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Sep 9, 2021, 1:35:47 AMSep 9
By Aviroce
I remember a movie, "Zorba the Greek", where she was raped by a person yet she owns the county and placed a bounty on that person. You find a hoodlum coming for a drink to be paid off by her. As for Zorba he was upset that his head is on the line.
The Texas Law is similar to the bounty on Zorba. We need to understand the law better. From my Topology of Law, I came with complaints to be filed in Court to stop the law and remove it:
1) The Law is Discriminatory against our Female Citizens. When a fetus is formed, male sperm has been injected. Both Male and Female are responsible.. To punish the Female is outrageous.
2) Deeper. The Law is Disturbing the Peace and Tranquility of our Society in consortium. Boys and girls are out in the open. Intercourse is not illegal. But the New Law makes it Illegal for fear of Pregnancy. This brings the Old Fashioned Abstinence into view. With freedom of movement and 350 million Americans, this is next to impossible. Abstinence becomes a taboo. Back to Olden Times when women were slaves to men during Suzan B. Anthony. Idle women would lose freedom and rights. We will be in Afghanistan in USA.
3) Violation of the Commerce Law. Restriction on women would impede Interstate Commerce. That is Illegal.

The Abortion Law of Texas will bring in "The Propagation of Virtue" and the "Prevention of Vice" to Texas first and then the United States. Our women will wear the borka and the hijab. Sorry this is part of my Topology of Law.
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