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Re: Party favors offending Jewish guests?

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Robin Shapiro

Oct 19, 2005, 5:30:31 PM10/19/05
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I'm Jewish, belong to a Conservative congregation,
attend shul regularly, etc. I am also not easy to
offend. I can't really imagine taking offense at the
favors distributed to adult guests at a private party.
If it were a children's party sponsored by an
ostensibly secular organization (read as: school
Christmas party) I might advocate for secular, not
holiday-related, party favors, but if someone were to
give me a Christmas ornament, I'd just give it to a
friend or co-worker who could use it.

Would a less holiday-oriented favor be nice? Maybe.
But are you going to a baby shower to get a favor, or
to share the joy of the expectant parents?

And considering the traditional Jewish attitude toward
baby showers -- one doesn't acquire baby equipment
until a healthy baby is born -- I can't imaging that a
person non-traditional enough to attend a shower is
simultaneously so sensitive as to be offended by
evidence of the host's beliefs!


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