Daftar kekayaan Soeharto dkk di Hawaii & benua Amerika (III)

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Daftar kekayaan Soeharto dkk di Hawaii & benua Amerika (III):

Sattel Technologies, Inc.:
This company was set up to enable Bambang Trihatmodjo's Bimantara Group
win contracts in communication satellites and other major
equipments for Indonesian state companies, PT Indosat and Perum Telkom,
>from Hughes Space & Telecommunications International, Inc. (formerly:
Hughes Aircraft Co.).

Founder and majority shareholder (60%) of Sattel Technologies is George
Weischadle, former Indonesia Representative of Hughes Aircraft, producer
Palapa communication satellites. Remaining shares (40%) are owned by

Officially, Sattel Technologies is the R&D division of Bimantara's
electronic division, PT Elektrindo Nusantara (EN). Sattel also produces
equipment for Perum Telkom under licence from Hughes Aircraft. But its
biggest achievement was in 1984, when EN won the tender to buy the
B2R satellite, which NASA failed to launched. This satellite was bought
EN through its "twin company", Sattel, due to George Weischadle's
successful lobbying.
(a). Sattel Technologies Inc
624 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017-3335
phone: (1) (213) 622-3093
General manager: unknown
Annual sales: unknown
No. of employees: unknown
Year started: unknown

(b). Sattel Technologies Inc
9145 Deering Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311-5802
phone: (1) (818) 718-6437
General manager: Charles Adams
Annual sales: US$ 4.5 million
No. of employees: 60
Year started: 1985

(c). Sattel Global Networks
Vancouver Telephone Company
9172 Eton Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311-5805
phone: (1) (818) 709 6201
Account manager: Ms. Jill Luna
Annual sales: US$ 7.0 million
No. of employees: 40
Year started: 1998

Hence, it is not unlikely that one of Bambang's properties was a bribe
Hughes Space & Telecommunications International, Inc., since Bambang is
also a broker for Hughes' communication sattelites in Asia. Hughes owns
shares of PT Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN) (diredcted by Bambang),
was involved in selling communication satellites to PT Satelindo (also
directed by Bambang), as well as to other subsidiaries and joint
of PT PSN in the Philippines and Thailand.

Bambang Trihatmodjo's other West Coast businesses:
Through joint ventures with Johannes Kotjo through the Singapore-based
Der Horst Group, Bambang also benefits from subsidiaries of Kotjo's Zeta
Group in the US, namely:
1. Van Der Horst USA Inc.:
Holding investment company. Address:

2. Houston Well Screen:
Metal manufacturing company.
Address: Houston, Texas
3. Reynolds Metal Co.:
In 1995, 21% shares of this company was acquired by Zeta (Prospek, July
1998: 15). In the second semester of 1999, this large aluminum and
consumer-products company began to recover from the previous year's loss
due to low aluminum price, sluggish demand and overflowing inventories.
Reynolds reported a modest second-quarter net income of US$ 35 million,
55 cents a diluted share, compared with a loss of US$ 126 million, or
1.74 a share, a year earlier (Wall Street Journal, July 21, 1999).
Reynolds Metals
3950 Via Dolce Marina Del Rey, LA, CA
phone: (1-310) 827 7943

4. Space Imaging:
In late November 1996, VDH bought 9% shares ot this aeronautical company
for US$ 25 million. This company is listed on the Singapore stock
where VDH was offered to increase its Space Imaging shares to 20% in a
year's time for the same price as the first sharepurchase, which is
"equity partnership". Other shareholders of Space Imaging are Lockheed
Martin Corporation (49%), Raytheon Corporation (33%) and Mitsubishi
Corporation (9%). Address:

5. Indochina Goldfields Ltd.:
Together with Johannes Kotjo and the Australian-based Canadian mining
magnate, Robert Friedland, Bambang also own shares in the following
listed at the Vancouver stock exchange, which also has a San Francisco
555 California St., Suite 5150, San Francisco, CA 94104
phone: (415) 263 1367
fax: (415) 263 1367

