Kitsos on "The Rising Tide of Color"

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May 19, 2005, 11:08:59 PM5/19/05

Easter had come in early May this year and the Boeotian countryside, where
my estate is located, had erupted into a blaze of colors as Mother Nature
relaxed her winter's grip allowing the myriad flowers and foliage of Hellas
to burst forth in all of their dazzling beauty. The long holiday season had
given me the opportunity to escape the concrete jungle of Athens, and I had
been "in residence" all through Holy Week. I had attended all of the
services at our village church during this time, and could not remember when
the somber pageantry and symbolism of our Easter liturgies had affected me
more. The miraculous denouement of our Lord's resurrection had had such an
emotional effect upon me that more than once I'd had to wipe the welling
tears from my eyes. It seems that now that my beloved homeland is under a
greater threat than she has ever faced in her long history, her religion,
culture, and national symbols pierce my heart with a poignancy born of dread
mixed with an inexcusably belated and heightened appreciation of what is
being lost.
So it was that all through Holy Week I'd suffered the passion of the
crucifixion of my country with as great a sense of sorrow as I'd suffered
the Passion of our Lord. I prayed that some miracle would occur, some great
leader would step forth, some momentous event would take place to finally
stir our people from their lethargy; would inspire them to rid the land of
the quislings and opportunists who had betrayed their heritage and the
future of our children. I prayed that Hellas would rise up, like a
resurrected Christ, and fulfill her destiny to become the light and the hope
of the world once more. Never had I experienced such emotional turmoil;
never before had the Passion of our Lord and the planned destruction of my
beloved Hellas been so viscerally intertwined within my body and soul.
It was shortly before Easter that a chain of events began that finally put
me into this black mood of gloom and despair. First, there was the report
that my country was being inundated by aliens at a faster rate and to a
greater percentage of the indigenous population than any other in the
European Union. Also, the fact that these aliens were actually being
welcomed by the authorities, even in the face of dire demographic
predictions as to how their continued arrival is sure to spell the demise of
homogeneous Hellas in the very near future. Then came the demand on the part
of the Turks that the Muslim minority in Thrace -- who are Greek citizens --
no longer be taught the Greek language, even on a voluntary basis, and the
subsequent kowtowing of our cowardly government in acquiescing to such a
magisterial request. Then the continuous, humiliating, and servile sucking
up to the Turks by our Foreign Minister, George Papandreou, while 40% of
Cyprus was still being illegally occupied by the Mongol-Khazar invaders. I
was reminded that Papandreou, while on a recent diplomatic mission to
Turkey, had asked to be taken to the tomb of the genocidal butcher, Kemal
Attaturk, so that he could lay a wreath on his tomb. He had already laid a
wreath on the tomb of the Turkish Unknown Soldier -- which was all that
protocol required -- but had then actually asked to be taken to Kemal's tomb
to lay another: an act of perfidy unprecedented in Hellas' millenniums-old
history. (It was exactly as if an Israeli foreign minister, while on a visit
to Germany, were to ask to lay a wreath on Hitler's tomb -- if such a tomb
existed, and if one could even imagine such an event ever happening.)
It was during this time that I had to take a business trip up into Thrace,
and from there to Constantinople where my family had had property
confiscated by the Turks. I had hired a Greek attorney who lives there to do
what he could to seek some sort of reparation, and occasionally visit to
discuss the matter. While in Thrace, I stopped in Komotini, where I
witnessed something that made my hair stand on end. In the great square of
that [still] Greek city, a Turkish dance group had come to perform for an
audience comprised of about 3000 local Muslims. These "Greek" citizens
cheered and clapped enthusiastically for the Turkish dancers. After the
Turks had finished their performance, a group of Greek dancers came out and
began to perform Greek dances. At this point every one of the Muslims walked
away, leaving the Greek dancers to perform to a near empty audience of a few
local Greeks who'd bravely ventured out to see the show. This outward
display of hatred toward Greece unnerved me and is something I will never
While in Constantinople, my attorney took me to the Turkish War Museum. I
was astounded at the amount of loot from their "victory" in Cyprus that they
had the gall to put on display. There were pictures of loved ones taken from
fallen Greek soldiers, Greek flags, battle gear, personal items of an
intimate nature like letters to and from home, and pictures of laughing
Turks standing over the corpses of fallen Greeks. It disgusted and
infuriated me. I slept hardly a wink that night in my hotel room. I could
not stop thinking of all of the humbling degradations that Greece had had to
endure ever since a cowardly succession of sold-out politicians --
consisting to a large degree of alien opportunists and traitors -- had been
so foolishly voted into power by a misinformed and lied-to electorate. Like
an insomniac who counts sheep to induce slumber, this black list of
humiliating defeats kept going through my mind all through the night, and,
rather than put me to sleep, kept me awake while feeding my ever-mounting
This list of shame is endless: The Imia humiliation. The S-300 back-down.
The cowardly turning over of Abdullah Ocalan to the Turks. The illegal
naturalization of thousands of aliens just in time for them to vote for the
Simitescu, crypto-Marxist regime in the elections. The illegal violation of
our constitution during the Serbian slaughter-of-the-innocents by NATO,
where foreign troops where allowed to land on Greek soil: something that can
only be legally done by a majority vote of parliament or by a national
referendum. The unprecedented building of new Muslim mosques, and the
restoration of Muslim baths, mosques, caravansary, and other Muslim
structures in Greece, while funds for the restoration of our ancient
monuments were being cut back, and while Greek churches were being
desecrated and Greek cemeteries were being unspeakably violated in Turkey
and Cyprus. The free hospital care given to Albanians and other aliens
while Greeks are denied treatment if they don't have the required insurance
coverage. The uncontrolled invasion of aliens and the resulting increase in
crimes such as robbery, rape, muggings, murders, etc.; criminal acts so rare
just a few decades ago that they were practically unheard of. The continued
and blatant daily violation of our airspace by Turkish pilots who've been
trained in Israel. And then there was that shining example of our unique
"democracy": the dictatorially arrogant disregard by comrade Simitis and
company of the over 3 million (yes, million) signatures of Greek citizens on
a petition for a referendum on the issue of the ethnic and religious
designation on the I. D. cards that all Hellenes are required to carry. And,
of course, I did not forget the contrived pumping-up of the Greek stock
market by the Simitescu regime, which bought up stocks -- and kept
encouraging the public to buy them -- in order to keep the market rising
till after the elections, and the subsequent post-elections collapse of the
market causing 1.2 trillion drachmas in losses: losses suffered at the
expense of the Greek people and resulting in widespread suicides and
bankruptcies. All of these disgraces, and more, kept going through my mind
all night long.
To top this whole Kafkaesque catalog of misery and traitorous deception off,
the very first thing I read about after Holy Week, was a report about how
our American-Polish-Jewish-Bulgarian-"Greek" Minister of the Exterior,
George Papandreou, while spending the holiday at the seaside resort town of
Xylocastron, in the Peloponnese, had ordered that the evening service taking
place in the church near the villa in which he was staying be stopped. There
was an overflow crowd in attendance, and those who couldn't fit into the
church were listening to the service in the courtyard with the aid of
outside loudspeakers. The sound infuriated Papandreou, who, later reports
said, "does not like the sound of psalm singing."
I thought about how this was the man who, when he had the job of Minister of
Education & Religion (he'd been appointed by his late and unlamented father,
Andreas), had issued an order prohibiting the recitation of morning prayers
in the schools, after which he'd ordered that the raising of the Greek flag
at the beginning of the school day be stopped. This was also the man who
made the almost unbelievable recommendations that mathematics be taught in
the English language in our schools, that the Greek people be allowed to
grow cannabis on their balconies and in their back yards, and that the
religious designation on Greek I. D. cards be eliminated. And, to show just
how highly our American and European "allies" value us, this is the man said
to be favored by the behind-the-scenes power brokers who rule Washington and
Brussels to be our next Prime Minister. God help us!
These then were some of the events that had put me into such a black mood.
My only solace was that I still had a few days at my disposal before having
to return to Athens, and I intended to recover my normally equable
disposition by resting my nerves in the company of my friends and neighbors
from the village, by enjoying Kira Kitsena's wonderful cooking, and by
spending as much time as his work-load will allow with my good friend, and
steward of my country estate, Kitsos.
It was early evening, and the long work-day necessary to keep a large estate
viable and, on rare occasions, even profitable, was ending. I was in my
study listening to the local news on the radio while going over some of the
estate's financial reports. My ears pricked up at a news item about how the
very first baby born on Easter day at our local hospital was named Mohammed,
and that his Muslim parents, Omar and Zaira, were already the proud
possessors of four other little "Greek" citizens. It was all too much! I was
in the wrong sort of mood to have to be subjected to even more evidence of
our bizarre compulsion to commit racial suicide, and I angrily turned off
the radio.
I had spoken to Kitsos earlier in the day, and he'd commented upon the
unusually irritable frame of mind that I seemed to be in. I told him about
my recent experiences and how I feared for our country. He suggested
dropping by after work to discuss these matters with me. He qualified his
suggestion, however, by telling me that he doubted very much if what he had
to say would change my mood. I, of course, agreed, and told him to stop by
as soon as he finished work. By the time he arrived, I had calmed down
"Good evening, afentiko" [boss], he said as he entered my study.
