Russia & PR China & NMEU & RI Israel & RI Palestine are Charging Under>Trump & & Bibi & Erdan & Rf scan facilities >>gogu]

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Dec 23, 2019, 12:00:17 AM12/23/19
Planet Level Secret Intel Tribunal

& ISTCCNUEP Technological Constitution Constitutional Tribunal

& ICC Tribunal

& Russian Tribunals

& UK Tribunals

& PR China Tribunals

& Real Independent Israel Appointed Judge



Starting from

>State Assassination Biological Mother in the Same Time with Fully Fraudulous

& as well Simultaneous Second Side Z Flat & Finisar
Atack from Sea Folder & Picture

]Ashdod & Mecca [ Alef 1984 until Present
Brightcom Since year 2000
At Brightcom all Mazda 323 Leased to Workers Where of Color Almond Shaked
Almond color a color that is a creamy off-white brown
Police Compliant After Attempted assassination & wish Rubbery at Givat Jonah

6 Laptops 3 or 4 Tablets etc etc Equipment

Attack from Sea Folder & Picture
Police Compliant After Attempted assassination & wish Rubbery at Givat Jonah

6 Laptops 3 or 4 Tablets etc etc Equipment

Well in the Items Wishh Taken During Rubbery & Atempted Assasination

followed by nonmedical treatment

there was more then a Year Data Base of Block Roads Coded Cars

by CIA & BND & Likud Gov Genocide Rf scan facility hbsrf

Inside the Pictures atempted Nicadrorial treats by 37hbsrf Road Bloacks Cars

After the wish Rubbery the Nortwood 'Interogation' Team

Switched Part of the codes to Absurd hbsrf Nortwood 'Interogation'

wish hbsrf fantesies of Statistical Sheling with 30hbsrf

We Know for Shure that 15/9hbsrf = Rubbery Team = Biological Mother Killers

also We Know that 15/9hbsrf team have Intentionally Removed !!!

From a Chair !!!

Symbolizing an Electrical Chair Police Complain & Asuta Papers

& have placed them on an Iron Glass Table in the middle

Same Team = 4 30hbsrf harassment in the park = Genocide rf scan hbsrf

Trump & & Bibi & Erdan & Rf scan facilities gogu

& in this context


Posted Between 6 to 8 40 Yesterday Morning

aka Hours Before

at 10 00 to 11 00 Rf scan facility Owned Russian Speaking Actor

Purposely chosen for exaggerated Fisionomia Russian Looking

Drunk or Pretending to be Drunk nonsense tripping arround

Russia & PR China & UK & RI Israel & ICC & Charging Under >NASA & June Probe ]

18 Hours ago
Posted around 14 00 Yesterday Includes [Bibi ]

aka QED NO [ wish Plots ]

also QED [Northwood hbsrf15/9hbsrf team]

12 Hours agao aka around 20 00 Yesterday Evening


Biological Mother Killed by 15/9hbsrf Nortwood Interogation Team

& that ]QED Contradicts [ Same team & CIA Fraudulous Twin Buildings in Alef

Same Team Visual Impairing in Alef Store in the Past

by Rf scan

Same Team Assuta Medical nonatention after Rubbery

at Givat Jonah

Same Team at Assuta Visual Check & 29hbsrf tiket

Same Team St Morits Number 1 Wc Cleaning Solution

after a Year of Sano Clear over Lace


the Sano Clear is after the Nicadrorial Treats onthe Lace by other means

Killing by Rf Biological Mother = ] QED Fraudulos [Twin Towers in Alef

all this = Same Team

= Genocide Rf scan Facility of CIA & Likud Gov


Russia & PR China & NMEU & RI Israel & RI Palestine Integrated Decision

[ Mainland USA & Germany ]

to Double all Fines [30hbsrf nortwood 'Interogation' Team

=Givat Jonah wish Rubbery Team = 15/9hbsrf = Biological Mother Killers]

Fined New Fine 4 Trillion [Euro] Today Value Connected to Index & Ribit

that I will Decided How to Invest according to my Decisions

also [ Mainland USA & Germany ]

Fined New Fine 1.8 Trillion [Euro] Today Value Connected to Index & Ribit

for the [Northwood Russian Speaking Actor in the Park ]

& all 1.8 Trillion [Euro] Money Goes to Russia

also Today 50 Million [Euro] 2001 Value Connected to Index & Ribit

are Transfered to My Bank Account by [Mainland USA Justice ]

for Proving QED Flase Flag Operation 911

also Following are Mandatory Arrested Today & Fined

[15/9hbsrf Team & Rf scan Team & gogu & Park Harassment Team ]

& Transfered Today to Hague

also [Gilad Erdan] to be Arrested at 12 00 & Transfered to Hague

for wish [nondelivery]

Also [Terrorist Hijaked by wish Nicadrorial Treats Over Lace ]

22000 NIS from Biological Mother

are Returned in hours with Index & Ribit

from [Terror Activity Acts ] founds by [Erdan Itself ]

in Cash no [strings attached]

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