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Викентий Луков

Jul 30, 2022, 11:44:30 AM7/30/22
Just a few discs with primitive recordings of popular singers somewhere?
Jay, never talk about what you don't know!
Yes, this is the greatest music in the world, and you are a dark savage.
Just wait, if you manage to revive the player.
Yulia reached for the player, straightened the power cord, but found no signs of an outlet or anything that could replace it.
Alternating current, two hundred and twenty volts, fifty hertz.
Volts and hertz don't tell me much about anything, but now we'll measure what we need.
He used short probes, and the wires to them were stretched from the same klinger, the thing truly turned out to be multifunctional.
It is in our power to give such a current.
A red light came on in the player's window, and the disc spun with a quiet, steady tapping.
Julia clicked her fingernail on the adapter head, and the click echoed loudly in the speaker.
There were more modest assessments, I began to get used to it.
Be quiet and listen, get high.
Did you ask what a rocknroll is?
In a small room, he began to dance.
Jay, this is your krakovyak ka
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