Finally, Bambang Trihatmodjo also owns a financial company, Brighton
listed in Western Samoa. Possible related companies are:
Brighton Capital Company:
8530 Wilshire Blv., Beverly Hills,
phone nos: (1-310) 854 5005, 277 6092/94/97.
Brighton Way Ltd.:
9629 Brighton Way. Beverly Hills.
Brighton Associates Ltd.:
Property addresses:
(a). 459 S. Palm Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.
(b). 9201 Whittworth Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.
both bought for US$ 1.5 million.
Mailing address:
OPO Box 2613, Malibyu, CA90265

Titiek Prabowo (Soeharto's second [middle] daughter):
Together with her brother-in-law, Hashim Djojohadikusumo, this second
[middle] daughter of Soeharto also benefits from the subsidiaries of the
Tirtamas Madjutama Group in the US, namely:
1. Niaga Bank:
Los Angeles representative office of Bank Niaga.
660 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles
phone: (213) 362 1455.

Hutomo Mandala Putra, alias Tommy Suharto (Suharto's youngest son):
1. Vector Aeromotive Corporation:
Between 1992 & 1993, Tommy Suharto and his business partner, Setiawan
Djody, bought 35% shares of Vector Aeromotive Corporation (California)
US$ 2,5 million. Their investment vehicle was V'Power Corp. which is
allegedly 100% owned by Tommy Suharto, and was since November 1995
in the Bahamas.

Between November 1993 - November 1995, this US-based company allegedly
bought the Italian automobile company, Lamborghini, from Chrysler Corp.

Tommy Suharto allegedly also own a property at Beverly Park.

Tommy Soeharto's crony: Beddu Amang:
Beddu Amang has been tried for his involvement in a assets-for-shares
swapping scandal which involved the national rice procurement agency,
and Tommy Suharto's retail business chainstore, PT Goro.

Amang owns the three following properties in L.A. using the names of his
daughters, Elysa Pusparani Amang and Mutia Puspasari Amang, and his
Maisaroh Hasan Amang:

(1). 702 N. Roxbury Drive (corner with Elevado Ave.), Beverly Hills, CA
bought on January 29, 1996 for US$ 3 million, with a US$ 1,8 million
>from the East West Federal Bank. Now it is estimated to US$ 3,183,622

PS: on July 18, 1999, a Range Rover car with licence plate # 1VA577 was
parked in the front yard.

mailing address of this property:
2550 S. Centinela Ave., Suite 109, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

(2). 213 S. Almont Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210:
price unclear.

(3). 11815 Nebraska Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025:
price unclear.

Suharto family crony: the [Bustanil] Arifin family:
Ret. General Bustanil Arifin, former Bulog chief and business operator
Suharto's Berdikari Group, whose wife, Mrs. Suhardani Arifin, is a
relative of the late Mrs. Tien Suharto, owns the following properties in
the name of their eldest daughter, Arnie Arifin:
(1). 425 N. Maple Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90211:
bought on September 11, 1998 for US$ 705,000. It is a condo in a condo
complex. When observed by GJA and two PERMIAS members on July 30, 1999,
Arnie Arifin had just gone out for shopping. Condo building supervisor
refused to give the condo and phone number of AA, and told us to contact
the building manager, Anette Klemow ([310] 205 8918).

(2). 1423 Cuesta Linda, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272:
bought on December 7, 1989, for US$ 1,650,000, with a US$ 568,000 loan
>from Scibetta Paul & AI. .

Other Suharto cronies with properties in Beverly Hills:
Ret. General Eddy Marzuki Nalapraja, former Jakarta army commander and
commissioner in Bambang Trihatmodjo's television station, RCTI,
representing the Rajawali Group. Property which is under his name and
son, Eddy Hendrio Nalapraya is:
Grand View Terrace Lot 29
Mail address:
17045 Royal View Rd, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745-5718.

