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Re: Steve Bannon Floats 'Criminal Referral' for Cassidy Hutchinson

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Fuehrer Weber

Feb 21, 2024, 4:30:03 AMFeb 21
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Right-wing strategist Steve Bannon, a prominent Donald Trump
ally, floated the possibility of a "criminal referral" for
Cassidy Hutchinson being sent to the Justice Department after
her testimony Tuesday before the House's January 6 committee.

Cassidy, a former aide to Mark Meadows, Trump's White House
chief of staff, testified under oath about a series of events
and conversations that occurred with top Trump administration
officials and the president on and around January 6. Some legal
experts have called her testimony a "smoking gun" demonstrating
Trump's criminal culpability, while he and his allies have tried
to undermine Hutchinson's credibility.

Bannon, who served as the chief executive of Trump's 2016
campaign and then as a chief strategist to the former president,
touted the possibility of a "criminal referral" against
Hutchinson during a Thursday segment of his War Room podcast
with former Trump White House official Boris Epshteyn.

"And I think Jody Hunt, the lawyer [for Hutchinson], should be
disbarred," Bannon said. "What they did with this young woman is
outrageous—and they're using her. And they're going to cast her
aside quickly because of what happened."

He asked Epshteyn, "Are we going to see some criminal referrals
here, sir?"

"We absolutely should. A criminal referral is absolutely
appropriate," the fellow Trump ally responded. Epshteyn went on
to say that Hutchinson had "lied under oath" and suggested that
she had committed "perjury."

Trump and his allies, as well as some others involved in the
incidents described, have pushed back against and rejected key
parts Hutchinson's testimony.

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