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SCJM Moderator Team

Aug 23, 2007, 6:02:02 AM8/23/07
soc.culture.japan.moderated Frequently Asked Questions
(s.c.j.m FAQ)
Last Updated February 2001

Table of Contents

* - Changed since the last update
& - New since the last update

* 1.0 Copyright
* 1.1 How to Obtain the Latest Copy of this FAQ
* 1.2 Related FAQs

2.0 Background

3.0 Moderation
3.1 Appropriate Topics
3.2 Inappropriate Topics
3.3 Copyrighted Materials
3.4 Appropriate Languages
* 3.5 Submission Logs

4.0 Moderators
* 4.1 Current Moderators
4.2 Moderator Appointment

A.0 Comments and Questions

1.0 Copyright

This document copyright (c) 1996-2001 by Akira Ijuin <>

This document may be freely redistributed by electronic or printed
means provided that no money is charged for its distribution and that
this copyright and redistribution notice remains attached. Any
modification to the original text must be explicitly documented. This
document may not be redistributed commercially (e.g., on a CD-ROM)
without an explicit written permission from the copyright owner. Any
distributor that does obtain a permission will be required to keep
this entire document intact, and explicitly notify its customers that
the newest revisions of this document may be freely obtained from
other sources.

1.1 How to Obtain the Latest Copy of this FAQ

Last updated Feb 2001

This FAQ is posted to soc.culture.japan.moderated and soc.culture.japan
on the 23rd of each month.

The FAQ is also available at:

1.2 Related FAQs

Last updated Feb 2001

Many questions regarding Japan are answered in the soc.culture.japan
FAQ. This FAQ is posted to news.answers, soc.answers,
soc.culture.japan, and soc.culture.japan.moderated on the 4th of each
month. A copy is also available at:

2.0 Background

Last updated Nov 1998

soc.culture.japan.moderated (scjm) was first proposed on December of
1995 in response to what many people felt was a deterioration of
soc.culture.japan (scj). At the time, scj saw several people actively
trying to offend others to incite flames. In addition, scj suffered
from an influx of flame baits and threads unrelated to the intended
topics of scj, many of which came in the form of crosspostings. scjm
was intended to eliminate these problems to provide people with a
clean environment to discuss topics related to Japan.

The first RFD (Requst For Discussion) for scjm was made on Jaunary 18,
1996. The second RFD was posted on March 26, 1996. The CFV (Call For
Votes) on scjm was announced on May 15, 1996, and the voting period
closed on June 5, 1996. The result of the vote was announced on June
13, 1996. scjm passed with a vote of 200 for and 26 against.

3.0 Moderation

Last updated Sep 1997

scjm is a moderated newsgroup. This means all articles submitted by
people are sent first to moderators for approval. Only articles
approved by moderators appear on the newsgroup. On most if not all
news readers, articles posted to moderated newsgroups are
automatically sent to the appropriate moderator, so for almost most
users, posting to moderated newsgroups is just like posting to any
other newsgroups.

Please note that all moderation decisions are final.

When submitting posts to scjm, it is recommended that you keep a copy
of the post. If you do not receive a rejection notice or see your
post on scjm several days after submitting the post, take the copy and

3.1 Appropriate Topics

Last updated June 1997

Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to:

* Living and traveling in Japan.
* Japanese politics, history, religion, or current events.
* Japanese entertainment (such as anime, manga, or pop music).

3.2 Inappropriate Topics

Last updated June 1997

Inappropriate topics include:

* Topics not involving Japan.
* Topics involving ethnic Japanese people that have no direct connection
to Japan or Japanese culture.
For example, Lance Ito being Japanese American does not make the
OJ Simpson trial an appropriate topic.)
* Commercial, wanted, forsale, or personal ads.
* All crossposts except to soc.culture.japan.
This exception is made to prevent the scjm readership from
becoming isolated from the scj readers who elect to stay in the
unmoderated forum. Note that such crossposts are subject to the
same moderation standards as all other posts to scjm, but anyone
whose posts are rejected can repost them in scj alone and continue
* Flamebaits, or posts designed specifically to elicit angry responses.
We recognize that the distinction between flamebaits and harsh
posts is a subjective one. The moderators will use their best
judgment to decide whether a flamebait will generate enough noise
to warrant being rejected.

3.3 Copyrighted Materials

Last updated June 1997

Copyrighted materials are generally unacceptable and will not be
approved. If one has permission to reproduce copyrighted materials on
scjm, this permission must be submitted to the moderators.

3.4 Appropriate Languages

Last updated Dec 1996

scjm will accept posts of any language as long as at least one
moderator can read it and understand it. Several Japanese posts have
been submitted and approved in the past. When submitting Japanese
texts, we prefer that it be in JIS format, although this is not

3.5 Submission Logs

Last updated Feb 2001

Due to technical issues with my current ISP, submission logs are
currently not available.

4.0 Moderators

Last updated Sept 1997

On scjm, moderators moderate posts that are left unmoderated by the
moderation program. When rejecting posts, the moderator will send out
an email to the author when appropriate, stating reasons for the
rejection. When approving posts, the moderator may trim the
contributor's signature file if it is excessively long or contains
information inappropriate to scjm.

4.1 Current Moderators

Last updated Feb 2001

scjm currently has 4 moderators.

Chuck Douglas
Akira Ijuin
Scott Reynolds
Shimpei Yamashita

4.2 Moderator Appointment

Last updated Aug 1996

The proponents of scjm, Mike Fester, Akira Ijuin, and Shimpei
Yamashita volunteered to moderate scjm. It was decided during the
discussion period that there should be at least five moderators at any
given time, and should go below that number only if the moderation
team feels that no qualified individual has contacted them to

The team is responsible for picking replacements for any moderators
who decide to leave the team.

A.0 Comments and Questions

Last updated Nov 1998

All comments about the scjm moderation policy should be mailed to The moderators will try to address them in a
reasonable amount of time. However, please keep in mind that scjm
moderators are volunteers with other obligations, and therefore may
not be able to address all comments.

NOTE: Posting of concerns over scjm moderation policy in scj is not
encouraged, since not all moderators read scj on a regular basis.

soc.culture.japan.moderated Moderator on duty

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