Why Hitler and Stalin Hated Esperanto, the 135-Year-Old Language of Peace

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Jul 27, 2022, 3:40:08 PMJul 27
In the late 1800s, the city of Białystok—which was once Polish, then
Prussian, then Russian and is today again part of Poland—was a hub of
diversity, with large numbers of Poles, Germans, Russians and
Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi Jews. Each group spoke a different language
and viewed members of the other communities with suspicion.

For years, L.L. Zamenhof—a Jewish man from Białystok who had trained as
a doctor in Moscow—dreamed of a way for diverse groups of people to
communicate easily and peacefully.

On July 26, 1887, he published what is now referred to as Unua Libro,
or First Book, which introduced and described Esperanto, a language
Zamenhof had spent years designing in hopes of promoting peace among
the people of the world...


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