Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?

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June R Harton

May 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/7/99

from: Spirit Of The Real Makedon
(using June's e-mail to communicate to you)!

........The heart of Macedonia was always Greek


May 8, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/8/99

To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself
this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize? We all know
who it is that we are not permitted to criticize. We all know who it is that
it is a sin to criticize. Sodomy is no longer a sin in America. Treason, and
burning and spitting and urinating on the American flag is no longer a sin
in America. Gross desecration of Catholic or Protestant religious symbols is
no longer a sin in America. Cop-killing is no longer a sin in America - it
is celebrated in rap "music." The degradation of beautiful young girls in
disgusting pornography is no longer a sin in America. The killing by the
multiple millions of the next generation in the womb is no longer a sin in
America. But "anti-semitism" is the ultimate sin in America. But as things
get worse and worse, we are losing our fear of this silly word. We all know
who it is that controls the wealth of our nation through their exchanges and
counting-houses in New York. We all know who it is that has deformed the
minds of two generations of Americans with their television programs.

Ladies and gentlemen, as powerful as these enemies of our nation are, and as
much as they seem to command the wealth and power of the world, they are not
invincible. Their evil designs run against nature, and whatever goes against
nature and nature's god must ultimately fail. They are only men, and there
are far fewer of them than there are of decent Americans and Europeans and
those of our stock and our culture around the globe. Their international
agreements and treaties that are taking away our nation's independence and
prosperity are, after all, only words on a few pieces of paper and will have
no force whatever once we awaken our people to their treachery. Their armies
and secret police are only fools and mercenaries paid with paper money,
paper money which only has value because we are willing to trade our labor
for it. Many of these fools will wake up and will come over to our side once
we make them realize how they are being used.

Do not listen to those who beguile you with easy solutions, and beckon you
to a populist or conservative playpen where the real life and death issues
are carefully avoided. Do not listen to those who would trick, sidetrack,
and discredit you with crack-brained theories of lost tribes, Rosicrucians,
UFOs or free energy, for such charlatans abound on the fringes of the
patriot movement. If you are to be a participant in the battle to restore
our freedom and secure the existence of our children on this planet, you
must educate yourself and become knowledgeable. You must consecrate your
life and your fortune and the spiritual power that resides within your
breast to this, our holy cause. You must support the efforts of those who
are awakening our people to their danger. You must not rest until all
America knows the terror that is upon us.

During the first American Revolution, in 1777, Simon Girty, a renegade White
who had allied himself with Indians, led a band of 500 savages against the
settlement at Wheeling, west Virginia. The attack was sudden, but the
families were able to reach the stockade in safety. But at length, their
small provision of powder ran out and they all feared for their lives. There
was a keg of powder in a house in the town, and a brave young girl named
Elizabeth Zane volunteered to make the trip from the stockade to the house
under Indian fire. Her stealth, her small size, and her courage served her
and the townspeople well, for she returned unharmed with the powder, saving
the lives of all the people of Wheeling. Many Americans living today might
never have been born if not for her. We must believe, like Elizabeth Zane,
that we can by our own actions determine our destiny, no matter how great
the odds may seem. For if we give ourselves up to despair then and only then
will there be no hope.

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