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To Mr Timmerman (FDI)

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Trita Parsi

Dec 17, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/17/96

Mr. Timmerman,
In your article "Europe should join the fight against terrorism" on the
FDI homepage you are arguing that Europe is being insincere in its fight
against terrorism since it refuses to abide by the d1Amato bill. You
give several examples of terrorist acts that you claim Iran is
responsible for, you even seem to suggest that Iran1s involvement is a
fact. But you do not for once show any concern for the Iranian people,
only for US and Israeli interest.

Let me quote you:

"This is the little Europe, the Europe of appeasement, the Europe that
prefers cynical business dealings with powers which spurn the values
have made Europe and America repositories of decency and freedom.
Today Europe must choose between its cynical dialogue with
or its two hundred-year old friendship with America. This is a core
that defines strategic relationships. Libya and the Islamic Republic of
have understood this: Europe should, too."

It is quite clear that your intentions are the security of US and
Israeli lives- not Iranians. It is just unbelievable that an American
thinks Iranians are so stupid that they would buy your crap. You are
claiming to safeguard Iranian lives but at the same time you are
supporting the d1Amato bill that will cause immense suffering for
ordinary Iranians in Iran.
Your organisation is nothing else but a facade, a facade to make
seem as if Iranians support the US and Israel's stance towards the IRI.
By your name, I suspect that you are a Jew. Now I don1t know if that is
the case, but I really wouldn1t be surprised if that would be the case.
It is not unusual that Israelis run their business under the safety of
an American flag.
In fact, the likes of you are responsible for the survival of
the IRI.
The US policy of dual containment and its provocation1s against the IRI
has strengthened the more radical mullahs in their anti-west policies.
It has hindered the more liberal mullahs and has led to even more
suffering for the Iranians. The US is of course not alone at fault, the
IRI bears the highest responsibility. But the love-hate relationship
between the US and IRI stops all types of democratic developments in
Iran, and your policy of supporting the d'Amato bill serves just that
purpose. I believe that you indeed are not interested in a democratic
Iran. To me it is quite obvious that you intend to preserve the present
situation in Iran, and your intentions are identical to the ones of the
US government. Dual containment means preservation, nothing bad or GOOD
should happen in Iran. The US is very satisfied with the present
situation since the oil flow from the Persian Gulf is safe, and any
change of the political situation in the Persian Gulf can threaten that.
Hence, a preservation of the situation is most preferable for the US
right now. And the cost of this is the suffering of the Iranian people,
a price that You and the US government gladly pays.

Best Regards,
Trita Parsi

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