"Hello, Kitsos. You're rather late, aren't you?"
"It couldn't be helped, afentiko. Epaminondas pulled a muscle in his back
while helping me unload some sacks of cement down at the cistern, and I had
to help the poor man get home so that his wife could rub him down. He
assured me that he will be fit for work tomorrow, however."
Well, that's too bad. Are you sure his wife's ministrations will suffice?
Shouldn't we take him to the hospital?"
"No, afentiko, I don't think so. He's as strong as an ox, and I am sure
he'll be fine after a good night's rest and his wife's tender care."
"Well, in any case, I'll stop by his house in the morning to see how he is
"You'd better come straight to the cistern then, because I'm positive that's
where he'll be, afentiko; helping me plaster those leaking walls."
"I wish you could be as positive about what we can do to save our country
from sinking further into this cesspool of 'diversity' that we are
experiencing," I responded.
"Now that's another matter. That is a problem not about to be solved so
"Tell me Kitsos, why, in the name of God, is something so obviously
devastating to our nation's future being so actively encouraged.? It has
actually reached the point where, should one state the obvious and begin to
enumerate the many reasons why this flow of 'economic refugees' should be
stopped, one is accused of being a racist and a fascist, not to mention a
person who does not respect Hellas' long tradition of giving hospitality to
the stranger."
"First of all, afentiko, if wanting to do what is so obviously in the best
interest of one's country is 'fascist' and 'racist,' then I admit to being
guilty on both counts. Our craven politicians, and our 'progressive',
self-styled 'intellectuals' use these epithets because they cannot
convincingly answer our arguments. So that, to paraphrase a great man,
name-calling is the last refuge of these scoundrels. As to your question,
one reason that this tidal wave of aliens is being encouraged is because the
entrenched and powerful 'establishment' families -- who have enormous
influence in our country -- have the inside track insofar as obtaining the
contracts for the 2004 Olympics projects. These destitute immigrants provide
the much-needed unskilled labor our own people would do, but not for the
starvation wages with no insurance or pension benefits that the immigrants
are willing to work for. The PASOK ruling party performs this service for
the 'establishment' gladly because it also coincides with their egalitarian,
anti-nationstate, one-world, race-mixing belief system. Whereas the 'loyal
opposition' New Democracy party goes along with the destruction of the
homogeneous make-up of Hellas because it has to if it ever wants to be
allowed to come to power by the collectivist elitists in Washington and
Brussels, which, as the saying goes, 'even the birds in the trees know' is
where all of our politicians get their marching orders. But you can be sure,
afentiko, that if, as a result of some fantastic sequence of events, these
foreign 'bosses' of ours decided that it was not in their best interest that
Greece be inundated with aliens, you would soon see a sudden and dramatic
reversal of policy by our political hacks as well as by their local
'establishment' wire-pullers.
"As far as our position being incompatible with the concept of hospitality
as practiced by our ancestors is concerned, that is the biggest lie of all.
Ancient Greek hospitality, as depicted in the literature from Homer to
Euripides and beyond, shows both the recipient and provider of hospitality
as being Greek-speaking individuals whose families most likely had bonds of
friendship. The institution of hospitality [xenía] involved giving
hospitality to a 'guest-friend' [patròios xeìnos] in return for hospitality
that had once been rendered to an ancestor of the provider by an ancestor of
the person seeking hospitality. Either that, or by the forging of a new bond
of 'guest-friendship' with a stranger, who would then be obliged to provide
hospitality in return, even to later generations of the original provider or
receiver. Proof that one gave or received hospitality (or that one's
ancestor gave or received it) was usually in the form of a
'friendship-gift,' or 'tally' [xeinìa allilòisi or sýmvolon] which sometimes
had to be produced in order to prove one's claim.
"As an example, at Troy, when Diomedes meets Glaukos on the field of
battle, they enter into a conversation which leads them to discover that
their ancestors were 'guest-friends': that these ancestors had exchanged
'friendship-gifts.' Part of the conversation -- if I remember correctly --
goes something like this,
Diomedes: 'Therefore I am your friend and host in the
heart of Argos;
you are mine in Lykia, when I come to your country. ...
Let us [therefore] avoid each other's spears, even in
close fighting. ...
But let us exchange our armor, so that others may know
how we claim to be guests and friends from the days of
our fathers.'...
So they spoke, and both springing down from behind their
gripped each other's hands and exchanged the promise of
friendship. [Iliad VI.206 - 233.]
"The very idea that the Crete of King Minos, the Mycenaea of Agammemnon, the
Lacedaemonia of Lycurgus, the Athens of Pericles, or the Macedonia of King
Phillip could be overrun by hordes of multicolored Barbarians [non-Greeks
speaking a foreign language], demanding immediate rights, privileges, and
equality, would have been so ludicrous and insane to our ancestors that it
would have been beyond their ability to even imagine. So let's dispense with
that lie right off: A vicious lie purposely and maliciously disseminated by
the political midgets, and the intellectually, historically, and ethically
challenged postmodern academics that our Lord has inflicted upon us in
order -- it seems -- to test or to punish us."
"But Kitsos," I answered, "how many of our people know these things?"
"Given the condition that our 'progressive' educational system is in, hardly
any. But the sorry state of education in Hellas today is a matter that we
can go into at another time. The major problem we face right now is the
demographic problem. We are not reproducing ourselves at a rate which will
ensure our survival and eliminate any excuse for bringing in immigrants in
the first place. Added to that, we are encouraging the mass influx of 3rd
world immigrants in such numbers as to make certain that -- in two or at
most three decades -- we Hellenes will be an oppressed minority in our own
"What about the argument posited by our opponents that 'being "Greek" is not
so much a matter of race but of education.' They use that quote from
Isocrates' Panegyricus to insinuate that these hordes will be assimilated
and become 'Greek' over time. Is this not a valid argument on their part,
"Now, afentiko, you have really touched upon the very heart of the matter.
First, there is scholarly dissent as to what Isocrates actually meant when
he wrote that: This is because what he says throughout the text seems to
contradict that assertion. But let us assume, for the sake of argument, that
he meant what our 'progressive' admirers of the anthill have been saying he
meant. In that sense, he would have been right when he wrote that, but what
he wrote then is wrong as it applies to the world we live in now. I will
need some time to explain what I mean."
"Kitsos, my friend, take all the time you need. I can only hope, however,
that at the end of this exposition you will include some advice as to what
people like us can do in a practical way to solve this problem."
"Analyzing a problem and solving it are two different things, afentiko, but
I will of course offer some suggestions as to what must be done in order to
preserve our race. Whether we are willing or -- given the pitiful state to
which we have sunk -- capable of doing these things is another matter."
"Go ahead, Kitsos, the night is young."
"We've already spoken on other occasions about why the homogenization of
mankind is being pushed by powerful globalist elites -- almost exclusively
American or controlled by American interests -- who were ostensibly at odds
in the past, but who have always had a common desire to create a world-wide
anthill that they could exploit and control. These elitist groups have
concluded that their interests can best be served by pushing 'free-market
democracy' around the globe, which -- as our ancestors had already
discovered -- is the best system for subjugating the masses while at the
same time allowing them to think of themselves as free during the process of
their enslavement.
"Although there are other centers of power hell-bent on collectivizing the
planet (Marxist academics, ecology extremists, militant homosexuals, racist
fanatics, radical feminists, evangelical millennialists, etc., -- all of
whom seem to have a compulsive fixation about living under a single,
centralized, form of authority), it is the White, mostly -- but not
exclusively -- Anglo-Saxon Protestant elites ("WASPs," for the sake of
simplicity) and the organized, militant Jewish collectivists ("Zionists," as
they are known nowadays) who are the principal protagonists in the struggle
to determine which side will have the privilege of bleeding the planet
white. The WASPs and other elitist, non-Protestant Whites -- having an
essentially godless, mercantile mentality that sees the endless
accumulation of wealth as an almost sacred 'calling' -- are matched against
the Zionist collectivists who believe that they are indeed the children of a
God who created this world for His 'chosen' people to rule and to exploit,
and who, although they are 'the new kids on the block' in America (which is
where this struggle will be won or lost), have worked with such methodical
diligence and unanimity of purpose that they are now near enough to total
success to be able to savor its sweet aroma."
"Yes, Kitsos, this is a subject we have spoken about at length on other
occasions, but do go on," I interjected.
"Now the WASPs have historically sought to impose their world-wide
domination through the founding of international institutions through which
they could push their globalist agendas: Institutions such as the U.N.,
designed to be the seat of their planetary government; the World Bank, whose
name says it all; UNESCO, set up to be the world's mind-indoctrinating
school board; and NATO, which would police the planet as the military arm of
the U.N., and make sure that all of the 3rd world's multi-colored citizens
have the same 'human right' to be 'aggressive consumers and docile
employees' as everybody else. Theirs is an essentially Weberian approach
which reflects their emotionless and calculating natures. One need only look
into the lackluster eyes of a David Rockefeller, or reflect upon the coldly
calculating arrogance of a Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to illustrate this
point far better than any words of mine can do.
