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Kyin Ho

Jan 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/4/00

Ne Win Plot The Assassination of General Aung San ……….

The Inside Story On the Assassination of General Aung San and Burma's

By Dr. Kyin Ho (alias) Naing Win ( M.D )
Translated By Hla Myint ( UNHCR Retiree )*

This pamphlet is dedicated to the democracy activists worldwide who have
striving to free my mother-land, Nobel Peace Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
the 40 million or so working people of Burma being held hostage from their

The magnitude and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author
reprints and translations can be made without prior permission.

The truth shall prevail!

Reprinted in January 4 , 2000 - by

Naing Win / Kyin Ho, M.B.,B.S., M.D.
857 East Commercial Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
Phone: (954) 776-5508 Fax: (954) 776-5509
email: kyi...@gate.net

The assassination attempt on U Saw
The assassination of General Aung San and the Martyrs
The assassination of U Tin Tut
The murder of Saw Ba Oo Gyi
The assassination of Bo Let Yar, etc. ... etc. ....

Reading the above would clearly indicate that there is a link between the
assassination of General Aung San and the martyrs and the assassination
attempt on U Saw. I have been quite pleased and satisfied to have learnt
the true state of affairs after some 40 years from 1946 to 1988.

An acquaintance leading to a friendship with Yebaw (Comrade) Mya
Hlaing (Chief Editor of "Pay Phu Hlwar" magazine) has by chance enlightened
me on the complexities and obscurities of the Burmese political and military
affairs including the internal activities inside the military.

The relationship between me and U Mya Hlaing is not that of between a doctor
and a patient, or between relatives; but that of between very intimate
who mutually respect each other. And U Mya Hlaing, a reputed journalist,
has candidly shared his knowledge of the historical events regarding Burmese
politics, with good intentions with a view to letting the people know the

Had I not had this opportunity to have met U Mya Hlaing, it would be rather
difficult to know the real culprit " the Ah Zar Ta Thut, the son who killed
own father". It would not be that obvious as shedding the spot light on.
Just as
Bo Ne Win has covered it up, so also the true facts would eventually fade

We still do not know for sure who ordered the demolition of the Rangoon
University Students Union building. Bo Ne Win said it was Bo Aung Gyi and
Bo Aung Gyi said it was Minister for Home Affairs, Colonel Kyaw Soe. Another
source claimed it was Minister for Education, Colonel Hla Han. For some one
me who loathes deceitful people, I remain indebted to the deceased U Mya
who had revealed to me that U Shu Maung) Bo Ne Win indeed had had a hand in

The fact that both Bo Ne Win and Bo Aung Gyi are still alive prompted me to
compile this pamphlet, for if one of the two were to die earlier than the
the survivor would definitely pass the buck to the deceased. Bo Ne Win is
good at dodging. He never admits his mistakes. However, it now has become
that Yangon Ba Swe, Yebaw (Comrade) Mya Hlaing, Bo Aung Gyi and Bo Ne Win
"the gang of four", had indeed conspired an attempt to assassinate U Saw,
nobody else was involved.

Although the July 19, 1947 issue of the New York Times reported in length
assassination of General Aung San and the Martyrs, it failed to mention who
carried it out. It only opined that the assassination could be the work of
Burmese Communists. To my query during a conversation with Mr. Bertil
a journalist / novelist, he said the files on the assassination of General
San and the Martyrs were missing from the Scotland Yard. The saying, "Crime
not pay" does not seem to prove true for Bo Ne Win, who has ruined Burma, my
motherland, with the brute force of a gorilla. The whole world witnessing,
he has
tortured and killed thousands of Burmese people, including the sanghas (the
monks) and young school children treating them like dirt. He still continues
about his killing spree. No where in Burmese history, I have ever heard of
such a
ruthless dictator, who has governed the country with an animal and a
instinct. I only wish that he does some good deeds to remain recorded in

Bo Ne win seems to realize that he is in deep trouble just like a wheel that
too much picks up shit. But Bo Ne Win, not considering his age, would carry
with him
to death his ruthless character of challenging people with his infamous
threats such
as "soldiers do not fire into the air, but shoot to hit and kill" and "an
eye for an
eye and a tooth for a tooth". The whole world is watching with keen interest
how he
is going to harm world renowned 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner Daw Aung San
Suu Kyi and
the democracy loving monks, laymen, students and children.

