EUROPE TO BE DIVIDED INTO 'REGIONS' BY GLOBALIST ELITE IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER: ‘The End Of The Nation States Of Europe’ - ‘Ireland Sees Growing Opposition To European Constitution’; AND REVIVING REFUGE - ‘Canadian House Of Commons Votes To Let U.S. War Resisters Stay In Canada’

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Jun 4, 2008, 4:10:43 PM6/4/08
WORLD ORDER: ‘The End Of The Nation States Of Europe’ - ‘Ireland Sees
Growing Opposition To European Constitution’; AND REVIVING REFUGE -
‘Canadian House Of Commons Votes To Let U.S. War Resisters Stay In

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The End Of The Nation States Of Europe

By Philip Jones in Copenhagen,
via Rense,Com,
3 June, 2008.

'Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without
their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished
by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but
which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation'. Jean
Monnet (Founding Father Of The EU).

On June 12th 2008, the fate of nearly 500 million people will be
decided by a country whose population totals only 4.2 million. The
people of the Republic Of Ireland will be the only 'citizens' of the
European Union given the opportunity to have their say on what is
potentially the most fundamental piece of legislation in the history
of the 'Old Continent'. All the other member states have simply
ignored the wishes of their people and left ratification to be 'rubber
stamped' by their respective parliaments. However, it is necessary for
all twenty seven member states to complete ratification before the
'Treaty' becomes legally binding.

So, if the Irish vote is 'NO' then the treaty will not be able to be
implemented, at least for the present. But, if the Irish people
swallow the massive 'Pro Treaty' propaganda and vote 'Yes', then the
fate of, and inevitable demise of the Nation States of Europe will be
sealed. There will be no more serious obstacles left to
Federalisation. The long dreamed of (by the Federalists that is)
United States Of Europe will become a reality.

Many, if not the majority of people on both sides of the Atlantic have
been 'duped' for decades into believing that the EEC/EU is about a
'free trade' zone. This is not at all the case, as the above quote by
Monsieur Monet illustrates very clearly. So what are the ramifications
of a 'Yes' vote by the Irish.

The European Union was founded on lies and deceit at the very highest
levels of government. This trail of deception has continued since, and
on Thursday 13th December 2007 stopped momentarily in Lisbon Portugal,
where the 'dignitaries' of the member states of this 'trading bloc'
signed the 'EU Reform Treaty'.

This 'Treaty' replaces the EU Constitution rejected in 2005 by both
France and the Netherlands. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and
the former French President 'Giscard D'Estaing are among many European
ministers who have confirmed that the 'Treaty' is but the Constitution
by another name. The only differentials being the dropping from the
new document those articles relating to the EU Flag, Anthem and Motto.
Yet only two days prior to the 'Historic event' in Lisbon, sixteen
member states 'broke cover' and called for an amendment to the 'Treaty
'and the reinstatement of these three articles, thereby transforming
the 'Treaty' into the original Constitution. They also want to impose
the 'single currency' on all those member states still retaining their
'indigenous' currencies and are suggesting that a 'Europe Day' become
a holiday for celebration.

The leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party 'Nigel Farage'
said, "The full treachery being imposed is at last fully out in the
open. The pathetic attempts claiming this wasn't the Constitution are
now blown out of the water. Back comes the flag, the anthem and the
motto. It means that what was 96% of the original constitution is now
100%. Let's not hear anymore of the 'Reform Treaty'. This is the
rejected EU Constitution brought back in all it's pomp'.

The Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has decided against
any referendum on the Treaty, leaving it's ratification to Danish MPs.
He told reporters that the 'Treaty' was 'Good For Denmark'. Denmark
had planned to hold a referendum on the Constitution back in 2005, but
following the 'NO' votes in France and Holland, the vote was dropped.
The Danish Justice Ministry have concluded that the 'Treaty' does not
threaten Danish Sovereignty. Mr Rasmussen is quoted as saying " When
sovereignty is relinquished, a referendum is needed, but when no
sovereignty is relinquished, Parliament will ratify the text'. He also
confirmed plans to hold another referendum on the 'Single
Currency' (EURO) and whether to end the 'opt outs' agreed at
Maastricht relating to defence, justice and home affairs.

So, no threat to sovereignty ? Well let's consider the implications;
If a Sovereign Nation State no longer controls it's own Economy,
Defence, Justice System and Home Affairs, can it truly be called a
'Sovereign Nation State' any longer ? The answer is quite simply NO.

