Ghunda Raj in Hyderabad

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Rauf A. Adil

May 4, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/4/97
to radil,

The image of Hyderabad police has taken a blow with the sudden spurt of
,violence in the old city in the past one month which disturbed the law
and order situation in the area. =


The burst of violence can be attributed to the presence of a number of
gangs which are battling for supremacy over the area. =

The problem has complicated further with some of the gangs which operate
in other parts of the city, using the Old City as their base. Apart from
this, anti-social elements are said to be running their shady business
in this sensitive area while the police simply turn a blind eye. The
police appears to have adopted a =93wait, watch and relax=94 attitude, ev=
as the increasing conflicts and sneak attacks among the rival gangs are
culminating in brutal murders. =

In a span of two months, more than eight rowdy-sheeters have been axed
to death by their rivals. But the police just booked cases and left them
without any follow-up action. The failure of police to check the
movements of the rowdy-sheeters and persons with criminal records is
said to be leading to such ghastly attacks. The latest killing of Rajesh
alias Mallang (26), a rowdy-sheeter by his rivals in broad daylight on
Friday in Kulsumpura, speaks loudly for the rise in violence. Four
unidentified assailants murdered Mallang and escaped with his head. =

The methodical slaying of the youth appeared to be in the way of
=93Rayalaseema culture,=94 where such violence is the order of the day.
Incidentally, the attack was a sequel to the killing of Kamala (44),
mother of Ramesh in Kulsumpura in 1996.

According to police, Rajesh with his associates made an unsuccessful
attempt to murder Ramesh in 1996, but in the process they killed his
mother, Kamala. The criminal was also involved in the murder of a gang
leader in 1995. Ramesh was a staunch follower of the gang leader. The
latest ghastly incident, according to the police accounts, the first of
its kind in the sensitive Old City. =

=93The brutality with which the murder was committed indicates deep-roote=
rivalry between the culprits and the victim,=94 said a local resident
when contacted. On April 23, Namdev and Purushottam, rowdy-sheeters of
Uppuguda were axed to death by their rivals near Charminar. The inhuman
act was apparently in the retaliation to the killing of P Nagender alias
Nagi in 1991. The victims were allegedly involved in the murder case.
Charminar ACP Shameemuddin told Deccan Chronicle that the trial by the
MSJ Court in 1993 resulted in life imprisonment for these two but they
were acquitted in an appeal by the High Court in 1994. =

Since their acquittance, the followers of the victim had been waiting
for an opportunity to take revenge and finally kill them brutally.
However, the suspects P Vijay Raj (21), P Raju (20), R Ramesh M Sainath
(25) and their three associates have been arrested and remanded to
judicial custody. =

The incident was followed by a bomb attack on the associates of Ravi
Singh gang by its rival Sudesh Singh gang members on April 15. The city
police opened fire to avert a major clash between the two gangs at
Jummerat Bazar, otherwise there would have been a major fuss in the Old
City, the Goshamahal ACP K Panduranga Reddy said. =

The incident occurred when the associates of Ravi Singh were taking out
a procession from Nampally to Jummerat Bazar after they were acquitted
in the murder case of Chandrapal Singh alias Chandur, younger brother of
Sudesh Singh in 1990. The clash is the latest sequel to the ongoing
inter gang war which started in 1990. The killing of Chandrapal Singh on
May 15 in 1990 by Ravi Singh=92s men led to rivalry between the two. Ravi=

Singh=92s associates also killed Sudharshan Singh, alias Laddu, elder
brother of Sudesh Singh at Jummerat Bazar on December 27 in 1990.

In retaliation, Sudesh Singh=92s group had indulged in sneak attacks on
its rival group. It is said to be the reason behind the
kidnapping-cum-murder of Bharath Bhushan, servant of Ravi Singh at
Narsing in Rangareddy district. The killing was followed by continuous
attacks on Ravi Singh=92s associates. In another incident in
1993, Ganesh Singh alias Baddu, brother of Ravi Singh lost his eyes in a
bomb attack. The city has witnessed many gang-wars during the past one
month. Need of the hour is to maintain law and order effectively by the

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