Planet Level Secret Intel Tribunal Updated Request On Mandatory Arresting [Bibi & Gilad Erdan & Gina Haspel & 15/9 hbsrf Harasers & gogu lol & Koren & CT EMP RF Tesla & Trips managerhbsrf] State Assassination Biological Mother & Transfer to Hague

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Oct 7, 2019, 2:50:04 AM10/7/19

[Butt Terr_a WorthFilterCircuit _],34.6540531,3a,15y,270.34h,90.33t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1seKCqpEOxKVg4j6FVAYMA4g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en&authuser=0
Behind Vegetation Parabola at Second Floor

there is a Police Officer Living there

& Reminder inside Building Stairs Hall Splited Atomic Clock

Same Side Double 2 Trapezes Ceramic [Doron ] Covered

Swartz the Nigers Yake Te Yak Color

] Ashdod & Mecca [ Vertigo Trick


It was constructed between 1979 and 1982 by Air Base Constructors, a joint venture of Guy F. Atkinson Company, sponsor, (San Francisco); Dillingham Corporation (Honolulu); and Nello L. Teer Company (Durham, N.C.) in association with Tippetts-Abbett-McCarthy-Stratton (New York City
Tufa Margaritar
No Rules Tering
Area 51 No Rules Totale Krieg
[Pearl_HarbourtheSelf Made 911_]
Scientific American 8 1993 Z Chaos

& Cochlear Perfidy Implants = NSA Only NSA Systems Electronics
More For Less


Such as Thouse Residing on Roof Silverado Border Police Norway
B & K System Including Vibrator Accelerometers & UNIX Computer

Oracle at SII
] Ashdod & Mecca [ See Pini Ambulances Location

] FSB & PRC & MI6 Integrated Intel Records [

Pini Ambulances Following around Based on Perfidy RFID Couchlear

Local Position for all last 18 years
Enemy of the State NSA VIP about Rf Camersa

= allmost 100% all applies as well to RFID

Israeli Teritory 100% Surface Covered by RFID read /Rf scan Systems

aka SINCE 1995 UNTIL Present with Better then 1 Metter Precision

all is Recorded 24/7 Continuous Recorded by NSA

aka Interogation about Feldman = Bulshit Nortwood = Meningless

in Context SINCE 1995 UNTIL Present with Better then 1 Metter Precision

all is Recorded 24/7 Continuous Recorded by NSA

NSA Perfidy Implant in Year 1995 aka Most Important the Tear

Perfidy RFID Implant = NSA Hardware topest Level in 1995

Contain GPS RFID Microfone Presumed ASIC Technology
Corpus Delicti[PremeditatedNicadrorism _]

& in this Context
In physics, the principle of locality states that an object is directly influenced only by its immediate surroundings. A theory which includes the principle of locality is said to be a "local theory". This is an alternative to the older concept of instantaneous "action at a distance". Locality evolved out of the field theories of classical physics. The concept is that for an action at one point to have an influence at another point, something in the space between those points such as a field must mediate the action. To exert an influence, something, such as a wave or particle, must travel through the space between the two points, carrying the influence


& in this Addendum Context

Planet Level Secret Intel Tribunal Updated Request

for Mandatory Arresting

[Gilad Erdan & Gina Haspel & 15/9 hbsrf Harasers

Yellow Fry Pan = Nicadrorial Past Atempts Yellow Lavaza

NSA Supercomputers Rf Video aka Wish Nicadrorial Traets

15.9hbsrf = Frige Nicdarorial wish treats by their own Invented Codes

& CT EMP RF = Same Team,34.6411354,3a,15y,172.62h,93.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sZSNQpwGnYFeNmtanmeNpCg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en&authuser=4
[Butt Terr_a WorthFilterCircuit _]

= Store Nortwood Agurot Down Sindrome Repetition=15/9hbsrf

= Nortwood CIArf team hbsrf likud gov & CIA =yellow fry pan

= bread trips in park =police connected
& gogu lol & Koren ]

including for Complicity in State Assassination Biological Mother

[By gogu CT EMP RF Tesla 15/9 hbsrf harasment team & Closed Circuit Cameras

& = Same Team Wish Valkire wish Nicadrors against wis ] Russia []

