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Mar 18, 2016, 6:11:56 PM3/18/16
that 300 rabbis, cantors and voters are planning on boycotting Trump at AIPAC... I don't know if that is very significant... Seems to me the other week, I was reading that 61 percent of Jews in Israeli don't mind Trump... I guess that highlights something I read from Daniel Greenfield the other day...

The Israeli left as a democratic political movement is dead. That piece of bad news was delivered by a recent survey which shows that only 8% of Israeli Jews identify with the left, 55% with the center and 37% with the right.

In the last election, the establishment Labor Party had to dress up as a wolf in Zionist centrist clothing by renaming itself the Zionist Camp (it still lost). The left had to create two other fake centrist parties to stop Netanyahu, but just ended up having to roll them into his center-right coalition.

The Israeli left still controls the usual undemocratic elitist outposts of the Deep State, media, academia, popular culture and the judiciary, but it can no longer even call itself the left and still hope to win. All it can do is undermine the will of the people and sabotage the country out of selfishness and spite.

The situation in Israel stands in sharp contrast to the United States where 49 percent of Jews lean to the left, 29 percent tend to the center and only 19 percent identify as conservative.

But other than that, it kind of highlights TO ME that some call Trump a bigot because of the wall, and Israelis probably don't get uptight about a wall, because they rely on a wall for safety....

On a side note....if it also interesting that media outlets like CN&N and MSDNC have been saying that leaders around the world have been denouncing Trump, yet when I watch people in Europe at their protests because of immigration and their rape and violence epidemic, and I have seen A LOT on youtube, you can see in the videos people chanting Trumps name.... Interesting people that have had negative
experiences with immigration, have no issue with Trump.... only the elites..

Beach Runner

Mar 20, 2016, 12:29:14 AM3/20/16
The Jewish religious leaders stand against racism, sexism, xenophobia, violence promoting, ignorant potential ruler of the free world. Someone that has absolutely no idea what he is doing, waffles, would be seen as dangerous joke
by our enemies, and tank this economy.
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