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PAEDO PRIESTS: deranged, SPAMMING nazoid PAEDO Andrew 'Andrzej' Baron says: Meet the Rectum, err, Rector Christopher Basil Cunningham (9147)

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Anita 'Annie' Shein is SPAMMING nazoid PAEDO Andrew 'Andrzej' Baron

Feb 21, 2024, 8:06:33 PMFeb 21

During the 1960s, Cunningham was stationed at St Michael's Catholic Boarding School in
Soni, Tanzania. While there he and other Rosminian priests perpetrated sexual abuse that
made this school, according to one pupil, 'a loveless, violent and sad hellhole'. Other
pupils recall being photographed naked, hauled out of bed at night to have their
genitals fondled and other sexual abuse.[7][8]

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