"The Zionist collectivists, on the other hand, took another approach; one
more in keeping with their emotional -- but paradoxically calculating --
natures. They decided that the best way to achieve their God-ordained world
dominance was to go after the hearts and minds of the masses by appealing to
their baser instincts. Just as one of their own -- when asked to explain his
seemingly unerring success in business -- answered: 'I Just find a need and
then I fill it,' the Zionist approach has been to 'find a complaint and then
exploit it.' To workers, instill in them an envy and a hatred for their
employers; to women, point out how 'patriarchy' and marriage are synonymous
to slavery and rape; to sexually confused teenagers, that homosexuality is
normal and was condoned and openly practiced by the ancient Greeks; to
Christians, that America is not a Christian nation, and that Christian
priests are prone to being sexual predators; to Blacks, that Whites are
supremacist haters and exploiters, and that the American Founding Fathers
were racist, slave-owning hypocrites. When depicting Christians of European
descent in their movies or on their TV programming, show the men as
alcoholic child-molesters, or wife-beating adulterers; their women as
'wives' who dress like Syngrou-Avenue whores and behave accordingly. On
their 'reality shows,' present us with an image of the White Christian
family as totally dysfunctional and certainly not something that any
MTV-dependent teenager would want to get involved with. One need only listen
to the traitorous, culture-annihilating hysterics of Barney Frank, look at
the coldly-calculating features of Henry Kissinger, or at the hideous
distortions on the face of Betty Friedan as she disgorges her venom, to
verify these assertions for oneself.
"So that, afentiko, if you picture traditional White-American civilization
as a ship comprised of men and machinery -- a floating microcosm of our
Helleno-Christian way of life -- the WASPs have conspired to maintain their
dominance by controlling the engine-room, whereas the Zionists seek to take
control by subverting and corrupting the crew. Both realize, of course,
that whichever side is victorious in America will have a good shot at
ultimately ruling the world. What is unique and dangerous about the
situation right now is that these erstwhile ideological 'enemies' have
decided that it is in their best interest to temporarily join forces and not
display the deep-rooted hostility they actually feel toward one another. As
a result, we see an unending procession of WASP elites and their
second-echelon flunkies mouthing platitudes about 'human rights'; whereas
the Zionists, and their 'useful idiots' in academia, the 'entertainment'
industry, and the media unfailingly support all of the international
institutions that the WASPs advocate so enthusiastically. They do so,
because both of these roads lead to the same destination: a world-wide
anthill controlled by an oligarchy of elites, and each feels that they will
worry about 'dealing' with the other side once they get there."
"But, Kitsos, what has this to do with my question regarding what Isocrates'
wrote about race and education"?
"It has everything to do with it, afentiko. When Isocrates wrote that, he
was thinking about how aliens, living in an Hellenic culture, would
assimilate over time and become Hellenized. He naturally assumed that the
prevailing cultural, linguistic, and religious norms of his world would work
to civilize barbarian instincts, and, writing from his perspective, he was
right. Let me explain what I mean. For centuries after the 'glory that was
Greece' ceased to be, the Hellenic ideals which constituted that glory, were
the ideals held up to the masses by Hellenized and Philhellenic
intellectuals of all races as being those to which a human being wishing to
be truly cultured must aspire: These were the very same ideals that inspired
Christianity and made its dissemination possible. And -- just as the vast
majority of Christians today are unable to live up to the Christian ideals
in which they claim to believe -- the fact that very few people have ever
been able to actually live up to these millenniums-old Hellenic ideals, or
even knew just what these ideals were, is not the most important factor.
What is most important is that these were the ideals that constituted the
'cultural capital' handed down for thousands of years from generation to
generation: they formed the dominant ethos and the prevailing norms that
those living in an Hellenic, and then in an Helleno-Christian environment,
were born, lived, and died under. And this was the case up until very
recently, when things began to change.
"Since about the last third of the 20th century, afentiko, the ethos being
promulgated in America, and then, through America, world-wide; the norms
with which the young of this planet are being methodically and ruthlessly
inculcated, are the very same norms which sparked the Helleno-Jewish riots
in Hellenistic Alexandria. And it was the suppression of these barbaric
norms, through the Hellenizing efforts of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, that
caused the rebellion of the religious fanatics under the Maccabees in
Jerusalem. The irresistible yearning to live in the freest parts of the
world, the parts which have been the direct inheritors of the Greek miracle,
is what is driving hordes of immigrants to the formerly Hellenized West
today. Unfortunately, the dominant ethos they find when they get here is no
longer a predominately Hellenic one, but one that is inimical to Hellenism.
And it is this anti-Hellenic environment that will shape their children's
characters. This is why Isocrates' dictum -- valid as it may have been in
4th century B.C. Athens -- cannot apply today.
"This animus is nothing new, and springs from the fact that 'the new kids on
the block' are of a race that has always seen Hellenism, and then
Helleno-Christianity, as competing worldviews which represent the antithesis
to the kind of world they need to build in order to thrive and prevail. And
at no time in history have they been closer to building that world than they
are today. So confident of victory have they become, that they are now even
writing books and making unprecedented public proclamations which hint at
how deserving they are of ruling over the rest of us denizens of the West
who are less favored by God and nature than they. That we will -- under
their 'socialism' -- finally find the 'security' and the gratuitous instant
physical gratification that they believe all of us crave so much. (Their
argument is reminiscent of the European imperialist nations of the19th
century that arrogantly declaimed-- as justification for their ruthless
exploitation -- how they'd been divinely ordained to carry 'The White Man's
Burden' of bringing civilization to the Brown man; or like their American
counterparts who justified the massacre of a large part of their indigenous
population under the equally self-serving rubric of 'Manifest Destiny.')
"And because these collectivist Zionists sense imminent victory, they've
started preparing the masses to live under their control by disseminating
the necessary foundation myths which all despotic rulers have foisted on
their subjects down through the centuries as justification for their right
to rule. These new myths are meant to replace the WASP-inspired foundation
myths about how all Europeans are descended from the same Indo-German or
Indo-European stock, how we all speak a language which has common
Indo-European roots, and that these 'Aryan' ancestors of ours migrated out
of somewhere in India or the steppes of Russia and spread out into Europe,
coming down to Greece about 3000 years ago. (How they managed to do this
without leaving even a scintilla of archaeological evidence as proof of
their existence is never talked about, however.) These fabrications are now
being replaced by a new set of deceptions: one that tells us that our
biological ancestry really has its roots in Africa, that the Egyptians were
Semites who taught the Greeks their philosophy and science, and that the
alphabet was a Phoenician (Semite) invention. Of course, both of these
constructions are blatantly untrue, and can be proven to be untrue by simply
reading the ancient texts with an unbiased eye, as well as by recent
archaeological discoveries in Greece that, for some strange reason, never
seem to get the world-wide attention they deserve.
"But 'the new kids on the block' are not interested in the truth; what they
care about is preparing the masses for the day when their side will be in
total control. And the reason I consider this to be a most serious matter is
that -- until the day comes when mankind will either re-embrace Hellenism
and its life-ennobling values, or sink into a cesspool of pathological
decay resulting from the nihilistic and self-destructive poisons currently
being inculcated into the minds of our young -- until that day comes,
afentiko, history teaches us that we Hellenes are far better off in a WASP
or White European dominated world than a Zionist dominated one. I say this
because the WASPs and the White Europeans have come to believe their own
myths about being part of the same race that created the Greek miracle,(1)
and have therefore been prone to giving pride of place to Greek learning and
institutions; the result being that they more closely share our own values.
"Organized Jewry, on the other hand, has always looked upon us as the one
race with a worldview that is most diametrically opposed to theirs, and at
Helleno-Christianity as the most threatening competitor to Judaism. This is
why we see in America, now that they have achieved enormous power, such
invidious, deceptive, and crudely masked attacks against Hellenism and
Christianity. We see these attacks in the mass media which they control, in
the universities in which they are prominent, and in their 'entertainment'
industry which they practically own outright. We see it as well and in their
bought and sold politicians who dance obediently to their tune. This is an
ages-old struggle for the hearts and minds of Western man, and one can get a
hint of what the world will look like once this struggle is lost by visiting
any large American city today."
"Yes, Kitsos, I agree, except that you don't have to go to an American city
to get a hint of what our degraded and pitiful future will be like. Just
walk from Omonia to Victoria Square in Athens and tell me if what you see
and hear reminds you of the beautiful Hellas in which we grew up. As far as
this gigantomachia between the WASPs and Zionists, I have no doubt that you
are correct in your assessment. I think that the U.S. presidential race
between that fellow Gore, and this man Bush, was a race drawn along the
lines you talk about."
"You're right, afentiko, Gore was the candidate, with a Zionist
running-mate, who was backed by Jewish interests, and Bush was supposedly
the candidate who would bring back the "traditional values" of White
European America. Of course it didn't work out that way, and Bush is as much
controlled by the Zionists as that moral degenerate who preceded him. The
only difference being -- similar to the case of our own politicians -- that
Gore would have willingly danced to their tune, whereas Bush dances because
he has to."
