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Gaurang Desai

Jan 17, 1996, 3:00:00 AM1/17/96


Rarely could one believe that over 376 (including 56 youth and 75 women)
non-resident Indians came to Bharat from 26 countries of the world (USA, UK,
own expense on a socio-cultural mission.

Many youths came to Bharat for the first time. They were invited in a seven day
camp hosted by Antra Rashtriya Sahyog Pratisthan, Gujarat, a registered
charitable Trust, which is working as a bridge organisation between
non-resident Indians and Indians all over the world.

This Shibir(camp) was conducted on RSS ideology for NRI workers, who despite
being away, are exerting hard to keep the Hindus united, undertake SEWA
projects, promote Hindutava and even lobby an Indian cause with senators and
Government Agencies overseas.

Aptly titled as `Vishwa Sangh Shibir 95', all its delegates were from several
affiliated organisations of RSS, which operate abroad as Hindu Swayamsevak
Sangh, Sewa International, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Students Council,
Friends of India Society International, etc. Shri Rama Jois, ex-chief justice of
Punjab-Haryana High Court was Shibiradhikari (Head of the Camp) 200 volunteers
managed and catered to all needs of the Shibir including its security.

The Shibir, a unique experience for NRIs had many firsts. Rising above the isms,
religious pride and territorial one-upmanship, they prayed everyday for the
emergence of VISHWA MANAV (all mankind) and victory of world religion. They
prayed for peace, harmony and love amongst all humans throughout the world.
Youth and children were explained the relavance of Yoga and Indian games for
body building and for maintaining general health and well being. They
experienced the same by daily practice. It was an exercise in community living.

Women, who work much harder to make living, have a herculean task to perform to
save the family from cultural onslought, keep it united; as also to help the
society in retaining the Hindu identity. Their group were provided with several
palatable and workable solutions to reduce the stress in handling situations
that arise in foreign lands. Clarification to their queries concerning history,
culture, education, the rich heritage of Bharat, were all provided with
authentic and adequate details. Some of those who sought guidance to promote the
Hindutava abroad were helped, encouraged and blessed.

Kayavarohan, a temple town, 30 kms south of Vadodara, in Gujarat, was all
festive for seven days, 21-27 December 1995. All delegates were welcomed by the
villagers in traditional manner by kumarikes(girls) with kalesh(coper vessel)
and coconut on their heads, near Dr. Hedgewar Nagar, the complex specially built
and decorated for the camp. Events that followed made the history and a major
landmark in promoting Hindutava abroad.

Swami Satyamitrananda Giri of Haridwar along with Shri H.V.Sheshadriji,
Sarkaryavah of RSS, inaugurated the Shibir(camp) on 21st afternoon after Havan.
The sessions that followed were arranged separately for children, men and women
and youth. The met zone wise as also work wise to discuss and asess the past
performance and plan for the future goals keeping in view the problems and
prospects, as also global Hindu phenomena. Especial attention was given to the
problem of nurturing Hindu youth born and brought up overseas to respect
and practice Hindu values of life.

The RSS branch of city of Vadodara hosted a reception for the leading delegates
who have received recognition and awards in their countries of work for their
outstanding contribution in International Law, Education, Human and Social
Sciences. The programme was attended by over 20000 citizens. Ten delegates were
presented books/ mementos by RSS Chief, Prof. Rajendra Singhji, who presided the
function. Shri Suresh Mehta, Gujarat Chief Minister, and Shri Keshubhai Patel,
ex-chief Minister were special invitees. The gathering was addressed by Shri
K.C.Sudershanji. He explained why the next century is going to be a Hindu
century. Thinking people all over the world are looking to Bharat and its life
giving Hindu philosophy to solve the ills they are now facing due to reckless
exploitation of the Nature and World Resources.

It was a hectic week in the camp. Every day from 0530 am to 1100 pm, delegates
were busy attending various camp programmes, which included group prayers,
Shakha, yoga, Cyclic meditation, group discussion, reporting, workshops,
Boudhiks, physical demonstrations, a cultural programme and personal contacts
with the senior leaders, who had especially been invited from all fields of our
activity. Shri Rajendra Singhji, Sar-Sanghachalak RSS, Shri H.V.Sheshadriji,
Shri Sudershanji, Shri Madandasji, Shri Ranga Hariji, Shri Mohanji Bhagwat, Shri
Suryanarayan Raoji, Shri V.H.Dalmia, Shri Ashokji Singhal, Acharya Girirajji,
Sadhavi Rithambara, Shri L.K.Advaniji, Dr. Murli Manoharji, Shri Dattopant
Thengdiji, Swami Doctor Maharajji were all there to meet the overseas workers
for personal attention and solution of their problems if any. Political scenerio
in Bharat, Sewa projects, Vanvasi Kalyan, Samutkarsh, Kissan Sangh Mazdoor
Sangh, Educational institutions, all found adequate prominence in dialogue and
discussion about spread of Sangh activities and its future all round growth.

Important lectures(Boudhiks) were delivered by RSS luminaries on the life of
an ideal Swayamsevak, lessons to be learned from the life of Dr. Hedgewar, the
RSS work-challenges and future directions, man-making in RSS Shakha and the
relevance of Hindutava in global context. Beside these a Souvenir- a world
reference book on Hindutava covering all important aspects of personal, social
and national life was published and released. A copy was presented to every

Together, the daily programmes, workshops, discussions, lectures, presence of
all leaders of Hindu Reneissance and enthusiasm of all campers, have triggered a
high spirit Hindutava capsule that will change the socio-cultural life of
Indians overseas.

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