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Arash Hejazi, the "Dr" in the Neda videos, is a liar

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Johnny Asia

Aug 12, 2009, 2:34:20 PM8/12/09

Arash Hejazi told 2 completely different stories

Version 1

shot by a basij member hiding on the rooftop of a civilian house.


The circumstances of her death remain oblique apart from this account
from a bystander: "A young woman who was standing with her father
watching the protests was shot by a basij [pro-government militia]
member hiding on the rooftop of a civilian house. He had clear shot
[sic] at the girl and could not miss her.

"However, he aimed straight at her heart. I am a doctor, so I rushed
to try to save her. But the impact of the gunshot was so fierce that
the bullet had blasted inside the victim�s chest, and she died in less
than two minutes.""

Version 2

shot by an armed man on a motorcycle.


Thursday, 25 June 2009 20:47 UK

Iran doctor tells of Neda's death

The doctor who tried to save an Iranian protester as she bled to death
on a street in Tehran has told the BBC of her final moments.

Dr Hejazi also told how passers-by then seized an armed Basij militia
volunteer who appeared to admit shooting Ms Soltan.

"Anti-riot police were coming by motorcycles towards the crowd."

Dr Hejazi said he saw Ms Soltan, who he did not know, with an older
man who he thought was her father but later on learned was her music

"Suddenly everything turned crazy. The police threw teargas and the
motorcycles started rushing towards the crowd. We ran to an
intersection and people were just standing. They didn't know what to

But later he saw protesters grab an armed man on a motorcycle.


Arash Hejazi, the Dr. in the Neda video, in 2005

"I am concerned about my family. The presidential election is near.
They are doing everything to keep things under control," he said.


Friday 13, 2005 , 14:08 GMT 15:08 UK

Iran 'bans author Coelho's novel'

Iranian authorities confiscated 1,000 copies of The Zahir at the
Tehran Book Fair on Monday but did not give a reason, according to
publisher Caravan.

Caravan's Arash Hejazi said he was now worried about his safety.


Shaping a country: list of Iranian authors
June 17, 2009 - (5 days before the Neda video)

Arash Hejazi originally studied to be a medical doctor in Tehran. His
thesis in medical school was about "the influences of storytelling on
children's anxiety disorders." ........ A staunch advocate of free
speech in Iran, Hejazi is openly against the Iranian government's
censorship of books.



Censorship: You don�t deserve to be published!

Arash Hejazi 27 gen 2009


When the government of President Khatami finished its term and
President Ahmadinezhad took office, they declared that thousands of
corrupted books had been authorized by Khatami�s Minister of Culture,
and so they cancelled the permissions to publish for hundreds of
titles in only one year, which pushed many publishers to the verge of

Arash Hejazi Iranian novel and short story writer, literary
translator, journalist, and physician. He was born in Tehran, Iran, in
1971. He is the Chief Editor of Caravan Books Publishing House and the
Chief Editor of Book Fiesta Monthly for culture and art. He is best
known for his novel The Princess of the Land of Eternity.


Arash Hejazi is an Iranian editor, novel writer and journalist. Born
in 1971, Tehran, Iran, son of a university professor and a teacher, he
graduated from medical school in 1996 and in 1997, co-founded an
independent publishing house named Caravan Books in Tehran, where he
was a senior editor and is the editorial director now. He has also
been the editor in chief of two literary and cultural magazines;
Kamyaab (2000�2003) and BookFiesta (2003�2008). The later was closed
down by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran in 2008,
as a result of publishing a short story by the Italian writer Primo
Levi. He is a member of Tehran Union of Publishers and Booksellers
(TUPB) and was the managing editor of its journal, Sanat-e-Nashr
(Publishing Industry), from 2006 to 2007. He was one of the nominees
to receive the Freedom to Publish Prize held by International
Publishers� Association (IPA) in 2006.
He is also a novel writer, whose most known novel The Princess of the
Land of Eternity was shortlisted for two major Iranian literary prizes
and has sold more than 20,000 copies in Iran since its first
publication in 2003. He is now a postgraduate student in publishing in
Oxford Brookes University.


(For the rest of the day, I try to contact him. At one point, someone
answers his phone as a �CNN journalist�. I start to become worried)

Monday 22 17:46
Dear Arash
.......... I don�t buy this CNN person answering your mobile.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009 1:35 AM

Dearest Paulo
I am alright for now. I am not staying at home. I don�t know about
CNN. The friend�s name was Frederick.

Coelho's blog:


I found this link on Coelho's page:


Rough translation:


"Paulo Coelho, his famous friend, wants that the world believes in the
drama of Neda, which became also the drama of his friend Arash."

Johnny Asia

Aug 12, 2009, 2:34:59 PM8/12/09

There's a man with a tape measure in the video of Neda and her music
teacher that was supposedly taken "moments before her shooting". He's
measuring the scene, looking at the cameraman.

NEDA With Her Music Teacher

Also, the bystanders clothing is different in the 2 videos
of Neda's death scene.

google "tape measure, film crew, movie""


1st AC / First Assistant Camera

In cinematography, a focus puller or first assistant camera (1 AC) is
the member of a film crew responsible for keeping the camera's focus
right during a shoot. ........
To accurately focus on the subject, it is common to measure the
distance (usually with a tape measure

Persian Gulf

Aug 12, 2009, 2:41:41 PM8/12/09
He is not a low life palestinian arab muslim motherfucker like you and your
father. So he cannot lie. ;-)
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