"Kitsos, you mentioned some correspondence you've had from friends of yours
in America; what do these people have to say about these matters? If, as you
intimate, we will soon be experiencing what they are going through, I'd like
you to give me some idea as to what we and our posterity should expect."
"Afentiko, let me say at the outset that although the future looks dismal
for people like us, the circumstances which have conspired to bring about
this unhappy condition have occurred before in our history. I have to hope
that our way of life will once again not only prevail but flourish. As
unlikely as the realization of this hope may seem to us at this moment in
our millenniums-old history, I live because of that hope. As far as my
friends in America are concerned, I've had some correspondence from two of
them that bears on the subject we are discussing. These letters adumbrate a
future that will make the so-called 'dark ages' seem like a child's jaunt in
an amusement park by comparison. Should I tell you about them, or will my
exposition put you into an even blacker mood?; something I sincerely would
prefer not doing."
"Strange as it may seem, Kitsos, just talking to you, and knowing that
Hellenes such as you still exist in our country, has put me into a better
humor than I've been in since before Easter. Please continue, and don't be
concerned about my well-being. Actually, this mood of mine was an
irresponsible expression of willfulness, inexcusable in a man my age.
Considering the matter in the light of all you've said so far, it seems to
me that the situation calls for sober and purposeful action, spurred on by
an optimistic outlook for a better future. I really should not have allowed
myself to become so despondent."
"What you've just said, afentiko, is music to my ears. I am overjoyed to see
you becoming your old-self, and I sincerely hope never to see you in such a
bad frame of mind again. Now to get back to the correspondence from my
friends in America. The first is from a former shipmate from my days at sea,
Philoctetes by name, who now lives in Philadelphia with his wife and
children. He's been living there ever since he missed his ship, was left
behind, and wound up marrying a Greek-American girl from that city. We've
been corresponding through the years, and his letters have been a sort of
barometer for me as to just how the quality of life in Philadelphia has been
steadily declining. A phenomenon, according to my friend, that is not
peculiar to that city but is widespread throughout America. Let me read you
what he has to say.
"After the usual greeting and wishes for my and Kira Kitsena's good health,
he writes: 'I had occasion, my friend, to visit the commercial and tourist
area of the eastern part of our city with my wife on a recent Friday
evening. Not very far from the waterfront, it is an area full of cafes,
bars, restaurants, and the like. Of course, not missing from the scene were
the tattoo parlors and gyp-joints one usually associates with such places,
and the streets were crowded with people of all sorts: more particularly, it
resembled a multiculturalist's dream, with races of every color and culture
imaginable jostling and walking about in that aimless way to which tourists
and those out to while away an evening are prone.
'We had to walk gingerly around groups of Blacks blocking the sidewalk in
places; I mean real Blacks, so dark they looked like the ones we used to see
in Africa in the old days. There were also mixed-bloods of every kind and
color: I'm talking about Arabs, South and Central American mestizos,
mulattos of every shade -- half-Blacks, quarter-Blacks, Blacks with
extremely light skin -- you name it. But the saddest thing of all, Kitsos,
were the Whites. I really should put that word into quotes, my friend,
because -- although they were of the White race, judging from their skin and
eye color -- they resembled nothing that you and I would associate with
White. Many wore what is called hip-hop clothing over here: baseball caps
worn backwards, baggy pants and shirts, sneakers and such. Some even had
rings in their ears, tattoos, and African-style dreadlocks. What is really
frightening, however, is that these people looked as if they were right at
home in this multiracial septic tank; I say this because I didn't see on any
of their faces the revulsion and disgust that my wife and I could not help
'We were both thinking, of course, of the history of this city with a Greek
name: A fine White city, the home of the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall,
and the birthplace of what used to be a proud, White, Christian county. The
question on both our minds is this: is the spread of this multiracial
nightmare inevitable? We've seen this situation get worse year by year. Will
it continue this way, Kitsos, until all of America is nothing but a sewer
like Philadelphia? And if it does, where will we go in order to raise our
children without fear? From your letters to me, I gather that the same
phenomenon is in its nascent stages over there as well. Is this possible, my
friend? Is it possible that our leaders would allow Hellas to sink to such a
level of filth and degradation?'"
"By God!" I exploded, "not only is it possible, but we are being told that
this is what 'progress' is all about."
"You're right, afentiko, but I still sent a reply to Philoctetes telling him
that, if it is at all possible, to try to come back to Hellas. At least over
here he still has a chance of raising his children properly because there is
an ever-growing consensus among our people that these obscenities must not
be allowed to take root in Greece. But let me tell you about the second
letter I recently received concerning these matters."
"Please go on, Kitsos."
"This is from a childhood friend of mine who decided at a young age that he
wanted to go and live in America. He was always a very smart student, and we
all knew that he would one day become something special. His was a very poor
family, however, and my friend, whose name is Eurylochos, barely managed to
finish the gymnasium because he had to work after school to help support his
family. As a result, while all of our class went on to the Lyceum,
Eurylochos had to ship out on a merchant ship as a lowly cabin boy. Anyway,
afentiko, I lost touch with him completely from that time until not too long
ago when I received a letter from him from America. How he managed to track
me down, I don't know, but we've been corresponding ever since.
"Somehow or other, Eurylochos wound up in the meat-packing business in the
state of Iowa. He writes that he will tell me how this happened when he sees
me, because he plans to sell his business and come back to Hellas with his
family in the very near future. Meanwhile, he's been writing about the
steady decline in the quality of life in the small town in which he resides
and where his business is located. The name of this town, afentiko, is --
believe it or not -- Circe. As you may or may not know, there are hundreds
of cities, towns, and hamlets in America with Greek names, and my friend
wrote me that the name of this town was what caused him to go there out of
curiosity many years ago. He obviously liked what he saw, because he's been
there ever since.
"I won't read you verbatim what he's been writing about, afentiko, because
my friend has a proclivity toward garrulousness, but will give you the
essence of what he's been experiencing (2). It all began when the
politically correct politicians in Iowa decided, for the same reasons that
motivate our home-grown water-bucket carriers, that Iowa was too White. This
state, with one of the lowest percentage of darkies and the concomitant low
crime rate which naturally follows, conjures up images of corn-fed
blue-eyed, farm boys and healthy, young, blonde farm girls. 'This has to
change!' declared our WASP and Zionist elites. So the governor and the state
officials began a crusade to bring more 'diversity' to Iowa. They set about
accomplishing this goal by sending recruiting teams around to the ghettos
and slums of America to persuade the multi-colored inhabitants there to move
to Iowa. They justified this treasonous action by arguing that Iowa's
population wasn't growing fast enough, and that a growing population was
necessary to keep the economy on track so that their collectivist social
programs could be maintained. In other word, afentiko, the same kind of lies
and fabrications being crammed down our throats here in Hellas. A fallacious
argument that says that only by growing the population can continued success
be assured, an argument that totally disregards the law of supply and
demand, and that never answers the questions, what happens when the land can
no longer support the population? Or, what happens to the quality of our
lives when you bring these hordes into our culture? Questions that are not
allowed to be asked without risking the usual barrage of name-calling and
sycophantic slander.
"What the Zionists (who are forever pushing this 'diversity' mania) will
never tell you, afentiko, is that they believe that by getting as many
non-Whites as possible mixed in to the White population, it will be too
difficult, too bloody, a task -- when the Whites finally wake up to what has
been done to them -- to un-mix what they have mixed. A mongrelization scheme
engendered and encouraged in order to demoralize the Whites by depriving
them of the racial pride necessary to combat this genocidal 'final solution'
that the Zionists see as the best way to prevail in a world where they are
so vastly outnumbered. Of course the WASPs and other White elites go along
with the Zionists because of the reasons I've already stated. And, as I said
before, so confident are these Zionists that they will ultimately achieve
their goal of homogenizing America that they are now writing and speaking
publicly about what they are doing. As you can see, I've brought a stack of
documents and clippings with me, and I will read you something I recently
came across that was written by a Professor Earl Raab of Brandeis
University's Institute for Jewish Advocacy:
'The [U.S.] Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American
population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be
American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party
will be able to prevail in this country. ... We have been nourishing the
American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about a half a century.
That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our
population tends to make it irreversible...'
"What this man is saying, afentiko, is that he and his fellow Zionists have
succeeded in changing the immigration laws in order to make the U.S.
population more 'diverse': the goal being to make Whites a racially-mixed
minority in their own country so that they will not be able to combine in
order to shape their own destiny. He gives as justification the prevention
of an American Nazi-type party coming to power; a justification that will
resonate with the mind-numbed and docile Americans whose knowledge of
history is abysmal, and who have been appropriately brainwashed by the
incessant myth-making power of television and Hollywood. He naturally does
not mention anything about Biblically-inspired Zionist ambitions for
planetary hegemony which is the real reason for the world-wide Zionist push
for 'diversity' we see taking place. This ambition is now being hinted at in
non-Jewish publications and fora whereas, in the past, such openly
overweening declamations were restricted to Jewish media only, as in the
following quote from the Jewish World of 9 February 1883:
'The Great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with
Jewish teachings, and that in a universal brotherhood of nations -- a
greater Judaism in fact -- all the separate races and religions shall
And in The American Hebrew of 10 September 1920, we read:
'The Bolshevist Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of
Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a New
Order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia ...
shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a
reality all over the world.'