& Transfer to Hague to ICC Tribunal

Planet Level Secret Intel Tribunal

Planet Level Secret Intel Tribunal

& ISTCCNUEP Technological Constitution Constitutional Tribunal

& ICC Tribunal

& Russian Tribunals

& UK Tribunals

& PR China Tribunals

& Real Independent Israel Appointed Judge



are Creating an Dedicated ICC Tribunal Court

For 1000 Humans Killed by [CT EMP RF Tesla hbsrf ]

in Ashdod Alone in all Last 32 Years

as Part of the [CIA BND Automation & Robotics & AI Hybrid Inteligence ]

Hijacking Two Nations aka RI Israel & RI Palestine

by [CIA Mercenaries Movie Style Under Siege Stargate

Independence Day etc ]

in Order to [Planed Built Attempted Continuous all last 8 Years

Mass Extinction Extermination ]

Every Man Woman Child in Ashdod & Shunat Atikva Tel Aviv

Israel Middle East Russia Humanity

Updated Request

for Mandatory Arresting

[Bibi & Gilad Erdan & Gina Haspel & 15/9 hbsrf Harasers

& gogu lol & Koren & CT EMP RF Tesla & Trips managerhbsrf]

State Assassination Biological Mother & Transfer to Hague

Including in this Context


CT EMP RF Tesla & Trips Manager of Rf scan

Massive Nicadrorial Failed Attempt by EMP & Tesla Rf over last 48 Hours

Including wish Dark Male 5 56 & Farthbsrf

Including Rf Piss /Defecation CT EMP RF Terror atack 5 22 6 00

Preced by Nortwood Renovation 15/9hbsrf Flat

with approximativly Valkire Path Between Old WC & a New Instaled One

& with Ceramic [Doron ] Covered

Swartz the Nigers Yake Te Yak Color Tiles

& with Same Shelf as in Z Flat

this time Using an Shelf that was once in the Sinai Flat

aka We have by Nortwood Renovators Same Shelf in

Original in Sinai Flat [See Pini Ambulances Paths ] Preceding Buy the Flat

& Copies in Z Flat & 15/8hbsrf Renovation

Aditional then Pini Ambulances Valkire wish Paths

Inside Flat Valkirie Path Between Wc & Other Wonders of Down Sindrome

Nortwood Renovation

In This Context
Police Officer in the Second Floor aka Straight Below

Request last 2 Week aka Use only One Wc since the Other

is making Instalations Sweege Spell in its Apartment

all this after Two Books Where First Placed One another in First Wc

One American Revolution Roots

Same Team

Asuta nonmedical 'Help' Papers & FBI Book

Forceably Retracted from a Chair

Same Team Morning Since Yesterday EMP RF Nicadrorial

Rf Piss Defecation Terror Trips

This Time 'Interogating' ] Holandia Bear in Salon [ on their own Suicidal

wish Valkire


Suggestive Nebula Winers by Frank Herbert

Placed in imposible to use first Wc

aka wish wishes

wish nicadrors multyple modes

multiple Valkirie Paths & Past Nicadrors

aka Where the Police Officer in the Flat Bellow Stands ]

Is an ICC Tribunal Issue []

& in this Context

Planet Level Secret Intel Tribunal Request Still Today by Law

on a Golden Plate the Decapitated by ICC Tribunal Judges

The Following Decapitated by Law by ICC Tribunal Judges Heads


Bibi & Gilad Erdan & Gina Haspel & Friedman

& 15/9 hbsrf Harasers = Park Harasers = Alef to Bet

& gogu lol & Koren & CT EMP RF Tesla & Trips managerhbsrf


& in this Entire Contex All Above Tribunals



Irrelevant if [Bibi ] is Arrested today [or not ]

The Following Items Must Be Provided Official Public & Signed

aka Signed Official by [Trump Gina Bibi Erdan ]

to the ICC Tribunal & Its Judges Today



Each any all RFID Implantable Devises Either For Animals or Humans

Between 1994 & Present Exported from USA to Israel

RFID Minimal Description Definition Attached to Data Basses

RFID Devise Description

For Each Devise Its Functionality

aka Local Location & GPS & Microfone & Nerve Stimulator etc

& Its ID Codes

Implanting Procedure aka Medical Syringe or Other Similar Devises

History From Order Fabrication Dates Implanting Owning Personal etc etc


Decision Makers all along all Processes
Decoded RFID

Question to Be Answers aka 100% Israeli Population RFID Perfidy Implanted

Additional Issue

Official Public Charging with [Atempted Murder

CT EMP RF Tesla Yesterday in Park & Day Before

& 5 to 6 00 Morning

Including wish Psy Treats

including Bike 9 14hbsrf over Red Light]

& Under Nuremberg [Gina Bibi Erdan ]

Issue Closed
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