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Eyshes Chayil read at Nancy Reagan's funeral

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Mar 12, 2016, 10:35:28 PM3/12/16
I happened to change stations and hear part of Nancy Reagan's funeral
on C-Span Radio and someone was in the middle of reading Eyshes
Chayil, in English.

That speaker was followed by Brian Mulroney, so it took very little
effort to find her in the program:

— Reading of Proverbs 31:10-31 by Anne Peterson, Nancy Reagan's niece

She didn't call it by its name, only "a reading from the Book of

Her translation captures the sense of it and nothing is far askew,
except she totally omits "and an alloted share to her maidens".

Another place there is an interesting choice among:
"doubly clothed" vs. "fine clothing" vs. "dressed in crimson"
The speaker vs aish vs. chabad. The word is shonim, or shanim in
Sephardic, shin, nun, yud, mem. I can see where someone would get
"double" from that. Does it mean double, fine, or crimson?

And she ends saying "the word of the Lord". But it's not, is it?

At the start of chapter 11 it says "The words of Lemuel the king", and
Rashi says "The words of King Solomon" but does that continue into
verse 10 and beyond. At any rate, it was written by some person, not
by the Lord, so I don't know what she meant by that.
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