Russia & PRC & UK & RII & ICC & Charging Under & Law at Sea> Looting> Trump & Bishop CIA& Bibi & Erdan] for [CT Rf scan etc Terror & Bath Forbidden 15/9hbsrf call harassment & Soap ]

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Apr 5, 2020, 9:58:36 AM4/5/20
Russia & PRC & UK & RII & ICC & Charging Under & Law at Sea> Looting> Clinton Bush Obama Schroder Merkel Bibi gogu&Koren&Tsafrir Ilan&*&PacepaFinisar] Israel &Palestine & Ashdod [_!~]

ISTCCNUEP Planet Level Secret Intel Services & FSB & PRC & MI6 & RIIsrael & New ME Union & New UN & ICC & Judaism & Islam Decision Decree & Implementation Unity&Union&under all [WorldWar3] Protocols

Debellatio [USA/Euro German/likud Nazi Tv]

& in this etc Entire etc Context & Data & Information in all forms etc

Russia & PRC & UK & RII & ICC & Charging


& Law at Sea>Piracy> Clinton Bush Obama Schroder Merkel Bibi


Israel &Palestine & Ashdod [_!~]

& in this etc Entire Context

Russia & PRC & UK & RIIsrael & & NMEU Egypt Tribunals


ICC Integrated Tribunals

Phone Conference & Polygraph Interrogation


Planet Level Secret Intel Tribunal

& ISTCCNUEP Technological Constitution Constitutional Tribunal

& ICC Tribunal

& Russian Tribunals

& UK Tribunals

& PR China Tribunals

& Real Independent Israel Appointed Judge

& Egypt Tribunals

Mandatory Permanent Decision & Implementation Today
Both customary international law and international treaties prohibit pillage in armed conflict.[6] The Lieber Code, Brussels Declaration (1874), and Oxford Manual recognized the prohibition against pillage.[6] The Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 ( modified in 1954) obliges military forces not only to avoid the destruction of enemy property, but to provide protection to it.[19] Article 8 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court provides that in international warfare, the "pillaging a town or place, even when taken by assault" counts as a war crime.[6] In the aftermath of World War II, a number of war criminals were prosecuted[by whom?] for pillage. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (operative from 1993 to 2017) brought several prosecutions for pillage.[6]

The Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 explicitly prohibits the looting of civilian property during wartime.[6][20]

Theoretically, to prevent such looting, unclaimed property is moved to the custody of the Custodian of Enemy Property, to be handled until returned to its owners

We Officialy Charge & Arrest by ICC Starting From Aggression War &


Trump & Bishop CIA& Bibi & Erdan]

for [CT Rf scan etc Terror

& Bath Forbidden 15/9hbsrf call harassment & Soap Made out Strawberry

etc etc wish Hijakers hbsrf CT rf /Psychodrama Perfydy etc War Crimes

under CT rf by 15/9hbsrf caller = CT rf

= Undobtly Involved in Biological Mother Killing

= Either gogu or clone Used Forbiden UPS CIA Car
ICC [Schorder Merkel Schindler__]
Perfidy constitutes a breach of the laws of war and so is a war crime, as it degrades the protections and mutual restraints developed in the interest of all parties, combatants and civilians


Nazi Nuremberg Reich Party
The Accordionist is a 1911 painting by Pablo Picasso
ICC False Flag 911 [Dacialan & Swartz the Nigers & Duke & SandToGlass_Centola Line of Sight By Shanon Gun Nuclear & Right Hand & Blitz Krieg]
[Map Coloring] (1)
]Ashdod & Mecca [

ICC [CIA Nortwood & Azorian & Pacepa & Bibi 1982 & ID Card Number 1983 at Airport & Alef Panorama & Obama & Bibi Indian Restorant ]
ICC [Totale Krieg Iron Mask & F Pin Point Time Travel]


4 Trillion [Euro] Fine on [Mainland USA ]

& 4 Million [Euro] Fines [Bibi Erdan Trump Bishop ]

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