Ne Win is too selfish and impulsive. It is very wrong of him to have
carefully plotted
against the life of General Aung San. How mean and wicked of him to have
planned to bury
U.N Secretary General U Thant's body at the foot of his wife Daw Khin May
Than's tomb.

Ne Win's jealousy is inflating like that of the Burmese currency. He values
his own
life, but regards those of others like ants'. I am glad that he is living
long, because
I want him to see with his own eyes how Burma has changed after his fall
from power.
Ne Win's longevity has nothing to do with his power or his past Karma
(deeds) in previous
lives. I firmly believe that he is living long to suffer and pay for his
wrong doings.
Pretending to be religious by constructing pagodas and meditating after
killing thousands
of people is an act of fools and insane people. Ne Win is not the second
founding father
of the Burmese Army, but just a step-father who is just like "Ah Zar Ta
Thut" who killed
his own father. U Shu Maung's lame excuses in no way would save him. There
is no way he can
deny by saying "I don't know". He and he alone knows best how wickedly he
has committed
thousands and one horrendous crimes purely out of self-interest. While
medical doctors
have to struggle a lot to save a life, Ne Win has massacred thousands of

I sent a copy of this booklet to Bo Ne win in May 1992 for his perusal and
have challenged
the general of all generals, the general for life Ne Win to face the truth.


1. U Shu Maung alias Bo Ne Win (Principal actor)
2. General Aung Gyi (Advisor)
3. Yangon Ba Swe (The one who pulled the trigger)
4. Yebaw (comrade) Mya Hlaing (Driver)

The attempt on U Saw's life resulted in the Burmese Martyrs shedding their
blood for the

1. U Shu Maung (aka) Bo Ne Win
Uneducated both intellectually and morally, but excelled in physical
strength drawn
from force through use of arms and abuse of power. It should be noted
that he had
succeeded in killing two birds with one stone, having been able to rid
of both General
Aung San and U Saw.

2. U Saw
His irrational character had led him falling into Ne Win's trap to
believe it was
Aung San who had masterminded the attempt on his life and thus committed
a cruel crime
against the martyrs, leaving behind a black spot in history.

3. General Aung Gyi
Seemingly honest, always a fence-sitter and lacks leadership qualities.

4. Yangon Ba Swe
A faithful, unquestioning supporter reputed to be Ne Win's henchman.
Born reckless with
no value for life and prepared to do things in a rash.

5. Yebaw Mya Hlaing
A journalist and chief editor. He had said "I know for sure who was in
command and had
masterminded the killing of my own elder brother, Bo Let Yar. I am
going to reveal it
one day".

6. General Aung San and Martyrs
Lives lost without a rhyme or reason at the hands of U Saw's proteges.
Historians and
researchers should realize that Bo Ne Win is indeed the real culprit
responsible for
assassinating General Aung San and the Martyrs. A more thorough
judicial and political
investigation should be conducted.

Bo Ne Win, the Ah Zar Ta Thut, the son who killed his own father

On a very pleasant evening of September 10, 1988, I was feeling quite elated
with the thought
of getting the right answer to a difficult puzzle that has been lingering in
my mind for quite
some time. I could recall reading with keen interest the characters from the
novel "The birds
in the cage" written by Ludu (people's) U Hla. U Hla's presentation had been
quite effective
and full of noble objectives. As an author, he had not only been dutiful to
the country but also
been able to leave a lot of lessons to learn for the generations to come. I
am impressed with Ludu
U Hla's volition in disclosing the true facts about the inmates in the
prison, that could not be
found even in the records of the C.I.D (Criminal Investigation Department)
and the Judicial
Department. This kind of literature indeed is very useful in the prevention
of crime.

