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yom ha'aztmaut

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M. Kearns

Jan 22, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/22/98

i know this is a little early, but i am on an Israeli Cultural Commitee at
my university and we are setting up a booth at a huge celebration on march
3rd. we are supposed to represent some part of israeli life. since we can
identify, we thinking along the lines of generation-x israelis, and their
lifestyle. can anyone give me some specifics on popular music, dress,
designers or brands of clothing, activities,food etc etc...something that
can be a hands-on educational experience for everyone
i am really at a loss as far as ideas go...

Whoever destroys a single life destroys
the entire world; whoever
saves a single life saves the world


Feb 21, 1998, 3:00:00 AM2/21/98

M. Kearns wrote:

> ********************************************

There is no significant generation-x in israel,
but I wll try to give you some ideas.

Music :
Israeli music is a great Idea, check :

Dressing :
On the other hand dress/clothing isn't special, unless you consider
armi uniform, haredi clothing, gas masks, etc... and shoes.

Activities :
Anything special would be army service (or avoiding it)
Traveling a lot, either Inside israel or around the world.
Mangal (actually bbq, but in a public park).

Israeli food:
Falafel , Humus, Shuarma. Pita, Very oily potato chips, Baget with salads...
pickles..., bbq of fish.
More healthy :
Fruits - Orange, Grepefruits, Pomela, Clementina, Guiava, Pitango, Mango.
White cheese - many flavors

Drinks :
Instant coffee with milk - special Iisraeli flavor.
Black coffee .


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