Coming closer to our time, in a letter written to Karl Marx, and reprinted
in La Revue de Paris on 1 June 1928, the Jewish writer Baruch Levy stated
the following:
'The Jewish people as a whole will be its own messiah. It will attain world
dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers,
the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic
in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In
this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders
without encountering opposition.'
Writing at around the same period, Zionist author, lecturer, and activist,
Maurice Samuel, in his controversial and famous book, You Gentiles, tells
'We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing
that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy
because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your
nature to build. Beyond all temporary alliances with this or that faction
lies the ultimate split in nature and destiny, the enmity between [us].'
Wishing to clarify a widely-held misconception, we read in the 15 May 1935
issue of the American Bulletin, this pronouncement by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise:
'Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism.'
The immensely rich and powerful Zionist international banker, James Paul
Warburg, in a speech before the U.S. Senate on 17 February 1950, stated:
'We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only
question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or
And finally, afentiko, because I could go on and on, Israel Cohen, England's
leading communist writer in the early 20th century, wrote the following in
his book, A Racial Program For the 20th Century, as reprinted in the U.S.
Congressional Record for 1957, Page 8559:
'In America we will aim for a subtle victory. While enflaming the Negro
minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites a
guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes
to rise to prominence in every walk of life; In the professions and in the
world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige the Negroes will be
able to intermarry with the Whites and thereby begin the process that will
deliver America to our cause.'
"But let us get back to Circe, Iowa and to my friend Eurylochos. About a
decade ago Circe was a town of about 1000 souls, mostly of German and
Scandinavian ancestry. Then one Yitzhak Moskowitz, an Hasidic Jew who owns a
chain of kosher meat markets on the east coast of America, opened a kosher
slaughterhouse in town. He and his son, Shimon, went to Circe because they
could have their meat slaughtered much cheaper there, even when the cost of
shipping the meat back east was included in the cost of doing business.
Today, Eurylochos writes, Moskowitz employs over 300 workers, nearly all of
them non-whites recruited from outside of Iowa to work in the
slaughterhouse. Moskowitz and son also brought in 30 or so Orthodox rabbis
to do the actual slaughtering according to Jewish ritual; a shockingly
inhumane and seemingly pagan procedure according to Eurylochos, who had the
odious opportunity of witnessing how it is done.
"The Whites of Circe soon began to feel overwhelmed. Their town, where
almost everybody knew everybody else, was disappearing. They began to see
Jews wearing yarmulkes and prayer shawls, speaking Hebrew or Yiddish to one
another all over town. They saw Blacks, Mexicans, Vietnamese, and other
strange-looking people hanging about the streets jabbering loudly in strange
dialects and languages. They saw their schools which used to be entirely
White, swamped with multi-colored aliens. They even experienced the horror
of having a surprising number of their trendy, air-headed girls -- raised on
Zionist-controlled MTV -- from the local, previously all-White college, come
down with HIV, after being infected by a Black basketball player that the
nitwit school administrators had imported from Detroit in order to encourage
more 'diversity;' (3) and it's been going from bad to worse ever since.
"But it is the Jews, afentiko, that Eurylochos says are the most difficult
for the townspeople of Circe to accept. They are, according to my friend,
loud, fast-talking, and pushy. They make no effort at all to adapt to the
ways of the town, but instead demand that Circe adapt itself to them. They
ignore local laws with a contempt springing from the chutzpah and their
self-deluded illusions of racial superiority that have characterized their
race from Biblical times. As an example, the Moskowitzes dump waste from
their plant into the local river, polluting it so badly that it can no
longer be used for recreational purposes. The town has imposed fines running
into the millions of dollars which they arrogantly refuse to pay. They can
do this because they know that their bought and sold politicians in the
capital, and the lickspittle editors and staff writers of the local media --
which is entirely in Jewish hands -- are on their side. In other words,
afentiko, what is happening in Circe, is a miniaturized version of what is
happening throughout America, and will soon happen here in Hellas as well
unless we wake up in time to prevent it.
"Eurylochos tells me that the locals, who've been rendered effete by years
of 'sensitivity 'and 'tolerance for diversity' indoctrination, have, for all
intents and purposes, lost their town. They are too confused, demoralized,
and divided to fight the Moskowitzes and the running-dog collaborators among
their own kind who work for them. He says that if they were to do what
really has to be done in order to take back their town, the state and
federal governments would not hesitate to send in troops and use armed force
(as they did in the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents) in order to stop them.
Then the leaders of the 'insurrection' would be arrested and most likely be
charged with 'hate crimes,' and prosecuted under the new 'hate speech' and
'hate crimes' laws, recently enacted mainly because of Zionist pressure on
their bought or rented politicians. This is why Eurylochos is in the process
of arranging his affairs in Circe so that he can get his family away from
what he describes as a 'diabolical slide into swinishness,' and come back
home to Hellas."
"My God, Kitsos, what a tale you tell. I guess It's pretty well-known here
in Greece that the Anglo-Saxons in America are enormously powerful and have
always had global ambitions. What I believe is not so well-known is that the
Zionist Jews are such a force to be reckoned with over there, and that they
play such a major role in foisting all of this immigration and 'diversity'
upon us. It is amazing to me that such a small minority has such
disproportionate power."
"Don't forget, afentiko, that we Hellenes were also 'a small minority' that
ruled empires at one time. The difference being that wherever we ruled we
brought schools, art, culture, philosophy, and democracy with us. Those
living under our sway came to believe that living as a Hellene was what it
meant to be civilized, and those able to imitate our way of life and learn
our language did so with pride. The Greek-speaking, Hellenized Jews of the
Near East for instance -- in cities like Alexandria -- had even perfected a
procedure to uncircumcise their young men so that they could take part in
the athletic activities of the gymnasia [performed in the nude] like other
Greeks. Our wise men were eagerly sought after to teach their young, and
everywhere we conquered or colonized people came to want to be like us. Just
as they want to emigrate today to a West that, although it may contain only
vestiges of Hellenism, is still better than anything else on this planet
precisely because of those vestiges.
"On the other hand, wherever the Anglo-Saxons and White Europeans colonized,
the people invariably revolted and sought to free themselves of the yoke of
tyranny and exploitation that had been battened down upon them. The history
of the twentieth century is replete with insurrections of indigenous
peoples rising up against their Anglo-Saxon and European masters. As for the
Jews, it is beyond my ability to conjure up one example of a native
population that sought to become like the Hebrews living among them. One
need only look at the cesspool of degenerate life-styles, abject
materialism, shallow self-absorption, and crass commercialism that the
cities of America have become in order to see where the loss of Hellenic
values, norms, and ideals can lead.
"But to answer your question regarding the 'disproportionate power' of the
Jews, let me correct one misapprehension you seem to have. You are
essentially correct when you say that the Jews are a small minority, but not
as small as you've been led to believe. Like the wise rich man who does not
flaunt his wealth, the Jews in America downplay their actual numbers. Unlike
we Greeks -- who are weak and divided, and are constantly crowing about how
we are 'three million strong,' while in actual fact we are nowhere near that
number -- the Jews encourage the belief that they are a very small minority,
no more than 5 to 6 million. It is my belief that the actual number is much
higher, and they are united to a degree impossible for us Hellenes to even
"As to your amazement at their disproportionate power; their power has
always been disproportionate to their numbers. What is unusual about the
current situation -- as I've said before -- is that they are so close to
obliterating Helleno-Christian America that they are now actually talking
openly about their ability to do so. Here is an example among many which I
could cite: Although, as I'm told by my friends in America, Ariel Sharon's
recent exchange with Shimon Peres on Israeli radio (4) was not reported in
their mass media, we, here in Greece, were able -- by availing ourselves of
the local 'alternative' press -- to read about it. Here it is, afentiko,
word for word:
'According to Israeli radio (in Hebrew), Shimon Peres warned Ariel Sharon
Wednesday that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire
with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and "turn them
against us."
'At this point a furious Sharon turned toward Peres, saying, "Every time we
do something you tell me the Americans will do this and will do that. I want
to tell you something very clear; don't worry about American pressure on
Israel [because] we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans
know it." '
"As another example, the National Archives in America were recently required
by law to release more of former U.S. president Richard Nixon's Oval Office
conversations which were tape recorded. So that we now learn that on the 1st
of February 1972, the respected and extremely popular American Evangelical
Minister, Billy Graham, told Nixon:
'The Jews have a stranglehold over the media. This has got to be broken or
the country is going down the drain.'
Richard Nixon: 'Do you believe that?'
Billy Graham: 'Yes sir.'
Richard Nixon: 'So do I. I can't ever say that, but I believe it.'
