N.A.T.O = North American Terrorist Organization

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Mar 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/28/99
U.S. Terrorism in the Balkans

Congratulations Bill Clinton, you are now, not only a cheater, draft-dodger,
Adulterer but, a terrorist too, likely to be remembered like Hitler’s

Unfortunately, this is not a fiction-story but real, truthful fact!

Clinton, now when you have the blood of innocent people on your hands, what
you will say to America? Are you gonna stop ling to Americans and ling to the
world about real reason for your terrorist act against a sovereign nation
KLA terrorism? Will you tell them to all you really need is a new NATO base
on Kosovo?

Before even War in Yugoslavia started, tens of thousands of weapons were
channeled-in Croatia and Bosnia with supplies being U.S.and Germany,
and deliverers being Albania and Turkey.
U.S. has played a big role in this plan to break up Yugoslavia.
How can you explain why the Yugoslavia map was redrawn to almost its current
by the U.S andGermany mainly, many years before the Yugoslavia breakup?

U.S. have constantly pressured other Countries to use force against Serbian
people who
only wanted to keep Yugoslavia as a whole Country, and now U.S. is doing it
in a form of a terrorist act together with NATO.

So, now, New world order”, now it should read “New world terrorist order”
members are trying
to implement this plan.

If we do not stop it now, it will become a new trend for any emerging
superpowers to do the same.

Clinton administration fed the arms to the Kosovo Terrorists, arms which were
channeled-in from

The only real threat is, a single man can have power to start the War, destroy
the planet and not
even live to se what he created, because today’s wars could last a few minutes
and have great
consequences on Humanity.

I want to say one thing to U.S dodge drafter and NATO members;

I am very proud my people stand united against your aggression,
you cannot possibly know how does it hurt, when a genocide
against your nation is committed, when a terrorist alliance named
NATO, is trying to chart-in your people’s destiny by shear terrorism,
terrorism against humanity.

Clinton, Solana, Shirac, Kinkel and all parties who are actively
participating will ultimately pay for this and they will be remembered as
terrorists, murderers and Instigators of genocide.

NATO alliance, an mighty aggressor, starts terrorizing innocent people,
destroying their schools, hospitals, powerplants, communication
infrastructure, watter supplies and national landmarks with following phrase
: “we just want to bring the peace to the region!” gimme a break! Do you
think anyone is stupid? Serbian people are for sure not going to believe
this. 100 percent of support is behind Milosevic! Why is that? Because you
are attacking a sovereign nation, not Milosevic, Serbian people are not
stupid, they are not buying Clinton-speech, NATO lies and your media lies. If
you wanted the piece, really if you wanted it, you would make a fair
agreement with Serbs in Kosovo, you will not bomb Yugoslavia in your
destroying raids. We Serbs are 1000 percent against terrorism, 1000 percent
against genocide for people of any nation, any colors any origin. But will
not let KLO terrorist kill our police, burn our homes and destroy our lives.
period. Not even if they are supported by almighty NATO and the only real
madman Clinton .

if you are a Serb, your phoniness are wiretapped.
U.S. is afraid of the truth. We should use this to tell them what we really
think, since U.S.
media will not let us speak. U.S media only interviews those who are speaking
for their
interests. This is a sad, but true statement for a Country who calls
itself “land of the free” .

If Yugoslavia falls, world piece will fall. Countries will be taken
overnight, people enslaved. Do you really want to sit idle and do nothing.
Voice your protest to the Congress and President. You know what he is doing I
wrong, it is pure terrorism. Terrorism done against any conventions.

Stop it NOW.
Stay united Serbia. You make me very, very proud.

Clinton, U.S., NATO Stop terrorism Now
N.A.T.O = North American Terrorist Organization

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Moshe Hochenberg

Mar 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/28/99
Whether or not you agree with this very long posting (below),
jebi...@my-dejanews.com wrote in message


Apr 2, 1999, 3:00:00 AM4/2/99
Well, maybe because the EUro leftists means Serbia first, Israel next.

We have to support the courageous people of Serbia fighting alone against
the Islamo-socialist world plot. KLA are terrorist & drug dealers they are
supporter by both Hamas & Hizbullah the worsest foe of Israel. Don't believe
the rant prop your Leftist TV bore us a day long. Clinton the whoremonger
get the Us embroiled in a war for Islam.

The truth is out there
Trust no one.

see www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/sector/7365/

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