The Political and Financial Elite of Europe have been working towards
this moment since the end of World War Two. In every member state, the
personalities might differ, but the rhetoric is always the same; 'No
Loss Of Sovereignty, good for the people, good for the economy and so

Alright' let us take a look at what this 'Treaty' is really about.
What is the difference between this document and the original
Constitution ? German Lawyer, Klaus Heeger, a researcher and legal
advisor to the Independent Democratic group in the EU Parliament has
drawn the following conclusions regarding the two documents:

According to his analysis, the Constitution granted the EU 105 new
'competences'. The 'Treaty' also grants 105 new areas of competence.
Out goes the EU symbols (Flag, Anthem, Motto) in comes Climate Change.
The remaining 104 areas remain the same.

Decision making by qualified majority replaces 'unanimity' in 62 new
areas in the Reform Treaty. One more than in the Constitution. Out
goes 'Intellectual property rights', in comes energy and climate
change. The other 60 stay the same.

His conclusion; The EU Constitution by another name.

This sixth and final 'Treaty' is the 'death knell' for the sovereignty
of the member states of the EU. Do not be mistaken about this, and no
matter what your 'elected' leaders are telling you to the contrary,
this is it. This is the culmination of years of plotting, deception
and conspiring against the people of Europe. So what's the big deal
many will ask ? Read on and find out.

This 'Treaty' is the EU's most secret and quickest drafted document
yet. Opposition to and recognition that the EU is a Police State in
the making is growing and they (the conspirators) know that speed is
vital. Tony Blair agreed to it in June 2007 as his final 'Stab in
Britains Back'. Foreign Ministers agreed it's terms in September 2007
and on 13th December two months later, the representatives of each
member state signed the document, and now, all that remains is
ratification, and the deed will be done.

So, if the result of the Irish vote is a 'Yes'and all other member
states do as indicated, ratify this treasonous piece of infamy, how
will our lives be affected ?

Our National Parliaments will become redundant as all power that still
remains will transfer to Brussels. It will mean the formal end of
those Historic Nations of Europe who are member states of the EU.
National Embassies around the world will come under the auspicies of
EU bureaucrats. The ancient counties and provinces will be merged and
combined into 'EU Administrative Regions'. (The recent amalgamations
of Kommunes in Denmark is a premptive example of this, along with the
'devolved' parliaments of Scotland and Wales, to be soon joined by the
eradication of 'England' and the setting up of similar regional
assemblies there).

The EU will take ownership of Police, Military, Nuclear Weapons,
Currency Reserves and North Sea Oil as outlined in the Treaty
document. Serving members of our Police and Armed Forces will be
required to take an oath of loyalty to the EU. Refusal will result in
dismissal. The EU will have complete control of all military matters,
equipment and facililties.

Political parties will be abolished, phased out or realigned. Only Pan
European parties will be allowed. Independence parties will
effectively be outlawed as under the 1999 ruling of the European Court
Of Justice (case 274/99), it is illegal to criticize the EU. (Even
before the Irish Vote, News from Brussels indicates that plans are
afoot already to eliminate any 'Eurosceptic groups within the EU
Parliament). The EU will have the legal right to close National
Parliaments and Assemblies.

Many people will be made unemployed as the EU rule of 'retraining' at
a citizens own expense becomes universal (including the purchase of a
Certificate confirming said retraining). Hundreds of thousands of
small businesses will be forced to close due to the enforcement of
endless numbers of impracticable and unworkable EU regulations.

Around 107,000 EU laws will criminalise many, as adherence to this
amount of legislation is impossible. We will be subject to frequent
fines and even arrest as a result of what will be our inevitable
ignorance. Take the following as examples: From January 2006, it
became illegal to repair your own domestic plumbing, electricals or
even your own car. If you buy a boat over six feet long, built after
1999, you will be required to pay the equivalent in Euros of £4000, or
face six months in prison. As the EU 'Police State' flexes it's
muscles ever more, each of us will live under the fear and threat of
arrest or prosecution for any one of a myriad of offences, even minor

The Large Corporations will do well of course, utilising massive
immigration from within and without the EU, paying minimum wages to
immigrants at the expense of the indigenous population, thus forcing
salaries downwards. Futhermore, these Corporations will have a near
Monopoly on employment (along with Government), and will be able to
dictate conditions and terms of employment withour fear of

Top Government Jobs and the inevitable corruption which will
accomapany this monopoly, will create a new 'Class Divide' ensuring
the rich and their 'fellow travellers' get richer, whilst the majority
decline into poverty. Taxes will increase in order to pay for the
massive growth in bureaucracy.