I was quite saddened to have read in this book "the birds in the cage" about
the plot of the
assassination of the Burmese Martyrs. I had been perplexed wondering why
such sad and unpleasant
things could have taken place. It was beyond the intellect of a youth in
seventh grade to
understand the root causes of this serious problem or the answer to it. Time
passed by as I kept
wondering over it.

Only in 1988, after 30 years had elapsed since I started racking my brain in
1957 and after I got
myself settled in Florida, USA, some 10,000 miles away from home, I first
got acquainted at my
private clinic with U Mya Hlaing, who had been involved and played a role in
this complex affair
of U Saw and assassination of the Martyrs.

U Mya Hlaing (Chief Editor of Pay Phoo Hlwar Magazine) and I became close
friends. We used
to have a lot of chit-chat while visiting each other quite often or while
having meals together.
U Mya Hlaing gave me as a gift a copy of his national literacy award winning
collection of short
stories titled "My Childhood Days".

Just as a Burmese saying "the more you ask the better you learn" goes,
during one of those
conversations, we touched upon the subject of the attempt on Galon (a
mythical bird) U Saw's life
and that of the assassination of General Aung San and the Burmese Martyrs. I
had all along been
quite anxious to know the answer to the several questions, such as "Who made
an attempt on
U Saw's life?" and "Why was such a wicked attempt ever thought of?"

And only on that pleasant evening of September 10, 1988, while calling on U
Mya Hlaing at his
house, during our usual conversation, especially on the plot on U Saw's
life, I came to learn the
answer to several of the above questions I had raised.

I said to U Mya Hlaing "Please carry on U Mya Hlaing. You have just said you
were driving and
it was Yangon Ba Swe who pulled the trigger on the attempt on U Saw's life.
You also claimed
Yangon Ba Swe was a sharp-shooter."

He replied "Yes, doctor, I was quite good at using a catapult since my
childhood days and even
after I joined the army, I became a sharp-shooter as well, but Yangon Ba Swe
was better at it than
me. He indeed was a marksman."

Being a journalist, U Mya Hlaing was able to relate in 1988 the events of
1946-47 quite smoothly
without a hitch.

I asked, "Please continue U Mya Hlaing. Do tell me in details how you all
are trained many months
in advance before the attempt on U Saw's life was carried out." U Mya Hlaing
answered, "Well
doctor, I have to start from scratch to put you in the picture,". And then
he recounted how the
plot was hatched.

He started by saying, "One day as I was about to return home after work, my
Saya (boss), Bo
Aung Gyi, said to me, "I say! Ko Mya Hlaing. Don't go home. Come along with
me to my house.
We have a task to perform." I went along. When he asked, "How much money do
you have?"
I replied, "I have about 100,000-200,000 kyats." He then remarked, "O.K.
That should be enough
for your family for the time being. We have some thing to do. Stay at my
house and you can go
home after all the task is completed." "I ended up staying in his house for
two months and
Yangon Ba Swe was summoned to stay at Bo Ne Win's house, where he was asked
to practice
shooting a gun." I interrupted by asking U Mya Hlaing, "How come a marksman
need more
training." U Mya Hlaing answered, "No, doctor! We had to train more to make
doubly sure
everything goes well. Yangon Ba Swe and I then had to study and watch in
minute details U
Saw's every movement: when he left home for work and when he returned from
work. His driver
came to work for him almost every day. We had to take our time to study all
these and that was
the reason why it took us so long. On the day of the attempt on U Saw's
life, U Saw was sitting
in his black car beside his driver. We followed them. Reaching a good spot,
we passed his car
and it was then that Yangon Ba Swe pulled the trigger. The first shot grazed
U Saw's left temple.
That was the most crucial shot. A second shot was fired again, but it missed
U Saw as he slid
off his seat. The third shot cracked into the air. Yangon Ba Swe then
shouted, "Heh Mya Hlaing!
Drive away." " I could not recall how fast I had driven, since we reached
home in no time."
I asked U Mya Hlaing "Whose gun was it that shot at U Saw?" "That belonged
to Bo Ne Win
and that gun had had no problem at all," answered U Mya Hlaing. I inquired
again, "Was U Saw
aware of the fact that it was U Mya Hlaing and Yangon Ba Swe who had
attempted on his life?"
"Well doctor, U Saw had no way of knowing it. The planning had taken so long
to enable us
prevent U Saw from having any knowledge of it," replied U Mya Hlaing.

