Bush Senior & Clinton backed BOTH sides in Congo war

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Jul 9, 2001, 2:11:34 PM7/9/01

War backed by former presidents Bush Senior and Bill Clinton

L'Avenir (Kinshasa)

July 4, 2001
Posted to the web July 5, 2001

Alain Diasso

The pro-governmental Uganda newspaper "New Vision" has just revive
again the debate on the subject of the USA involving in the May 17
revolution that overthrown Mobutu's regime.

For that newspaper which rely on the revelation of Mr. Wayne Madsen
(an American investigative journalist), Bush the father of the
current US president, involved his country in the DRC conflict where
he got monetary gains. Speaking thru "New Vision", Mr. Wayne Madsen
went very far by declaring that it was with the support of George
Bush that US special forces have been training troops on both sides
of the Congo war, that is to say on the side of governmental forces
and on the side of rebels.

The USA, said this Intelligence agent were creating conditions to
make this conflict to become tough by keeping it for predatory aims.
What credit to give to this testimony even if the author is called a
specialist and his unique reference is a book entitled "Genocide and
Covert Operations in Africa 1993 - 1999"? While thanking Wayne for
his freedom of speech, one can call to his attention the fact that
Kabila, the father got many favors from republicans that he is trying
to revile, today.

Taking Bush Senior as the one who was profiting from the Congolese
drama is unfair. Because the republicans under his help are involved
in the peace process of DRC as they are leading the USA, now. One can
understand their will to bring Kabila the father to resist until the
time they will be on power. But unfortunately, L.-D. Kabila died
before they take the leadership of the USA. Bush Junior, who follows
his father steps, does not change his father's vision towards DRC. He
has called the Congolese president and has promised to back him up.

Sharing Mr. Wayne's views is denying to Bush his good will shown thru
is acts for the DRC. Why does "New Vision" do these revelations at
the time according to our sources, the Congolese president has met
with Museveni in Tanzania? And why Ugandan people have waited for the
departure of Bill Clinton, everyone knows he was supporting the
aggression against DRC, to reveal that Bush Senior was also
implicated? Besides, they do not mention by which mechanism. L'Avenir

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US Army Operated Secretly in Congo

New Vision (Kampala)

June 17, 2001
Posted to the web June 17, 2001

John Kakande

The United States military has been covertly involved in the wars in
the Democratic Republic of Congo, a US parliamentary subcommittee has
been told. Intelligence specialist Wayne Madsen, appearing before the
US House subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights,
also said American companies, including one linked to former
President George Bush Snr, the father of the current US President,
are stoking the Congo conflict for monetary gains.

In a prepared testimony seen by Sunday Vision, Wayne Madsen, an
American investigative journalist, said on May 17 that US Special
forces have been training troops on both sides of the Congo war. He
said US defence has at times been using Private Military Contractors
(PMCs) to engage in these covert operations because PMCs are far from
the reach of congressional investigators.

Madsen is a specialist on intelligence and was also the author of
"Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa 1993-1999", a work that
took him three years of research and interviews in Rwanda, Uganda,
France, the UK, USA, Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands.

Madsen said the US military worked with Rwanda and the Congolese
rebels to overthrow Mobutu. He said they again supported the
rebellion against Laurent Kabila because "by 1998, the Kabila regime
had become an irritant to the United States, North American mining
interests, and Kabila's Ugandan and Rwandan patrons."

He argued that when Kabila received assistance from other African
countries, the US changed tactics. "US Special Operations personnel
were involved in training troops on both sides of the war in the
DRC - Rwandans, Ugandans, and Burundians (supporting the RCD
factions) and Zimbabweans and Namibians (supporting the central
government in Kinshasa," Madsen told the US congressional
subcommittee. Testifying about the Mobutu overthrow, Madsen said:
"One reason why Kabila's men advanced into the city so quickly was
the technical assistance provided by the DIA (US Defence Intelligence

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David Taylor

Jul 13, 2001, 10:24:27 PM7/13/01


Some of the companies involved in this new “scramble for
Africa” have close links with PMCs and America’s top political
leadership. For example, America Minerals Fields, Inc., a company that
was heavily involved in promoting the 1996 accession to power of
Kabila, was, at the time of its involvement in the Congo’s civil war,
headquartered in Hope, Arkansas. Its major stockholders included
long-time associates of former President Clinton going back to his
days as Governor of Arkansas. America Mineral Fields also reportedly
enjoys a close relationship with Lazare Kaplan International, Inc., a
major international diamond brokerage whose president remains a close
confidant of past and current administrations on Africa matters.[26]

The United States has a long history of supporting all
sides in the DRC’s civil wars in order to gain access to the country’s
natural resources. The Ba-N’Daw Report presents a cogent example of
how one U.S. firm was involved in the DRC’s grand thievery before the
1998 break between Laurent Kabila and his Rwandan and Ugandan backers.
It links the Banque de commerce, du developpement et d'industrie
(BCDI) of Kigali, Citibank in New York, the diamond business and armed
rebellion. The report states: “In a letter signed by J.P. Moritz,
general manager of Societe miniere de Bakwanga (MIBA), a Congolese
diamond company, and Ngandu Kamenda, the general manager of MIBA
ordered a payment of US$3.5 million to la Generale de commerce
d'import/export du Congo (COMIEX), a company owned by late President
Kabila and some of his close allies, such as Minister Victor Mpoyo,
from an account in BCDI through a Citibank account. This amount of
money was paid as a contribution from MIBA to the AFDL war effort.”

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