children as they can, convinced with
bribes, there giving something back? A photo op? Where
are the photos then??? Remember, bushite rapists and
torturers have yet to be hunted down by US true Patriot
forces, and evil bushite phil smith freely confesses to
targeting children in America's name. Also, firstly, it
was reported not one soldier was known killed. Yet,
they must be all over the area for later to be reported
ten wounded. How did they miss being so far away from
such a lethal blow designed to kill evil lying enemy
bushite nazi grunts to attempt true Justice for our
World I ask? The details still remain at large on why a
bull horn was used to attract MAINLY children to the
scene of such carnage, however, the last report of
bushite forces using a bull horn, was when looting and
chaos was being encouraged all so tommy franks could get
killed BUSHITE DUMFUKS to rob the central bank with
several large trucks that came and went unimpeded by
infiltrated enemy military forces. Same bull horn

Like ariel sharon would kill Mexican Jews for a stolen
American dollar, so too would a bushite like buford
blount or franks get killed an American GI for nothing
but the chance to steal more from a left leaderless
America. So, the crimes against our pro-Iraqis are
being far from addressed by the bushites now bombing
cities indiscriminately in retaliation for crimes they
say we are ALL expressly outraged against. I think the
time for killing George W. Bush and rummy is about to
commence, then the open public trials against all other
war crime offenders. Now, that is going to be a war
worth televising. Can I get a Amen?

I don't know about you, but I hate bushite rapists and
torturers celebrated by corporate American Talk Radio
news censors. As enemies of God and all that is great
with this world, the bushite bombers should be called
out for a man to man fight for their core beliefs, or be
rightly killed as better dead than allowed to continue
in our names. No True Patriot can be proud of all the
warring bushite america is doing in Iraq to free George
W. Bush Jr. and "sexy" rummy from arrest for 9/11, for
that would be in support of the enemies to God hiding
inside our glorious American freedom fighter uniform.
We must weed out the war criminalling rapists and
torturers through evidence if we want to truly get
started on this warring terrorism idea, then we have to
hunt down all the stolen money bush foolishly stole with
13303, and give it back to Iraqis once a legitimate
representing government of the People there is in
control as the situation. Firstly to begin on that path
for Iraq however, Allawi must be arrested or executed
for the first degree murders he has confessed to already
being completely responsible for.

Email, fax, or articulate this to someone, or this dyig
world of the bushite will condemn you straight to an
unforgiving hell where you would as soulless enemy
traitor to everything great and magnificent, go silently
screaming for no one's help listening. For, what did
you do when Life truly needed You, and asked for a
simple helping hand? I know American talk radio will
censor voices of freedom calling for justice as US
People, but you must try. Sure Art Bell and the rest
will forbid any discussions regarding the care for
American values like freedom being sacrificed through
the lives of "teen soldiers for tyranny", but if America
continues to hear when America's voice is censored when
speaking up for our truths, it will convince others, we
are not all alone as the minority. Corporate bushite
polls are not completed fairly by the liar cheat
criminal bushite, for, just look at Internet content
that condemns tyranny like the bushites forever man. No
wonder the bushites are trying to take control of our
free communication technologies, while rigging our
elections. Don't let them silence this world before you
get a chance to speak your mind. Hunting down the so
called, un-accountable as lawless satanic bushite
rapists and torturers is something I think all People
could easily get behind as a force worth truly gunning
for. Then maybe we can debate the other stuff later.

May the love for Life be your deciding factor, when
finally deciding, that Justice and freedom are worthy
goals worth protecting for Your America, and that we as
humanity, ain't gonna take any more of this lawless,
treasonous, bushite belligerence as war criming in our
good names with God left as the forsaken any longer.
Help God help ourselves. For the love of Yourself why
don't you give back more for us Living? Go on, give
living for a better world a try., you wont regret the
attempt at saving Humanity from further miseries by our
inaction. I call America for a chance to hear my words
ringing loud and clear, I want a real America to demand
real Justice by arresting or killing bush, condi, and
rumsfeld for the crimes of 9/11 immediately.

Bringing happiness and prosperity for all humans being,

it's the...

King of the World,

Yours truly,

Johnny Wizard


/ / The War Crimes Act of 1996 punishes any U.S. national,
civilian or military, who engages in a grave breach of the
Geneva Conventions. A grave breach means the "willful
killing, torture or inhuman treatment" of prisoners. If
death results, the act imposes the death penalty. \ \


/ / Kamel said that he was driving in a car with Kadhim
and Saleh to the city's [Samarra's] famous spiral
minaret to film a broadcast when U.S. soldiers and
Kurdish fighters in the Iraqi security forces opened

"After doing some interviews in a police station we left
and as we drove for some 500 meters, fire was opened at
us," Kamel said. "We were not filming. We were just
driving in a normal car." \ \


/ / "I am a law-abiding citizen of the UK and attest
vehemently to my innocence before God and the law of any
crime, though none has ever been alleged," he said. \ \


/ / This was the best estimate distilled from all 15 US
intelligence agencies. They were right; Bush guessed
wrong. \ \


/ / The massive offensive came despite mounting talk in
recent days of an imminent deal between insurgents and
Iraq's interim authorities for a peaceful restoration of
government control. \ \

/ / Perhaps the holy rollers in the Bush camp should
crack open a Bible and see what it has to say about
caring for the poor (Matthew 25:40), caring for the
Earth (Genesis 2:15), and caring for human rights
(Genesis 1:27). I've got a hunch Jesus wouldn't be too
thrilled with Bush's first term. \ \

/ / According to Palestinian locals, the settlers in the
area despise the Christian activists for "helping the
Palestinians stay in the area." \ \

/ / The Rumsfeld Oath is in stark contrast to the one
taken by ordinary federal judges, who solemnly swear to
``perform all the duties incumbent upon me under the
Constitution and laws of the United States.'' In
contrast, the defense secretary's appointments swear to
recognize no higher authority, under God, than the
secretary himself. \ \




How to Avoid Becoming an Anti-American


Notice the corporatist bushite nazi whore reporters,
make no mention in their "reporting" that innocent
women are being held hostage by those confessed
by themselves as enemies of Freedom and Humanity.
(Suadi Wahabbi buford blount kills innocent women men
and children without apology, and there ain't nobody
there in the bushite third infantry American enough
to gun him down as the traitor he is rightly.)

See bushite, kill bushite.

We, as Humanity, are tortured or raped by un-arrested
sadistic satanic bushite vermins, hiding in the easily
spottable, cowardly American bushite soldier grunts

See bushite, kill bushite.

/ / "Please could you on my behalf, on behalf of my
brother somehow ask Mr Blair to pick up the bloody phone
and call President Bush and ask him to take off the
blockade on these [INNOCENT] women prisoners?" \ \

/ / The appeal, he said, urged the kidnappers to free Mr
Bigley for the sake of his family and as "a clear
message to the British people to see their government's
weakness and crime in not freeing [INNOCENT] prisoners
held by [bushite enemy] coalition forces to spare
their sons". \ \

/ / Working people in Britain should themselves be
steadfast-in rejecting all appeals by pro-business
politicians and newspapers to accept the need for any
sacrifice in order to preserve the [CRIMINAL] occupation
of Iraq. \ \


Enemies of US all Humans being

Nazi enemy the bushite truly is, when they try to take
America away from the crime scene of 9/11 to protect
their evil false deity, demon bush Jr., as enemies of
US all Humans being.

"When we say serious consequences, for the sake of peace
there must be serious consequences."

It is he, the demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr. as
true evil personified, who broke with the WORLD'S 1441,
when LYING Saddam wouldn't let the inspectors in, and
that was his as "America's" justification for ignoring
these serious consequences by sending thousands of
American kids out stupidly to die for all the wrong
reasons as the bad guys.

/ / Therefore, the U.S.-led invasion did not ``enforce
the just demands of the world'' since the demands were
already being enforced without the use of military
force. \ \

This was no accident. Killing dumfuk treasonous bushite
is the best any one of US can do to fight for Freedom
and Justice in this world, save killing their ungodly
tyrant war monger demon leader, Our Mr. bush Jr...
Demon bush is the most hated and despised of this entire
living universe, and his nazi brethren we will hunt down
and kill before they target another innocent life to
plunder. The sadistic taolentless enemy bushite lies to
America to steal our lives and investments, all through
the leveraging of the asinine as total ignorant willing
CENSORED Bell-Limbaugh-O'Reilly-News victim "heros".

Take this recent diliberate criminal position to leave
women, men, and children incarated without charging them
for any criminal offenses, while spewing that means
their "pro-Iraqi" freedom fighters, even if they also
decide on their own to maybe torture some for sadistic
wanton lawlessness. Obviously, the UNJUSTLY imprisoned
are hostages held by the enemy bushite terrorists.

