TPLSWIPSC & & & & NMEU & LAmer & TCCTribunal &>RS On>On Charges Crime off Genocide>QQq65>3Epicenters>WW3> QQQFFO911> CCICA >29 32 etc> USA Siemens]

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Planet InfamyOfWest

Jan 31, 2023, 11:33:30 PMJan 31
& All Nested Floders
[devil advocate borne press at 90 deg mirrored]
[90 Deg to Main Stream]
ICC [CIA NSA BND likud 666 90 Deg to Main Stream Devil ]
ICC [90 Deg Alice Gimball Gyro System Swartz the Nigers_] (4)
[devil advocate WORK AT 90 DEGREES ]
Two Key Items
ICC QQQFFO911[ World War 3 Nortwood Barbarosa 3 Items GZ hakers ] lr
ICC [Clinton WW3 Mass Excrinction Bells Clock] lr
ICC Expanded[Hands SnuffCIA rfDeep Impact AliceUSAEmbassies]
ICC [World War 3 Barbarossa & wish Nicadrorial USA & Euro High End Physics]
[3 Letters as Number 3 aka CIA on Rabin Grave Horizontal & IRA Vertical]
ICC [Horizontal Vertical Cross CIA BND JDR Nicadrorial Codes ]

ISTCCNUEP IMN& & & &>RS>QQQFFO911=65>>WW3> integrated Secret Interrogation Under Rome Statue & Oath > Biden Roberta Bibi CIA NATO JDR Zelenskyy]

TPLSWIPSC & & & & NMEU & LAmer & TCCTribunal &>RS On>On Charges Crime off Genocide>QQq65>3Epicenters>WW3> QQQFFO911> 15/9hbsrf Thomas Gvir]
& All Nested Floders
[Robotic Planes aka Fire By Wire Robotic Planes
Precisely Coordinated With Artificial Weather in Order to Improve
Robotic Planes Accuracy = De Facto Transforming Boeing Planes in to Cruise Missiles
[Mariner 10_J_SturgesLifeTimeSwarmEndGame _ Radar Like Revolving McDonalds Sign] Israel & Iraq & Russia
[Expanded Decapitation ] 3 Continents
ICC Tribunal [Stargate_Buzdugan_We Came] (1)
Key Item Sci American Wind Tunnel & Pulley
ICC [ CIA Owned [Nicadrors ]& Owners CIA BND Bush Burlacu JDR Bibi] lr
Key Item Artificial Wind & Halfing the n Smoke During QQQFFO911
TPLSWIPSC & & & & NMEU & LAmer & TCCTribunal &>RS On>On Charges Crime off Genocide>QQq65>3Epicenters>WW3> QQQFFO911>CNN Siemens USA Germany]
ICC [Finger Slaping & Finger Crossing Heard like Crush & Siemens ] Signal For 911 False Flag Operation (1).mp4'80%2084%20CCW%20%20Barbarossa%20by%20False%20Flag%20Operation%20Nortwood%20%5D/ICC%5BBibi%20Obama%5D/ICC%20%5BTrapezHolocaustPatsi%20wish%20plans%20aka%20%20CIA%5D%20Self%20Made%20911%20Towers%20%20%20%20%5BWish%20Tsunamy%20in%20%5D%20Mediteranean%20.mp4%20(2).mp4
DEEP IMPACT (1998) Final Scene [HD
Flight of the Navigator - CGI Spaceship (1986


FSB & Myself Simple Explanatory [Rf Wind]
ISTCCNUEP & FSB Preliminary Explanatory Regarding Crime Scene [Forgery Twin Towers ] in Ashdod
Will Update Sound File Verbal Explanatory

Context Decisions to be Implemented asap


Exoskeleton in Nested Link BellowКузнецов
Ceremonial & Logistical Under All [World War 3] Protocols & Debellatios & Fines etc & Exoskeleton The Complete Unconditional Surrender [USA Euro Union NATO JDR Ukraine SKorea Taiwan] Ceremony etc On Board Адмирал Флота Советского Союза Кузнецов

& in this Context







>> >
>QQQFFO911=65> integrated Mode Real Nuclear Freeze>

Interrogation Today by Video Conference Under Activated Rome Statue > Under Oath
Multiple Subjects Multiple Interogation Confferences > World War 3 etc >

Charges Genocide Tsunamy
CNN Siemens USA Germany
Charges Robotic Planes & QQQFFO911

Robotic Planes Boeing Transformed Modified in Human Cargo Cruise Missi;es

Main articles
Some important articles are:

Article 1: Every state has complete and exclusive sovereignty over airspace above its territory.