They went on to speak about how the Jews controlled Hollywood and TV as well
as the print media.
Richard Nixon: 'Life magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Los Angeles
Times, and others, are totally dominated by the Jews.'
Billy Graham: 'That's right. There's a powerful bloc of Jews in the media.
... And they're the ones putting out the pornographic stuff.'
"Afentiko, these WASPs were two of the most powerful men in America's recent
history. What they were both doing was bemoaning the demise of
Helleno-Christian America. Whether or not they would have described the
problem using that terminology is doubtful, but I guarantee you that if any
intelligent person with even a basic knowledge of history were to really
think hard about just what is happening to America, he would have to agree
that this is the only way to accurately describe the situation."
"So, let me try to summarize your argument, Kitsos," I answered. "What you
are saying is that the Zionists are locked in a struggle with the WASPs and
other elitist Whites of European descent, to determine who will monopolize
the exploitation of the planet, and that the Zionists -- using their
stranglehold on the levers of power they control -- seem to be winning. And
that it is much the worse for Hellenism should they achieve total victory
because they have always been and are now our most virulent enemies, as
opposed to the White Europeans who believe themselves to be more like us and
are therefore more amenable to our way of life. Also, if I got it right,
you're telling me that in order to compensate for their lack of numbers, the
Zionists have been promoting a strategy of encouraging world-wide
immigration, and the race-mixing that naturally follows, so that White
racial and ethnic consciousness will be diluted and will therefore tilt the
playing field more in their favor. The WASPs also see the the evolution of a
sepia-colored, mass-man as being in their best interests because then a
mass-market mentality can more easily be developed. They want a world in
which their international organizations and multinational corporations will
supply the governance and the needs of carbon-copy-consumer-drones, thereby
eliminating both the local competition and the difficulty of having to
comply with a plethora of local customs, laws, and customer preferences.
They also want to eradicate all racial, religious, and ethnic differences,
which they believe have been the cause of wars and (more importantly) market
instability in the past. Finally, both of these camps harbor deeply-held
feelings of superiority which engender a paternalistic attitude toward the
mass of humanity. The Zionists go one better on this issue, because --
aside from feeling naturally superior to the common man -- they also believe
that they've been 'chosen by God' to rule over us 'inferior' Whites, much in
the same way we Whites arrogantly disseminated the self-serving myth about
having to bear 'The White Man's Burden' of power in order to bring
"civilization" to the Brown man."
"You've grasped the gist of my argument, afentiko. As for these elites
feeling superior to us common folk, this is, as you rightly said, a
condition to which both sides are prone: but there is more to this than just
racial hubris or Biblical prophecy. Intelligence tests in America have shown
that the average Black has an I.Q. of only 85, whereas the average White's
I.Q. is 100. This large difference would naturally encourage many Whites to
think of themselves as superior to Blacks, and would account for the
paternalistic attitude many Whites have always shown toward them. But what
must we make of the fact that the average Jew has an I.Q. of 115? In other
words, the difference in I.Q. between a Jew and a White is the same as the
difference between a White and a Black. Is it any wonder that many Jews look
upon Whites as mere commodities to be harvested in much the same way as many
Whites looked at Blacks as nothing more than chattel property? Is it any
wonder that many Jews have such a paternalistic 'we know best' attitude
toward Whites as well? But remember, the I.Q. factor of 100 is for the
average White; and, afentiko, believe me, I've lived among them, and the
average White is nothing to brag about when it comes to intelligence: Their
lives seemed to me to revolve around beer, sporting events, Disneyland, MTV,
Seinfeld, and The Oprah Winfry Show; nothing for the Zionists to really
worry about. What I would be extremely interested in knowing is what is the
I.Q. of the average Greek? I'd be willing to wager that it is at least as
high (if not higher) as the average Jew's, and I believe they know it."
"Kitsos, as you've been speaking, a thought occurred to me. Haven't these
Zionists ever considered the possibility that their relatively small numbers
may make them just as vulnerable to being overwhelmed by this rising tide of
color as their White competitors? After all, from what I've been reading and
hearing, there is a growing resentment against them among Blacks, Hispanics,
and Muslims. Won't this resentment only grow if more of these people
emigrate to America?"
"Afentiko, you asked me whether I might have some sort of a plan to
counteract this climate of anti-Hellenism that we see taking place. I intend
to offer some suggestions that will mitigate the problem if they are
implemented, which, if I know anything at all about human nature, is highly
problematical. What you have just said, however, offers the possibility of
as much hope for a temporary respite from this problem as we can
realistically expect in our lifetimes. There are two factors currently
taking place that might tend toward ameliorating the problem that Zionism is
posing to the Helleno-Christian West, and I will explain them both to you
shortly. As far as the WASPs are concerned, I pray to God that we are left
one day to contend only with them, for even now there is a growing
realization among the more enlightened among them that they must return to
Hellenism or perish, because Hellenism is the only alternative way of
ordering society that can combat the 'swinishness' that characterizes life
wherever Zionists control the levers of power. As proof of this contention,
I offer the many distinguished WASP (and even quite a few Jewish) scholars
who say precisely that in their books, articles, and lectures (though most
are too intimidated to actually name the villains). More importantly, this
realization is finally beginning to filter down to the more intelligent,
educated, and cultured segments of their people; and in a culture war, these
are the only people who count.
"The two factors I mentioned are the ever-growing numbers of Jews marrying
outside their faith (though I don't put as much hope on this trend as do
some others who concern themselves with this problem), and the possibility
you raised that the Jews themselves will one day be overwhelmed by their
very own policy of encouraging hordes of 3rd world, non-white immigrants
into the West. As to the first, about 50% of American Jews marry non-Jews
and the percentage of mixed-marriages is growing. Though this fact may seem
to be working in our favor, I believe that the ordinary Jew who does or
doesn't marry a non-Jew is not the problem; the problem is the organized,
dedicated, and activist Jew: the Zionist Jew. And just as the organized,
dedicated, and activist homosexual lobby has managed to change the cultural
and political landscape of America in such an unbelievably short span of
time -- even though they number no more than 2 to 3% of the total
population -- so the Zionist Jews, in spite of their being so few in number,
are doing great damage to Helleno-Christian civilization because of their
enormous wealth, power, and solidarity of purpose. By the way, there are
many Jewish intellectuals who believe in this dichotomy between the ordinary
and the Zionist Jew; for instance, Lenni Brenner, in the preface of her
book, Zionism in the Age of Dictators: A Reappraisal, writes:
'Zionism ... is an ideology, and its chronicles are to be examined with the
same critical eye that readers should bring to the history of any political
tendency. ... As an anti-Zionist Jew, [I am] inured to the charge that
anti-Zionism is equivalent to anti-Semitism and "Jewish self-hatred."... It
is scarcely necessary to add that all attempts to equate Jews and Zionists,
and therefore to attack Jews as such, are criminal, and are to be sternly
"So that, afentiko, we must not put too much hope in the fact that Jews are
intermarrying at an ever-increasing rate. We must also learn to distinguish
between the Zionist and the ordinary Jew. As far as immigration is
concerned, we can only hope that circumstances in America will somehow
conspire such that Helleno-Christianity will re-emerge as the dominant
cultural ethos, and will once again work its civilizing miracle upon the
masses who will live under its influence. There are, as I said, signs that
the need for this to happen is beginning to work its way into the
consciousness of the Whites who really matter over there. As a result, we
may start to see a change for the better, though I fear things will probably
have to get much worse before such a change is likely to start showing
results. We here in Hellas are confronted with a more dire situation. In
order to save our civilization and race we most likely will have to take
more drastic measures because we are so few in number, and the percentage of
immigrants among us is higher than in any other country of the European
Union, and more are coming in every day. These two factors will soon
combine to turn us into an oppressed minority in our own land. The solution
here, I'm afraid, may be one that will include some social disruptions and
perhaps even violence."
"Kitsos, I certainly hope you're wrong about the violence, though I totally
agree about the need for drastic measures. But what about my point about the
Jews being overwhelmed themselves? Are they aware of this problem? And if
they are, what are they doing about it?"
"I was just coming to that, afentiko. The Zionist leadership is fully aware
of the problem, but they are doing virtually nothing about it because the
vast majority of organized Jews still feels that their goal of diluting the
racial purity of the White race in America is on track and is too important
to be risked. There are voices of dissent, however, and I will tell you
about one of them in a minute. First I want to reiterate my point about this
'rising tide of color,' as you so aptly put it, offering at best only a
temporary respite from our problem, and I will explain why I say 'temporary'
after I tell you about a certain Dr. Stephen Steinlight, a very high-ranking
Zionist Jew, who was for over five years the Director of National Affairs
for Domestic Policy for the powerful American Jewish Council (AJC). He is
also an author whose work has been published by prestigious universities, is
currently still a Senior Fellow at the AJC, and was recently appointed
editor of South Asia: In Review. (It has not gone unnoticed, afentiko, by
those of us who follow these matters, that the Zionists have never had as
great an influence outside of Europe and America, and they are now working
hard to infiltrate Asia and the Far East in order to remedy this situation.