Only during these talks with U Mya Hlaing, I came to realize that Yangon Ba
Swe under the close
supervision and guidance of Bo Ne Win, the wicked, had carried out the
attempt by just inflicting
a wound on U Saw, with no intention of killing him.

I queried " Did General Aung San also know about this plot?"

"I would come to that. General Aung San never knew about it. This was a
matter that only four of
us - Bo Ne Win, Bo Aung Gyi, Yangon Ba Swe and myself - knew about. It was
the wicked idea of
horse-race gambler Shu Maung alias Bo Ne Win, who had masterminded the plot
and he and he
alone should be held accountable as the principal defendant," said U Mya

At that time, U Saw was envious of General Aung San's popularity and
success. They were
political rivals as well. Just as General Ne win was jealous of General Aung
San, the former was
always living in fear of the latter. It was also a time when Bo Ne Win, the
womanizer, was being
scolded by General Aung San.

Bo Ne Win, with the mind of a horse-race-goer plotted that an attempt would
be made on U Saw
without taking his life, there by misleading U Saw to believe General Aung
San had a hand in the
plot. And thus U Saw would retaliate by taking revenge on General Aung San.
U Saw did fall into
Bo Ne Win's trap without a doubt. The retaliation resulted in the loss of
General Aung San's and
martyrs' lives and U Saw himself was also hanged. Only the profligate Ne Win
alone profited
from all these events. Since then misfortune started to fall upon Burma.

I had hastily raised a question to U Mya Hlaing, "If only Yangon Ba Swe had
killed U Saw,
General Aung San and his colleagues would never have fallen prey and there
would be no
martyrs' day. You are to be blamed." "Well doctor, the intention was not to
shoot to kill U Saw,
but to wound him only. It was Bo Ne win's dastardly plan," U Mya Hlaing
retorted. I had failed
to see the wood for the trees.

I said, "By the way U Mya Hlaing, you claimed you were quite influential
over the army and
how come you were detained?" "Well doctor, some time after the split into
two factions of the
Pha Sa Pa La - AFPFL (Anti Fascist People's Freedom League). Yangon Ba Swe
and I approached
the politicians from AFPFL and Pa Ma Nya Ta - NUF (National United Front)
parties with a view
to reconciling them with the army. We then frequently visited houses of
influential politicians
such as Tha Khin (Master) Chit Maung, and Tha Khin Thar Khin and stayed
rather late there.
One day Bo Ne Win summoned the two of us to Dagon House and admonished us as
"Don't you dare mess up. You can take sides with either us, the army or the
politicians. I don't
want any go-between."

U Mya Hlaing and Yangon Ba Swe knew too well the true colors of Shu Maung
(alias) Bo Ne Win.
And as such, with a mindfulness of one's duties to favor the country and the
people and not
Bo Ne Win, they resolved to join hands with the politicians.