/ / According to the Justice Ministry, an Iraqi judge
had ruled there was no evidence of criminality to
justify her continued detention. \ \

/ / "What are the accusations?" ex-U.N. inspector Blix
asked in an interview Friday, referring to one leading
Iraqi prisoner, Amer al-Saadi. \ \

/ / Iraq's justice ministry insisted yesterday it still
wanted to release the women, although it said this had
nothing to do with the kidnapping of Mr Bigley.. \ \

/ / "Under international law, no one can be held
indefinitely without charge." \ \

/ / ``We have not been negotiating and we will not
negotiate with terrorists on the release of hostages.
No release takes place unless I authorise it.'' \ \

Obviously, the UNJUSTLY imprisoned are hostages held by
the enemy bushite terrorists. Right? Who would
disagree? Only liars, cheats, and murderers who target
US as the innocent to please their satanic deity George
W. bush who will rob from their very own families left
back home undefended. Then, as soon as they're dead or
maimed, they're of no further use to their fellow
"loyal" bushite savages, who leave them to go alone
without support to die in the gutter like so many others
have from Gulf War I. Dumfuk the bushite is as our
lying, cheating, ungodly enemies, who lay their lives
down in cowardly servitude for bush and his billioniare
banker company as their sourced intelligence providers.

The dumbuk bushite as TRAITORS soullessly war our
Humanity to STEAL our treasures of love and compassion,
justice and freedom, money and job prospects, forcing
our Humanity to aim our loaded guns towards killing
George W. bush Jr., the parasitic "leader" of their
debauchery as self inflicting debasement. We, as
Humanity, kill un-arrested evil bushite to bring mercy
to our dying species. The bushite is too cowardly to
hunt down and kill the rapists and toturers of the
innocent, or the war profiteering war mongers because
it's one of their own they DIE for. Killing bushite, is
like killing the ungodly protection of self confessed
un-arrested rapists of women, men, and children, who
openly have confessed to murdering thousands of innocent
people for no military objective like Saudi wahabbi
buford blount has stated bluntly, when regarding the
commitment of first degree murder against thousands of


/ / [Saudi wahhabi] Major General Buford C. Blount, the
field commander of the Third Infantry Division, told
journalists: ``We just wanted to let them know that
we're here.'' \ \

all done for to sacrifice more of themselves for nothing
but being tyranically enslaved as the weak and truly
evil disciples of the enemy anti-Christ, enemies of GOD
and all our Creation. Saudi Wahabbi commander of the
third infantry buford blount freely confesses to
murdering innocent people to enrage US pro-Iraqis to
hunt down and kill easily spottable bushite soldiers
freely in retaliation; bushites, who hide inside the
cowardly American uniform. Okay for the newly wealthed
Saudi buford and his chatty wife cause they gets that
share of two billion American to get killed GI teens,
who are too stupid as iliterate dumfuks to think about
the values they lie about holding true. While dying.
The bushite hide in my America? Never. US true Patriot
Warriors will kill all un-arrested enemy bushite nazi
brethren who think they're going to get away from
torturing and raping our families as the innocent just
because they can say they're lawlessly "pro-American",
while robbing all our families of common decency and our
life savings to serve dying for tyranical lawlessness as
enemies to Johnny and GOD. Ten cents is what I pay out
for every bushite tagged and bagged. Ten cents.



/ / the mission guidance is to shoot anyone who is in the street. \ \


/ / Bush, indeed, has an audacious personal quality that
has somehow served him well so far: full frontal
repudiation of facts known to all. \ \

/ / Bev Harris, Executive Director, Black Box Voting
(www.BlackBoxVoting.ORG <http://www.BlackBoxVoting.ORG> will
demonstrate a hidden
program for vote manipulation, which resides on Diebold's
election software. This is a secret feature enabled
by a two-digit trigger (not a "bug" or an accidental
oversight; it's there on purpose). \ \

/ / This assumes that the armed resistance in Iraq is not
because a Western power invaded and occupied their
country, failed to provide basic services and security,
sold off key sectors of their economy to foreigners, and
installed a puppet regime, but simply because they don't
want democracy. \ \

/ / Bush explained that, for him, intelligence is not to
inform decision-making, but to be used or rejected to
advance an ideological and political agenda. His
dismissal is an affirmation of the politicisation and
corruption of intelligence that rationalised the war. \ \

/ / Why has she not been let go? She has not been
charged with any crime, and even if she were, could she
not be freed on bail? Is it that the US authorities
don't want her talking to the press about the biological
specimens she received from American companies in the
1980s when Saddam Hussein was Washington's friend? Are
they worried she might produce the receipts she has said
she holds? \ \

/ / "I don't want to die. I don't deserve it. And
neither do the women deserve to be in prison in Iraq.
Release the female prisoners that are held in Iraqi
prisons. Please help them. \ \


/ / "We know that dictators are quick to choose
aggression, while free nations strive to resolve
differences in peace, [...] And across the world, the
enemies of human rights are responding with violence. "
"Instead of harboring terrorists," he said of the
Iraqis, "they're fighting terrorist groups." \ \

Best reason I've heard for killing the demon bush at
the hands of US freedom fighters.


The Deceivers


Allawi: No release of female


/ / Paul Bigley told a British radio station that there
had been "a shadow of light in a big, long, dark, damp,
filthy, cold tunnel" when an Iraqi judge on Wednesday
approved the release of the woman scientist, as demanded
by his brother's abductors. \ \


/ / One would hardly guess from Bush's euphoric
descriptions of the new ``democratic'' Iraq that the
country's nominal prime minister is a murderous thug and
former CIA ``asset'' who is hated by the overwhelming
majority of the country's people. \ \


New Recruit

Destroying enemy bushite is a gift to Humanity, it is
saying you care for the lives of the innocent a bush
bitch nazi grunt freely confesses to targeting for
murder. Liars are the bushite, who steal Iraqi
resources, allow racists and rapists to commit their
demon crimes in America's name un-challenged, and who
absent mindedly bomb the innocent without just reason
given. All the while, labeling themselves, "pro-Iraqi".
The mindlessly evil attack against the Turks recently
with an ordered bombing campaign that actually murdered
people, sighted yet another, example of the bushite's
idiotic ungodly satanic barbarity against us the Humans
as INNOCENT. After the carnage, the war criminalizing
America into bushite commanders were advised, it would
be better to pick other completely innocent families to
indiscriminately murder while lying, for the demon
bushite provisions come through that big ol' Turkey, and
if the Middle Easterners eventually learned together of
their fellow Turks who were murdered by ungodly enemy
nazi forces for admittingly doing nothing worth noting,
with the middle east's indirect help with essential
supplies coming from somewhere in that surrounding
billion man vicinity, you know, I know, we all know,
"Americans" as NAZI war criminal enemy bushite, would
massively die as the immediately recognizable to most
everyone, and rightly too as leaderless cowardly, dumb,
and real sadistic evil, dying at the hands of all US
Family men. Being as bushite, the enemies to everyone,
including themselves we've witnessed them already dying
as nazi dumfuks who eat plutonium. Or, IED? They mean
"sexy" rummy cluster dud land mine more like! (Just
where is the Middle of East anyway?) History HAS learned
these lessons already, while the corporatist bushite
plays US just dumb enough through malicious censorship
for plunder by parasitic bushite suicide, for a bushite
has no soul worth defending. See?, the committed nazi
automaton bushite enemy of America soldier has no mind
to know freedom for the individual. Therefor my friend,
kill the evil nazi George W. bush Jr. not just for me
as Johnny, but for US all man who refuse to be subjected
further as only counted by the corporate dictums to
pronounce "pro-American": as those that go silently
rooted backing "un-accountable" rapists and torturers of
the innocent, the innocent, that the bushite OPENLY rob
from with American's hard earned tax dollars funding.
Funding through leadership directed towards their very
own self destruction. See bushite, kill bushite, at
least until we are granted living access to OUR
corporate dead end news media to speak FREELY for
ourselves without bushite lies tying US down for
furthering that demon's hellish ungodly tyranny as an
enemy to all our Humanity and Royal King Johnny.

Real Americans are those of US as humanity that believe
in liberty as Justice for all. Demon bushite nazi
whores, don't like those principles of freedom through
evidentiary findings though, for their false deity,
George W. bush Jr, wouldn't be stealing from the honest
hard working blokes who live for a better day that way.

The Iraqi children did nothing to deserve such awful
suffering and fright and death at the hands of the enemy
bushite. The bushite: who the demon anti-Christ
states, are un-accountable to any rules of law in this
Universe, like with his extremely foolish criminal
decree, 13303. I kill mindless parasite bushite nazi
enemy soldiers just for that alone as eternal defender,
and I do it for to win some mercy for a real living God,
who the fascist enemy bushite hold in their ungodly
contempt as LIARS.

