Why Africans fared poorly in Africa and Latin America

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Mar 20, 2005, 5:08:02 PM3/20/05
It is irrefutable that so many third world nations
in Africa and Latin America are rich in natural
resources. The extensive use of metals in
indigeneous manufactured goods is simply
a ridiculous small percentage of total
manufacturing output from each of those
countries. How many African and Latin
American nations can produce their own
jet fighters, elevators, automobiles,
motorcycles, ships, heavy industries and
machinery, pre-fab metal structures, bridges
and so on? Before answering, think about
how many that can produce some of these
are in the private sector??
So, Latin American and African countries are
losing millions of jobs because these
many industries have not been allowed
to flourish. Consequently, these countries
have experienced everything from Dictators
to Communist demagogues who claim to
be for the people, but have no intention
of allowing something as simple as a Metal
Age to flourish in those natural resources
rich countries.

The common thread that binds the Third
World is abundance of riches mismanaged
by power hungry thugs and a populus
who blindly sees government as the only
way out of the oppressive poverty caused
by who? By the very governments which
the populus blindly put their faith on.

If several dozen indigeneous Oil private companies
were allowed to exist in Venezuela, Brazil, Nigeria,
and Argentina, that alone would create a large
number of jobs.

If the rule of law existed in Latin America, the taxes
misappropriated to corrupt politicians would allow
more infrastructure jobs to be created and better
living conditions for more people.

Giving that human creativity is unlimited, more
products would be created, and marketed from
countries which formerly were welfare recipients
from U.N. based funds and IMF loans. It could
be a godsend to the U.S. economy as more
people could afford American products. It could
be also a godsend to the European Union
giving that many in the Third World have an
appetite for European goods as well.

Who would not want a capital based and
industrialized Third World?

*The Left- it is their desire to see the world poor,
fractured (multi-polar) and dependent. After
Cuba spent decades in Angola, the economy
there is still in shambles. The European Union
members who are Socialist have between
9-14% unemployment rates [some people
live artificially sustained from cradle to grave
by their government].

*The ruling elites of the Third World- I thought
I knew just about everything there is to know
about how the Third World mentality operates.
However, recently a friend of mine from El Salvador
said something interesting. He said that in his
country, one's best hope after getting an education
lies on some form of managing a family based
company. He further stated that to start one
would be next to impossible giving that old families
own just about everything with eagle claws and
iron grips. From Mexico all the way down to
Argentina, grass roots entrepreneurs and visionaries
allied with venture capital are few and far between.
If their government does not kill the venture with
excessive bureaucracy, the oligarchies in place
will in order to eradicate nascent competition.

*The envious - It is a human trait, yes. However, it
is a characteristic embedded and shared throughout
Latin America and Africa. In America, it is called
the Crab in a Barrel syndrome. You know, the
moment a crab start to make its way out of a
barrel, the other crabs pull that crab down.
These Third World cultures consider personal
success an anathema. Once a person begins
to show some measure of upward mobility,
he/she basically declares war on a huge
army of envious folks who spend every
ounce of time and energy to bring that
person down. Contrast that with the U.S.
which has countless self-help groups,
venture capitalists, incubators, government
assistant and tax breaks to nascent
industries to name a few. Sure the U.S.
does have its share of cut throat
competition, but nothing like one would
experience in a Third World nation.


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