Article 3 bis: Every other state must refrain from resorting to the use of weapons against civil aircraft in flight.

Article 5: The aircraft of states, other than scheduled international air services, have the right to make flights across state's territories and to make stops without obtaining prior permission. However, the state may require the aircraft to make a landing.

Article 6: (Scheduled air services) No scheduled international air service may be operated over or into the territory of a contracting State, except with the special permission or other authorization of that State.

Article 10: (Landing at customs airports): The state can require that landing to be at a designated customs airport and similarly departure from the territory can be required to be from a designated customs airport.

Article 12: Each state shall keep its own rules of the air as uniform as possible with those established under the convention, the duty to ensure compliance with these rules rests with the contracting state.

Article 13: (Entry and Clearance Regulations) A state's laws and regulations regarding the admission and departure of passengers, crew or cargo from aircraft shall be complied with on arrival, upon departure and whilst within the territory of that state.

Article 16: The authorities of each state shall have the right to search the aircraft of other states on landing or departure, without unreasonable delay.

Article 24: Aircraft on a flight to, from, or across the territory of another contracting State shall be admitted temporarily free of duty, subject to the customs regulations of the State. Fuel, lubricating oils, spare parts, regular equipment and aircraft stores on board an aircraft of a contracting State, on arrival in the territory of another contracting State and retained on board on leaving the territory of that State shall be exempt from customs duty, inspection fees or similar national or local duties and charges. This exemption shall not apply to any quantities or articles unloaded, except in accordance with the customs regulations of the State, which may require that they shall be kept under customs supervision.

Article 29: Before an international flight, the pilot in command must ensure that the aircraft is airworthy, duly registered and that the relevant certificates are on board the aircraft. The required documents are:

Certificate of registration
Certificate of airworthiness
Passenger names, place of boarding and destination
Crew licenses
Journey Logbook
Radio Licence
Cargo manifest
Article 30: The aircraft of a state flying in or over the territory of another state shall only carry radios licensed and used in accordance with the regulations of the state in which the aircraft is registered. The radios may only be used by members of the flight crew suitably licensed by the state in which the aircraft is registered.

Article 32: The pilot and crew of every aircraft engaged in international aviation must have certificates of competency and licensees issued or validated by the state in which the aircraft is registered.

Article 33: (Recognition of Certificates and Licences) Certificates of airworthiness, certificates of competency and licensees issued or validated by the state in which the aircraft is registered, shall be recognized as valid by other states. The requirements for the issuing of those certificates or airworthiness, certificates of competency or licensees must be equal to or above the minimum standards established by the Convention.

Article 40: No aircraft or personnel with endorsed licenses or certificate will engage in international navigation except with the permission of the state or states whose territory is entered. Any license holder who does not satisfy international standard relating to that license or certificate shall have attached to or endorsed on that license information regarding the particulars in which he does not satisfy those standards.

The Convention is supported by nineteen annexes containing standards and recommended practices (SARPs). The annexes are amended regularly by ICAO and are as follows:

