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Jul 11, 2003, 1:31:39 AM7/11/03


Jul 11, 2003, 8:42:47 PM7/11/03
From: "Peeyaz" <Pee...@sarotah.com>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.iranian

You are constantly spewing your hate for Americans as a people as well
as a nation. As an Iranian-American, (one of about 1 million of
them), and one who is grateful to America for giving me everything
that my fellow Iranians took from my parents. . .I have one thing to
say to you: how about a nice warm cup of "shut the fuck up?!"

You are content at blaming the United States for everything that has
gone wrong in Iran.

Let me ask you something. . .have you bothered looking into the
collective soul of Iranians as a people?

Is it the United States who is responsible for Tehran's 8 million
drivers who can't seem to extend common courtesy to each other respect
right of way driving in between lanes, or stop at a red lights?

Is it the United States' fault that when one is in Tehran and waiting
in a line to do something (whether it's for business or pleasure),
that 23409 people will cut in front of you and try to sneak ahead of
you, and finally the guy in front of you punches a guy cutting in, and
then for no reason the entire line starts fighting?

Is it the United States who is responsible for the Bazaar were
Bazaaris who don't produce a damn thing have been acting as the
middle-man and artificially manipulate the market, making billions of
dollars (a practice that has been going on for the last few hundred

Is it the United States fault that the average Iranian merchant will
swear on their mother's life that they are giving you the item you are
buying for the lowest price considering its high quality. . .and you
walk out of the store buying a fake low quality item for 2 times the
price of the real thing?

Is it the United States fault that Taxi's in Tehran will charge my
female cousins twice as much as my male cousins for the same route
only because they are girls and the Taxi driver can get away with it?

Has the U.S. been causing young Iranian men who are rejected by girls
they want to marry to go and spray battery acid into their faces?

Is it the United States fault that Iranian women who are beaten by
their husbands and ask for a divorce have to leave their child with
the bastard who was beating them?! And speaking of that do you know
how many Iranian men are abusive to their wives?

Were those Americans who were riding motor cycles in the streets last
month beating students with chains?

Or where those Americans who 30 years ago would interrogate Berkeley's
Iranian Students who were going back home (the Savak agents who would
be waiting for them at the airport when their flight landed, to slap
them around and ask the questions about why they expressed their
opinion about the shah in an article they wrote in their political
science class).

Were those Americans who broke into my 72 year old invalid aunt's
apartment in Tehran last week and stole her wheelchair from the
hallway?!!!! (a wheelchair she received from an American foundation in
Berkeley donating 1650 Wheelchairs to Iran:

People like you don't want to address what is wrong with us Iranians
as a nation. You want to say it's all America's fault or it's all the
Arabs fault. . .I have news for you: Iranians have been screwing other
Iranians longer than any other nation has screwed Iran. Five Hundred
years after there were no more Arabs ruling Iran, Iranians were
screwing their fellow countrymen over.

In the last 100 years Iranians screwed Iranians.

I know. . .I know. . .your going to say that the Mossadegh Coup was
all America's fault. . .well let me tell you, America sent a single
American (Kermit Roosevelt. . .grandson of the former president) to
Iran with a bag filled with 1 million dollars to start that Coup, but
the people who accepted the money, and ran in the streets and beat
Mossadegh's people were Iranian not Americans. If you came to
downtown New York with a truck full of money (a billion), and asked
people to betray America, you would get your ass beat by the first
poor Puerto Rican from the Bronx, but a million dollars was enough for
Iranians to sell their own country down the drain.

Who is the monster?. . .the American who showed up with a million or
the Iranians who accepted the money and changed sides at the drop of a

Iranians are the biggest roadblock to the welfare of fellow Iranians
in Iran. Not Arabs, not Americans not Aliens from Mars!

Look in the mirror and stop talking about the Achaemenid Empire of
2500 years ago, what have we Iranians done for ourselves lately (and
before you start saying Akhoonds and Hezbollahis and blah blah blah
remember: Akhoond, Hezbollahis, Mojahed, Shahi, Muslem Bahai Jew and
Christian are all Iranians, good or bad, Iranians are screwing other

Before you blame America consider this: I've also seen you post a lot
about the evil British Empire. . . a little more than 200 years ago
the America that you seem to hate had a bunch of farmers that kicked
the British out. . .in a little more than 200 years America has
managed to turn the tables on their oppressors so that Britain today
is almost an American colony.

What have we done as Iranians in the last 300 years? I'll tell you
what. . .Since Nader Shah's time Iranians have managed to Kill and
oppress other Iranians for a variety of reasons (from Agha Mohammad
Khan's eye gouging to Nasser e'din Shah's oil deals, to Shah's Savak,
to Khomeini's Savama), and you blame America?! Give me a fucking
break!!!!! Iranians have a monopoly on screwing fellow Iranians!

Happy Birthday to a Country that has helped itself become the Zoorgoo
superpower you hate. . . because its people help protect its interests
and make it the superpower it is. . .

And my condolences to a Country that was once great but fell victim to
Its own people who help oppress its population, exploit it, and sell
it for peanuts to every country that shows up with a check book from
the U.S. to France, to Germany to China to Japan to England.

I have a sign in my office that say: What you do speaks so loud, I
can't hear anything you say. Actions speak louder than words and
Iranian's actions with regards to fellow Iranians and their mother
land has always spoken louder than their words.

I doubt you'd have an intelligent or honest reply to my post




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