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Oct 12, 2008, 12:26:59 PM10/12/08

LABOUR MARKET: Millions of Africans could get the green light to head
to Europe in search of jobs

By Nick Fagge in Mali,
Daily Express, UK,
Saturday, October 11, 2008.

MORE than 50 million African workers are to be invited to Europe in a
far-reaching secretive migration deal, the Daily Express can reveal

A controversial taxpayer-funded “job centre” opened in Mali this week
is just the first step towards promoting “free movement of people in
Africa and the EU”. Brussels economists claim Britain and other EU
states will “need” 56 million immigrant workers between them by 2050
to make up for the “demographic decline” due to falling birth rates
and rising death rates across Europe.

The report, by the EU statistical agency Eurostat, warns that vast
numbers of migrants could be needed to meet the shortfall in two years
if Europe is to have a hope of funding the pension and health needs
its growing elderly population. It states: “Countries with low
fertility rates could require a significant number of immigrants over
the coming dec­ades if they want to maintain the existing number of
people of working age.

“Having sufficient people of working age is vital for the economy and
for tax revenue.”

The report, by French MEP Francoise Castex, calls for immigrants to be
given legal rights and access to social welfare provision such as

Ms Castex said: “It is urgent that member states have a calm approach
to immigration. To say ‘yes’, we need immigration … it is not a new
development, we must accept it.” The
proposals include the creation of a “blue card” system, based on the
American green card, that provides full working and welfare rights.
Blue card holders would be entitled to move freely across the EU,
setting up home in any of the 27 member states.

Last night Sir Andrew Green, of MigrationWatchUK said: “England, with
Holland, is already the most crowded country in Europe. “As it is, we
have to build the equivalent of seven cities the size of
Birmingham over 25 years for the immigrants the Government already

“Yet again the ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy of the EU produces absurd

These would be ridiculous proposals if they were applied to Britain.

“The Government must ensure that these work permits are not valid for
the UK. “Higher levels of immigration are the last thing we need with
a recession approaching.”

And Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said: “When ministers are
talking tough about efforts to control immigration, they need to
provide a clear explanation that national policy is not being
undermined through the backdoor in Brussels.”

The UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage attacked the move as “an
outrage”. He said: “The sooner Britain gets back control of
immigration policy, the

The proposals – part of the Africa-EU Partnership signed in Portugal
last December – also warns of the negative effects of mass immigration
and calls for “better integration of African migrants”.

It calls too for a compassionate approach to the eight million illegal
immigrants already living in the EU. It states: “Irregular migrants
must not be treated like criminals. Many risk their lives seeking
freedom or the
means of subsistence in Europe. As long as the EU has a higher
standard of living than those countries to its south and east, the
temptation to come will exist – especially if there are jobs to be
had.” The declaration calls on the EU to assist African governments to
set up migration information centres “to better manage labour mobility
bet­ween Africa and the EU”. The first was the job centre opened in
Bamako, capital of Mali, on Monday.

Other centres are expected to open soon in other west African states
and later in north Africa.

Yesterday the Daily Express revealed that, in an apparent
contradiction of immigration policy, thousands of migrants – like
Kanoute Tieny from Mali – are being given up to £5,500 in grants by
the EU to return home to Africa. French president Nicolas Sarkozy
wants to implement an EU-wide immigration plan by the end of the year
when he stands down as head of the Council of the European Union.
body implements policy proposed by the European Commission and
discussed by the European Parliament.

French immigration minister Brice Hortefeux has represented all the 27
EU states, including Britain, in a succession of whirlwind tours
through west Africa to
help create a strategy.

Last night the Home Office said the UK had nothing to do with this EU
plan. A Border Agency spokesperson said the initiative is aimed at
promoting legal migration routes in the Schengen area of the EU which
the UK opted out of. The area includes most but not all member states.
“We therefore retain full control of our own borders and our asylum



Did some entity take timely steps to eliminate a potentially effective
and vocal opponent of such a massive European immigration plan by
creatively (and remotely) interfering with the electronic control
system in his car...?

1. 'Related to his recent remark the BANKING MAFIA MUST BE ABOLISHED?
Austrian far right leader Haider dies in mysterious car crash.'

"Coincidence or Assassination?: Austrian far right leader Haider dies
in car crash Popular Austrian politician Joerg Haider has been killed
after his car went out of control. Just as the Dutch politician who
also campaigned against uncontrolled immigration Pim Fortuyn, was
killed by an “anti-rights activist”..."
(Full stories and discussion at

2. 'Haider Doing More Than Twice Speed Limit In Fatal Crash' - AFP
"...Haider grabbed international attention after his anti-immigration,
anti-EU party won more than a quarter of the vote in a 1999 general
election and became part of the government..."

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