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NYC subway crime shot up nearly 20% this year, driven by jumps in assaults, robberies, more

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Feb 20, 2024, 8:00:46 PMFeb 20

Subway crime skyrocketed in the first two months of 2024, rising by nearly
20% compared to this time last year — and driven by big increases in grand
larcenies, felony assaults and robberies, according to newly-released NYPD

Mayor Eric Adams said the NYPD would quickly move to 12-hour tours to try
to halt the burgeoning crime wave, which he blamed on the city’s rollback
of its so-called subway safety plan that flooded the underground with cops
in 2022.

“We saw amazing results,” Adams said during Tuesday comments at City Hall.
“Increasing the number of police officers in a subway was very visible,
that whole ‘omnipresent’ concept and theme. We had to scale back after the
money ran out.”

He added: “We still want [more] visibility, moving officers walking
through the trains, being at the platforms [and] being able to talk to
people and identify where the crime is actually taking place.”

Five of the six crime categories — murder, rape, robbery, felony assault,
burglary and grand larceny — that were outlined in the Feb. 18 CompStat
report increased year-to-date.

Only rapes fell, going from one last year to none this year, the
statistics show.

Grand larcenies leapt by 22%, rising to 155 this year compared to 127
during the same six-week period in 2023.

Felony assaults rose to 82 from 70 last year — a 17% increase — and
robberies jumped 12% to 75, up from 67 last year.

There have been two murders on the subway system in 2024, compared with
just one at this point last year.

The number of shooting victims also rose to seven from just one in 2023 —
after multiple people were injured in a shootout at a Bronx subway station
earlier this month, the statistics showed.

The combined statistics point to an overall crime increase of about 18.3%,
with 317 reported incidents compared to 268 over the same period last

But arrests have also risen, the report said.

Cops have made 2,585 collars so far in 2024 in the subways, compared with
1,792 last year — a 44% increase.

That includes 504 felony arrests over the last seven weeks, up from 452 in

The mayor said that his administration would speak with the transit
authority and the governor’s office to “see if we can get a complement of
support to have an additional amount of overtime for those officers.”

Station Agent Noreen Mallory put a human face on the lawlessness Tuesday
when she spoke at a Transit Workers Union hall about a brutal, caught-on-
camera assault she endured Friday after waking up a sleeping customer on
the Wall Street Station platform.

The man flew into a rage as soon as he opened his eyes — “He was up under
a blanket and flung it open, and he was mumbling and waving his finger
immediately,” she said.

Mallory was going to tell authorities about the man, whom she had never
seen before and could not understand. But the man followed her and
eventually punched her in the face, breaking her eye socket.

“I don’t know why,” Mallory said, showing her black eye and broken blood
vessels. “I was doing my job. I was simply just doing my job.”

Some men intervened to stop the assault — for which Mallory said she was
incredibly grateful.

But the incident underscored how unsafe the agents feel.

“Stations agents are chronically and verbally abused,” she said. “The
issue with safety has to be made a priority, the ultimate priority.”

“Ask yourself: If I were a customer who had approached that same bench and
aroused this person, and he got up with that same kind of anger and did
something to somebody who paid their $2.90, what would be the reaction
then?” she asked.

“We are the same,” Mallory continued. “We work there. We work to help all
the millions of New Yorkers, and we are there to help all the tourists who
arrive in New York City.”

“We’re just doing our jobs,” she said. “And I was subjected to his rage.”

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