Dr. Steinlight's appointment as editor of South Asia: In Review seems to us
to be another step in that direction.)
"As you can see, afentiko, this Dr. Steinlight is no ordinary Jew. He is a
high-ranking Zionist with tremendous influence. And he's been writing and
giving speeches lately where -- to those of us who are able to decipher what
Dostoevsky used to call the Aesopian language of the socialist, nihilist,
and 'progressive' deceivers of his time -- the real meaning behind his
weasel-worded demagoguery, meant for the White Christian boobs who clap like
fools while being deceptively ridiculed, can be understood. In a paper
presented to the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies
(CIS), titled 'The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography,' Dr.
Steinlight presents us with a dissenting opinion insofar as Zionist
immigration policies are concerned. I won't read you the whole 26-page
paper, afentiko, but will detail its essence for you (5). Steinlight's main
argument is that current immigration policies in the U.S. are not as
favorable to Jewish interests as they should be. He fears that the waves of
immigrants coming in to America may stubbornly hang on to their ethnic
loyalties, thereby threatening the Zionists' ability to continue to control
the U.S. government and the outcome of U.S. elections. He bemoans the fact
that current immigration policies have resulted in the loss of 'key Jewish
legislators' like the [virulently anti-Hellenic] 'brilliant Stephan Solarz
of Brooklyn' whose seat was lost, and that 'once Jewish "safe seats" in
Congress are now are held by Latino representatives.' Immigration must be
slowed, he asserts, in order to give the Zionist-controlled media and
educational systems time to 'assimilate' the newcomers into the sensitized
and tolerant, brain-dead cosmopolitans that most conditioned Americans have
become. He says:
'[We should not] become pessimistic about America's ability to socialize the
fresh crop of newcomers into acceptance of American norms and values,
[because] I expect that MTV will continue to prove more powerful with young
... immigrants, [causing them] to follow ... in the footsteps of their
predecessors. ... [And this is all due to] Jewish economic influence and
power [that are] disproportionately concentrated in Hollywood, television,
and in the news industry. [In spite of this] we must do far more to
integrate immigrants into mainstream American life, and inculcate the values
of American civil society in the immigrant communities [by also using
government sponsored assimilation programs].'
"What he is advocating, afentiko, is a slower and more selective immigration
policy. 'Selective,' in the sense that immigration from only those countries
favorably inclined to Israel and to Jews must be encouraged. This must be
done while the 'American Jewish community is arguably enjoying the high noon
of its political power and influence.' He emphasizes this point by saying:
'Not that it is the case that our disproportionate political power (pound
for pound the greatest of any ethnic/cultural group in America) will erode
all at once or even quickly. We will be able to hang on to it for perhaps a
decade or two longer. Unless and until the triumph of campaign finance
reform is complete, an extremely unlikely scenario, the great material
wealth of the Jewish community will continue to give it significant
advantages. We will continue to court and be courted by key figures of
Congress. That power is exerted within the political system from the local
to national levels through soft money, and especially the provision of
out-of-state funds to candidates sympathetic to Israel, ... [this will
continue to allow us] to divide and conquer and enter into selective
coalitions that support our agendas.'
"He admits that his fellow American Jews 'get a free pass ... largely over
Christian guilt about the Holocaust,' and that this situation must be
exploited while his Zionist cronies can still pull the 'sensitized' Anglos
and White Christian Americans around by the nose because of this 'guilt.' A
'guilt' induced by the conditioning power of Zionist-controlled academia,
media, and -- especially -- TV. Time is of the essence, however, and he
questions whether
'a country in which enormous demographic and cultural change fueled by
unceasing large-scale non-European immigration, [will] remain one in which
Jewish life will continue to flourish as nowhere else in the history of the
Diaspora? In an America in which people of color form the plurality, as has
already happened in California, most with little or no historical experience
with or knowledge of Jews, will Jewish sensitivities continue to enjoy
extraordinarily high levels of deference and will Jewish interests continue
to receive special protection? Does it matter that the majority of
non-European immigrants have no historical experience of the Holocaust or
knowledge of the persecution of Jews over the ages and see Jews only as the
most privileged and powerful of White Americans?'
"This statement is highly revealing, afentiko, because it proves that there
are Zionist intellectuals who are working hard to make sure that the masses
continue living under an system beneficial to the ruling establishment.
Unfortunately, this system no longer reflects essentially Helleno-Christian
values in America, and, if Steinlight's warnings are heeded, these 'values'
will continue to be those favoring Zionist interests for the foreseeable
future. While mouthing the usual weasel words about 'diversity,' 'equality,'
and 'tolerance,' his paper is revealing in another sense as well; it tells
us why the Zionists love 'democracy' so much: It is because 'democracy' is
so susceptible to being corrupted by money. It is because, with their wealth
and power, the Zionists can continue to 'divide and conquer,' while enjoying
'extraordinarily high levels of deference ... and special protection.' All
of this while being 'courted by key figures of congress.' I hope I haven't
got ahead of you, afentiko, but the information contained in this arrogant
Zionist's paper does not bode well for Whites whether his warnings are
heeded or not, and I will explain why in a moment. Meanwhile, I hope you've
been able to absorb all that I've said so far."
"Let me give it a try, Kitsos. I got the impression that this man was using
what you refer to as Aesopian language in his text in order not to frighten
the White 'boobs,' as you call them, by the real message which was clearly
understood by his fellow Jews. That message being: 'We Jews are richer and
more powerful than any other group in America. Our power is concentrated in
the media, academia, finance and business. We've always pushed for more
non-White immigration into America -- and elsewhere throughout the world --
because we want to dilute the power of the White majorities. To accomplish
this we've used the tactic of divide and rule. But now, in America, the
non-Whites are fast becoming a majority and our open-borders policy may
begin working against our own Jewish interests. We may not be able to
control large ethnic minorities who maintain their separate identities as
easily as we can control those who have given up their ethnic identities and
have become fully assimilated into the American mass culture. In the future
we probably can continue to use our control over the schools and the
media -- such as MTV -- to undermine the cultures of the new immigrants and
integrate them into the American mainstream. In order to do this, however,
we need to slow the rate of immigration a bit, and skew the immigration
quotas more toward those who are not hostile to Jews. We have to make sure
that we also indoctrinate new immigrants with loads of government sponsored
'assimilation' programs, and lots of 'holocaust' stories in our media so
that they too will come to feel guilty if they don't let us have our way and
keep our special privileges.' I think that kind of says it all in a
condensed form, Kitsos."
"It certainly does, afentiko. I'm going to leave Steinlight's paper with
you, because there is so much more in it that I am sure you will find
interesting. Please pay particular attention to the part where he brags
about his strict Jewish upbringing in America. If ever there were an
unassailable argument for instilling ethnic and racial pride in our young,
it is when one proposes that it was precisely because of this kind of an
upbringing that the Jews have managed to become the most powerful and
richest minority in that country.

"For instance, he brags about how he, as a 'typical Jewish kid of my
generation, was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist.
Every summer for two months ... during my childhood and adolescence, I
attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag,
dressed in a uniform reflecting its colors, sang a foreign national anthem,
learned a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances, and was
taught that Israel was the true homeland. ... I spent two summers in Israel
on a collective farm. ... [and] was taught the superiority of my people to
the gentiles. ..' And he declares proudly that Jews are 'second to none in
intensity of national feeling.'
"All of our half-asleep and 'progressive' Hellenes, wherever they are,
should think about these things very carefully. They should also reflect
very hard upon the words of our ancestor, Apollonius of Tyana, who lived in
the 1st century A.D., and who, when addressing the 'you got to go along in
order to get along' prosperous Hellenes of his time, said:
'But as for you, most of you have abandoned even
your names; nay, owing to
this recent prosperity of yours, you have forfeited
all tokens of your ancestors.'
"When our people see our politicians, educators, and church leaders 'going
along' with the effort to keep our young from learning about the unrivalled
contributions to civilization made by our race; when they see them not
encouraging our young to learn our language; when they see them trying to
keep our posterity ignorant of the glorious military accomplishments of our
ancestors; when they see these things, and so many other cultural and
historical atrocities being committed against us, they should finally awaken
from their prosperity-induced sleep and ask 'Why?' They should wonder 'just
who is it that these 'leaders' are trying to please?' They should finally
begin to ask 'In whose interest is it that our young remain ignorant of our
racial and ethnic heritage?'
"If we are not careful, afentiko, we will soon be in the same boat as our
Greek-American brothers and sisters who, for the most part, equate Hellenism
with bouzoukia, souvlakia, and spanakopita. "Greeks" who are sleeping the
slumber of the self-satisfied and live with a criminally clear conscious
while reveling in this 'recent prosperity' of theirs. For as the Polish
winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Wislaw Szymbors, wrote:
On this third planet of the
among the signs of
a clear conscience is Number

These "Greeks" commit this crime against their race while everything that
made their prosperity possible is being undermined and stolen away from
them. The vast majority of these people are ignorant, not only of 'the glory
that was Greece,' but of our holocausts -- numbering in the millions of
Greek and Orthodox Christian victims -- while they know everything there is
to know about what the Zionists have decided they should know about their
'holocaust.' But that's another story, and the hour is growing late. As much
as I am enjoying tonight's chat, afentiko, I'll be getting up at first light
because our regular hands have their own chores to attend to, which means
I'll need to find some day laborers from the village to help me and
Epaminondas at the cistern tomorrow, and I have to get to the village early
before all the best workers are taken."