There will be no 'redress of grievance' through local 'democratic'
channels because there won't be any local democracy. Or any democracy
at all for that matter. The 'EU Administrative Regional Governments'
will be unelected (See the EU Regionalisation plan on the EU Website).
Our only vote will be to the powerless EU Parliament. We will be ruled
by the unelected EU Commisioners, who have no 'accountability to the
people' at any level.

If we demonstrate or protest, we can be seized and relocated to
another EU Region. The EU Arrest Warrant and the various legislation
introduced across the EU since 9/11 will give the Authorities absolute
power over us. The shootings of innocents 'Philip Prout' and 'Jean de
Menezes' were entirely legal under EU Law. The intimidation and
growing 'Anti Muslim' vitriol across the EU is becoming reminiscent of
the treatment of Jews in pre war Germany. A Federal European State
will become a very unpleasant place to be.

Following Federation, in and around 15 years hence, Europe could
collapse under the weight of it's own Bureaucracy and Corruption.
There will be so little production, that no amount of taxation will be
able to support the vast, inept, corrupt and wasteful government
machinery. Many will be reduced to poverty on the brink of starvation.
The complete lack of any 'checks and balances' will leave the door
open for any would be dictatorship.

The EU as monstrous as it is, is nothing more than a 'stepping stone'
to 'World Government'. Before you dismiss this article as 'Scare
Mongering' or 'Conspiracy Theory', find out how many of your own
country's leading politicians are members of such 'Secret
Organisations' as the Biderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Club Of
Rome, and the Royal Institute For International Affairs.

Each and every one of the above are totally dedicated to a 'One World'
Government and see a Federal Europe as a necessary evolution towards
that goal. Their memberships read like a who's who of the planet's
'power players'. Danish readers for example, might be very surprised
to discover which of their country's Political and Financial Elites
attend the Bilderberger meetings, which has been in the forefront of
machinations to further European Federalisation. To find out which of
your elected representatives are members of any of the above groups,
just type in the organisation's name on any recognised search engine.
Then sit back and prepare to be shocked.

We live in an age where people seem to have abdicated all
responsibilty for their own lives to Government. This has been going
on since the end of World War Two, but has accelerated markedly since
the 1980's. This 'social irresponsibilty' led us to Lisbon on 13th
December 2007, where our so called leaders signed away our ancient
rights and freedoms in the name of their 'great plan'. If we sit back
and do nothing, the rest of our lives will become a nightmare of our
own making, because in the final analysis, it is we who will have
handed over our rights and liberties into the hands of 'wolves'.

The future well being of a whole continent lies in the hands of the
Irish people. They need our support. They need to know they are not
alone. It's time to start writing to your 'elected' representatives,
time to find the time to research what this EU thing is really about.
Time to switch off the TV and pick up a book about the EU, or check
out the many internet sites relating to this 'Superstate in the
making'. Do something, speak to your friends, neighbours, family. Just
do something. Before it is too late, and it almost is.

Philip Jones

Postscript: Anyone who cares about liberty should visit
set_language=en&cccpage=sign_petition and sign the online petition and
also use the email link asking an Irish citizen to vote no on your

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Ireland Sees Growing Opposition To European Constitution

The June 12 vote on the Lisbon Treaty now seems less certain, as
opposition groups, some businessmen and farmers raise concerns about

By Kim Murphy
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
June 1, 2008

NENAGH, IRELAND — The "Yes on the EU" bus rolled into town blaring a
foot-stomping "Galway Girl" from its megaphone one afternoon last
week, but what it got was a whole lot of no.

An Irishman has always been a hard sell, and never more so than when
issues of sovereignty are at stake.

"People died for your freedom," declares one of the signs that have
popped up in this agricultural town as Ireland prepares to vote June
12 on the European Union's new constitution. "Don't throw it away."

Farmer Ida McLoughlin isn't sold on the other posters plastered around
town: "Vote yes for jobs, the economy and Ireland's future."

"Since the EU, all you see are 4x4s going down the street and big
buildings going up. The thatched cottages are gone," McLoughlin said.
"You have all these Johnny-come-lately people who were poor and got
rich, and they're dreadful people. We've lost our Irish values."

Adoption of the so-called Lisbon Treaty requires ratification by all
27 member states of the EU, which could take a much more prominent
role on the world stage under the streamlined diplomacy and beefed-up
military readiness the document envisions.

Fourteen nations have ratified the agreement through their
parliaments, and the remainder are expected to do so by the end of the
year. Only Ireland's constitution requires a referendum -- and that
could make or break the long-awaited constitution.

