Nembutal (Powder,Pills and Liquid form)

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thomas navaro

Mar 29, 2021, 8:50:08 PM3/29/21
ketamine , Xanax, mdma, Nembutal, Demerol, Adderall, Norco, Dilaudid, etc...Text-(678) 391-3449

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Hello, we are suppliers of assorted pain killers and anxietay pain relief meds, and other research chemicals. Discount are also applicable for bulk buyers.The shipping is meticulously planned; packaging is done with professionalis.
We have the following meds below available in stock now for auction;
Pain/ Anxiety Pills
Oxycotin / Oxycodone 10,20 a,40 and 80 mg
Actavis Promethazine Codeine Purple Cough Syrup (16oz and 320z)
Hydrocodone 10500, 10325 ,7.5750 mg
Valium 10,15 and 20 mg
Xanax 1 and 2 mg
Dilaudid 2,4 and 8 mg
Ritalin 5,10, 20 mg
Percocet 7.5mg,5mg and 10mg
Opana 20mg and 40mg
Lorcet - (Hydrocodone Bitartrate/Acetaminophen) 10 mg/650 mg
Midazolam 3mg
Motrin 400mg and 600mg
Norco - ( Hydrocodone Bitartrate/Acetaminophen ) 5 mg/325 mg
Soma 350mg
Tramadol (Ultram) 50mg
Valium 2mg,5mg and 10mg
Valium Roche Brand 10mg
Voltaren 50mg and 100mg
Bupren , ex,Butrans
Soma, , Subutex
Flexeril, Fentora ..,
Lorcet, L, ortab
Naprosyn , ,Norco
Oxycontin, Opana
Ritalin, Roxicodone®

Ted Fred

May 20, 2021, 7:08:58 AM5/20/21
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Ielts Experts

Jan 8, 2022, 12:55:51 PMJan 8
On Thursday, 20 May 2021 at 19:08:58 UTC+8, Ted Fred wrote:
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