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Craig Cockburn

Jul 15, 1992, 4:35:16 PM7/15/92

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The facilities offered are: SLIP or PPP access to the Internet
via This includes free international mail, free
bi-directional usenet news and ftp access to any Internet site in
the world. Other facilities available on the Internet are "Internet
Relay Chat" and telnet facility to any number of public-access
boards in the world.

The only charges are #12.50 joining fee and then #10.00 per
month (both plus VAT). These are collected monthly in advance from
your credit card. Other than that, it's a call to an 081 number.

To get started, you will need to mail the following details to You should be set up the next day. Before
you log on with PPP or SLIP, you will need to do so with a terminal
emulator and, having logged in with your chosen site name, you will
be prompted to set a password. The modem number is 081-343 4848.

You then log on using ka9q or other IP package and become part
of the Internet. Don't forget to read any mail addressed to
postmaster at your site ... it's our standard way of getting in
touch with you.

The support number (voice) is 081-343 3881. Please do not
hesitate to ring us if you need any further assistance.

To get you started, we need to know:

1) Credit Card Number
2) Expiry Date
3) Address
4) Phone Number
5) Machine Name: <something> (from 4 to 8 characters)
6) Machine Type
7) SLIP or PPP

See you on the Internet!

Cliff Stanford Email: (Work)
Demon Systems Limited (Home)
42 Hendon Lane Phone: 081-349 0063 (Office)
London N3 1TT England 0860 375870 (Mobile)

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From: "Alan Jay"
To: Craig Cockburn 30-Jun-1992 0936 <edieng::cockburn>

The PC User Group provides access to the Internet in the UK.
This can be anything from email and news to FTP and telnet.

News and Mail can be accessed as a single user either by
logging onto our computer or by using UUCP and a Shareware
package such as Waffle. FTP and Telnet are accessed via
our computer which is directly connected to the Internet.

We are based in London and our main dial in number in
081-863 6646.

If you would like more information please email me (I can
send you some further details if you would like by post if
you give me your mailing address).

Hope this is of help.

ALan Jay

Alan Jay The IBM PC User Group, PO Box 360,
Tel. 081-863 1191 Fax: 081-863 6095 Harrow HA1 4LQ, ENGLAND
Email: al...@ibmpcug.CO.UK Path: ..!uknet!ibmpcug!alanj
*** For all users of IBM PC & ALL Compatibles *** (+ Standard Disclaimer)

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(does anyone know of UK rates like this?)

From: "Barbara Petersen"
To: edieng::cockburn
Subj: Re: Internet access in the UK

Best US service that I'm aware of is Netcom Services, in San Jose, California.
A personal account costs $19.50 a month, and gets you unlimited connect time,
full bidirectional Usenet access, international e-mail, Unix shell and all the
standard Unix utilities, Internet access (ftp and the like), and up to 5 meg
of disk storage (if your disk usage over a month averages more than 5 meg, you
pay a small fee for the extra storage).... They also have several Points of
Presence (dial-up numbers) throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and one in
Los Angeles; over 95% of the Bay Area can access one of their POPs with just
a "local" phone call. (In the US, basic phone service includes unlimited free
calls within a local calling zone -- hence Netcom's set-up means that no phone
charges are incurred if you are within "local call range" of one of the POPs.)

Hope that helps....

Barbara Petersen

Article: 135
From: ja...@spuddy.uucp (Jamie Allen)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.british,alt.internet.access.wanted,uk.telecom,soc.culture.usa
Subject: Re: Internet access in the UK
Date: 10 Jul 92 08:15:31 GMT
Organization: Spuddy's Public Usenet Domain

Try Spud's Xanadu on (0203) 638780 or (0203) 638693.

Free to join (and no VAT)
No subscription charge (no VAT)

Outgoing international mail : 9 pence per kilobyte.

Incoming international mail : free

Bidirectional usenet, email and all other services : free

++ ja...@spuddy.uucp or !uunet!mcsun!uknet!spuddy!jamie ++
++ ++
++ Call Spud's Xanadu on >>0203 638780<< for FREE access to : ++
++ Usenet reading/posting, internet/uucp mail, SunOS unix, GNU archive ++
++ tonnes and tonnes of stuff to dowload or uucp, two MUD games & MORE ! ++

CompuServe info (information on US rates)

The data you received on network ,sounded like it would do the job.
However the cost seemed high. I pay 10 Dollars a month for one level
above basic service. Out of that my connect time gets paid , connect
time is about 20 cents a minute. That comes to about 50 minutes.
To send a message takes slightly under a minute.
So my bottom line is check out charges in the UK.
ComPuserve customer service UK freephone 0800 289 458

I was talking to a old friend Who took the last package, he told me
that MCI mail was common link that they were heading towards. I believe
he quoted a charge of 35 dollars a year.. Would be interesting to know
if you have to pay more there for the same services than you do in the
states ( Compuserve charges 35 cents for each mail message to MCI .
This message to you has no surcharge , via internet with the service I

More CompuServe info (this applies to the UK)

Their Information Services e-mail address is :

There is no access to usenet at all.

The charges are (in US$)

Standing Charge + Connect Charge + Communications Surcharge

The standing charge is free for the first month, thereafter $7.95/month

The connect charge is free for basic services, extended services cost at
the following rate (my leaflet does not say what is a basic service !!)
300 baud = $6.30/hour
1200/2400 baud = $12.80/hour
9600 baud = $22.80/hour

The communications surcharge is as follows - as Compuserve calls are quite
likely to be a local number, this charge covers the use of the comms network
to the central compuserve location, rather than you having to pay long distance
telephone charges.

UK: off peak (1900-0800) peak (0800-1900)
London FREE $7.70/hour
(Compuserve Network)

Rest of UK:
GNS Dialplus network $4.20/hour $7.70/hour

They also offer services in Germany, Switzerland and there's a 4th rate for
the rest of Continental Europe.

That's all the info I have so far.

Craig Cockburn, Digital Equipment Co. Ltd, Reading, England. Suas
Internet: leis
UUCP:..!decwrl!!cockburn a'
Views here are my own, and are not necessarily those of Digital

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