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Re: Jews Receiving Non-Religious "Seasonal" Party Favors

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Oct 30, 2005, 9:52:05 AM10/30/05
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"Avi Jacobson" <> writes:
> Specifically, a poster (presumably Christian) will be holding a baby
> shower around Christmas time, and was considering giving away "Seasonal"
> (but non-religious) party favors such as tree decoration balls. She
> wondered whether Jewish guests at her party would be offended by this.

I wouldn't be horribly offended.

However, assuming the poster knew in advance that I was Jewish, I
think it reflects negatively on the giver. Either

- the poster didn't understand that Jews don't celebrate Christmas, or
- the post knew that the tree decoration was inappropriate and didn't care.

But a baby shower is not the time to make a scene. Take the gift,
bring it to the thrift shop, and move on.

Ken Goldman 914-784-7646

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