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Re: SCJ-PARENTING Digest - 15 Oct 2005 to 19 Oct 2005 (#2005-21)

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Aliza Fischman

Oct 23, 2005, 8:17:44 PM10/23/05

I would have to agree with the first poster that it doesn't seem to make much
sense. Most of the people at the shower will probably have young kids, who
they don't want near glass ornaments. I think candy canes are non-religious
enough. In the northern NJ area, I see them with an OU all over the place, so
she can even not worry if she has any guests who keep kosher.

Perhaps some sort of baby-themed item would be more appropriate, and if she
wants to decorate it with red and green, they are still just colors, not
religious based.

Aliza Fischman

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Oct 30, 2005, 9:50:40 AM10/30/05

Hi. Just an FYI that red and green do have a religious meaning. It was
originally adopted from pagan practices in Northern Europe (the holly and
holly berries of the nature based religions), but to put the church's stamp
on it, they say the red is for the "blood of Christ" and the green is either
for the tree from which the cross came or from the renewal to be anticipated
at Easter time (I've heard both).


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