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The Communists, particularly the Marxists are very excited in
celebrating the golden jubilee of assumption in 1957 of the first
ministry in Kerala headed by E M Sankaran Namboothirpad. Then the
communists were united and now after 50 years, there are several
communist parties claiming to be the 'original' communists. However,
the CPM with its opportunistic alliance and by aligning with rabidly
communal Muslim and Christian groups has become the largest Communist
party not only in terms of manpower but also in terms of wealth.

In 50 years, the CPM led LDF came to power in Kerala intermittently
thanks to their unholy nexus with the Communal forces represented by
the different factions of the Muslims and the Kerala Congress. Using
every opportunity the CPM has now become the biggest conglomerate with
assets worth crores. In fact the CPM and its feeder organisations had
amassed wealth by looting the public in a big scale.

The comrades may proclaim themselves as a working class party and
their existence as an antidote for the deprived and the have-nots, but
five decades of communism have made the Kerala unit of the party the
richest, with assets estimated at a whooping Rs. 4,000 crores,
something beyond the comprehension of any corporate body existing in a
highly consumerised society like Kerala. It is ironical that in this
mad rush for asset accumulation the CPM has totally deviated from its
ideology and is functioning as a cut-throat commercial establishment,
thereby becoming a burden on the working class, whom it professes to

While in the forties, fifties and sixties, the aim of the communists
was to expand their mass base, right from seventies their eyes got
deflected to property accumulation. Kerala has 1% of the land area of
India and almost 3% of the National population. With the gulf boom in
which lakhs of Keralities went to make money, land prices started
spiralling thereby provocating many to invest in real estates. The CPM
made good use of this opportunity. It is now estimated that the CPM
and its feeder organizations are the single largest owners of land,
buildings, properties, estates etc. in all the districts of the state.
All the offices of the CPM and its affiliates like CITU, SFI, DYFI,
Women organizations, head load workers, Government employees,
teachers, college and Professional Institutions teachers etc. from the
Taluk level to the State level are in own premises in prime locations
throughout the length and breadth of Kerala. The crowing glory of
these is the Multi crore CPM state headquarters AKG Centre with a 1500
seat centrally airconditioned auditorium in the heart of the capital
city of Thiruvanananthapuram. Exactly opposite to it is the multi-
storied flat luxuriously built for housing it state leaders. A 60-acre
complex and a huge constructed township for the purpose of training
(brain washing) CPM cadres named EMS Academy is another 'humble' abode
for the working class out fit at the capital city.

The multi crore television Channels, Kairali and its news channel
People in Malayalam launched about five years ago by the party is
another major investment apart from the Malayalam newspaper
'Deshabhimani', which has editions in all the districts of Kerala. The
channels and all the newspaper offices are in own premises with state
of the art technologies.

In addition, taking a cue from the Christian missionaries in making
money, the party had launched hospitals and Banks in the Co-operatives
sector, investing huge amounts. As a result, Kerala now have. Co-
operative banks and hospitals from the Primary level to the state
level controlled by CPM in all most all the districts of Kerala. . In
these party controlled institutes appointments from peons to managing
directors are made based on recommendations from party bosses.

To exploit the tourist potential of Kerala, the CPM launched many
tourist resorts in scenic spots in many districts taking possession of
vast areas of land under the party. It is ironical that CPM, which has
launched an agitation against 'coca-cola' in 'Plachimada' for misuse
of ground water, is constructing a multi-crore-water theme park in
Kannur district where drinking water is scarce. The opposition to the
project from its own cadres has been bulldozed by none other than
Pinarayi Vijayan.

The CPM is now no longer a working class Party. It is equivalent
to any other corporate body the sole of aim of which is to accumulate
wealth by any means.

Although the source of fund of any political organization is mainly
contribution from the public, the fund raising system f the CPM is so
corporative, streamlined and institutionalised that it is never short
of funds be it in power or out of it.

