The value of liberty starts fading for SPDC

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Nov 10, 2005, 6:50:02 AM11/10/05
The value of liberty starts fading for SPDC

'Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness'...what a gracious privilege
that people could enjoy in their lifetime. This is not merely a right
for being American, for being British, for being Australian or for
being Westerners. This is an absolute right for being human that we
called it human right. Everybody has the same and equal to each other
for the enjoyment of the right of life, liberty and pursuit of
happiness. American Constitution guarantees this right and expressly
included in its preamble.

One can not say that this right is the value and the way of
westerners' style principle of democracy that is not suitable and it
has no place for the people in Burma. The privilege of this right for
the Burmese people is nothing less or nothing more to that of
Westerners. Unfortunately, Burmese people are far far away from the
enjoyment of this right because of the brutal regime of military junta.

Recent declaration of SPDC for their intention to move administrative
ministries to Pyinmana has caught many media attention. Some say that
the move has its intention to deter in case of American invasion. What
ever it is, one thing for sure is that SPDC is concerned for its safety
and its longevity, for other words, liberty for SPDC over and above to
its citizen and taken for granted at the expense of oppression of its
citizen has started to fade away.

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit that was so paranoid and had taken
precaution that what would he do if in case the sky were falling upon
him. With the perception in mind the rabbit tried to sleep with its two
feets up in taking prevention he thought he could lift the sky if it
were falling when he was asleep. Unfortunately, when the rabbit was
about to a sound sleep, a palm fruit near to the rabbit fell to the
ground. Suddenly in fear of dead, the rabbit got up and started to run
at the same time shouting as 'run, run for your life, the sky is
falling' so that the other idiot nearby animals ran right behind the
stupid rabbit and made all the mess around.

This is a fable written by Burmese scholar Dr. Htin Aung of Burma and
we were taught in school when we were in our junior years. Thanks to
the teachers who taught this fable to us. This fable is the exact
reflection to the current move taken by the SPDC who is the replica of
the stupid rabbit in the fable.

By taking the step to move to Pyinmana by SPDC, it reflects that the
value of liberty for SPDC starts fading. It is time for SPDC to get
fully insight into the definition of the freedom from fear and to
realize that how the Burmese people have destined to love and cherish
the value of liberty, the right to life, the right to freedom of
speech, the right to lawful association, and the right to choose its
own democratic government.

TonyL, Australia.

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