Internet Guide to Tibet

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Internet Guide to Tibet

============ A =============
Everyday News about events relating to Tibet

Tibet Daily

Tibet news

=========== B ==========

Sites presenting the views of the People's Republic of China Gov.

China Tibet Information Center
One of the largest site on this subject.

Historical Status of Tibet
A brief chronology of Tibet

Feudal Serf System in Tibet

Did Tibet Become an Independent Country after the Revolution of 1911?

Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng

========= C =========

Web sites run by organizations actively engaged in Tibet politics and
Known to have received funding from the U.S. or the British Gov.
especially the NED of USA.

(Please read NED-CIA connection:
Good analysis of how CIA uses non-gov-organizations (NGOs) as cover to
subvert foreign gov.)

The first 3 organizations on the list (*) below are quoted in well
over 90% of the
news reports about Tibet published in the English media.
Out of about 400,000 web pages devoted to Tibet, the majority of them
copy their content from these 3 sites.

*International Campaign for Tibet
receives NED funding

*Tibet Information Network
receives NED funding, also funding from the British Gov.

*Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy
receives NED funding

Tibet Justice Center
receives NED funding

Tibetan Review
English language monthly news
receives NED funding

Tibet Fund
receives NED funding

Tibetan Youth Congress
receives NED funding

Tibet Times/Tibetan Literary Society
receives NED funding

Tibet House
Declassified CIA document mentioned of how CIA created Tibet House.

Human Rights In China
Received millions of dollars from the US gov. via the National
Endowment for Democracy.
Board of directors mostly taken from Human Rights Watch.

Sites run by organizations with overlapping leadership with NED

Human Rights Watch
Overlapping leadership with "Human Rights In China".

Amnesty International
NED program officer for Asia, Louisa Coan, also serves as spoke
person for Amnesty International USA.

======== E ============

Miscellaneous sites with no political affiliation

Kham Aid Foundation

Los Angeles Times story about biased information in Tibet reporting

Good analysis of how CIA uses non gov organizations (NGO) as cover to
subvert foreign gov.
The National Endowment for Democracy of USA (NED) is currently funding
many Tibet Separatists organizations.

Tibet -A Reality Check by N. Ram
Author is an Indian writer who visited Tibet recently.

How Repressive Is the Chinese Government in Tibet?

From Taiwan to Tibet, U.S. Perceptions of China
Dangeously out of Touch
Essay by Tom Grunfeld

Psychological Warfare(psywar) in the New Millennium
Explains various propaganda techniques of the CIA and British M16;
also their links with Amnesty International, International
Commission of Jurists, and NED.

TIBET: Mother & Child
A new study disputes charges by Tibetan activists of forced abortions
and sterilizations by authorities

Life Under the Dalai Lama in Exile

The Dalai Lama and the CIA

Tibet essays by an ethnic Mongol

Millions Spent Subverting "Enemies," Stifling Dissent
How USA subvert 3rd world countries.

Trojan Horse, The National Endowment for Democracy

How USA Manufactures Tibet Propaganda
======== F ==========

Maps of Tibet and China

Tibet map
Including Xinjiang, Nepal, Bhutan and region annexed by British India
in 1913 Simla Conference (Shaded red eastern sector)
For more detail map of this sector see:

1835 map of Asia showing Tibet

Tibet map

China map

Dalai Lama's map of China
This same map appears in Dalai Lama's book, "Freedom In Exile".
Notice the People's Republic of China at the south eastern corner of
Asia continent.

========= G =========

Declassified CIA documents on CIA's relation with the Dalai Lama

Questions Pertaining to Tibet Washington, January 9, 1964.

This document mentioned payment of $180,000 annually to Dalai Lama and
how CIA set up Tibet House in New York

USA officially has always recognized China's sovereignty of Tibet.
This can be traced back to the pre-ww2 era. (read statement by Kent
US Gov. is at the same time also the biggest source of propaganda
support for the Dalai Lama's separatist activities

Testimony by Kent M Wiedmann, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for
East Asian and Pacific Affairs before Subcimmittee on East Asian and
Pacific Affairs, Senate Foreign Relation Committee.


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