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MAURETTE Jean-Jacques

Jan 8, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/8/97

unmoderated group soc.culture.occitan

Newsgroup line:
soc.culture.occitan Occitan-langue d'oc culture.

Due to a timing problem we have to issue a second RFD on the creation
of the soc.culture.occitan newsgroup. There is no change

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the creation of
a world-wide unmoderated Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.occitan. This is
not a Call for votes (CFV); you cannot vote at this time.
Procedural details are below.
French and Occitan language versions of this RFD are available
upon request to maur...@cict.fr.

RATIONALE: soc.culture.occitan

Among the Romance languages issued from Latin, Occitan (also
known as Langue d'Oc or Provencal) is the most widespread of those
not having a status as a state or autonomous region language.
An occitan mailing-list of more than 100 subscribers is working, but
some users are bothered by the automatic reception of such mail in
their work mailbox, as the postings are rather frequent, and by the
fact some of these messages are not in their field of interest.

CHARTER: soc.culture.occitan

This is the charter for soc.culture.occitan

soc.culture.occitan would be a newsgroup for the discussion of the
d'oc area, its culture, language, politics, history, and all topics
normally discussed in "soc.culture" newsgroups.

The "Occitan" culture is the culture of
the occitan-langue d'oc speaking area, covering the southernmost
third of France, the Aran valley in the Catalonia autonomous
community (Spain), the upper alpine valleys of Piedmont and the
Calabrian city of Guardia Piemontese (Italy).

The occitan, culture is a culture of its own, which gained a flattered
reputation during the middle-ages with the trobadors (troubadours)
poetry and the catharian heresy.

These two topics, and the present attempts of revival of the occitan
language and traditions, would be the most often topics.
We strongly recommend, as this group would not be moderated, to
include a topic keyword in the Subject of the postings, such as
History, Language, Culture, Politics and so on.

The languages of the postings would be, Occitan-Langue d'Oc
(without restriction on the choice of the orthography), Catalan,



This is a request for discussion, not a call for votes. In this phase
of the process, any potential problems with the proposed newsgroups
should be raised and resolved.
After which a call for votes (CFV) may be posted by a neutral vote taker
if the discussion warrants it.
Please do not attempt to vote until this happens.

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to news.groups.

This RFD attempts to comply fully with the Usenet newsgroup creation
guidelines outlined in "How to create a new usenet newsgroup" and
"How to format and submit a new group proposal" available in


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subscribe via: list...@cict.fr

Proponent: Jean-Jacques Maurette <maur...@cict.fr>

Entre totis o farem tot
Jean-Jacques Maurette tel:+33 (0) 561 06 78 90
2,chemin du Canal fax:+33 (0) 561 86 40 83
31170 Tournefeuille France mailto:maur...@cict.fr

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