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Lord Rabbi gets Templeton prize

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Mar 10, 2016, 1:32:32 PM3/10/16
I hope the beers are on hi this week, he's just got over a million pounds.

In his acceptance speech he said :
"No less significant, though, is that there always was a danger that extremism in one
direction would generate a counter-extremism in the opposite direction. Like two black
holes they might begin to circle one another, generating enormous turbulence. That,
it seems to me, is the danger we face at present in many parts of the world: an extreme
secularism facing extreme expressions of religion seeking to undo the work of four centuries
of the West, threatening to take us back to the age of wars of religion. If these two powerful
forces were to collide, the explosion would send ripples through the human universe for
centuries to come"
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