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Feb 19, 2009, 8:09:29 AM2/19/09
I grabbed an opportunity to phone up current Chancellor of Gujarat
Vidyapith (now one of UGC supporteed University) started by Gandhi in
1920. He was here in North London to do Gandhi Kathaa, similar to Ram
Kathaa, in second week of September 2008. He is the son of Gandhi's
secretary Mahadev Desai. His name is Narayan Desai.

I was trying to persuade him to speak up for simplifying written
Gujarati. Soon on phone I was listening to his anger at English Medium
Schools being given recognition by Modi Government in rural Gujarat to
satisfy Modi's vote bank.

On 14/2/09 Gujarati Bhasha Parishad that is working for simplified
written Gujarati for over ten years took out rally from the gates of
the Vidyapith to Gujarati Sahitya Parishad which about 8 months back
practically insulted Narayan Desai over the simplification issue.

In the course of my correspondence with Vidyapith on the issue the
Vice Chancellor of the Vidyapith accused Modi Government taking bribes
for giving recognition to the crop of English Medium Schools.

In India if you wish to be tested for getting licence to drive a truck
you can apply to be tested with any intermediary. But if you want to
sit at SSC or HSC examination a Principal of a government recognised
school must endorse your application to the Examination Board.

I asked the Vice Chancellor why his University not work for getting
rid of this totally unnecessary regulation of "recognised school", and
thereby prevent Modi Government and similar ones from making hay out
of outdated laws.

I have no reply.


Feb 28, 2009, 2:10:50 AM2/28/09

I have no reply.

When first posted the link only to this post was sent to some.

People cangive their follow ups in unicode Gujarati if they wish.


Feb 28, 2009, 2:58:52 AM2/28/09
Romanise <> writes:

What has Gujarat Vidyapith got to do with SSC and HSC exams? Aren't
the exams under the control of the state education board?

What are the recommendations of Bhasha Parishad on simplification? I
know possibly one item that was mentioned earlier in this newsgroup.


Feb 28, 2009, 3:13:17 AM2/28/09
On 28 Feb, 07:58, Chetan <> wrote:

Against what of my post in particular you are raising this question?

> What are the recommendations of Bhasha Parishad on simplification?  I
> know possibly one item that was mentioned earlier in this newsgroup.

Which one item you know?

If you read Gujarati the objectives of the event of 14/2/09 is
available to read on

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