I have the backing of every real man alive on this
planet, and we all know it. No voices of reason have
apposed my factual claims in FREE Usenet, and Art Bell
makes no attempt to defend himself as internationally
painted enemy traitor, and that says a whole lot to Talk
America. Why? Because Mr. Bell, the bushite
propagandist, knows too, I speak and act truthfully,
honorably, and righteously, while the talk radio
american bushite lies, cheats and steals from America's
America, that as bushite, leave undefended for criminal
plunder in Your name call censored from classed
enrollment. You have just as much a right to be here as
I do, and the demon bush, he ain't no better than any of
US when he is "excused" for the murder of well more than
a hundred thousand confessed as completely innocent
people on this planet called Earth.

The fascist control bushite, don't like You to think
independently for Yourself, for we independents out here
make them look as stupid as they are. Thank you very
much for that not so secret info.

Through the pronounced bush demon's gaffes,
embarrassments, and told complete total ignorance on
subjects like the science of economics, the whys of
constitutional law, or when the bushite takes credit for
indiscriminate killing of our families and friends while
parading it's all done in bush's name for our freedom,
or for 9/11, doesn't fool me, and should get you
thinking about reaching for your guns too, for bushite
rapists and torturers will not walk this world freely
un-accountable, for as long as we remain alive to hunt
them down and kill them if so be. As the soulless
disciples of the enemy anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.,
their "officially" granted legal immunity from all
prosecution means nothing to me as a honorable man
defending my humanity, or as living Creator, who brought
all into this new world to be free, and can just as
soon, take you all nazi bushite out the old school way.

REMEMBER: Demon bush is stupid, yaw, but he knows that
he and rumsfeld with condi planned and carried out the
crimes of 9/11 with likely cheney orchestrating, don't
ever forget that part when attempting assessment how
good four more years in going to do for the state of
freedom in Your dying world. Serious this situation
truly is for everyone. Everyone.

Now, what are You going to do about this, DEMON George
W. bush Jr. actually playing US like he would like to
continue victimizing our dying world as ENEMY for four
more years towards furthering lawless tyranny? Don't we
already have it bad enough, that corporate journalists
think there is actually some merit to George bush's
re-election bid? Especially after that 9/11 thang?
Then there is the needless criminal wars, fraught with
embarrassing massive billion dollar criminal frauds as
.oops, more government fuk ups? Then of course all the
bushite thefts. I did a Internet Google search of
"Tiger Team" and I found next to nothing in all the
professional media corporate news outlets we have
advertising on our information service providers top
notched list as best sourced material. And that should
say as much or more to you too, about who's really
conning who. So, who cares about where this world is
going? I do, and so should you too.

Johnny Wizard


/ / The demon bush's life, isn't worth the sacrifice he
makes of our opinions on Liberty, or our children's
future. \ \


/ / The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam
reported that the American aircraft dumped more than 14
massive anti-personnel container bombs as well as napalm
on the rural community. \ \


/ / "I find it so difficult to believe what happened to
my daughter. She was at school, just carrying her
notebook not a gun. What is my daughter - nine years
old - guilty of that she has to be shot? It's state
terror against the whole population." \ \


/ / "They came to Iraq to kill, destroy and strip its resources.
Where is the UN Security Council?" Sheikh Ghaffur asked. \ \

Exactly what I've been asking for years partner.
Annan refuses to speak as a man.


/ / "We shouldn't be here," said one Marine infantryman
bluntly. "There was no reason for invading this country
in the first place. \ \


/ / "Fifty million people have been liberated from
despotic, totalitarian regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq," \ \


/ / Gamble, who at age 51 is a 33-year veteran of the
Guard, said he is not worried about putting an already
stressed unit into the cauldron of Iraq duty. "I
haven't ever been deployed before, myself," \ \


/ / Alazawi says that US guards left her sitting on the
chair overnight, and that the next day they took her to
a room known by detainees as "the torturing place".
"The US officer told us: 'If you don't confess we will
torture you. So you have to confess.' \ \

Middle ages of horror. I'm telling you, see proud
bushite nazi dumfuk nazi grunt whore, kill enemy of God
bushite nazi dumfuk nazi grunt whore.




A True Patriot Warrior

/ / Bush personally and Blair through his Downing Street
press officer yesterday continued to insist that the
case for war was legal. If Blair is so sure of this, it
is time for him to publish the legal advice he received
at the time from the attorney general in its entirety so
that people can judge for themselves. \ \

It's like, we people are portrayed to believe bush and
blair are simply un-aware of the facts, like our well
documented history, when they say, Iraq and Afghanistan
are now liberated, and that they war our Humanity in
God's name with mindless bush bitches for just causes.
They just can't allow any one of US to publicly ask:
what was the just cause, if the demon bush had complete
unrestricted, one hundred percent access throughout Iraq
prior to the conflict beginning?, following - that the
unjustified war has only done what could be expected:
LOWERED our ability to do any good. (What couldn't be
done before the war began but for the rob and pillaging
innocent pro-Iraqis part?) If liberation is going to
begin in Iraq, the first step needs to be backwards by
recognizing the indiscriminate murder of more than a
hundred thousand PEACEFUL innocent people by the likes
of a buford blount with land mines and radio-active
toxic waste was stupid, wrong and evil to all of our
Humanity concerned without any contention; but for by
the silencing all powerful CULT corporate news
censorship. Along with the torturing, raping, and
subsequent stealing of almost all Iraqi assets for
thomas foley, negroponte and cheney's gang as the demon
bush's war profitizing business partners, is again,
anything but a depiction of the weakness and cowardice
of the dying American soldiers, as too illiterate and
decrepit to hunt down and kill the enemy bushite
traitors for TREASON. For negroponte to suggest, that
the Iraqi money, be even further pilfered unwisely to
bring even more hardships to the Iraq people who
desperately need immediate sewage and water treatment
facilities fixed from the continuing bombing campaigns,
done all so oil production can be increased, brings
gains only to protecting evil enemy negroponte, not for
the safety of the dumfuk bushite nazi grunt, nor, the
Iraqi People who have suffered far too much already at
America's inaction at hunting to kill bush and rumsfeld
for 9/11 back in New York City. How hard can it be for
an American to sneak onto American talk radio, to call
the demon bush and cheney as they is?, traitors and
enemy of crazy mad man King of the World Johnny and
"his" America? Just who does that Johnny Wizard think
he is anyway, saying he's going to kill un-arrrested
bush and rumsfeld for high treason, with practically
every police agency stuck behind him publicly, for the
evidence speaks for ourselves unequivocally. Who?

/ / Senator Chuck Hagel, a Nebraska Republican described
the rebuilding effort in Iraq so far as "beyond
pitiful". "It's beyond embarrassing, it's now in the
zone of dangerous," he said. \ \

Exactly what negroponte wants, to take more from America
in blood and treasure, by helping to do nothing but
furthering rape and pillage. Why help America and Iraq,
if it means, negroponte and others can't lawlessly steal
all they can by the sacrifice of our boy's lives for
evil bushite tyranny? Besides, CNN and CBC aren't going
to report on the facts to let ourselves decide who is
paying to die for who. (Why should they work freely for
our Humanity?) As I said, I'm sorta like timid Christ as
the Son of Man but surprising few, I actually fight back
as a family man to destroy my enemies, the bushite nazi
vermin., and, honest true Republicans, (fiscal
conservatives who believe in government restraint who
have many a legitimate gripe regarding government
swindles like corporate welfare, or free health care
druggies taxing the system), find also, the bush junta's
assault against all our better judgements, a show of
contempt for everything decent and just in this world.
Leaving the news corporatist professional journalists,
STILL happily broadcasting themselves more and more
mentally disturbed as failing alone by the day to
foolishly continue figuring, we'd never be without them
saying what we see on our own magic TVs. Here come's
the powerload, Johnny Wizard prime timed!!! Whoah... I
know I am to go soon, I can see it coming up upon this
next new moon! Look out boys and girls, here comes your
daddy from a future episode!