Surya Paloh, publisher of the Media Indonesia daily in which Bambang
Trihatmodjo is a co-shareholder. His property is:

Ibrahim Risyad, co-shareholder with Sudwikatmono and Liem Sioe Liong in
Salim Group. His property is:

Robby Sumampow, former business operator for the Suharto
national lottery, SDSB; former business operator of Tommy Suharto's
monopoly, BPPC; and chairman of the Batara Indra conglomerate backed by
Ret. General Benny Moerdani, who still owns the Christmas Island casino
the Indian Ocean. His properties are:
(a). 10590 Wilshire Blvd, Suite # 706, Los Angeles, CA 90024-4557:
This condo was bought for US$ 350,000, but has been rented out at least
since the last six years.
Mail address:
15840 Ventura Blvd, Suite # 304, Encino, CA 91436-4757.

(b). 809 N. Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-2908:
This house was bought for US$ 2,358,166. When observed on Juky 30, 1999,
looked like it had not been occupied for a long time.

Mail address: idem ditto.

Tjokrosaputro family who own the Batik Keris Group, which allegedly was
of the first contributors to the late Mrs. Suharto's Harapan Kita

Fahmi Idris, current Labour Minister in Habibie's cabinet, whose Kodel
(Kelompok Delapan) Group bought Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel on 9500
Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills,
phones: (1-310) 275 5200/5292

According to the hotel staff (interviewed on July 25, 1999), since four
years ago (1994??) the hotel has changed hands to Japanese owners. The
on the hotel logo at the entrance, though, mentioned that the hotel was
part of the Four Seasons Group.
PS: Tommy Suharto has shares in two Four Seasons hotels in Bali
(Jimbaran &

Cronies with properties outside Beverly Hills:
Arifin Panigoro:
owns approx. US$ 1 million property at:
2929 Queensbury, Cheliot Hills, L.A.
phone: (1-310) 839 5433.

Liem Sioe Liong's cousin owns a property in Monterrey Park,
William Soeryadjaja owns a property in Bel Air,
Ponco Sutowo, son of former oil magnate, Ibnu Sutowo, owns a property in
Newport Beach, ..........................................
Benny Murdani, former armed forces commander and Suharto loyalist, owns
property at .............................................
Yapto Suryosumarno, former head of Pemuda Pancasila, Indonesian thugs
organization close to the Suharto family, owns a property at
Daughter of Peter Gonta (?), owns property in
James Riady, owned property in Westwood,
recently sold for US$ 3 million.

Tommy Suharto, Ponco Sutowo, and Yapto Suryosumarno have one Indonesian
person in common, namely Aditya. When either of them came to L.A.,
drove them in their luxurious cars.

Sudwikatmono's crony: Sutanto Joso:
This owner of the Udinda Group is Sudwikatmono's business partner in the
Jakabeka Industrial Zone and its power generating company, PT Cikarang

Udinda has attracted media attention in Japan because it is alleged that
>from 1988 to 1990 it channelled Y 100 million from Japanese contracting
firm Tekken to then Presiden Soeharto and his ministers. These kickbacks
were aimed at enabling Tekken to win a tender to modernize Jakarta's
railway system (Jawa Pos , 2 April 1999, citing Yomiuri Shimbun ).

Sutanto Yoso is known by the Indonesian community in LA to be close the
Sudwikatmono family. Sudwikatmono's youngest daughter, Tri Hanurati
(Trinil) Sudwikatmono, is often seen visiting Sutanto Joso's properties
LA, namely:

# 10750 Wilshire Boulevard, TheWestford. Apt. # 402:
phone: (310) 441 5158; Sutanto Joso's handphone: (310) 963 2112;

# a big house in Diamond Bar (precise address still to be found).

Soeharto's crony: Ibrahim Risyad:
International Resources Corporation:
Perusahaan ini memasarkan produk-produk PT Arga Karya Prima Industry
untuk pasaran Amerika dan Eropa. Induk perusahaannya adalah usaha
antara Risyadson Group milik keluarga Ibrahim Risyad, satu di antara
keempat pemegang saham inti kelompok Salim, dan Salim Group sendiri.

