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Anti-Israel Bias on CNN (who would have guessed)?

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Mar 9, 2016, 8:27:34 PM3/9/16
It's not a secret that CNN is anti-Israel, but what I read yesterday just took the cake:

A knife-wielding Palestinian stabbed to death an American tourist in Tel Aviv and wounded 9 or 10 other Israelis. In CNN's description of the event, the author consistently put the word "terrorist" and "Palestinian terrorist" in quotations marks, and also...wait for it...put the word "murdered" in quotation marks, as in: "An American tourist was "murdered" by a "terrorist." It was unbelievable.

FTR, Israeli police pursued the "terrorist" and shot him dead.

Best regards,
---Cindy S.


Mar 9, 2016, 8:28:34 PM3/9/16
I almost forgot to mention...the incident coincided with Joe Biden's visit. Joe Biden was horrified.
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---Cindy S.


Mar 10, 2016, 1:04:03 AM3/10/16
They seem to have edited the page to get rid of the quotes, and even
to get rid of the sentences that would have held them.

But the CNN secret is not complete, since another page has a link to
the page that still has the quotes.

This is the story
Almost all of it is quotes now, and neither terrorist nor murder is
used in any quote. The strongest word used by the authors of the
article is attack or attacked, and halavai, that is not in quotes.

This is the page that links to it.
It's mostly a video that I didn't feel like watching, but the sidebar
synopsis and link says
"'Terrorist' kills U.S. tourist, wounds 10 others in Israel -- near
Biden visit site
By Oren Liebermann, Greg Botelho and Amir Tal, CNN
A stabbing attack -- carried out by a "terrorist," according to
authorities -- along a popular oceanfront boardwalk around Tel Aviv
left an American tourist dead and 10 other people wounded not far from
where U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was visiting Tuesday."

I guess they were, deservedly, dumped on by more than just you, but
they didn't cover their tracks very well.

I'm surprised it didn't say 'The attack left an American "tourist"
dead and 10 other "people"' wounded not far from where "U.S." Vice
President "Joe Biden" was visiting Tuesday.'


Mar 10, 2016, 9:14:53 AM3/10/16
On Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 8:27:34 PM UTC-5, cindys wrote:

well, don't you know that Israelis/Jews are never victims of violence but only Palestinians in that part of the world are victims? (sarcasm)

The press if often not so neutral .... I used to think the press was neutral or at least supposed to be so, but sadly, no , there is alot of political bias in the press today.

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