Javid the Mother Fucking fag

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Mar 1, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/1/99
Hey Javid you faggot. You should worry about your own country asshole.
and don't worry about people in Iran not being allowed to talk their
language mother fucker. Your country will soon be divided up between
Iran and Armenia and your master Turkey will lose half to Kurdistan and
the other half will go to Greece. If I were you I would worry about
that fat asshole Aliev who happens to be a homosexual pervert like
yourself and your family. Your picture shows what a fat ugly homo fag
you are. Your album with your other loser faggot friends was very
entertaining .

If anyone wants to see some fat gay mother fuckers go to
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Mar 1, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/1/99
Ansar madar gahbeye shahere noee.

Kos kesh, koondeh aval ta akhar, kir be ruhe madar gahbat. Age garar basheh
kose sher begee, be jaye
mokaleme ma ham meetoonim kose sher begim.
Kooni boro bazar mollaha koonet bezatan, hezbollaheeye nene jende.


ansar wrote in message ...

Rahim Shahbazi

Mar 1, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/1/99
to ansar
Javid and Avshin Gardash (Brother):

I do thank both of you, for having such a active role in defending our
nation and our country North & South Azerbaijan. It is about time we
must show to these Persian Losers that our Azerbaijani Nation in the
South will not take any more crap from a few Persian stooges. But my
main message today is with Persian ponk Ansar and here it goes....

You ansar Persian Aryan ponk, remember my name, also remember that I am
from Tabriz, South Azerbaijan. I hope one day I will see bastard in some
place, I will make you eat you own Aryan shit you S. O. B. Remember you
Persian Jack Ass if you are talking with that language with my
Azerbaijani homeboy Javid, remember you just talking to over 35 Mil.
South Azerbaijanis. We are able and we will kick you Persian Ass wipes
and throug you shit head, Aryan Skin head out of our country South
Azerbaijan. And we will freed our 2000+ years old country from the
occupation by Persian Chavinist. You Persian ponks think, you can keep
my South Azerbaijani Nation quiet, ha? You are damn day dreaming man,
lets wait a little bit, we are just waiting for the right time. Remember
our North Azerbaijanis Brothers and Sister are and alway will be behind
of 35 Mil. South Azerbaijanis. You know why Persian ponk? Because alway
we happened to be one nation of Azerbaijanis, one country of North &
South Azerbaijan with the National language of Azerbaijani Turkic
Language (NOT FUCKING PERSIAN LANGUAGE). If you think you persians will
always illigalize South Azerbaijanis Language, you god damn day dreaming
again. Because this time we South Azerbaijanis are going not only
liberate our Nation Language (Azerbaijanis Turkic), but also we will
freed our occupied territories from the Persian government. We will kick
you Persian Asses once for for all from our country South Azerbaijan.

You ansar Persian ponk you don't have fucking right to mess around with
my North & South Azerbaijani Nation and specially with the great
Presiden of all the Azerbaijanis around the world. Remember, if you
Persians have balls why not doing something about the Molla's Persian
government. Don't ever think this time again we South Azerbaijanis will
come forward to send our young people to get rid of Persian government
in Tehran, No you are mistaking. We are not coming to rescue you Persian
losers, and also we are not coming to save you Persians Ass the way we
did in Iran-Iraq war. We have completely different agenda time. We are
going to liberate our own nation and our country of South Azerbaijan. By
the way, I am very glad we are dealing with bunch of lazy ass Persians,
we know how to take care of you Aryan Ponk Basterds. Just wait and will
see it...

Victory is and will be with 35 Mil. South Azerbaijanis, you will see
This is not dream but this is pure reality.

Hope to see you in front of Sniper you basterd, we South Azerbaijanis
will teach you a listen that you never and ever forget it even if you
live another 2000 years full of shit Persian, Aryan racist life.

Long live North & South Azerbaijan.
Dead to racist, Chauvinist, Aryan (Skin Fuck Heads), Persian Ponks like
you and other same thought people like you Ansar.

Rahim, From Tabriz, South Azerbaijan.

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