/ / Mr. Powell said the Constitution gives the United
States the right to act in its own self-defense without
U.N. approval, but argued that the Iraq war itself was
justified by Saddam's "material breach" of a string of
earlier U.N. resolutions on his weapons programs. \ \

Is Mr. Powell referring to the material breach when
bush told us REPEATEDLY as the corporately unchallenged,
that Saddam wouldn't let inspectors into the country,

/ / claiming that the United States went to war because
Saddam wouldn't let inspectors in; the media has treated
this as not really a lie because it's so obviously
untrue. \ \

and that was why he sent out thoughtless American bush
bitched teens into harms way, dying only to profit his
"sly" over billing criminal cohorts by blatantly,
without defense, lying and cheating the American People
payers due to our corporate news acquiescence on the
subject matters? Too "embarrassing" for the bushite CNN
and CBC corporate bosses would say if you phoned them
personally Yourself and asked why they have refused to
allow the reporting of lies they have no problem
broadcasting "un-opinionated." General Ahmad? No.
Kamel? No. WMD burned beyond recognition? No. Evil
bushite rapists of children and murderers of the
innocent deemed un-arrestable in demon bush's secret
name as the anti-Christ enemy of Man and God? No, NOT
NEWS WORTHY. Mr. cheney running a "secret" don't stop
the flying highjacked planes plan on 9/11 just
coincidentally coinciding with condi's documented
"Presidential" directive: don't follow up coming
terrorist offences as crime scene leads to insure
invasion of Afghanistan for American pension thieving
Enron plan? We shall see.. Let the truth set US free,
by helping God out here some pal. I'm larger than life,
sure, a god without doubt, but I can only do so much for
myself, you have to put a little effort into this saving
your soul bit, if you want true freedom for yourelf
also. These next Revelations should be front and center
on our TV news agenda, regarding the political state of
our dying world?, no or yes?


/ / Cheney's command superceded the orders of the
Pentagon, the FAA or the White House. He is the number
one suspect in the murder of nearly 3,000 innocent
people. \ \


/ / The dark heart of this black-op beast is the
"Special-Access Program," created by Bush and Rumsfeld
in late 2001 and sent forth with this sinister dictum,
according to top intelligence officials: "Grab whom you
must. Do what you want." \ \


How can those who want accountability be termed
anti-Iraqi? only through cowardly liars, is an American
told America's not going to hunt down those who stole in
their names for dying.

/ / "Few have though, as the town is still without
electricity or water and full of unexploded bombs, our
sources there tell us." \ \


Look, as this world's top cop, rare can a person
understand my writing as such, but this, I'll make

I'm here to arrest or kill bush and rumsfeld for 9/11.

If you can't as a man or woman of America help get those
with the law who have stolen America's good name in
other districts, so be it, to hell with you all. We,
the America I dream about all alone, want bush and
rumsfeld for 9/11, and we ain't going nowhere until our
freedom to say as much is granted on higher ground.


Billions upon billions of dollars have been stolen from
soon to have once been, millions of American pensioners.
Now, corporate news TV tells US, that money is lost to
political indifference of the status quo getting to the
bottom of rising back up with the stolen cash at hand,
as if like, pulling a bunny rabbit out of your hat they
might say.. Stolen Enron money for example: It's
sitting in the Cayman Islands. Not hidden. In the
Cayman Islands. The hypnotizing, sometimes devilishly
clever billionaire bushite bankers will say, if you dare
quest for further inquiry, "America will learn better
for next time", then they pause, and look right back at
you blindly.... waiting... and by golly, as if by
magic, You just need to tell them: "there is always a
first time for miracles". Solved. Our problems seem
mostly related to the struggle, that solving many most
critical of our issues, requires so little in effort by
understanding, that many in the corporate world think
the nature of truth just can't be so. Well... Simple.
Demon bush doesn't want, [or seem at all interested] to
having arrested General Ahmad, who according to the FBI,
was the principle terrorist funder to the mastermind
ring leader Mohammed Atta of the notorious 9/11 blame
game fame. That should be all you need to know. The
failure to con US into thinking otherwise is a ruse.
The bushite corporatists mislead America away from the
freedom principles of following a criminal case to
attempt bringing about a resolution. Getting
those who done did do America wrong on 9/11 is where
true Patriots stand, and forever will. General Ahmad
and his bushmob cohorts need to be nabbed for public
trial when we're talking about truly fighting back those
that struck at the heart of America when they thought we
weren't looking in all directions. The bushite soldiers
are being led instead furthering as war criminals, for
we're told, they have no interest as the well being of
family and friends who love them back home getting the
wrong impressions. Don't let the bushite stand to get
away stealing for Uncle Sam. Because, Uncle Sam
wouldn't do that to our boys. Even to men who never
lost the dreams of a boy trying to be a good man, a
honorable and brave man, and a man that could be loved,
is no stranger to another believing in that same vision.

America is not what bushite dares continuing to threaten
US with. And so too would you, to with pride say
without hesitation, we need to support our American
police services by pressing to have arrested, bush,
condi, and rumsfeld for the crimes of 9/11, like right
now just for starters. Look, if we had/have open
communications on the war controversy, we'd hear those
stories: "Well, gee, he was such great guy before the
war left him for dead", and we'd also hear of the
others, "Yah, our demon leader used to like blowing up
defenseless small animals for his joy and amusement, at
least he did while he was growing up with his ol' nazi
family.", and together we'd see, Justice is what Freedom
means, and what I challenge are those as deemed by
ourselves as "bushite", those that unthinkingly, as
anti-American fascist automaton slaves, say we must be
refused to agree that evidence is simply the only true
way to establishing some others doing. For if we are
becoming civilized, we'd then have to arrest the leaders
for the crimes they are found highly suspected of
arranging, according to the police agencies still
publicly involved in the so left in neutral or stalled,
and finally, take back our whole world through fairy
dance and pixi dust. Er.. through communicating the
wisdom of the ageless universe disguised as a person
like me on the verge of something really big and
magnificent! If only you could read, then we'd all
concede, I make one hell of a great make believe eternal
standing forever King of Kings!

Masterfully yours as servant,

please don't kill me,

I'm just the doorman,

Johnny Wizard


/ / The American decision to initiate the use of DU
weaponry, and then to continue its use even when
evidence mounted to thwart any lingering doubts about
the hazards, is a despicable act. This has been a cold,
calculated decision to inflict long-lasting harm on
enemies with no regard for the innocent in those lands
and no regard even for American and allied troops. \ \


/ / "Too many people here had a loved one that went to
work in New York that day," Bush said. "It's for our
country, it's for our children, our grandchildren that
we do the hard work of confronting terror." \ \

Let us take him at him word.



/ / Their statement discloses that the Yeshiva heads
have intentionally falsified the Talmud passages
"quoted" by them. The actual text forbids a Jew to kill
innocents even to save his own life. After all, God
created all human beings "in his own image"
(Genesis 1:27). \ \

The problem is that those that support the Likudniks are
not Jewish, but little fascist nazis who hold G in
contempt. Just ask them! Oops.. No, CNN or CBC won't
allow free comments made by those that openly victimize
the innocent like Jesus was, is, and shall be. Don't
forget, sharon was caught directly implicated in the
attempted murder of Mexican Jews. See? Likudniks would
kill innocent Jews too, if it means they can steal
another dollar from America. America, where something
like 90 percent of Jews say, repuglicons suck, and
conclude, killing Jews to steal their gold fillings for
the anti-Semitic Likudnik, is just simply evil to the
max dude. Translated: Evil to everyone,

including the Creator,

Johnny Wizard


51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis



You be the judge: Shouldn't this be OUR BIG NEWS STORY?
And, who's interest is it, that it is yet to be made so
by Your entertaining national news programming? Whos?
The People's? Freedom's? Or the forces of bushite
tyranny to keep the US unaware of Freedom's true glory?


/ / "I will name Richard Cheney as prime suspect in the
mass murders of 9/11 and will establish that, not only
was he a planner in the attacks, but also that on the
day of the attacks he was running a completely separate
Command, Control and Communications system which was
superceding any orders being issued by the NMCC
(National Military Command Center), or the White House
Situation Room." \ \



/ / ``People trying to help us were wounded or ran away.
After a minute, the helicopters came back and fired
again. They came three or four times.'' \ \

This action is typical for the enemies of Life bushite.
Nazi bushite bomber forces have repeatedly, after
indiscriminately bombing innocent people, waited five or
ten minutes, then struck again to kill those who would
dare try to save the lives of god loving innocent men
women or children, that they admittedly target by
"guesswork". All to get killed more GI grunts for bush,
who don't have the courage or mental agility to defend
their fellow Americans by freely destroying the
anti-American Saudi wahhabi buford blount, child killer
mattis, bomb whoever russell, Baathist WMD bremer, women
hater kimmit, Iraqi People killer Allawi, or of course
bush and rumsfeld for 9/11. 9/11, in New York City?,
where thousands were murdered, and cheney immediately
called a halt on all police investigations pertaining to
the terrorist offense, for forbid, Americans might find
out for themselves what really happened.

Again, I beg all able bodied men to rise up for
Humanity, and hunt to engage the un-arrested corporate
fascist bushite who censor our screams for Justice,
until the facts on the bushite war crimes can be freely
acknowledged on our news channels. Demon bush and
rumsfeld must die for the crimes of 9/11, and the money
stolen from Iraq by the bushite war profiteering over
billers, must be returned completely with huge interest
charges made by those personally responsible, to a
legitimate, accountable, representative government of
the People., that currently doesn't exist in Iraq, what
with bushite rapists being deemed un-arrestable, and the
UN's failure in demanding the bushite enemies of
Humanity to immediately repair the public sector service
industries that they still, mindlessly, without purpose
but to die for, continue to destroy themselves over. We
should consider celebrating a hunt to kill the evil
bushite enemies of Humanity day for everyday of the
week, what do you think People?