The Irish government, most business leaders and political parties of
nearly every stripe have come out overwhelmingly in favor of the
Lisbon Treaty, pointing out how Ireland's membership in the EU over
the last 35 years has helped transform the Emerald Isle of 4.1 million
people from an impoverished backwater dependent on Britain to one of
Europe's most robust economies.

But a newly vigorous opposition composed of farmers, a few wealthy
businessmen with vague connections to the U.S. defense establishment
and the leftist Irish republican party, Sinn Fein, have gained quickly
in recent polls, and the outcome is suddenly no longer a sure thing.

It is not clear what happens if Ireland says no -- except that the
union would surely be plunged, as it was when France and the
Netherlands voted down an earlier EU constitution in 2005, into
uncertainty and more tedious negotiations on what EU leaders say is a
badly needed framework for decision-making among its suddenly more
numerous member states.

"It would put us in the very tortured position of going back to the
drawing board," said Marc Coleman, a Dublin-based economic analyst.

The treaty signed in Lisbon in December would help Europe project
itself more forcefully on the international stage by creating a
European Council president and foreign affairs representative while
outlining a framework for EU troop deployments in peacekeeping and
humanitarian missions.

The treaty would broaden and establish a legal basis for the EU's
lawmaking powers in some areas while making them subject much more
directly to national parliaments and citizens initiatives. It would
set out voting weights between large and small countries, improve
cross-border cooperation in areas such as crime fighting and climate
change and streamline the European Commission to a manageable decision-
making body of 18.

Under the treaty, member nations still would retain their historic
veto power in crucial areas such as defense, foreign policy, taxation
and social security, but not on issues like immigration and energy

Voters in overwhelmingly Catholic Ireland worry that the nation would
be forced to expand abortion rights (no), forfeit its long tradition
of military neutrality (no) or give up the holy grail of the Celtic
Tiger economic miracle, Ireland's 12.5% corporate tax rate (probably
not, though some in Europe would like to try).

Treaty opponents say the government is too smoothly dismissing what
may be legitimate fears and is too quick to warn that Ireland would
incur the wrath of the rest of Europe if it voted no.

"People always say Ireland is in very good standing at the European
level. But why wouldn't we be? We haven't invaded one of the partner
countries, we haven't partitioned them. But we're also a small member
state, and in the power structure that is the EU, small states have to
be very careful in how they protect their status and institutions,"
said Mary Lou McDonald, a member of the European Parliament with Sinn

Here in County Tipperary, the "Yes on the EU" bus was stopping in
front of village cafes and bakeries; young activists from the majority
Fianna Fail party trailed out in yellow T-shirts. They smiled and
passed out leaflets touting EU membership as a bonanza for Ireland --
the country received 58 billion euros in European funds for
agriculture, infrastructure and other programs from 1973 to 2003. Its
exports to other EU states increased from 45 billion euros in 1997 to
87 billion in 2006.

Maire Hoctor, a Fianna Fail lawmaker and a minister of state from
Nenagh, strolled the sidewalks, stopping for hugs, handshakes and an
occasional tongue-lashing. She was joined by party colleague Jim
Casey, mayor of North Tipperary.

"They're not going to give us anything. They're going to take it away,
for sure," said Bernie O'Brien, an elderly woman who resisted their

"I remember when we had nothing in this county: We had a one-way
ticket to Britain, and that was our lot," Hoctor told her.

Much of the opposition in rural Ireland involves an issue that has
nothing to do with the EU treaty at all: agriculture proposals
submitted last month to the World Trade Organization by the European
trade commissioner, who is Britain's former envoy to the British
province of Northern Ireland.

Irish farmers say the trade proposals could put 50,000 cattle farmers
in Ireland out of business by easing importation of Brazilian and
Argentine beef and driving down prices. The Irish Farmers Assn. says
it will urge its members to vote "no" on the EU treaty if Ireland
doesn't exercise its EU veto to block the trade proposals.

"It's just going to decimate farms," McLoughlin told Hoctor. "Sure,
we've gotten subsidies from the EU. We got the check in the post, like
everyone else. We were bought. We were humiliated. My husband has been
told what to grow, when to grow it."

Casey said the issue shouldn't be used to block a treaty that will be
good for Ireland.

"We've always negotiated good deals for the farmers in Ireland in
Europe, and I'm convinced that will continue," he said. "The EU has
provided well for farmers. Since we entered Europe, everything has
gotten much, much better."