"Kitsos, my friend, you've left some questions unanswered. I hope that you
will attend to them before you leave. As far as your needing day laborers,
don't forget to hire only our own kind. I was going over some figures before
you came in and the story they tell is not as encouraging as it should be. I
must confess that I can sometimes understand why so many of our people hire
these aliens at low wages and no insurance coverage, but this is a
temptation to which I will never yield."
"I know that, afentiko. As for these 'unanswered questions,' I was going to
address them before leaving, I assure you."
"I never really doubted it for a moment, Kitsos."
"Remember, afentiko, I said that the Zionist Steinlight's suggestions --
even if followed to the letter -- will offer at best only a 'temporary
respite' from the current assault on what is left of Helleno-Christian
America, and that the future 'does not bode well for Whites' whether they
are followed or not. This because, if his suggestions are followed, then the
Zionists will have time to 'assimilate' the incoming hordes, and they will
become 'Americanized': that is, they will become 'sensitized' and 'tolerant'
of 'Jewish (read 'Zionist and anti-Helleno-Christian') sensitivities.' Which
in turn means that the current, Zionist-inspired anti-White, anti-Christian
climate in America will accelerate and will become infinitely worse than it
is now (6). The 'temporary respite' I mentioned will come from the fact that
the time, money, and effort the Zionists will have to spend on
'assimilating' these aliens, will not be spent on working toward total
victory over their WASP opponents. But let us assume that his suggestions
are not followed, and this horrific level of immigration continues. Then the
current trends, which assure that Whites will become a minority in the U. S.
will continue as well. America will soon degenerate into a Balkanized
powder-keg of competing interests catered to by craven politicians. Each
interest group will be led by the usual coterie of fractious demagogues, who
will stir up their constituents by dramatizing and exaggerating their
whining complaints about 'victimization,' thereby creating a climate of
perpetual civil strife and disorder. A climate within which
Helleno-Christianity will become just another of many competing worldviews
fighting for living space in a nation too dumbed-down to comprehend even its
most basic life-ennobling principles.
"As to what our people can do to mitigate this problem? I'm afraid,
afentiko, the news in that regard is equally uninspiring. Of course, we will
instinctively turn to our faith to see us through these barbarous times, and
the power of faith must never be undervalued. We Hellenes will also continue
to rely upon our strong family ties, and whatever it is in our DNA which has
allowed us to maintain our identity through over two millenniums of being
overrun, conquered, occupied, and tyrannized by hordes of enemies determined
to wipe us off the face of the earth or to assimilate us. We must remember,
that even as late as the15th century A.D., there were still many of our
people living in mainland Greece who still considered themselves to be
'Romnious' [citizens of the Eastern Roman Empire] and 'Christiani'
[Christians]. People who would not have even known what the word 'Hellene'
meant. Such was the degree of degradation and ignorance to which we had been
brought. And in our modern history, from around 1830 [When Greece achieved
its 'independence'] to 1935, that is, for 105 years, our children were not
even required by law to attend school, and were raised in virtual ignorance
of their 'Greekness.' And yet, afentiko, through all of that, we managed to
redeem the Greek nation and reclaim our right to be Hellenes, precisely
because we carry within us the same genes and attributes -- both good and
bad -- as our ancestors.
"I am -- not surprisingly -- more concerned about how the future will unwind
in America than in Hellas. As I said before, there is already a feeling of
change in the air here in Greece; a growing awareness that this so-called
New World Order is not good for Hellas. I honestly feel that there is a
strong possibility that we will be the ones to spearhead a forceful
repudiation of its more odious and freedom-inhibiting characteristics. This
will probably involve civil strife and may even come to bloodshed. You may
call it a guarded optimism, afentiko, but I don't fear as much for our
country as I do for America. I say this because if America comes under the
total control of the Zionists, that country will enter a period of
dissolution, debauchery, and nihilistic decay that will rival the
corruption, venality, and degeneracy that characterized the Zionist-inspired
obscenity known as the Soviet Union. The repercussions of this darkest of
dark ages will be felt around the world, and tiny Hellas may not be able to
keep its candlelight of hope for humanity from being extinguished by the
all-consuming darkness.
"I have to hope that the Whites in America will finally awaken to the dire
danger they are in and begin to 'vote with their feet,' and start to move
out of the 'cosmopolitan,' Zionist-controlled cities and states and into
those parts of the country that are currently Zionist-free and under
populated. They can then do in those areas what the Moskowitzes did in
Circe, Iowa. If the Zionists can do these things -- and they are beginning
to do exactly that throughout rural America -- then maybe the Whites over
there will follow suit and start the same process (7). They can then take
over the local governments in these places, thereby initiating a process
whereby there can be created large 'blocs' of White-controlled sections of
the country. These areas will most naturally attract the more pioneering and
intelligent of the Whites, and it will be only in such places as these that
a rebirth of Helleno-Christian civilization can take place. This may seem
like a fantasy to you, afentiko, but I believe separation is the only way
the Whites in America can prevent their eventual annihilation. I say this
because, quite frankly, I honestly believe that the Zionists are too clever
and wily for most Whites to contend with. These Americans, afentiko, seemed
to me to be suffering from terminal naïveté. They don't fight back when
confronted with creatures like the Moskowitzes because it would not be
'polite': it wouldn't be 'nice' or 'neighborly.' They would actually rather
be 'polite' and be annihilated than take the gloves off and save their race
and civilization. That is how effectively the Zionists have conditioned and
desensitized most of them.
"Consequently, afentiko, we have to encourage and support those small but
vital segments of the White-American population who are not of Greek
descent but who are lovers of Hellas because they are intelligent enough to
understand that the greatness of the West was essentially inspired by
Hellenism. Those persons aware enough to realize that we who believe in
human dignity, real democracy, real equality before the law, and the glory
of being able to live in freedom, are all Greeks at heart. For instance, I
recently learned about a group of individuals in America who've formed an
organization called Hellenic-American Solidarity (HELLAS). We must seek out
such people and give them our unstinting support and appreciation. We must
also let their intellectuals like Victor Davis Hanson, John Heath, Bruce
Thornton, Mary Lefkowitz, Bernard Knox, and so many others who are fighting
the good fight, know that we are with them in the struggle for the
preservation of the only way of life that has ever captured the hearts and
minds of all peoples everywhere. The only way of life that millions of
immigrants throughout the world still believe they will find in the West,
which is why they risk so much to get here. We have to do everything
possible to make sure that this way of life is alive and thriving when and
if they are ever able to come and live in its glory."
And with that, my friend Kitsos said good night, leaving me in a better mood
by far than the one I was in before his visit, and with plenty of new
questions to ponder and things to think about.
1. Discoveries by anthropologist Aris Poulianos, in the Petralona Cave in
Thrace, have been setting the prevailing theory about an Afro-Middle Eastern
(Semitic) origin of mankind on its ear. Dr. Poulianos has found skeletal
remains and artifacts older by far than anything that's been discovered in
Africa to date. These finds indicate that all Whites share a common European
ancestry which originated in Hellas! Should this be true, and Dr. Poulianos'
discoveries -- all of which have been documented and verified by Western
European and American universities -- all indicate that it is, then the
theory that says that all White Europeans have the same ancestry may, in
fact, be true, except that this ancestry will now be proven to be Hellenic
and not Afro-Semitic! Learn more about Dr. Poulianos by first reading the
introduction to Homo Erectus Trigliensis: Our Macedonian Ancestor before
linking to the important article about his astounding discoveries..

2. Based on actual incidents that occurred in Iowa beginning in the early
90s, and have continued there and in other parts of rural America ever

3. Based on an actual incident in a South Dakota college as reported by the
local press in May of 2002. This incident was totally ignored by the
national press, but could not be suppressed by the local media because the
Black knew he was infected and was publicly tried and convicted for his

4. As reported by the AP on 3 October 2001.

5. Can be read in its entirety on the Internet at

6. See Dr. Kevin MacDonald's book, The Culture of Critique ..., for a
scientific exposition of the instinctive drive within the Jewish psyche to
"neutralize or end anti-Semitism and enhance the prospects for Jewish group
continuity either in an overt or in a semi-cryptic manner. ... in order to
prevent the development of an ethnically homogenous anti-Jewish movement."

7. There are an ever-growing number of separatist movements that advocate
just this sort of a non-violent solution for America. One such -- notable
for its intelligent and well-reasoned plan for the peaceable breakup of that
race-divided and tormented land -- is Americans For Self-Determination
(ASD). Free literature from this organization can be obtained by writing to:
ASD. Box 34605. Washington D.C. 20043 USA., or by visiting them on their
website at Another is Jared Taylor's American
Renaissance, which can be visited at

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