Bernie Medoff, stealing from the Jews, that is a No, No!

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Dec 13, 2008, 10:31:00 PM12/13/08
Who is Bernard Madoff?

"It's all just one big lie."
- Bernard Madoff to his sons about his $50 billion "Ponzi" scheme

Fraudster Bernard L. Madoff was national treasurer of the American
Jewish Congress and Yeshiva University. So where did the $50 billion

The latest massive financial scandal is the giant $50 billion pyramid
or "Ponzi" scheme run by a New York Zionist Jew, Bernard Lawrence
Madoff. How can anyone lose $50 thousand million? Where did the $50
billion disappear to? Israel?

Madoff told two "senior employees," i.e. his sons, Mark and Andrew, at
his apartment the night before his arrest that the Madoff hedge fund
and his investment advisory business was "basically, a giant Ponzi
scheme," according to court documents. His investment fund business
was insolvent, and had been for years.

Many of Madoff's victims were fellow Jews looking for consistent
returns on their investment, which his "Ponzi" scheme had been able to
provide until a large number of investors tried to withdraw some $7
billion worth of funds in November. As the Wall Street Journal
News of money manager Bernard Madoff's alleged fraud sent shock waves
through upscale communities in the New York area and Florida where
wealthy individuals had entrusted billions of dollars to Mr. Madoff
for decades. Ira Roth, a New Jersey resident, who says his family has
about $1 million invested through Mr. Madoff's firm, is "in a state of

"This is going to kill so many people," said a current investor in Mr.
Madoff's fund. "It's absolutely awful."

...Many of his clients knew Mr. Madoff personally but had little
understanding of his investment strategy, which reported remarkably
consistent returns of some 1% per month. They often referred to it as
a "black box."

Madoff also allegedly said that the losses from the fraud were at
least $50 billion, according to the criminal complaint. He told his
sons that he was "finished," and that he had "absolutely nothing" and
"it's all just one big lie."


So who is Bernard L. Madoff? Apart from running his "investment
company" and being a former chairman and director of the National
Association of Securities Dealers (NASDAQ), Madoff is a very committed
Jewish Zionist who has served as the treasurer of two leading Zionist
organizations. Like Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers, Sanford Weill of
Citibank, and Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G., the major culprits behind
the $2 trillion bail-out, Madoff is another New York Zionist Jew who
has committed a massive financial fraud and cheated Americans and
others out of untold billions of dollars.

From the left: Bernard L. Madoff, Yeshiva University Board treasurer
and Board chairman, Syms School; Sy Syms, vice chairman, Board of
Trustees; and Josh S. Weston.

Madoff is a former national treasurer of the American Jewish Congress
(AJC) of New York City, one of the major fund-raising organizations
for the state of Israel. Founded by the Hungarian Zionist rabbi
Stephen S. Wise, the AJC claims to be "the first Jewish Defense Agency
to support the establishment of a Jewish state" and boycott Germany in
the 1930s. Wise was a Zionist who had been trained at the Jewish
Theological Seminary in New York City, where Michael Chertoff's rabbi
father and grandfather also studied and taught.

Madoff is also the treasurer of Yeshiva University, a private Jewish
university in New York City, where he is chairman of the board of the
university's business school, the Sy Syms School of Business, which he
has endowed with large donations, from his "Ponzi" scheme no doubt.

Belfer Hall is the main building at Yeshiva University.
Isn't it lovely?

Madoff has been a member of Yeshiva University’s Board of Trustees
since 1996, and was elected chairman of the board of Syms School of
Business in 2000. (Yeshiva University is clearly trying to erase
traces of Madoff from their website, but the cached versions remain.)
At Syms, where Madoff is the chairman of the board, "Jewish tradition
provides the framework for consideration of ethical issues, an
integral part of the student's education." Does the "Jewish tradition"
taught at Yeshiva U. support giant "Ponzi" schemes like the one run by
their chairman? Is this the kind of business they teach the students
at Syms? Cheat the "goyim," i.e. non-Jews, and steal their money?

That is exactly what the Talmud teaches, make no mistake about it. It
is the main reason that Jews have been despised and expelled from so
many nations throughout history.

Anyone familiar with the teachings of the Talmud, i.e. "Jewish
tradition," will know that such anti-Christian schemes are at the
heart of such an "education." This is why so many of the financial
criminals involved in the current Zionist-produced "credit crisis" are
Jewish Zionists who have been indoctrinated in such "Jewish
traditions." The Zionist criminals involved in 9-11 and the cover-up
of the truth are all tied to the Jewish Theological Seminary in New
York, which is a similar Zionist institution.

Yeshiva University has a branch in Israel, as does the American Jewish
Congress. Madoff has been the main treasurer of both Zionist
institutions during the period he ran his giant "Ponzi" scheme. If
Madoff has lost billions of dollars, as is alleged, these institutions
should certainly be investigated as possible recipients of stolen
money. The Zionist criminal structure relies on its tax-exempt
"religious" network of schools and charities. These institutions are
the frame of the Zionist criminal and racist network and should be
investigated and closed if they are found to be teaching racist
ideologies. Jewish racism is no different than any other racism and
should not be tolerated in a free and democratic society like America.

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