"It so happened one day after work. A vehicle belonging to MIS (Military
Intelligence Squad)
drove by and asked me to come along with them saying they had to question
me. Reaching their
headquarters, they informed me that I was being detained under orders. They
asked me
thousand and one questions. I alternated answers with calling names. I
thought the one who
interrogated me was the rank of a captain. He dared not touch me at all.
After some family members
brought me clothing, I was sent to Insein Jail. Well doctor, I can never
forget it in my life. The big
room where they kept me could accommodate 100-200 people. After a while,
some workers were
brought in along with several sheets of plywood, which were shortly fixed on
the walls to
prevent me from seeing through them. They however left an opening in the
ceiling to let some
light in. What a scoundrel Ne Win was! I turned quite gray," said U Mya
Hlaing at great length.

When released from detention that lasted three years, Bo Ne Win summoned U
Mya Hlaing to
his house and asked him in the kitchen in his usual cunning way, "Did they
torture you? Tell me
if there is any thing I can do for you. I shall assist you to the extent
possible and take some
money for you." U Mya Hlaing claimed he refused to accept it. U Mya Hlaing
added, "Since then
Yangon Ba Swe was so fed up with Ne Win that he refused to see him even when
he was sent for.
He seemed to be disappointed with Ne Win's crookedness." Yangon Ba Swe
expired of brain
cancer at the Rangoon General Hospital.

When asked to tell me about his Pay Phoo Hlwar magazine, U Mya Hlaing
admitted Bo Ne Win
had helped him as earlier promised. U Mya Hlaing appeared quite hurt when
the question of who
killed his own elder brother Bo Let Yar was touched upon. He concluded with
some uneasiness,
"Bo Let Yar was quite outstanding in our family. He had strived a lot for
Burma's independence.
I knew too well who were involved in getting rid of him.
" After all Yebaw (comrade) Mya Hlaing, being a human being, was full of
feelings. A patriotic
journalist, U Mya Hlaing passed away in 1991. I do hereby salute and honour
him for having
courageously revealed the whole truth about the attempt on U Saw's life and
the assassination
of General Aung San and Martyrs.

Kyin Ho / Naing Win ( M.B.,B.S.)
Institute of Medicine (I)


1. General Aung San
Founded and nurtured the Burmese Army. Liberated Burma from about 100
years of colonial
rule. Extremely
patriotic and well composed. Very honest and straightforward. Fell,
along with martyrs, to the
hands of assassins.

2. General Ne Win
Still abusing the Burmese Army. No less than 500 soldiers assigned
around the clock on guard
for his personal security. A terrible coward. A cruel step-father of the
Burmese Army. Three
years have elapsed since General Aung San's daughter and the Nobel Peace
Laureate Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi had been kept under house arrest.

3. General Saw Maung
Have greatness thrust upon him. Forced to retire on grounds of insanity,
while struggling with
the post of the Chairman of the State Law and Order Restoration Council.

* U Hla Myint has been one of my best friends since I was assigned to
Tavoy as Township
Health Officer in 1970-72 . He was the Captain in the Police force
then .The last time I met
his family was December 1972 when I left Rangoon. I understand he
planned to migrate to
Australia, but without success and ended up doing odd jobs as taxi
driver, tennis coach and
tourist guide for four years before he got a job with UNHCR in Burma ;
even than, I was told
that BSPP ( Burmese Socialist Program Party ) gave him hard times and
discouraged him
from working for UNHCR which in not easy to get. Follow these
harassment, he finally
managed to leave Burma in July 1984 on UNHCR international

U Hla Myint was assigned to several countries before his retirement –
He was assigned to
India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan , former Yugoslavia and Iran
during his service with

After 26 years, we met again in America unexpectedly– where Freedom is
accepted as
one of our birth right. At my first request to U Hla Myint ,he has
responsively translated this
booklet in no time. I believe THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL one day. Now Ne
Win knows
this very well in his last days and we know Ne Win’s stupid plans and
psychotic behavior
from this booklet.

Finally I wish to express my appreciation for Ko Htin Aung Kyaw (MBA)
for his time and
effort in the preparations and type setting of this booklet.

Kyin Ho / Naing Win , M.C.( I )


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