The various affiliate organizations through their regular monthly
collections ensure regular flow of funds. In addition, the CPM
organizes 'collection drives' periodically to fill its coffers. The
party has no hesitation in seeking funds from liquor barons, real
estate brokers, tainted contractors are the main sponsors of the
party. The black money thus gained is made white by periodic
collection drives from public, in which local level leaders are
allowed a free hand. Thanks to this trend, local level leaders are
made permanent slaves of the party.

The head load workers affiliated to the CITU provides physical power
to the collection drive of the party. This group physically
intimidates those who refuse to contribute and police often refuse to
act since the CPM is ruling the State.

Traders and commercial establishments are threatened to pay money
regularly to the CPM coffers. Subscribers for Deshabhimani are
enlisted through bullying the traders, shopkeepers and residents by
the muscle-power of CITU and DYFI goondas. In addition, periodic
'Bucket Collections' another unique feature of CPM, for any reason
under the sun, brings crores of rupees to the party.

With its proximity to the Central Government, the party gets
advertisements from major public sector companies for its television
channels and the newspaper. Crores of rupees are pumped to Kairali,
People and Deshabhimani as advertisement revenue. The Managing
Director of 'Kairali' regularly accompanies the Prime Minister
Manmohan singh on his tours abroad. The top officials of the State
government close to the party are being used to increase not only the
assets of the party and its affiliates, but also to help the party
channels and the Malayalam daily.

Kerala is the largest liquor market in India. Due to prohibition
imposed by the previous Antony led UDF government, the illicit liquor
lobby is the backbone of supply to the thirsty. The party's links with
this lobby brings crores of rupees into its treasury. Many leaders of
the party are under cloud for having links with the Hooch Barons.
Diaries of liquor barons, seized by the police revealed that several
CPM leaders were on their pay roll.

Launching of the People's plan campaign, a brainchild of late CPM
ideologue EMS, by the Nayanar ministry, said to be involving people in
the development process, was festival time for the party. On this
account, the Party, its leaders and cadres swindled crores of rupees
during the LDF regime of 1996-2001,

Like its present partner, the Congress, contracts and works awarded by
the various Government departments are another major source of funds
for the CPM. In the name of establishing new power projects and
renovating existing projects crores of rupees passed hands. The recent
Controversy involving the CPM State secretary and former Power
Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is a glaring example. The contract awarded
to the Canadian Firm SNC-LAVALIN for Rs 375 crores has gone down the
drain, with no benefit to the state. But party had benefited out of
the deal. The whole issue is now under trial in the Kerala High Court.

The party's presence in the social, cultural, literary and scientific
fields are ensured by giving plum posts to fellow travellers. The
party in a calculated move had usurped the administration of Kerala
Sahitya academy, Kerala Lalitakala academy, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka
academy, Kerala folklore academy, Kerala library council, and a number
of other cultural institutions. The party considers all these
institutions as a means to indoctrinate the people with the out dated
Marxism and also as a tool to give employment to Marxists. . The
party's presence in the Film Industry -another money spinning
enterprise-is also ensured through likeminded comrades.

The CPM and its leaders have become the greatest hypocrites, the state
has ever seen. While leaders like Achuthanandan openly take part in
agitations destroying cash crops like coconut/rubber to highlight the
importance of declining paddy cultivation (due to exorbitant wages
demanded by CPM cadres), many CPM offices and houses of its leaders
are built in reclaimed paddy lands. Similarly, the party had in the
sixties expelled party members for giving gold, as dowry, during
marriage of their children, but when the son of late Chief Minister
E.K. Nayanar got married, the bride was adored in gold from head to
toe.The CPM and the SFI had been in the forefront of the agitation
against self-financing professional colleges thereby forcing Malayali
students to go to other states for professional education. But during
the previous LDF tenure maximum number of schools, colleges etc. were
doled out to Christian and Muslim Managements, naturally for a price

Though ideologically bankrupt, the CPM through its institutionalized
system, has become the most corrupt and hypocritical party deserving
mention in the Guinness Book of world Records. The party and its
policies are the biggest threat to Kerala's economic, social progress
and cultural progress.

In five decades, the Communists have destroyed the very quality of
Kerala that made the State famous with its age-old cultural moorings.
For the Marxists, money making is their only agenda.


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