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Richard H. Shulman

Jul 29, 2007, 2:44:32 PM7/29/07
THE JEWS & THEIR NEW PROPHET 15153 - Richard H. Shulman

High officials can retire into professorships of political science,
but they probably know less and certainly tell less than does Barry
Chamish. Mr. Chamish has investigated so many politically motivated
crimes and cover-ups, that he has developed a profound understanding
of how politics really is conducted.

Chamish knows the elaborate games that our rulers play, as they offer
up rationalizations that we think we are clever to understand. Behind
the scenes, our real masters manipulate events.

How does he do it? Having proved he holds confidences, checks
sources, and takes risks to get us the truth in behalf of his people,
clandestine whistle blowers ply him with evidence. He must need a
warehouse like Fort Knox for it, now.

What he reveals shocks even intellectuals, who consider themselves
sophisticated. Ordinary people really are smarter than
intellectuals. Ordinary people disdain all politicians, but
intellectuals are suspicious just of the other party. They think they
know how theirs operates. Oh, they assert, Sec. Baker was bad for
Israel, but Clinton was good for Israel. Nonsense! Both were bad for
Israel. Both followed more or less the same agenda, but one was
charming. What good to us is his charm, when used to deceive?

At Woodmere, New York, Chamish came to explain, and explain, and
explain. The audience appreciated his offering a framework within
which to comprehend major events. This time, the subject was so
complicated -- the coming Holocaust II and the forces and history
behind it -- that he concentrated on making it clear by removing myths
that hinder understanding. When he talks about a single subject, such
as the Rabin assassination, he is as entertaining as any noted speaker
or comedian. Indeed, he has been a comedian, but the poor fellow now
has to spread sad news.

For years, he has been warning the Jewish people and friends of Israel
that Israel is being taken over and taken down, and another Holocaust
is being planned. He writes books about the subject, one of whose
titles could very well be The Secret War On The Jews - Part II. In
Israel, the government has mounted a war on the religious Jews, to
break their natural opposition to the movement against Judaism and

Here is this revealer of a plan to destroy Judaism and the Jewish
people, a person who on his subjects offers the public enough of
importance and of entertainment that they don't get comprehensively
elsewhere, to warrant huge, paying audiences. Bill Clinton gets huge
fees for scant information and of questionable veracity. Barry
Chamish got no fee, he depends on the sale of his books. Why does
evil enjoy such an advantage over decency? Why is the person who
causes thousands to be killed and millions to be imperiled enjoy
celebrity status, while the person who tries to save them is shunned
by most and only gradually gaining respect while trying to save us
before his car is tampered with a second time and his "accident" is

The answer is that our rulers control the levers of public opinion.
Unable to answer Chamish's allegations, which keep getting confirmed
while their rationalizations keep getting disproved, they smear him
personally. A little innuendo here, an old peccadillo there, and
people fall into line. In the police state of Israel, spectacular
news by Chamish or other muckrakers gets killed by media silence.
It's too frequent and systematic to be coincidental. We Jews have
been through this, before.

According to the Bible, even Moses, backed by God, found his people
often uncooperative. Prophets were inherently unpopular, because they
advocated against the status quo and demanded difficult behavior and
action to stave off disaster. People prefer to believe in providence
but not in the divine.

The modern, secular prophet, Vladimir Jabotinsky, warned the Jews of
Europe to flee, starting in the 1920s. The Establishment smeared and
discredited him. You know what happened -- millions of Jews, not to
mention others, got killed. Chamish is making the same warning, now.
Thousands of Jews got killed, and millions are about to. How so, you

Simple. Syria has about 40,000 missiles. Hizbullah has about
20,000. S. Arabia has missiles trained on Israel's southern air force
bases. Hamas has missiles, too. The Arabs could fire 20,000 missiles
a day, for four days. (Many are short-range. Israel might survive,
but its people would be too demoralized to persist. Then there's
Egypt's first-class military.) The first day, Tel Aviv would be
destroyed, military communications along with it. That would be the
end of the IDF as a coordinated force, whose units move in convert,
planes protecting tanks, etc.. The runways would be broken up, so the
airplanes could not take off. After four days like that, Arabs would
sweep in for the spoils, raping all the women and children and
murdering the rest. They would exterminate six million Jews, half the
current population of Jewry. All it would take is the outbreak of
war. (American Jewry's contribution would be to add a wing to the
Holocaust Museum.)

Israel's only hope would be for the government to threaten the Arabs
with hundreds of nuclear weapons. Not likely. Pilots are quitting
the air force, because they object to bombing people. That is
pacifism gone crazy. Worse, the government does not take measures in
Israel's defense.

As Chamish details it, every Prime Minister after Begin acted to
weaken Israel before the Arabs. (Begin was undermined to do so,
too.) They give up strategic territory, give the Arabs arms, release
terrorists, keep the people largely disarmed, abandon effective
weapons manufacturing, let the Arabs violate agreements, fail to drive
home military victories, sabotaged the Lebanon war to discredit the
Likud Party, which Sharon eventually practically wrecked. The Left
politicalized the Army and turned it against loyal Jews. People think
Netanyahu better, but he used subterfuge as an excuse to cede control
over most of Hebron. As Finance Minister, he reduced spending on

Why do the Prime Ministers do this? Stupidity, appeasement-
mindedness, extortion by prosecutors? Yes, but that is not all. The
Prime Ministers more or less are US or European agents. The State
Dept. gets politicians in place to succeed others. Peres corrupts
some of them, so as to get a blackmailers hold over them. The basic
motive of Jewish leaders (usually rich or corrupted secularists),
according to Chamish, is a centuries-old, anti-Jewish plot by the
Sabbatean heretical sect, gone underground. The Vatican, represented
by Spain and representing southern Europe, wants to secure Jerusalem.
In the US, the Council on Foreign Relations brings together the power
brokers who quietly issued a plan to strip Jerusalem from the Jewish
state. Chamish does not think that jihad plays much part in this,
except that the Muslims are incited against Israel.

When asserted that Israel's leaders want to get Israel destroyed, one
couldn't understand why they would destroy their own country. We
explained to him that these leaders hate their country, hate their
people's religion, consider themselves internationalists, already have
half their children living abroad, are quietly building an escape
route from the Knesset, and would expect to get themselves and family
into Europe with stolen wealth or foreign payoffs. The leftist Israel
professors are worse. They approve of terrorist murder of Jews in
Israel, while those professors and their families still are residing
in Israel.

If you don't want to accept the claim against the Sabbateans, the rest
suffices to explain what is happening. I think that however jihad got
started, Islam is bidding for world supremacy and is moving towards
power in Europe. Chamish thinks it hasn't a chance. I disagree, but
the steady assassination of Israeli foes of withdrawal and the police
state tactics are clear enough, to those who know about it. Another
way the Left controls the people is by repressing the news that might
arouse them. A third way is by subverting the justice system.

Some Orthodox Jews who realize the problem have more hope. They
maintain faith in God as the never sleeping watchman over the Jewish
people and think the support of the 70% of Evangelical Christians who
support Zionism sufficient to stay the State Department's hand. Some
think that Moshe Feiglin, striving to take over Likud from within, and
return it to a nationalist policy, can succeed, because he acts in the
name of God. Unfortunately, Israel's rulers eliminate challengers,
one way or another. Israelis still are too divided, the secularists
still don't trust the religious, the Shas party purportedly is
religious but is corrupted and its followers obey their leader
unthinkingly, Israelis don't like to vote for underdogs, and they
think that if Netanyahu opposes Olmert, he must be good.

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