His daughter, Dina Ibrahim Risyad, allegedly owns a property in Beverly

This younger stepbrother of Soeharto allegedly owned (own?) shares in
Greater Southeast Financial & Development Corporation Ltd., which has
same address as law firm
Rubin, Rubin, Weinberg and Dipaola, Solicitors:
(now: Rubin Rubin & Di Paola)
375 Park Avenue, New York.
phone no: (212) 759 4539

had (has?) links with the Singapore-based, Waringin Finance Ltd., which
was (is?) directed by Jantje Liem Poo Hien (Jani Haryanto or Lim
Liem Sioe Liong, and Ibnu Hardjanto (late Mrs. Tien Soehartoís younger
brother. Probosutedjo allegedly also owned (own?) shares in this
The New York law firm has allegedly worked for the Soeharto regime since
the 1970s (see May 1981: 225-227).

Until the previous Indon ambassador, Arifin Siregar, Lim Haryanto held a
blue (official) passport and was on the list of the Indon embassy staff,
and owned properties in Germantown, Virginia, and Houston, Texas.
Indon ambassador, Dr. Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Yakti has withdrawn the
passport of Lim Haryanto, who has sold his Virginia property and is
currently only using his Houston one.

Ibnu Hartomo:
This younger brother of the late Mrs. Tien Soeharto, who at one stage
an official of the National Security Council (Dewan Hankamnas) was in
sued by a US businessman, Curtis Phaneuf, for selling fake Promissory
worth US$ 125 million. The case was tabled in the Arizona district

Ibnu Hartomo was defended by the law firm, White & Case LLP (address:
601 Thirteenth Street, N.W., Suite 600, Washington, DC, 20005-3807,
(202) 626-3600 ) which has been defending the Soeharto regime since

In 1983, they charged the Indonesian government US$ 3,090.711.49 worth
defense fees for the previous twelve months. Their main lawyer is
Lamm, aided by two assistenats, Frank Panopoulos and Francis A. Vasquez,

Although last year the Habibie regime pretended to investigate this
it was silently shelved. Ibnu Hartomo, meanwhile, did not hide the fact
that he was sponsoring between 50 to 70 small parties to prepare
for the previous general election, to prevent Suharto from being tried.

1. Bank Central Asia:
As one of the main shareholders of the Salim Group, this cousin of
has also benefited from the Salim's financial flag ship, which had the
following branch offices:
a. 5 Chatham Square, New York, NY 10038-1027, phone no (212) 619 0188:
This Chinatown branch officewas closed down in 1995, because the current
company on that address had began to rent that building since 1996. The
0188 was eventually taken over by the 180 Madison Avenue branch office.

b. 180 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5267, phone (212) 889 1000.
This office in a tall apartment & office building in mid-town Manhattan,
was closed down June 30, 1999 and all its businesses handed over to 641
Lexington Avenue.

c. 641 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022-4503, phone nos: (212) 888
3300; 889 1000; 619 0188:
Since July 1, 1999, this has become the only BCA office in New York
and also its US Regional Office.

Until May 1996, the 5 Chatham Square and the 180 Madison Avenue offices
also been the addresses of Colonial Property Holding Corp., which may
been owned by the Salim Group as well.

Bustanil Arifin & Ny. Suhardani Arifin:
Suami isteri ini memimpin beberapa yayasan yang diketuai oleh Soeharto
Ny. Tien Soeharto di masa hidupnya. Nyonya Suhardani Arifin, adalah
Nyonya Tien Soeharto. Perusahaan keluarga mereka, yang dipimpin oleh
sulung mereka, Arnie Arifin, punya cabang di AS di:
1. PT Citra Sari Makmur:
1717 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103-2713,
phone: (215) 963 6000.

PS: when observed by GJA & ES on Tuesday, August 10, 1999, this building
turns out to be totally occuped by Bell Atlantic offices, including the
with the above phone no. Unclear where Arifin's office has moved to.

Tahun 1991 PT CSM pernah membina usaha patungan dengan perusahaan AS,
Scientific Altanta, untuk membangun 300 stasiun bumi kecil yang
dengan satelit Palapa.

(to be continued)

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