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lunar new year

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Oleg Smirnov

Feb 19, 2024, 3:05:59 AMFeb 19
This year, Moscow city government has allocated several streets in
the center of the city for Chinese New Year Festival in Moscow. From
the government's perspective it's surely a political jesture towards
China. Chinese Ambassador gave a speech at the opening event. And for
regular Russians it's an entertaining opportunity to feel the Chinese
aesthetics and spirit. Here are a few videos giving an idea about
these Moscow festive events.

<> 15 m
<> 15 m
<> 45 m
<> 1.5 h
<> 3 h

The Lunar ("Eastern") New Year is celebrated in Russia officially in
Mongolic regions. The Mongolic NY shares its origin with the Chinese
NY, historically, since the 13th century, but the Mongolic aesthetics
and symbolic content for this celebration somewhat differs from what
has become Chinese tradition. Moscow holds special festive events to
celebrate the Mongolic NY too, and this year they happened in another
prominent city place, VDNKh <>.


This music video <>
expresses pan-Mongolic message Russian style (and they also have some
sights set on China too).
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