More On The “Anti-Asian Hate” Wave

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Michael Ejercito

May 10, 2021, 9:32:26 AMMay 10

More On The “Anti-Asian Hate” Wave

The “wave of anti-Asian hate” narrative is quickly transitioning into a
Big Lie, and like so many of the Big Lies that have their origins in the
desire to crush Donald Trump and his followers, this one is being
eagerly aided and abetted by the news media.

What’s going one here? The news media sees it as advantageous to the
fortunes of its beloved Democratic Party to make certain that
Asian-Americans line up with the collections of aggrieved groups that
give the progressives their mojo, particularly in the demonizing of
whites. The fact that a disproportionate number of the attacks on
Asian-Americans have been perpetrated by African-Americans is
inconvenient, so the news stories just don’t mention that. Since Donald
Trump is the imaginary vendetta’s official source—he’s a racist, see
(See Big Lies of the Resistance #4) and insisted on calling the pandemic
virus that originated in China a Chinese virus—the alleged “hate crimes”
are based on white supremacy.

Jeez, try to keep up, will ya?

For example, this news story insidiously weaves the narrative about
Asian hate into a story about a knife attack on two Chinese American
women. “Over the past several months, Asian-Americans in the San
Francisco Bay Area have been shoved to the ground, punched and robbed —
attacks that have come amid a rise in anti-Asian hate across the country
and the scapegoating of Asian communities for the spread of the
coronavirus,” the Times story, by reporter Thomas Fuller, says. “The
stabbing on Tuesday in San Francisco has only added to the anxiety of a
large segment of the city’s population.”

Note that there are no numbers or statistics in that passage. “Over the
past several months, X Americans in the X area have been shoved to the
ground, punched and robbed ” could be written, easily, about any racial
or ethnic group in any large city in American for the past 50 years. It
qualifies as deceit. That the stabbings in question “added to the
anxiety” of people who have been told by activists and journalists that
they are being targeted in a “wave of hate” doesn’t mean that they are
connected to the illusory wave of hate.

Reading further, we learn that the attacker’s motive is unknown, but
presumed racism is the rage in Progressiveland today, so never mind. We
are expected to sympathize with San Francisco’s “wary Asian Community”
(that’s from the wording of the headline in my print Times). Not
mentioned in the story is the race of the attacker, “a 54-year-old man,
Patrick Thompson.” I checked: he’s black. His race was omitted because
this is all supposed to be about white supremacy, Donald Trump, and
racism. The story is activist propaganda, and deliberately deceptive.

Reporter Fuller slips up, though: the story, after raising alarm about
“the string of violence against Asians,” mentions in its 12th
paragraph—most readers never get that far—that “five people in the city
have been charged with anti-Asian hate crimes this year.” This is May,
the fifth month. It’s just starting, so lets be generous and say that
there have been 1.25 attacks per month on Asians this year that are
allegedly hate crimes, since those charged haven’t been tried or
convicted in a fair trial. One point 5 alleged attacks per month!

You know: a wave.

In paragraph 20, we get this quote from the relative of a “a retired
bank auditor from Thailand” who was killed a 19-year-old man on a ”
chilly January morning,” so naturally, he’s an authority worth quoting:

“At the beginning of the pandemic it was Trump-inspired, hate-filled
verbal attacks. Now it’s become violent.”

Wait, I must have missed the quote where President Trump said that
Asian-Americans were at fault for the pandemic, or that it makes sense
to punish Americans for what the nation their ancestors hailed from
decades or centuries ago does now. Whatever enmity that was focused on
Asian-Americans by accurately nicknaming the virus wasn’t
“Trump-inspired,” it was moron inspired.

Oh—the attacker of the bank auditor was charged with elder abuse, not an
anti-Asian hate crime, and the attacker was a young African-American
man. But it takes two links and the scrutiny of a blurry video to learn
that. It appears to be a “knock-out” game-type attack, where the
assailant runs up and knocks over the man without stopping, then runs
away. I don’t think he could tell whether the elderly man was Asian or
not. Why is this episode even in a story about that “wave of hate”?
Well, to be fair, there aren’t many examples to choose from.

In the Times edition the day before, readers were given this article,
about “a national memorial ceremony in Los Angeles on Tuesday, offered
by 49 Buddhist monastics, priests and lay leaders for healing amid
recent anti-Asian violence across America.” What anti-Asian violence
across America? In the next paragraph we are told that the Buddhists
“gathered 49 days after a gunman killed eight people including six Asian
women at spas in the Atlanta area.” But there is no evidence, none, less
than none, really, that the gunman was motivated by anti-Asian hate, or
that it was anything but chance that most of the victims were Asian women.

Never mind: that incident has become central to the Left’s Big Lie about
anti-Asian hate. The article, also by Thomas Fuller, goes on…

“The leaders lit candles in front of memorials, honoring ancestors. For
Yong Ae Yue, 63, a Korean Buddhist mother killed in Atlanta. For Vicha
Ratanapakdee, 84, an immigrant from Thailand who was fatally assaulted
while taking a walk in San Francisco. For Chinese immigrant coal miners
shot and killed in Wyoming in 1885. For all beings who have lost their
lives through racial or religious hatred. The Sikh victims in
Indianapolis. The prayerful in synagogues. George Floyd.”

Ratanapakdee is that retired Thai auditor whose attacker was charged
with elder abuse. There was never any evidence, in trial or out of it,
that George Floyd’s death was motivated by “racial hatred.” And this
must be one sloooow wave, if an article about it has to reference an
incident from 1885 Wyoming.

Online, the Times buries at the end of this article and in small print a
link to a dramatically hyped page to illustrate ” a torrent of hate and
violence against people of Asian descent around the United States began
last spring.” Here is the “torrent”—get your rain gear on—

“The New York Times, using media reports from across the country to
capture a sense of the rising tide of anti-Asian bias, found more than
110 episodes since March 2020 in which there was clear evidence of
race-based hate.”

Why the vague number? Well, “more than” makes 111 or 112 sound larger.
Let’s be generous and say the number is 119. That’s in the entire
country, since March 2020. I’ll even leave out this month. In thirteen
months, the New York Times, looking for ways to prove its anti-Asian
hype, found, in a nation of 330 million people, 9.15 anti-Asian “hate
crimes” a month.

You know.

A wave.
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