The other main source of opposition has come from a group called
Libertas, fronted by two wealthy businessmen who have had extensive
contracts with the U.S. military. This has caused some in the Irish
media to speculate that the group is advancing the agenda of U.S.
conservatives, some of whom worry that a stronger, united Europe would
undermine U.S. interests on the continent.

But Ulick McEvaddy, a former military intelligence officer whose
company has contracts for aerial refueling with the U.S. Navy and
Marine Corps and who is one of Libertas' biggest supporters, said he
was worried about threats to Ireland's independence.

"We're handing over direct responsibility and huge issues of
sovereignty to the Brussels parliament," McEvaddy said. "If they
believe in this great experiment, put it to all the people of

Even in County Tipperary, some are willing to give it the benefit of
the doubt.

"Europe hasn't let us down yet," said Mick Connell, a member of the
local council in Templemore, not far from Nenagh. "That should be good


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House of Commons Votes To Let U.S. War Resisters Stay In Canada

OTTAWA, June 3 /CNW/ - The Opposition parties in the House of Commons
joined together today to adopt a recommendation which, if implemented,
make it possible for U.S. Iraq War resisters to obtain Permanent
status in Canada.

The recommendation was adopted by a majority of Members of Parliament
from the Liberal, Bloc Québécois, and New Democratic Parties. The
Conservatives voted against the motion.

The motion, which originated in the House of Commons Standing
on Citizenship and Immigration in December 2007, calls on the
government to
"immediately implement a program to allow conscientious objectors and
immediate family apply for permanent resident status and
in Canada; and...the government should immediately cease any removal
deportation actions...against such individuals."

Corey Glass, 25, a war resister who came to Canada in 2006 and was
recently told to leave Canada by June 12 or face removal to the United
welcomed the vote. "I'm thankful that the MPs voted to let me and the
war resisters stay in Canada. I'm also thankful to all the Canadians
who urged
their MPs to support us."

"This is a great victory for the courageous men and women who have
to Canada because they refuse to take part in the illegal, immoral
Iraq War,
and for the many organizations and individuals who have supported this
campaign over the past four years," said Lee Zaslofsky, Coordinator of
the War
Resisters Support Campaign and a Vietnam War deserter who came to
Canada in

The War Resisters Support Campaign is calling on the Conservative
government to respect the democratic decision of the Canadian
Parliament and
immediately implement the motion and cease deportation proceedings
Corey Glass and other war resisters.

For further information: Michelle Robidoux, (416) 856-5008; Lee
Zaslofsky, (416) 598-1222 or (415) 369-0864


(These news stories are posted under ‘Fair Use’

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WE get chemtrailed as a result!

See also the astonishing ‘earthquake cloud’ photographs which
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before the recent massive Gansu And Sichuan earthquakes in China.
Was this a HAARP hit?

All this, and more, at 'Chemtrails: Are They For Climate Control,
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On Wed, 4 Jun 2008 13:10:43 -0700 (PDT), Whileyouslept
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>The End Of The Nation States Of Europe

just about time

The Highlander

Jun 4, 2008, 9:30:54 PM6/4/08
On Jun 4, 1:10 pm, Whileyouslept <> wrote:

> ‘Canadian House Of Commons Votes To Let U.S. War Resisters Stay In

Well, there's a surprise! I live in Canada and the only mention in the
news of war resisters being allowed to stay is that the Supreme Court
of Canada has ruled that war resisters and deserters cannot stay.

I felt the above lie should be stopped dead right now.

The Highlander

Jun 4, 2008, 9:32:16 PM6/4/08
On Jun 4, 1:19 pm, wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Jun 2008 13:10:43 -0700 (PDT), Whileyouslept
> <> wrote:
> (...)
> >The End Of The Nation States Of Europe
> just about time

It isn't going to happen, so why nor crawl back under your stone?

Jun 4, 2008, 9:59:43 PM6/4/08
On Wed, 4 Jun 2008 18:32:16 -0700 (PDT), The Highlander
<> wrote:

>On Jun 4, 1:19 pm, wrote:
>> On Wed, 4 Jun 2008 13:10:43 -0700 (PDT), Whileyouslept
>> <> wrote:
>> (...)
>> >The End Of The Nation States Of Europe
>> just about time
>It isn't going to happen,


Jul 17, 2015, 4:39:56 PM7/17/15

Here in Spain and in all the perifry , we are against Europian costitutions and austerity. nobody wants a cick in the behind , never the tess we are getting it from Germany , quite regulerly. We the periphery should unite and get aut od this Naci economics.Even the Hungarian prime minister, though he is a right winger, is eager to get out of Europe. He said , if somebody knows how to do it , to let him know.
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