/ / PATRICK COCKBURN: You could see that from the video
of the television correspondent who was killed that
nothing much was happening, and then suddenly out of the
blue rockets started raining down. Hello?


but it's pretty amazing to wait and then attack your own
vehicle from the air when there are crowds around it.
And in this case, you don't even hit the vehicle. You
fire your rockets 150 yards away. \ \

Done "for the safety of the people around it." the demon
bush disciple child killer Phil Smith quipped. Likely
while eating cheap candy.

Just like this bushite illusionist, rapist and murderer:



US Snipers Said Killing Iraqi Women, Kids, Medical Teams



/ / A freed detainee told the Arabic-language Al-Wasat, a
weekly supplement of the respectable London-based
Al-Hayat newspaper, about her ordeal inside a US prison
and how she had been gang-raped by US forces. \ \


/ / The daily pointed out then that Iraqi female
prisoners were kept in solitary confinement up to 23
hours a day, adding it saw pictures of US soldiers
raping Iraqi women or photographing them naked in
prison. \ \


George W. Bush is a coward



/ / What is taking place in Iraq on a daily basis
constitutes a terrible war crime. One has to go back to
the Vietnam War or to the atrocities carried out by Nazi
armies in Europe to find a parallel for such a
systematic slaughter of civilians. \ \

They're mostly lifeless cowards the bushite disciples
that drop bombs on the innocent and freedom loving. Do
US a favor, when you see a bushite, kill the evil nazi
fascist why don't you? Think of the lives of women and
children you would save by doing our great God such a
favor for Humanity's true liberation from the evils of
tyranny professed by the godless bushite, as a force we
must continue to suffer with for not putting up a fight
to save ourselves. Think of Yourself as Jesus, but with
the potential to do even greater deeds by not lying down
silently to die for nothing. Worship and protect life,
by killing the evil bushite who fights to not allow
Justice for all to happen. Or, phone Art Bell yourself,
and when he asks you what you wanted to talk about
before putting you on air, ask him, "just what the hell
do you think your doing Mr. Art Bell?, do you think
we're so stupid we can not ever communicate with
ourselves without your approval?!" We all know, it's a
given, Bill and Rush openly as enemy fascists, forbid
any relevant discussions on America's current political
developments, but Art Bell, does something far more
heinous, he advertises he doesn't censor America's
voice, while doing exactly that as a liar to America,
Humanity, God, and Johnny. An open line inter-national
call in radio program running daily for several hours on
top priority issues is exactly what Americans need as
the civilized, but Art Bell will only allow American's
to pretend the bushite holds respect within our police
agencies, for if the truth got out, bush, rummy, and
their accomplices would be arrested, or rightly dead
for high treason in Our America.


Of Our Own

I guess we'll soon see how many enemy of freedom
thieving rapist bushite vermins can be killed by a
single prayer. All People, of every faith, including
the Atheists, hate bushite rapists who foolishly think
their going to escape ALL accountability because their
in with the lawless demon anti-Christ, the Satanically
evil Mr. bush Jr.. Think again.

/ / "The helicopter fired on the Bradley to destroy it
after it had been hit earlier and it was on fire," said
Major Phil Smith of the 1st Cavalry Division. "It was
for the safety of the people around it." \ \

Oops.. er.. the bushite mean

/ / Helicopters that flew in to protect the Bradley were
then fired on from the ground and fired back, the
military said in a statement. \ \

But the firing didn't come from the Bradley vicinity..
so, who cares how many Americans are lead to die then
right? Traitors to Freedom, Justice, and Liberty are
the enemy bushite liars who war God to steal from our
Humanity with their blatant cowardice and betrayals.

I will pay anything to have George W. Bush Jr.
executed for his contempt of our innocent lives. 10
million? twenty million? 100 million? I will pay it
to the American Patriot soldier who'd for free, proudly
kill the true enemy of American freedom, the demon. war
mongering mass murderer, George W. bush Jr.. As we can
count George W. bush Jr. will continue running with
his tail up his ass refusing to face me as a man in a
fight to his death because, as a murderer of our
children, he is pitifully weak as the ungodly., an
anti-American parasitic cowardly nazi self absorbed
bushite cancer, just like Phil Smith is, or buford
blount and his two bit whore of a wife who pleads
desperately for others not to stand up for Liberty too!,
and as consequence, american bushwhore slaves will
continue paying the price of their disloyalty. As I've
said before, it is not impossible for the mythological
dying American Patriot Soldier to sneak onto Talk Radio
America and speak for their lack of real leadership,
when it comes to payback for the "mistakes",
"embarrassments", or "incompetence" of the wealthy war
profiteering bush bitches like mattis, russell, or
buford blount that command soldiers to attack innocent
people for "no military objective", [AH HAH!] but to get
killed more worthless American GIs to profit bush's
corporate gangster interests. Nor, is it impossible for
an American soldier to forward this post regarding the
true terrorist threat, to our comrades in arms.

See bushite, kill bushite. Killing the godless nazi
vermin bushite is a pleasure unmatched in love and
commitment to this Universe of freedom through the
highest order, namely by Justice found granted to all
through Universal wisdom. Until bush and rumsfeld are
publicly tried with the ample evidence available and
therefor executed for instigating 9/11, the enslaved
lazy american illiterate slob people will continue to
suffer, without near a word for caring. The devote
bushite Art Bell trapped without able excuse for
example, knows more so than the average ignoramus
pro-amerkan, that, bush and rumsfeld along with General
Ahmad and condi's plan, murdered thousands in New York
City, but does he truly care? Not for Your life
American sacrifice, he's got millions like Bill or Rush
has, by willfully beating down on the American People,
like Haliburton and Enron work the corporate machine for
bigger bounty by simple over charging the dumb
unrepresented folk, for, who's gonna care right?, Art
Bell? Not on Your life, or savings, or pension sore

Don't believe me, believe the commandeer of the mindless
unthinking enemy bushite teen slaves, the escaping from
the murder scene of 9/11, "sexy" rumsfeld the rotten,
you know?, the publicly known blatant traitor of
America's America, and to God as almighty.

rumsfeld "Don't think you can make a separate peace.
Don't think you can make a private deal as a person or a
country. You can't. We're in it together,'" In with
rumsfeld the pirate aAamerica is, wether Americans can
rise up to defend themselves through Justice by killing
the traitor rumsfeld or not, but for sure, America is
not going anywhere, nor is the publicly established
evidence regarding rummy's treason. I guess we'll soon
see how many enemy of freedom thieving rapist bushite
vermins can be killed by a single prayer. All People,
of every faith, including the Atheists, hate bushite
rapists who foolishly think their going to escape ALL
accountability because their in with the lawless demon
anti-Christ, the Satanically evil Mr. bush Jr.. Sure
the ungodly bushite nazi soldier can drop land mines and
bombs of toxic waste on innocent freedom loving people,
but when they touch ground, the earth people shall kill
them for the pursuit of our happiness. I stake my well
known reputation on it, fuck, I'll kill them all myself.
The enemy bushite only survive as our enemies by
corporate censorship, for they can not vocalize their
mindless, unthinking support as enemies to God and this
Word. To kill the treasonous bushite, is to save the
lives of the innocent in your trust as the freedom
loving. This post is being e-mailed to more than
100,000 for starters, many being, gun owners. Death to
George W. Bush Jr., and pity to those who would
continue to publicly back the demon tyrant in this
forever changing world. I HATE bushite.

Allawi "We intend to confront them and bring them to
justice." Allawi is surely one wicked criminal enemy of
Allah. Allawi seems to figure as the incredibly stupid,
that by saying he supports the fight for Justice, he
can't therefor be arrested or executed for the murders
in Iraq that he has completely confessed to ordering.
Nor, apparently, under Allawi's brand of tyranny, can
the enemy bushite be arrested for criminally destroying
vitally needed Public utilities. or who has openly
stolen Iraqi assets in the billions for "tax exempt"
bush backers basking in the sun away from it all. All
the while, working to convince God or Humanity that
evidence is no longer required to convince ourselves on
who is the guilty party.

/ / cheney: "[...] in fact these terrorist attacks are
just criminal acts and that we're not really at war." \ \

Does America still hold a death sentence for the paltry
criminal act of mass murder as so committed in New York
City on 9/11 by bush and rumsfeld?, someone should ask
private citizen cheney. You know?, cheney, who worked
diligently to close the outstanding criminal
investigations on said crime scene for whatever reason.

