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Feb 22, 2022, 2:53:55 PMFeb 22
Casalao is the young man die hard African elephant ear root eater vote for you sir! Why didn't he say anything good about you if he likes you so much! I think you are an OK and all great to me even though I DID NOT VOTE for your Sir! So President Joe Biden is doing awesomely job! Even though I VOTED FOR TRUMP ADMINISTRATION!

I wonder when will President Joe Biden can truly take a real retirement package offered since he has passed 65 years of age and all. Are you now Lao sir!?? I wonder!! Mr. President!
You are surely a die hard stone hedge. Since you are considered as the oldest president of the America, and still working in office, would this mean, i will have to be working until 120 years old and no social security money left for me as said by many people online? Well, I need to get off line than since I still like to receive social security here in U.S. of A.

And, I saw the sign on a highway the other days since Mr. Joe Biden has been in office, the sign saidy to be by Anderson Law Firm (??) "Get a Divorce, Life is Too Short!". I wonder if that is part of your side kick,ອີ່ນາຍປ້າ Harris and her administration promotion deal, kind of activity? Well, I did reply to the court house the reason it is all well said and all good deal to me, that is kind of thing. I sure will let you know sir if I get the answer from the court house!! (Man...what a good day it is...to me!)

ຈາກຜູ້ກ່ຽວເດີທ່ານ With love and sincere,
(2/22/22;2:53pm; ET)
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