Annex 1 – Personnel Licensing
Licensing of flight crews, air traffic controllers & aircraft maintenance personnel. Including Chapter 6 containing medical standards.
Annex 2 – Rules of the Air[5]
Appendix 1 - Signals
Appendix 2 - Interception of civil aircraft
Appendix 3 - Tables of cruising levels
Appendix 4 - Unmanned free balloons
ATTACHMENT A. Interception of civil aircraft
ATTACHMENT B. Unlawful interference
Annex 3 – Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation
Vol I – Core SARPs
Vol II – Appendices and Attachments
Annex 4 – Aeronautical Charts
Annex 5 – Units of Measurement to be used in Air and Ground Operations
Annex 6 – Operation of Aircraft
Part I – International Commercial Air Transport – Aeroplanes
Part II – International General Aviation – Aeroplanes
Part III – International Operations – Helicopters
Annex 7 – Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks
Annex 8 – Airworthiness of Aircraft
Annex 9 – Facilitation
Annex 10 – Aeronautical Telecommunications
Vol I – Radio Navigation Aids
Vol II – Communication Procedures including those with PANS status
Vol III – Communication Systems
Part I – Digital Data Communication Systems
Part II – Voice Communication Systems
Vol IV – Surveillance Radar and Collision Avoidance Systems
Vol V – Aeronautical Radio Frequency Spectrum Utilization
Annex 11 – Air Traffic Services – Air Traffic Control Service, Flight Information Service and Alerting Service
Annex 12 – Search and Rescue
Annex 13 – Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
Annex 14 – Aerodromes
Vol I – Aerodrome Design and Operations
Vol II – Heliports
Annex 15 – Aeronautical Information Services
Annex 16 – Environmental Protection
Vol I – Aircraft Noise
Vol II – Aircraft Engine Emissions
Vol III – CO2 Certification Requirement
Vol IV – Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)
Annex 17 – Security: Safeguarding International Civil Aviation Against Acts of Unlawful Interference
Annex 18 – The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air
Annex 19 – Safety Management (Since 14 November 2013)
Annex 5, Units of Measurement to be Used in Air and Ground Operations, named in its Table 3-3 three "non-SI alternative units permitted for temporary use with the SI": the foot (for vertical distance = altitude), the knot (for speed), and the nautical mile (for long distance).

Charges For State Assassination
Itzhak Rabin By CIA & Bibi= Chile 1973
Under Siege & SII Gary = Elbaz = Bibi
Ariel Sharon By CIA & Bibi = 65 Theresienstadt ] Israel & Palestine [wish ] Russia [
ICC [Schorder Merkel Schindler__]
Binary Star Or Double Slit Double Shadow'80%2084%20CCW%20%20Barbarossa%20by%20False%20Flag%20Operation%20Nortwood%20%5D/ICC%5BBibi%20Obama%5D/ICC%20%5BPurple%20Earth%20Mass%20Exctincion%20Corona%20%20%20%20%20%20%5D%20QQQFFO911%20(1).jpg
[Mariner 10_J_SturgesLifeTimeSwarmEndGame _ Radar Like Revolving
[Mariner 10_J_SturgesLifeTimeSwarmEndGame _ Radar Like Revolving McDonalds Sign] Israel & Iraq & Russia
[Expanded Decapitation ] 3 Continents
Avodat Tsadikim Naase Bidi Aherim & Automation
ISTCCNUEP IMN& & & &>RS>QQQFFO911=65>>WW3> integrated Secret Interrogation Under Rome Statue & Oath > Biden Roberta Bibi CIA NATO JDR Zelenskyy]'80%2084%20CCW%20%20Barbarossa%20by%20False%20Flag%20Operation%20Nortwood%20%5D
& All Nested Floders
Record Last 3 Weeks

Third Coupe Detat Since 1995 in Last 3 Weeks Togheder With Lapid & CIA
Forbiden Military Exercise with [USA]
8000 State Assasinations Full Atempts By CT EMP RF Sincro to Third Failed Coupe Since 1995
Out of Wich 14 Full State State Assasination Atempts by Cardio Vascular Rf Scan
3 Rubberies Under State Assasination by Proxy Aperhide Methodology
Israel No Longer Existent Since 1995 Under JDR NSA Bibi
So Called Legal System Reform = End Of Any Kind of Legal System
in the New Theresienstadth Since 1995 By CIA & Bibi
Failure to Return the Powerr in to ] Real Independent Israel Peoples Hands [

Since Begining Month September 2021 by CIA Bibi Lapid Bennett
] Despite Direct Order to Do So by ISTCCNUEP & FSB & MI6 & PRC etc & Tribunals etc [

1 Week after Decoded Mergerim & KFOR
After Siha Nezifa
]Charges Under UN Genocide Prevention [ On Bibi

Forbiden to Juan De Rada Illegitimates

Some Kind of Mirroring Action in ] Palestine [
[One Week After Gvir ][Big Bang ] Failure to Listen
] Russia UK PRC [

Reminder Bibi = Sub Judice Criminal

Illegitimate Foreign Agent

State Assassination [Rabin & Sharon ]
[Drowning Your Own Crew ]

Israel No Longer Existent Since 1995

Replaced by New Theresienstadt by CIA & Bibi Since 1995 JDR

AKA Much Worst then Vichy France

[Loader Goliath ]

gogu We Expect You Out by Yourself
in Context Forbiden [Military Exercize with USA]
Zelenzkyy Ukraine = CIA

Issue Closed

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