See bushite, kill bushite.

Further example:

Allawi "This is a decision taken by the national
security committee to protect the people of Iraq, in the
interests of the Iraqi people."

Is it in Iraqi interest to recover the stolen billions?,
repair what was needlessly criminally destroyed?, or
arrest those bushite rapists as deemed lawlessly
"un-accountable" to all law in their Allah forsaken
Universe? Like, Apartheid's death squad goons?

What Patriot fighter wouldn't kill an invading thieving
bushite murdering rapist enemy of Humanity?, Freely?

Allawi'll tell US, he had evidence those he murdered,
[and refused like kimmit to try arresting with such]
were insurgents, but when asked to present the
justification for such conclusion against women and
children, he bargains, it's none of our business. It's
important to recognize he performs the speech without
acknowledging an expectation in forming Your conclusion
with substantive fact, instead, desperately relies on
the illusion of auto-suggestion demanded through threat
to US living, a blind faith in his communicative ability
to ignore our concerns illegitimately. It's a con that
has been around forever, but I'll tell you what, without
exception, as soon as the false accuser becomes
confronted by the "Public Body", We the Public, will
have our way. The Indivisible nature of reality is all
we can ever stand together truly united on. (that is
why me and Hammurabi have so much in common, and why I
FREELY as a god, hunt to destroy the enemy bushite,
naturally attempting to save some of our failing
civilizations). Justice for any, is justice for all.
It's like, Allawi figures, dead men women and children
don't speak, so who's gonna care? Art Bell?, who would
see America as God robbed and stolen from, in lives and
treasure, and speak only for furthering bushite
conquests, while he'll get to stay on the sidelines,
insuring Americans don't wise up to his broadcasted evil
intentions through censorship? Only God knows I guess,
why bushite believe we are of few means, with only these
stupid words to craft an entrance strategy to make guest
appearances on some of our very own broadcasts.

The happy go lucky demon slayer,

Justice for God


/ / Chiarelli said. ``We are going to go in and first
make Sadr City safe for residents.'' \ \

To whom are words needed in refuting the demon lies of
Chiarelli as the enemy? Like when bush tells US,
Afghanistan is now free, while committing the region to
lawlessness at the mercy of women slave trade heroin
pushers as according to his officially deliberated plan,
[Bob Woodward] or in Iraq, where the rapists, torturers,
and pillaging evil bushite indiscriminately murder only
good people while saying it was for a suspected Zarqawi
this or that, as if any freedom fighter wouldn't kill
the evil lying, ENEMY war criminal bushite for God's
pleasure, and true self respect for Humanity's undying
love. [Berg was murdered in a large yellow cement
building] See?, treasonous lying to no one bushite war
criminals sacrifice their worthless lives as cowards,
all so the "tax exempt" bushmob shysters can rob their
own family back home left undefended, while trying with
bombs to indiscriminately silence all noble men of all
innocent defended families as likewise sacrifices, who I
say, will never just wait to die an undeserved death.
Killing un-arrested bushite is saving the world from
their further crimes against God and humanity. Kill a
toxic cluster dud dropper, and you've saved the
potential lives of thousands of innocent people. For,
what real man would drop land mines throughout
residential school districts to criminally profit only
rumsfeld's business partners, while blowing up other
undefended American soldiers?


US bombing kills more Falluja civilians

The demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr wagers as he
has, that forever, he and rotten "sexy" rummy will
escape culpability for the crimes of 9/11. 9/11, the
terrorist crime that occurred in New York City, where
thousands of Americans were murdered, and bush and
cheney worked immediately, as planned, to quickly
attempt to close all outstanding criminal investigations
that follow the actual crime scene leads to arrest or
execute the true terrorist perpetrators. According to
Hammurabi, that would then therefor, make themselves
primed for public execution as the highly found guilty
for their purposefully made, falsely accused capital

/ / The rabbi, Dov Lior, said a "thousand non-Jewish
lives are not worth a Jew's fingernail". \ \

So, decieved American taxed payers give him a big fat
welfare payment to tell US that robbed as cheated GODLY
Christians don't deserve fair treatment? What would
Hillel say? Buddah? Or Christ? Well, the Torra of
Moses speaks of God himself! coming down here and
explaining the best way to destroy the evil likes of an
anti-Jew enemy of G-d's love, Dov Lior, however, I'm
really hoping, you'll figure out how to stand up for
yourself as just as soon, a Christian, Muslim, Jew or
Atheist, whom the label pirate Dov Lior beleives so
little of, and demand some equal time to demand Justice
for God, as would be Justice for any, to therefor,
include US all as truly worthy.

God bless America by killing un-arrested George W. Bush

The true enemy of all bushite nazi vermins,

Creation's celebrated demon slayer,

The Son of Man,

Johnny Wizard



/ / All for our ability to communicate freely

There is one thing that is strangely absent from our
news coverage as unbiased bushwhores who are actually
devaluing under the tyranny of the evil antiChrist, Our
Mr. Bush Jr., and that is... \ \


"Most casualties were old men and women and children",

/ / "We estimate we've killed 300 anti-Iraqi forces in
the past two days of fighting," Capt Carrie Batson, of
the US Marines, said. \ \

You tell me, isn't Carrie the enemy? Bald face Lying to
dying American soldiers that way? Or, is kimmitt and
bremer, along with bush and rumsfeld included in the
total? How can un-arrested child rapists, and self
confessed murdering thieves be the "good guys" to the
traitor bushite?


Killing Jews


/ / Although it is not clear who committed the arson
attack, the Israeli government intervened immediately
and tried to depict it as part of a wave of growing
anti-Semitism in France. \ \

I would suspect, only suspect mind you, that the
anti-Semitic crime was committed against the Jewish
community by the Likudniks. Why?


Listen: Jesus...
rise up and defend this world we share together won't
You help living some? Or, would you rather die a
tormented slave by evil bushite tyranny who will just as
soon, rob your granny? You decide, or, decide not, you
will still have made a choice in this matter by refusing
to act so accordingly.

I ain't foolin', can't you tell?

King of the Jews,

Johnny Wizard


/ / Police actions like these are but a symptom of a
society that is sadly misinformed and misled by a
government/media controlled by powerful corporate
interests. We NEED the law enforcement people on the
side of the people, so please do not diss all cops
becuase of the actions of a few hot-headed red-necked
gestapo wannabes! \ \


Meet An American War Criminal

/ / Before assuming command of the Third Infantry
Division, Blount was the program manager for the Saudi
National Guard. [...] \ \

It should also be noted his faithful wife, spends her
days, phoning wives of other potential bush bitch nazi
whores, encouraging them to support the war crimes of
her husband, by not mentioning the treason that
foreigner Saudi blount has dedicated the sacrifice of
American soldiers for. I kid you not. A wahhabist
commanding American GIs to die under as traitors, is a
disgrace marring the now officially tainted freedom
fighter uniform.

Better than I ever did,

Johnny Wizard


/ / To secure Sadr's agreement, the interim government
has offered both the Mahdi Army fighters and Sadr
himself a full amnesty, [...] \ \


The enemy
lifeless corporate bushites can't let US know enough of
the facts to decide, otherwise, the jig would be up.
Bush, rumsfeld, condi and others like Myers would be
immediately arrested awaiting trial, or dead, and I'd be
a guest... maybe on a Letterman special, or something
truly grand like Saturday Night Live to be made a
mockery of. For Christ sake, I am the media! Scary yes,
but funny as all hell.

How many soldiers and civilians alike will suffer before
the enemy bushites represented by corporate news control
are made to take are places out here in our real dying

'cause I'm,

Johnny Wizard


/ / As Israeli spies in Washington steal our secrets,
and feed us lies, our politicians are pigging out at the
trough of AIPAC campaign contributions, raking in cash
while their patrons take in classified documents. When
the American people find out what is going on, God help
the neocons, because they are going to need it. The
arrest and trial of Israel's fifth column in the
Pentagon is going to unleash a lot of anger, because it
is going to make Americans understand the nature and
extent of the treason that entrapped them in Iraq. \ \


The Cradle Of Devastation

/ / We would not want to call the Founding Fathers and
their army of patriots `terrorists,' would we? \ \


/ / Backing the Franklin probe may well be military factions
who have no desire to be fed into the Iranian meatgrinder,
and who not fancy neocon fascist dictatorship. The immediate
goal would be to knock Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bolton,
Rice, Abrams and their cheering section in the media and
think-tanks onto the defensive. \ \

Wow! I am so great that you have no equal like the rest
of us do. Er.. don't. Ahhh whatever.. alls the same.
Tally hoe Christian soldier!


Give It Up


/ / "At some point, I am sure we will pull back if the
foreign fighters are confirmed and turned over to us,
the heavy weapons are turned over to the Iraqi army and
then we get them. It is event driven," he said. \ \

This is truly dumb evil. Typical of mattis, the trying
enemy American GI killer, who before told US, he ordered
bush whore nazi soldiers to target more than forty five
innocent members of families at a wedding party because,
he couldn't comprehend why Iraqis live with the desert
throughout the middle east. Only when "mattis", (who
apparently sees himself the only official negotiating to
not stop ever war criminalizer,) is convinced heavy
weapons are ALL turned over, and ALL the foreign
fighters too, will he then pause sending naive enemy
dumfuk teen soldiers out to die continually for nothing
but to reward with the proceeds of his war crimes, the
off shore no-nation tax sheltered corporate backers of
the demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.. Think: ...
What is mattis's ultimate objective by targeting so many
innocent people for murder in Najaf? A losing battle
where Americans soldiers die that who's freedom profits
from? There is no evidence Muqtada, (who as "radical"
calls for democratic representation,) played a role in
the execution of a bushite supporter, who as such,
encouraged Iraqis to further allow un-challenged the
nazi forces to continue stealing all of the nation's
resources while refusing to repair damage done to vital
public services. Continuing to leave the bushites "Free
Iraq" without the criminal arrest of those responsible
for the torturing of the innocent as sadistic godless
facist nazi evil savages. All whilst, the bushite
bombers continue bombing more expensive infrastructure
along with the whomevers to punish some village, town,
city, US as Humanity. If you got up close and personal
to a "unaccountable", "not responsible", "just obeying
war crime orders sir", bushite land mine cluster
bomb dropper, wouldn't you kill it dead for US all too?

Any real man would kill un-arrested war criminal bushite
mattis for targeting innocent Iraqi women and children
to rob from our America, while deservedly getting killed
more GIs, so then.., who's the foreign fighter to
mattis's real World? Himself? You bet. The US, or
just me personally, is coming to kill the un-arrested
enemy mattis, along with buford blount and steven
russell as the true anti-Iraqi traitors to our
liberating Human causes. I, the Son of Man, HATE the
evil a bushite liar professes as enemies of our
Humanity, and, am more than happy destroying, in so
being, ridding this world of such heinous criminality
committed sacrilegiously in America's name dishonored.

'cause I'm,

Johnny Wizard



/ / Among the draft audit's findings were that payrolls
in Iraqi ministries under the control of the Coalition
Provisional Authority were padded with thousands of
ghost employees. \ \




/ / The Likudniks like to pretend that they represent
American Jewry, but they do not. \ \



/ /But that's O'Reilly's goal as a fascist-strengthen
the repressive state apparatus and disarm working people
politically. This from the self-appointed working class
spokesman who claims to be looking out for the folks. \ \



/ / Before Sadr's supporters began their uprising, they
made their demands for elections and an end to
occupation through sermons, peaceful protests and
newspaper articles. US forces responded by shutting
down their newspapers, firing on their demonstrations
and bombing their neighborhoods. \ \





/ / The order to shoot the demonstrators, I believe,
came from senior government officials, including
intelligence communities within the military and the
U.S. government. \ \


/ / But the Pentagon was not able to explain just how
Halliburton gained possession of Iraqi funds when
neither the United States Congress nor the Iraqi
government authorized their transfer to Halliburton in
the first place. \ \


/ / The team's sole purpose was to close as many
subcontracts as possible, under the mistaken assumption
that everything that was closed prior to the arrival of
the government audit team would be exempt from further
scrutiny. [...]

The final touch of irony: Halliburton housed the Tiger
Team at the five-star Kempinski Hotel in Kuwait, paying
each of them a whopping $10,000 per month for their
troubles. \ \


/ / In particular, war planners at the Joint Chiefs of
Staff did not expect a widespread anti-U.S. insurgency
or the breakdown of civil order in postwar Iraq, so they
did not plan or provide resources for the operation of a
large American-run prison system, commissioners said. \ \

Evil wicked lies. The deaths of American soldiers were
brought upon America deliberately by tommy franks and
rotton rumsfeld when dis-guarding the State Department's
ORHA plan, all so, tommy could get killed American GIs
to loot the Iraqi Central Bank of billions for his
private war mongering banker friends. Die bushite die!

Richard Perle "Iraqis are freer today and we are safer.
Relax and enjoy it."


A Bush "Ask the President," Stump "show" Annotated and Analyzed



Get a grip, Hugh!




/ / That means that 40 percent of the soldiers in that
unit have developed malignancies in just 16 months. \ \


The People Will Judge George Bush

/ / Every day that the war and occupation in Iraq
continue, Iraqi civilians are killed, injured, denied
civil liberties, jailed, abused and tortured by the
occupation forces while their basic services and economy
are deteriorating. Meanwhile, our sons and daughters
are being killed and maimed. \ \


/ / Sergio was going to issue a statement criticizing
the killing by US soldiers of the Reuters cameraman
Mazen Dana as he filmed an incident outside Abu Ghraib
prison. \ \

Annan knows that the bushites refused to warn the UN
that they were made privy to the war crime before it
happened according to Chalabi. But Annan, as usual,
refuses to stand as a man representing our victimized
human species, or his so called friend. With a friend
like Anan, you don't need an enemy, for he'll watch you
robbed or murdered, and speak nothing for our lost
loves. Where is the world's outcry for the evil
anti-Christ disciples dropping cluster dud land mines
throughout residential districts? The raping and
torture of women and children by the bushite savages
deemed by the actual enemy of GOD anti-Christ demon
George W. Bush Jr. as, lawlessly "unaccountable"?
Where is Annan's outrage over the billions, like
humanitarian aid STOLEN from all Iraq by the bushite
enemies of humanity labeled by themselves as pro-Iraqi?
Who wouldn't kill George W. Bush Jr. on sight, for
spreading his lies on Art Bell of criminal propaganda to
sacrifice worthless American soldiers irrationally? A
reminder: the dumfuk bushite soldiers actually die as
traitors taking down the sparse but true, American
Patriot soldiers stuck in the wrong place warring the
innocent without the available time to get a good shot
at bush, rumsfeld, negroponte, buford blount, steven
russell, mattis, bremer, or evil thomas foley.

I am,

Johnny Wizard



/ / "If they killed foreign fighters, why don't they show us
the bodies? If they suspected foreign fighters were here,
why didn't they come to arrest them, instead of using
this huge force?" \ \


/ / The US military said a number of 230 kilogram
(500-pound) bombs had been dropped on "known enemy
locations" near the city. \ \

I hate the evil ungodly bushite like any real man would.







/ / Coincidentally, his remarks followed a protest by a
small group of police officers who were told to move
away from the doorway of John Jay College of Criminal
Justice in Manhattan or risk arrest. \ \


! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

/ / Linda Theis told The Washington Post Wednesday, that
there's "insufficient staff" in the government or at
Halliburton to review the numerous bills. \ \

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


/ / US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld swears
Washington has nothing to do with the arrest warrant
against Muqtada: this is "Iraqi justice" in action.
Wrong. The Iraqi Jurists Association published a
statement on Wednesday saying that the arrest warrant is
"illegal and based on a lie ... [...] \ \





/ / That upon returning to Fort Bragg from Tora Bora,
the same Special Operations troops who had been stood
down from capturing bin Laden, suffered a unusual spree
of murder/suicides, is nothing more than a series of
senseless tragedies. \ \



/ / Also, American TV does not tell you that the Polish
and Sadr had worked out a security agreement and peace
in Najaf, until the American troops came in to "wipe
Sadr and his Medhdi army out",] \ \


The Ultimate Stupidity
The Attack on Najaf

/ / Oppose the oppressor and support the oppressed.
Imam Ali, Last Will and Testament (39 AH; 661 CE) \ \



/ / As journalists protested, the lieutenant said above
the hubbub: "We are going to open fire on this hotel.
We are going to smash it up. I will kill you all. You
did this all to yourselves." \ \



/ / Having stopped the torture, the Oregon soldiers
asked for further orders: \ \




Don't just show 'em the door, let's get the booty back!



/ / Except [bushite] Iraq will execute not only those
convicted of murder but anyone found guilty of either
distributing drugs or the handily catch-all crime of
"endangering national security". \ \

Allawi most definitely qualifies, like so those bushites
who rape torture and steal from Iraq would also for sure
be counted, but how about the general ignorant ungodly
bushite like American censor Art Bell, who support
through intentional deceitful censorship, sacrificing
America's sons and daughters for global lawless criminal
impropriety against Humanity's interest as Iraq's
National Security?, Infinite Justice, and the God from
the books on practically everything? Do the ungodly
evil disciples of the enemy anti-Christ, Hebrew's "666",
George Bush Jrs, think their gonna get away to deceive
true American will power, with their wicked evil lies to
steal life from US as the innocent, and bring suffering
against God as our enemies?, falling our poor dead
bodies without any remediate retribution from ourselves
as God's true to Word believers? I don't think so.


So it is written, so it shall be done.

Traitor evil lawless bushite enemy, die for us instead
of our good families of innocent men women and children.

True American blood brother, why don't you, get your
guns loaded and kill un-arrested bush and rumsfeld for
9/11 proudly. Then, offer autographs at the
preliminary! Or, die a traitor rightly sacrificed as
enemy, fighting with the lawless godless enemies of
Creation who will ultimately fail to enslave these
Universal values. Trust Yourself, Life'll kill the evil
enemy lawless bushite before we can't help defend
ourselves as Humanity. When the truly evil bushite is
arrested or dies rightly as traitors to all our
Humanity, do not be afraid of our higher intelligence,
but be joyous in ACTUALLY knowing the spirit of the Lord
is great and mighty in You, and to know through Justice,
we shall prevail in our Holy names to a freedom granted
unto Heaven, where even the Atheist dreams of as truly
liberated. Justice for Iraq means we firstly arrest or
shoot to kill the escaping bush and rumsfeld for 9/11,
and for the bushite bomber Allawi, who speaks nothing
for the rape and torture of women and children,
emergency medical treatment nor the demand for safe
drinking water, we arrest for the charge of first degree
murders he publicly has confessed fully responsible for.
Or, we just kill him where he stands as a willful enemy
of peace and our godly commitment to communicate wisely.

Hunt to kill the lawless un-arrested bushite hiding in
our America why don't you God's true to life Patriot?

US atrocity in Najaf



/ / The sentry radioed his battalion headquarters to
report the abuse. According to the statements of one
anonymous soldier, the distressed sentry threatened to
begin shooting the torturers if something wasn't done. \ \

Now, somebody's waking up.

/ / The June 29 episode was first reported on August 8
by the Oregonian newspaper, \ \


Police State USA
by Rep. Ron Paul

With the words scribed by Ron Paul gives me new hope
that the America I remember hasn't been completely



/ / NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pentagon auditors have
concluded that Halliburton Co. failed to adequately
account for more than $1.8 billion of work in Iraq and
Kuwait, said a newspaper citing a Pentagon report. \ \


Contracts will be signed, and bushites will die.

This Capt Carrie Batson, what a little nazi fuck eh?
Lying to the dying American soldier, that, evil bush
whore traitors there are sacrificing their pirated lives
to benefit those that rob from their own family back
home as undefended, are the best that America can muster
as sinister self betrayers to our human causes.






/ / Adding to its woes,
last week over a hundred lawyers, including seven past
presidents of the American Bar Association and former
FBI Director William Sessions, issued a statement
strongly condemning [...] \ \


/ / It's a Mr. Death or something.. he's come about
the "reaping"?,. I don't think we need any at the moment." \ \




/ / "American firms charging 10 times as much as
Iraqi firms for construction work." [?] \ \

These bushite war criminals will be hunted down to the
ends of this World by US REAL Patriots, and made to give
back every last cent that was criminally STOLEN in
bush's evil name from the United States Working Class,
and from the victimized Iraqi nation.

A Violation:


/ / ..meaning, the inspector general said, that the CPA
was not able to ensure that the assets "would be
available for the use and benefit of the Iraqi people." \ \




/ / ..as the data shows, the White House
deliberately ignored intelligence to mislead America.

Read the full article, with direct links to all source
material, at www.inthesetimes.com <http://www.inthesetimes.com> . \ \


The Case Against George W. Bush


Republicans cheer child rape and torture



/ / ``It is torture pure and simple. It is
cruel, and it is pointless. We have known since the
Middle Ages that no useful information can come out of
coerced confessions.'' \ \

Do you believe the "unaccountable" lawless bushite
rapists think their true American freedom fighters? Do
you think the board of directors at Halliburton believe
they're truly doing Humanity a favor by STEALING
humanitarian aid, to pay themselves "uncompetitively"
billions for doing nothing?

I refer you to these exhibits:


/ / He also wrote that the president, as commander in
chief in the war against terrorism, was not constrained
by ant torture laws. \ \







/ / "I think they thought we wouldn't shoot kids, But we
showed them we don't care. I did what I had to do. I
don't have a big problem with it" - U.S. Army Pvt.
Nick Boggs \ \

/ / ..commander of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
Regimen, Lt. Col. Steven Russell, "This is to remind
the town that we have teeth and claws and we will use
them.'' \ \

/ / "Soon American soldiers came [after the aerial
rocketing and bombing that killed most people]. One of
them kicked her to see if she was alive, she said. "I
pretended I was dead so he wouldn't kill me,' said
Shihab. \ \


/ / ``He was shouting `Marwan, save me,' and I yelled
back `Try to swim, try to swim,' but he went under again
and that was it. I could hear them [buford blount's
bush bitch soldiers] laughing. \ \


Evil Art Bell "there are allot of conspiratorialists of
course about 9/11, as there probably will be beyond our
life times, you know it's going to be conspiracy
material from now until doomsday probably."




/ / Then a Toyota Corolla came. We killed the driver,
the other guy came out with his hands up. We shot him
too. \ \


/ / My prayers are with the oppressed, never the
oppressor. My prayers are for the innocent, never those
who defile and destroy innocence. My prayers are for
those who are persecuted, never for the persecutors. \ \


God's Great America


During bush's PLANNED to be wrong, false, untrue 9/11
accusations, the Taliban were last heard stating, Ladens
your's, take him freely as the innocent without any
evidence. Wealthy Laden was freely prepared to wager
his LIFE to save the countless lives of others, while
enemy evil bushite target innocent women and children
with land mine cluster duds to steal the pensions and
life savings of their very own grandparents they leave
undefended. While eating harmless plutonium. Dying for
lawless cop killers, and south African death squad
runners who target my black brothers.



/ / I tell them curtly, viciously. Switch to
Al-Jazeerah channel. Watch U.S. soldiers sexually
torturing children in front of naked Iraqi mothers,
weeping through the bars. My relatives adjust their
collars, and disdainfully retort: "John, how could you
be so inappropriately uncouth?" I see their eyes turn to
kaleidoscopes. \ \


What Secret Mystery?

/ / Undated-AP - President Bush says a Senate report
critical of his administration's reasoning for going to
war in Iraq is "useful." \ \

Let's get something understood about the evil enemies of
God, the hated degenerate soulless disciples of the
demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. George bush Jr.. Both
stated goals: ridding Iraq of weapons of mass
destruction, and Liberating the people of tyranny, were
sabotaged by indiscriminately assaulting the country,
that had prior, under Saddam's leadership, granted full
unrestricted access to do whatever bush pleased. [ Did
bush complain about prisoners not granted due process?,
or demanding evidence as being an evident
pre-requisite for real Justice to work for our
Liberation?, or perhaps demanding right NOW where all
the charitable oil-for-food funds went missing in his
name? ] There was nowhere in Iraq closed to immediate
inspection, to illustrate as Kamel had proven with all
relevant documents, [that he brought with him in several


that yes, in deed, the WMDs, some like anthrax, was
burned beyond recognition back in 1992. But!!!, even if
there were WMD uncertainly hidden secretly from everyone
in Iraq, [along with Kamel claimed as highly reliable by
almost everyone in bush's secret inner circle,] BUSH
STILL, lowered his and his ilk's ability over the threat
as so alleged, then excitedly sacrificed no less than
three times 800, easy. making both claimed tasks far
more difficult by paying his buddies for "whatever" over
at commi, we're too dumb to know where American values
went regarding Your freedom sucker, while leaving more
Americans to die sacrificed to benefit the bushite
billionaire over billing backers. Left unaccountable by
corporate american news standards of public
accountability. It's only your direct family taken for
by CNN and CBC's un-challenged selling of the bushite
war crime spree my American friends. I've called
literally hundreds at CNN in Atlanta, and as so, at CBC
in Toronto regarding General Ahmad funding Atta, and
bush's 9/11 plan dated 9/9, but they say, sadistically,
it's not the story they've been presently still selling
You about murdering now more than two hundred thousand
innocent people as arguably, an acceptable alternative
to not allow the support of Freedom and Justice in your
real World dying.

Tommy Franks sabotaged the ORHA plan of gaining control
over the nuclear facilities, [and preventing anarchy,]
just so he and bush, [along with the clear collusion of
the World Bank and IMF,] could "get away" robbing the
Public central bank in Iraq of billions. Couldn't have
been done as planned, without letting in those they
begged by gun point to loot the Iraq Museum, so to
collude with the bushmob's secret intent with furthering
war crimes in America's name left forsaken. Bushdum


/ / Do you mean to say that it was the US troops that
initiated the looting? \ \



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